Features of choosing a corner washbasin for a kitchen

In an effort to make their kitchen beautiful, cozy, and besides convenient and comfortable for hanging out and cooking, the owners strive to purchase chairs, armchairs, tables, stoves and other kitchen items of furniture. People pay great attention to the sink, that is, the sink, without which it is impossible to imagine a single kitchen room. However, when equipping a kitchen, people often forget about the need to properly organize a place under the sink, not considering this an important topic for reflection. But this is not so, the corner washbasin cabinet is a necessary piece of furniture that helps to ensure order and comfort not only in the space near the sink, but throughout the kitchen.

Corner washbasin in the interior of the kitchen.

Corner washbasin is a necessary piece of furniture in every kitchen.

Features of the design of the corner tables for the kitchen

Before you purchase this piece of furniture, you need to understand what it is.

straight corner pedestal.

Direct corner washbasin in green.

A corner cabinet is called a headset, which is located along the walls of the room. Its length depends on the preferences of the owner of the kitchen, as well as its space. It is also worth knowing that the sides of the headset should be located strictly perpendicular to each other:

  • Compact thanks to its angular shape.
  • Performs a connecting function between furniture, which is located along the walls.
  • Large capacity compared to other kitchen furniture.
  • Ability to install a sink. Consequently, pipes and other communications will also be inside. They also often have space under the bin.
  • Cosiness and comfort.
Beautiful corner sink.

Corner washbasin will provide comfort and beautiful design in any kitchen.

Advantages and disadvantages of a corner washbasin


  • Currently, in most homes, the pressure of water in the sinks is high enough, which creates a lot of pressure on the sink. To avoid the sad consequences of such significant loads, it is necessary that the design holding the sink is stable. The walls of the corner tables are ideal for supporting washbasins and sinks, which virtually eliminates the possibility of an accident.
  • The ability to hide from the eyes various sewer pipes and heating pipes, making the kitchen more neat. In addition, hoses from the dishwasher and washing machine can also be hidden behind the basement of the kitchen.
  • Protection of the walls of the kitchen from moisture and its negative effects due to the back wall.
  • The presence of additional shelves and a back wall, which contributes to an increase in functionality, comfort.
  • Ideal for storing household items or kitchen appliances.
Red corner pedestal.

Corner pedestal makes it possible to hide different sewer pipes from sight.


  • Not suitable for small rooms.

This bedside table takes up enough space, about a square meter, which makes it difficult to stay in a small kitchen.

  • The presence of two joints.
Corner kitchen unit.

Corner stand is designed for kitchens with a large room.

Water easily penetrates through the joints, which leads to swelling of the base. This “effect” spoils the aesthetic appearance of the furniture and requires constant care.

Important! This drawback applies only to pedestals covered with plastic. To cope with this problem, it is necessary to give preference to artificial stone. However, the price will be much higher.

Disadvantages of corner pedestals.

In addition to the advantages of corner tables there are also disadvantages.

  • A place for only one person.

If a person is already standing next to the cabinet, then the second one will not be comfortable using it.

  • Difficulty in designing a corner element.

First of all, this applies to rooms in which there are uneven walls and a variety of ledges. Specialists will help to overcome this problem, however, the price will be higher.

installation of a corner kitchen sink.

Depending on the room, sometimes the installation of a corner pedestal will have to be entrusted to professionals.

Important! These shortcomings, named by us, should not be frightening, since they are easy to fix (or reduce) by taking the necessary measures. In order to eliminate defects as much as possible, you need to contact a knowledgeable specialist or seller who will help with the purchase and selection.


The most popular and sought-after type of cabinet is L-shaped and U-shaped furniture. They consist of two rectangular cabinets that are perpendicular to each other. They are affordable and easy to manufacture. However, they are inconvenient to use due to low functionality and small capacity.

U-shaped corner kitchen sink.

There are several types of corner kitchen sinks.

Another type of kitchen cabinet is trapezoidal. It, on the contrary, has more useful functions and has an increased volume. Such criteria raise the price several times.

The third type is a cabinet with beveled corners. She looks more aesthetically pleasing and has a large interior space.

Important! The main requirement for the cabinet is the ability to place a sink in it and do not forget about the combination with the interior.

Storage in kitchen cabinets.

The most useful feature of the corner wash is a large storage room for various kitchen utensils.

Size and shape selection

In order to make the right choice, you must first pay attention to size and shape. You can install a large cabinet, it is convenient to have a large storage space and the ability to place a good sink. The corner kitchen cabinet with a beveled corner is more spacious, which is a useful addition. When choosing a size, it is worth considering the need to have a spacing of 5 cm from the wall.

Corner pedestal with beveled edge.

Corner pedestal with a beveled edge has a large capacity.

When choosing a form, you should pay attention to the door, since there is a huge variety of them. Also, if you want to put a bin or kitchen utensils in the cabinet, it is advisable to purchase models with additional drawers or compartments.

The standard sizes that most people prefer are the following:

  • height - from 70 to 85 cm;
  • width - from 90 to 120 cm (from each wall);
  • depth - from 40 to 70 cm.
Dishwasher and corner cupboard.

A dishwasher can be placed next to the corner cupboard.

Note! The dimensions of the furniture you buy can be absolutely any size.

Materials of manufacture

There are several basic materials that manufacturers use:

  • Natural wood - a wooden pedestal is durable, reliable and beautiful, especially when adding curly carvings. However, caring for her is quite problematic.
  • Particleboard (particle board) is a popular material for inexpensive furniture. It does not require care, and its main advantage is a large selection of colors.
  • MDF is a more environmentally friendly and reliable material. He is not afraid of high temperature and humidity.
  • Multiplex - thin wooden strips of different grades glued in different directions.
Corner sink made of wood.

Manufacturers can offer corner cabinets of different materials depending on the price.

Important! In addition to cabinets made from one material, assembled from combined materials are popular.

Inner space

The internal storage system can be represented in several ways:

  • Shelves. Conveniently divides the space into several zones.
  • Baskets and nets. One of the most convenient ways to store small items.
  • Drawers. Suitable for storing any kitchen utensils, especially cutlery.
Inner wash space.

The interior of the sink can be designed in different ways.

Cabinets with enclosed facades

A common storage option is to use closed facades. With the help of them you can place more necessary things, and also you do not have to constantly monitor the perfect order. Remember that closed facades are best diluted with stained glass and patterns.

Corner stand in the kitchen.

Corner washbasin with closed facades.

Do-it-yourself corner cabinet installation

In order to assemble this piece of furniture at home does not require special knowledge. After preparing the tools (drill, screw, screwdriver) and the necessary parts, you can proceed to the assembly:

  • Attaching two sidewalls to the bottom. The lower part and sidewalls are installed on the floor and are located at an angle of 90 degrees to each other.
  • Assembly and fastening of the corner element.
  • Installation of connecting elements. Mounting is carried out with the help of confirmations.
  • Attaching the legs. To do this, put the cabinet upside down.
  • Door mounting. It is necessary to put a curbstone on the back. The facade is milled under the hinges.
  • After assembling the frame, you need to do minor modifications, that is, attaching door handles, installing door closers, etc.
Assembly of a kitchen sink.

The assembly of a corner pedestal consists of several stages.

Which sink to choose?

If the working surface is a countertop made of a laminated plate, then it is more correct to use false sinks. There are also sinks that extend beyond the surface of the upper part, so they look original and interesting.

It is best to buy a sink made of the same material as the cabinet. Then they will combine and complement each other.

The material of the corner washbasin.

The material and color of the cabinets and sinks must be combined.

One of the best options is a sink made of natural stone. It will be suitable in design to almost any model of a corner cabinet, and also will not cause difficulties in washing and leaving.

Corner sink made of stone.

A stone sink is an excellent solution for any kitchen.

There are several basic shapes of sinks that will decorate any corner cabinet:

  • Rectangular
  • Round.
  • Straight.
  • Corner
Direct corner wash.

There are 4 types of corner sinks for the kitchen.

Options for corner segments:

  1. A modern corner cabinet under the sink, which is combined with shelves and countertops.
  2. Corner pedestal with a closed facade and a rectangular sink. It has a large internal department where it is easy to store kitchen utensils.
  3. Original corner pedestal with beveled corners. It is made in round shape from natural wood, due to which it looks stylish and at the same time simple.
Corner cupboard for the kitchen.

Corner pedestal with beveled edges.

Selection tips

In order for the purchase to bring pleasure, it is necessary to choose the ideal model for you. First of all, it is important to consider that the kitchen must have free space in order to place furniture in it. It is better to buy a small and comfortable cabinet than a large and uncomfortable one. If you want to have more space inside, it is better to purchase a mortise sink. It is also worth deciding on the division of the internal space. The most convenient options will be additional drawers or baskets, nets for various little things.

The interior of the sink.

Drawers or baskets are an excellent solution for the interior of the sink.

As a rule, when buying a corner cabinet, it is positioned so that the dining and working areas are opposite each other, in opposite parts of the room.

Also, do not forget that it should be combined with design and interior. Therefore, it is recommended to study the catalog of all possible models of such furniture in advance.

When buying a cabinet, be sure of its necessity, since its installation will require considerable effort.

Corner washbasin in the kitchen.

The corner washbasin should be combined with the design and decoration of the kitchen space.

The kitchen is the place that every person strives to make as cozy and comfortable as possible not only for himself, but also for the guests. The corner curbstone will easily cope with this task. It will hide all hoses and wires, visually enlarge the room, and also serve as a good place to store household utensils.

Recently, it was this piece of furniture that began to gain popularity. People increasingly began to choose him for the role of countertops in their apartments, houses and offices. Stores produce many different cabinets for sale, so each buyer will find a suitable model for themselves.

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