Features and operating principle of the inverter compressor in the refrigerator, its advantages and disadvantages

A refrigerator is one of the important elements in arranging any kitchen. When buying, it is important to consider the many characteristics of the device in order to choose the best option. You need to know what an inverter compressor is in the refrigerator, as this is one of the key components.

Inverter compressor.

The inverter compressor in the refrigerator is uniform in operation.

The functionality and longevity depend on what parts are installed on the equipment. Before buying, you should know the main characteristics of the chosen technique.

Features and principle of operation of the inverter compressor in the refrigerator

Inverter compressor is a relatively new invention. The need to use development was based on the fact that linear structures ceased to cope with their functional purpose. The creators tried to take all this into account and fix them in the next generation of equipment.

A compressor is the main component of any refrigerator. It is designed to transport coolant throughout the system. This allows you to maintain the same temperature in the middle of the chamber for a long time.

Inverter refrigerator.

Inverter compressor of the refrigerator.

At startup, engine power reaches its maximum value. After that, the speed of the motor is restored and adjusted to the desired parameter.

An important principle of the inverter compressor of the refrigerator is the ability to set the required temperature. To do this, the user independently marks the necessary parameters on the panel.

In accordance with the specified indicators, the motor starts to accelerate and after that it works in its mode. Upon reaching the maximum rate, it slows down and begins to generate a minimum of energy.

Inverter refrigerator.

after turning on, the inverter refrigerator immediately picks up the desired temperature.

Additional Information. Modern manufacturers claim that this system is the future of technological development in the world of refrigeration units. The largest companies have long moved to a new system.

You should consider the main points of the compressor operation technology in the refrigeration unit:

  1. Using the switches, the user sets certain settings. Sensors pick up this signal and transmit it further. It reaches the motor, which provokes its launch. The refrigerant activates the compressor, and it starts to accelerate to the maximum value.
  2. Upon reaching the set temperature parameters, the sensor transmits this signal to the motor. After that, it slows down significantly. But the rotation does not stop, it occurs at a lower speed and intensity.
  3. Coolant begins to move at a lower speed. At the same time, the system continues to cool the camera in the previous mode.Therefore, the temperature does not change until the initial settings of the equipment change.
  4. If the door opens, the sensors pick up the slightest change in temperature and signal that the data is not true. The compressor still continues to run. Upon receipt of the signal, the number and speed of revolutions increases in order to restore the mode. That is, the system is constantly working, but with different intensities depending on external conditions and the signals received at the input.
Features of inverter compressor.

The inverter compressor does not require large amounts of electricity.

The linear compressor operates according to a different principle. At first, the motor runs at maximum capabilities with the appropriate speed. Upon reaching the desired temperature, it automatically turns off. Sensors give a signal. To control such a system, a relay is installed. When a certain action is performed, it goes into an on or off state.

Inverter compressor.

In some cases, it is necessary to install an electricity stabilizer for the normal operation of the inverter compressor.

The main thing is that the principle of operation of the inverter compressor of the refrigerator differs from the usual one, it does not turn off when the desired temperature is reached, but simply goes into quiet mode with the minimum required actions. This reduces the intensity and speed of rotation of the motor blades. The main differences between the inverter motor and non-inverter are listed below:

  1. Both devices have an inrush current. But the linear compressor will deteriorate faster, as it often restarts.
  2. There are no special brushes in the inverter on the motor. Due to this, the friction force decreases. As a result, the device will work longer than the usual counterpart.
  3. Inverter equipment uses less electrical energy to operate.
  4. The load on the power grid is distributed evenly due to the fact that there is no need to constantly turn the motor on or off. When using a linear compressor, malfunctions are possible.
  5. The inverter has slightly lower accuracy when setting the temperature. This feature is due to the fact that it works continuously.
Inverter refrigerators.

In inverter refrigerators keep food fresh longer.

Note! Each of the devices has its pros and cons. In this regard, the inverter wins, as it shows the best performance results. This device is durable and economical.

Pros and cons of the inverter refrigeration system

Advantages of inverter devices:

  1. Economical consumption of energy resources. This makes it possible to save almost ten percent on the payment of electricity bills. Such an indicator may seem insignificant. With constant use and active operation in cooling mode, the difference is noticeable. There are models of equipment that can achieve high class savings. Accordingly, their price is much higher.
  2. The equipment is completely safe for wiring. This can be explained by the absence of abrupt transitions when turning on and off the device. The blades rotate smoothly, without too much noise. Inverter refrigerators can last up to ten years without the intervention of repairmen.
  3. The equipment works almost silently. Some discomfort will be noticeable only at the time of the first start of the system. After that, no extraneous sounds should be noticeable. There are no clicks either.
  4. Constant temperature is maintained. This result is achieved due to the continuous operation of the equipment. The temperature will never rise above a certain level. Products last much longer.
Work inverter refrigerator.

Inverter refrigerators work almost silently.

Additional Information. Some inverter refrigerators have a more modern control system. This is especially true of smart refrigerators.

Some models of equipment running on an inverter motor have the following disadvantages:

  1. The equipment is economical in terms of electricity, but you will have to spend a lot of money to buy. Modern technology has an appropriate price, which should be considered. At the same time, the purchase will fully pay for its longevity and profitability.
  2. Some types of engines are particularly sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. It may be necessary to install additional controls on an electric meter. There are some models of refrigerators in which a system is built in to ensure a smooth transition to standby mode in case of low or high voltage.
advantages of inverter refrigerators.

Compared to linear motors, inverter ones last much longer.

Additional Information. With all the advantages, these shortcomings are insignificant. Some consumers may be confused by the price, but this is a small fee for the performance and reliability of the equipment.

Varieties of compressors for the refrigerator

There are several types of compressors for refrigerators, depending on the principle of their operation.

The engines of the refrigerator.

There are 4 types of refrigerator engines.


At the heart of such a system is a conventional electric motor. During rotation, it activates the pump, which in turn begins to pump refrigerant through the tubes. Such devices are characteristic of old technology. Work occurs at either maximum or minimum power. Because of this, sharp changes in temperature are observed in different areas.


Work is carried out due to the installed electromagnetic coil. There is a piston inside for the pump to work. Due to the lack of a motor, the device works almost silently and consumes less electricity. The cost of equipment is much less. It works on the principle of turning on or off.

Compressor operation.

The principle of operation of different compressors has some differences.

This is a traditional system installed on many refrigerators. The launch is determined by a characteristic click. The main disadvantages are the constant load on the network due to a reboot, high energy costs, high noise level during operation.


Motor-based compressor. It has a speed control function. This allows you to smoothly adjust the temperature and adjust the power for a certain mode. This allows you to significantly improve performance compared to previous options.

The work is smooth, without abrupt transitions. First, the motor accelerates to maximum speed, providing cooling to a predetermined temperature. Then it slows down and runs in the background until the operating conditions change.

Linear inverter

There is no motor in the design, and the ability to adjust the speed and frequency of operation is also provided. At the moment, this is the most progressive and economical model on the market.

inverter compressor operation.

In inverter compressors, constant temperature control is planned.

Possible causes of damage to the inverter system

This model of equipment has a lot of advantages. It is characterized by a long service life, economy, noiselessness. Moreover, the equipment may fail sooner or later for various reasons.

Inverter processors are extremely sensitive to voltage surges. Buyers often do not consider this indicator when buying.

The advantages of an inverter refrigerator.

The high level of power in inverter refrigerators provides a minimum load on the mechanical elements of the refrigerator.

Before buying, you should check the wiring and outlets. If there is a problem, appropriate action should be taken. So you prepare the ground for connecting new equipment and reduce the likelihood of a quick breakdown. Many refrigerators install a standard surge protection system to avoid this problem.

How to check inverter compressor

To do this, start the compressor without an inverter. Light bulbs are connected to it. When you turn on the generator, they should all light up. Otherwise, there is a breakdown.

Inverter refrigerator repair.

Checking the inverter compressor.

Advantages and disadvantages of an inverter compressor

The main advantages of the equipment:

  • economical energy consumption;
  • low noise level;
  • maintaining a stable temperature;
  • safety even with power surges;
  • long term of operation.


  • sensitivity to wiring;
  • expensive equipment.
installation of an inverter refrigerator.

Before installing inverter refrigerators, it is necessary to check the sockets and wiring.

Tips for choosing an inverter compressor

When buying a refrigerator with an inverter compressor, you should consider:

  • number of installed parts;
  • manufacturer's guaranteed service life;
  • noise at work;
  • power and system performance.
Power inverter refrigerators.

when buying an inverter refrigerator, attention should be paid to engine power.

Models of refrigerators with two compressors appeared on the market. This allows you to improve system performance and provide independent cooling in different cameras.

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