The main varieties of electric stoves for the home

Choosing an electric stove for the kitchen is not always an easy task. The buyer is faced with a huge choice when choosing an electric stove. Types of electric stoves are divided into several categories, in order to choose the suitable option, you need to understand this issue a little.

The choice of electric stove.

The choice of an electric stove must be approached with all seriousness.

How to choose an electric stove

Today it is impossible to find a single detailed classification of electric stoves. However, no matter what the electric stove is, the first thing you need to do is prepare a special outlet for this household appliance. All electric stoves are connected to a single unified power source. Wiring in the house must fully comply with electrical appliances, withstanding the load of the stove.

The appearance of the burners may be as follows:

  • upward cast-iron pancakes;
  • glass-ceramic heating surface.

There are plates with two types of comforts.

Distinguishing between them is quite simple. The cast-iron pancakes protruding upward stand on small pedestals, while the latter have a smooth glass surface.

Classification by installation type

All electric stoves can be divided into three large categories by design type:

  1. Portable. Usually small tiles, have one or more heating zones. Most often used as temporary solutions in cottages, or during repairs.
  2. Built-in hobs. They integrate well with any kitchen set. They look very impressive and modern.
  3. Classic stoves come immediately with an oven, have a massive appearance and are heavy in weight.
The size of the electric stove.

The size of the electric stove will depend on the number of comforts.

The number of cooking hobs affects the size of the device. Standard cookers can have from three to eight burners. Full-size or narrow can be classic electric stoves. It should be well understood: the smaller the cooking surface, the less heating zones (burners) will be on it.

Varieties of electric stoves

A modern household appliance market offers electric stoves with various functions, a unique design, an individual color or size. In order for the stove to please guests with delicious dishes or fragrant pastries for a long time, you need to make the right choice. What kind of boards are there in terms of their design features? Let's consider further.


An important electrical appliance in a house without a gas pipeline. A huge number of different models will allow you to make a choice that appeals to any homeowner.

Standard cooker.

Electric cooker standard.

An electric current flows through tubular electric heaters. Electric heaters are located under each burner and emit thermal energy. In other words, Spirals under the burners heat up under the influence of electric current. Heat is evenly distributed to all nearby objects.

In classic plates, current flows through a conductor with high resistance, at which time the conductor generates heat.

Glass ceramic

The glass-ceramic work surface is smooth, mirror-like and looks very stylish. In such plates, burners are indicated by a special contour.

The heating element acts as a transmission link, instantly heats up and also cools quickly. Heat heats dishes, passing through the glass surface of the stove. Glass ceramic has a unique property and has the best thermal conductivity in an upright position. Due to this property, dishes are heated better than a glass surface.

Glass plate.

Glass ceramic hob.

Advantages of glass-ceramic plates:

  • Glass has an attractive design and high strength. It can withstand a capacity of up to 70 liters.
  • Changing the size and shape of the burners, in some models, greatly facilitates the preparation of dishes.
  • A uniform heat supply in the oven is ensured by placing several heaters along the inner perimeter.
  • The absence of irrational heat losses makes such a technique economical.

The main disadvantages:

  • It is better to choose dishes with a dark smooth matte bottom without bends and potholes.
  • Low sides of glass-ceramic plates will not be able to prevent “runaway” liquid. You will have to remove such liquid from the floor.
  • Upon impact, a crack forms and the hob breaks down.
  • Such boards require special care. Do not wash food leftovers with metal sponges or other objects, except for a special scraper.
Advantages of a glass plate.

Glass-ceramic plate does not take up much space and can be combined with any design.

When choosing glass ceramics, it is important to consider the following points:

  • Cookers can be equipped with three types of burners: halogen, induction or rapid. Induction is rightfully the best.
  • Different burner capacities save energy better. Therefore, for each diameter of the burner only the necessary amount of energy is expended.
  • Enhanced sealing of ovens prevents heat loss. And some of them can even be cleaned on their own.
  • It will be convenient to have useful functions, such as programming specific dishes, a timer, and boiling control in automatic mode.


Spiral tubes inserted into the surface of the stove, filled with halogen vapors, heat the burner almost instantly. Halogen vapors propagate infrared radiation to heat dishes when an electric current passes through them. With such plates you can use absolutely any dishes.

Halogen plate

Halogen stove with one comfort.

Hot plates in such cookers emit soft red light. The cook can easily change the power of each burner individually during cooking.

However, such plates have some features during operation:

  1. Scratches on the surface can cause the entire device to malfunction.
  2. The surface is afraid of sugar and other bulk materials.
  3. The plate is not protected from point damage. Cracks that appear immediately cause the entire plate to malfunction.
  4. It is forbidden to wash the halogen surface with a dirty rag.
  5. Hard rags and washcloths can damage the hob.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to include a stove without dishes.
  7. Before cooking, make sure that the bottom of the dishes is absolutely clean.


Such plates are gaining more and more popularity in Europe. Beautifully fit into any interior, the convenience of their use greatly facilitates cooking. A wide range of products, from small-sized models on one burner to full-fledged large stoves, opens up the space for choice even to the most sophisticated buyer.

Induction cooker

Induction stove in the kitchen.

Vortex induction flows are created by a high-frequency magnetic field, and heat the dishes. This approach to heating dishes eliminates heat leakage, which makes these stoves as economical as possible.

Such heating reduces the energy consumption due to the rapid heating of the dishes without loss of additional heat on the heating of the cooking surface.

The main advantages of such a device include such features:

  • Intelligent features make this device practical and durable.
  • Energy saving occurs not only by heating a particular cookware, but also by automatically turning off the hob after removing the cookware.
  • Such plates have increased safety. It is impossible to get injuries or burns, because induction currents only heat the bottom of the dishes.
  • No dust adheres to the panel, which facilitates the maintenance of the stove and does not require special devices to keep such a device clean.
Cookware for induction cooker.

For the induction panel, you need to purchase a special ceramic paste, so that the surface does not scratch.

The main disadvantages of the induction cooker include the following factors:

  • Together with such a stove, only special dishes should be used. The hotplate will not react to porcelain, brass, glass, copper and ceramics.
  • Refrigeration equipment nearby negatively affects the operation of the stove.
  • Models with one common frequency generator will lose power while using multiple burners.
  • Working from the network, the stove creates a high load on the wires. It is dangerous in houses with old wiring.

When choosing an induction cooker, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. The required number of modes for adjusting power.
  2. If there are small children in the house, you should choose a model with a control panel lock.
  3. Be sure to test and choose a comfortable way to control the stove: magnetic, slider or touch.
  4. Determine in advance the size and location of the burners.
Induction cooker .

Induction cooker is a great option for families with children.

Heating surface material

When choosing an electric stove, you need to pay special attention to the material of the heating surface. It is the type of heater that will determine the energy consumption, cooking speed and types of utensils for cooking.

Cast iron

Along with spiral Tena models with burner pancakes are often equipped with cast-iron pancakes. Such installations always rise above the main surface of the slab. These elevations can create some inconvenience: tipping dishes, difficulties during cleaning. Also, such elements are not famous for durability, because a point mechanical blow can easily crack cast iron, which is not famous for high strength.

Cast iron electric stove.

Electric stove with cast iron heating surface.

However, cast iron is unpretentious to the utensils used. No matter what material is used for cooking, the result will always be the same.

Cast iron electric stoves belong to the low price category, and can be sold much lower than other models. But the power consumption of such stoves is the highest. They cannot be called economical.


Tape heater is made of a special alloy with good thermal conductivity. Spending too much power, such a device quickly heats the bottom of the dishes. Advanced technology is not ubiquitous and loses much to induction panels.

Electric panel hi-light.

Electric cooker with hi-light surface.


Halogen heaters are the fastest heaters of all types. They have an average power consumption. Sufficiently reliable heating devices have a minimum number of complaints from users.

Halogen plates.

Halogen cooker.


Induction heating elements differ from their competitors in a completely different way of working. In other stoves, Ten transfers heat to the burner, which heats the dishes. An induction heater using a magnetic field directly heats the bottom of the dishes, bypassing the hob.This approach has brought out two main advantages: economical energy consumption, as well as a rather cold hob during cooking.

Induction panel in the kitchen.

Induction hobs are very popular today.

However, only special magnetic dishes will help prepare food on such a stove. In this case, the main distinguishing fact is that the bottom should be magnetized. Such plates have the highest price tag among their competitors.

Combined heaters

When disassembling all types of electric stoves in detail, one cannot skip combined hobs. Can be combined with completely different types of heating. A gas hob may also be present in the electric stove. Typically, such plates are divided into two zones. Each zone has its own type of heating.

Combined cooker.

Combined heating cooker.

Such models get their distribution due to universality. The most common option is to combine ceramic burners with an induction stove. Induction cookers are characterized by low consumption and safety, plus fast heating. The ceramic hob, although heated, can be used with any dishes. Thanks to which you do not have to immediately change all the dishes.

By type of oven

All ovens, regardless of design features, are divided into two large categories: electric and gas. Current trends dictate the market trend for an electric oven. Does this mean that gas is a thing of the past?

Oven electric stove.

By type of oven, two types of electric stoves differ.

First of all, you need to understand that regardless of the source of heating energy, the oven is a metal chamber with ventilation holes. The distance between the chamber and the cabinet walls is filled with a heat insulator.

Any oven in a non-contact way transfers heat from an energy source to the processed object. All ovens are distinguished by the type and number of heaters that can be placed at the top, bottom, sides, and sometimes everywhere at the same time.

With electric oven

The electric oven is heated by electric heaters, which can be located anywhere around the perimeter of the oven. There can be several tenov. This type of oven is easy to operate and maintain, relatively inexpensive and most common among users. As a rule, most combined electric stoves are equipped with an electric oven.

Electric oven in the stove.

Cooker with electric oven.


Gas oven uses combustible gas. By changing the gas flow, you can change the temperature inside the oven. For good functioning, a constant flow of air is required. Air connects to the gas, resulting in a flame.

Some manufacturers have begun to realize the benefits of combining gas and electricity, so they equip their ovens with several heating options at once. For example, a gas grill is more difficult to manage, but it greatly affects the taste of the prepared dish for the better.

Combined oven.

Cooker with combined oven.

Such options are more expensive and more difficult to maintain, but represent more space for the cook to create.

Shape and design

Modern technology allows the production of electric stoves with a flawless appearance. Smooth surfaces, the absence of superfluous details, beautiful and modern shapes - all this allows you to embed cookers in almost any kitchen interior design.

A glass ceramic hob can be painted in any color, and the ability to draw a unique pattern on it gives it a unique style.

Kitchen Design.

The stove should be combined with the overall interior design.

Classic stoves are not distinguished by their shapes or design, but with their neat appearance they can decorate any cozy kitchen, and even Hi-Tech interior.

Stationary plates do not differ in creativity at all, their use in the modern world fades into the background.

Useful tips for choosing

Choose an electric stove after a completely finished interior of the kitchen. Only in this order can a full and beautiful integration of the future electrical appliance into the interior of the room be guaranteed.

When choosing an electric stove, first of all, decide what type it will be: built-in, classic or glass-ceramic?

Particular attention should be paid to the heating element. Induction heaters are gaining in popularity, but will require a complete replacement of dishes. In this case, stoves with a combined heating element are the best alternative.

Electric cooker features.

Modern versions of electric stoves can withstand up to 70 liters.

The structure and material of the hob is also better not to ignore. For example, cast-iron stoves have hobs on a hill. This type of arrangement is not entirely convenient when cooking: the pan may turn over or cast iron may crack if not used properly.

When choosing glass or glass ceramics, check the maximum mass that can be placed on the surface. Modern stoves can withstand volumes of up to 70 liters. However, this question is best clarified by the seller.

The term of warranty service, as well as the cost of after-sales service is an important factor when choosing an electric stove.

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