Kitchen design features with bay window

Kitchens with a bay window have an interesting appearance. This type of layout allows you to create many original ideas. But get competent kitchen interior with bay window it is difficult. It is important at the initial stage to take into account the existing nuances and features of the room. This will help avoid future problems.

kitchen with bay window

The bay window is a ledge on the facade of the building, allowing you to increase the space of the room.

How to develop a perfect kitchen design with p44t bay window

Kitchen design with p44t bay window has a number of features. The room is equipped with a special protrusion in the form of a trapezoid in the window area. The available additional area should be used as useful as possible.

kitchen with bay window photo

Most often in modern high-rise buildings of the P-44T series, the bay window is located in the kitchen.

The layout includes the following advantages:

  1. Bay window helps to increase the useful area of ​​the room;
  2. Additional window openings let in more natural light, making the kitchen brighter;
  3. The facade of the house looks original;
  4. There is an opportunity to realize interesting design ideas that are not suitable for standard rooms.
kitchen with bay window

The forward zone of the window forms a ledge, the use of which gives the owner a chance to create an individual kitchen design with various variations in the operation of the additional area.

In some houses there are protrusions in the form of a rectangle, oval, triangle. But the layout of the p44t is trapezoidal. There are several ways to arrange a bay window.

  1. Make it a separate zone. It can be separated from the kitchen by a screen and decorated as a balcony.
  2. The area included in the kitchen area. Then kitchen interior p44t It is necessary to develop, taking into account the features of the room and the ledge as a whole.
kitchen with bay window photo

Modern design ideas are based on the shape of the bay window and the space provided.

Key design principles for the bay window

There are a number of specific principles that should be followed regardless of layout.

kitchen with bay window ideas

In addition to the interesting facade and the ability to organize an original interior, the bay window contributes to a significant increase in illumination.

  1. It is recommended to choose a pastel range that emphasizes the presence of a large amount of light.
  2. To separate zones, use not only screens, but also design options. You can apply a variety of colors and finishing materials.
  3. The organization of lighting should be carefully thought out. Make sure that light penetrates all corners.
  4. When separating the protrusion from the main room, it is important that the design does not have cardinal differences from each other. The transition should not hurt the eye.
kitchen with bay window design

Depending on the purpose of the bay window, the rest of the kitchen interior is planned.

Some practical options for decorating a bay window in a kitchen

  • Organization of the working segment. The bottom of the headset can completely fill the tab.
kitchen interior with bay window

It is recommended to equip a sink in front of the window.

  • Eating area. The solution is more common than others.The headset should be arranged linearly, in several rows. A table is set next to the window opening in a free area.
kitchen with bay window ideas

The table should match the shape of the ledge.

  • Territory for recreation. It is necessary to add a sofa or several soft chairs. You can choose a model such as a sunbed, which will be a good combination with a bay window.
bay window resting place

Set up a compact table to create the perfect place to relax.

  • Garden. You can place indoor plants in this area. Through the use of various shelving you can create an attractive ensemble.
plants in the bay window

Sometimes the bay window is left unfilled, decorated only with curtains.

Kitchen with bay window: modern design ideas

If the room has a different ceiling height or there is a partition that has an arch, it is recommended to use wood panels to decorate and effectively emphasize the transition between sections. With the open plan option, it will be more difficult to distinguish the flow of one zone to another.

kitchen ideas with bay window

The most popular idea of ​​modern design in the bay window is the installation of dining room furniture.

It becomes optimal to use bright textiles in the form of curtains or upholstery, as well as the design of the walls with expressive finishing materials. To emphasize the original look of the room will help the dining segment, equipped with a spectacular chandelier.

bay window chandelier

The idea of ​​warming the floor and windows for the winter period will provide a comfortable pastime in the kitchen in any weather.

Interior of a kitchen with a bay window in an apartment of the p-44t series

The trapezoidal variant of the protrusion in such apartments is more common. Designers recommend giving preference to modern areas of the interior. Take into account the number of free meters, the shape of the bay window. It is worth perceiving it as an opportunity to increase the space of the kitchen, to make the room more practical and functional.

kitchen with bay window photo ideas

The trapezoidal bay window, prevailing in the apartments of the P-44T series, is ideally suited for placing a sofa in it that completely repeats the bends of the protrusion.

Dining Planning Features

It has already been noted that more often a lunch group is placed in the area of ​​the protrusion. It meets functional and aesthetic requirements. There is no need to transfer communications, increasing cost items, and there will be more space for the workspace.

dining area in a bay window

The design idea with a standard set of table and chairs looks good.

Planning your dining area is recommended, given the following tips.

  1. Use furniture models with high functionality. You can buy a sliding table. Then in the kitchen there is always a place for a large company.
  2. The table should approximately repeat the geometry of the bay window. This will create a harmonious interior.
  3. Make out the ceiling, be sure to rely on the protrusion line. Then you can effectively emphasize the zoning of the room.
  4. It is worth insulating the windows and floor in the kitchen. Then in the winter it will be comfortable and cozy there.
kitchen bay window

Do not forget to emphasize the dining area in the kitchen with a modern two-level drywall ceiling with lines that approximately copy the shape of the bay window.

If the bay window is triangular, choose a round table for it. It visually smoothes corners and softens non-standard forms of layout.

Arrangement of a working area in a bay window

If the view from the window is not pleasing or if you are talking about an apartment on the ground floor, it is worth placing in the ledge area not a dining segment, but a working area.

bay area

Individual interior compares favorably with standard layouts of apartment design.

The solution has its advantages.

  • Worktops will be better lit during the day.
  • When cooking, you can watch what happens outside the window.
  • The embodiment of custom, individual design.
kitchen with bay window set

Inquisitive natures open the scope for observation during household chores.

There are a number of difficulties that may arise in the process of implementing an idea. They should be known in advance and taken into account.

  • The need to transfer communications, which will affect the costs.
  • It is necessary to coordinate the project.
  • Ceilings will become lower due to increased floor levels.
  • It is required to install custom-made furniture, which will be an additional expense.
  • A stove and sink installed next to windows can become much more dirty.
  • To install the hood will require a special approach.
  • It will not be possible to transfer the batteries. The headset can close them, which provokes disturbances in air circulation. This can lead to mold.
kitchen with bay window design photo

These factors should be considered at the design planning stage. This will help reduce the risk of these problems.

Ideas of an original corner for rest or work

You can highlight the border between the zones with the help of a bar counter, a shelf where little things are stored. You can use curtains or racks, but such a solution is not practical.

bay window in the kitchen 10 sq m

This will significantly reduce the level of natural light in the room.

You can organize in the area of ​​the ledge site for rest or work. Place a sofa or chairs with soft pillows and a compact coffee table.

kitchen with bay window coffee table

It will look elegant and comfortable.

Kitchen design in houses of the p44 series

In the houses of this series, in addition to the presence of a bay window, there is a problem in the form of a ventilation duct. You cannot remove or transfer it. Therefore, it is worth considering how to beat everything competently. The box becomes an obstacle to installing a refrigerator.

kitchen p44 with bay window

It is recommended to place it in another, close room.

There are options for corner kitchens. Then it is worth placing the headset in the shape of the letter G, complementing everything with an original, custom-made cabinet. The refrigerator should be placed next to the box. If square meters are enough, placement in the form of the letter P or a linear option is suitable.

kitchen interior with bay window

Significantly reduce the difficulty of placing the working surface in the bay window area will allow their displacement to the side.

Choosing an interior style

Suitable interior styles are reflected in the table.

modern kitchen with bay window

The modern idea of ​​comfortable places with soft pillows looks refined.

Style Description
Classic The palette should be restrained, lines strict. A wooden set is installed in the bay window. The furniture used must be made of natural materials. The colors are mostly light.
Modern The lines are smooth. A wide range of materials used. Metal, plastic will do.
Minimalism Suitable for emphasizing the level of natural light. Gives the room lightness and freedom. A feature is the maximum amount of light and the lack of decor.
High tech Placement of surfaces made of glass, plastic and metal. The technique is only high-tech. It features enhanced functionality.

Do not forget about the decor

When choosing a decor, you should pay attention to the following details.

bay window in the kitchen

Depending on the purpose of the bay window and its size, windows are decorated in various ways.

  • Textile. Curtains fit straight light shade. Must be free and easy to move. For small openings, the Roman model is suitable.
  • Palette. Must be consistent with the overall style. If possible, do not use dark tones that reduce the area.
  • Lighting. When organizing the work area, add symmetrical sconces. If this is the dining segment, choose luminaires mounted on the walls with soft light.

Kitchen with bay window: interior features

The bay window allows you to add free space and make practical use of it. Before you start implementing ideas, you should consider the location of the heating system. This will help to avoid dampness and mold.

sofa in the kitchen with bay window

It is recommended to design the room mainly in bright colors.

The protrusion allows you to place not only a working, dining area, but also a segment for relaxation, which only increases the originality and comfort of the room.

VIDEO: Kitchen with a bay window: 50 cozy design solutions for the home.

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