DIY interior items: creating and decorating, master classes

Everyone strives to make their home more comfortable. If you want to transform the design of your house or apartment unique, you can create interior items with your own hands. So the room will acquire a unique design. It is not always necessary to create any decorative elements that require some special skills and materials. Sometimes jewelry is made simply from improvised means. Next, we will consider the most affordable ways to create designer things.

variant of a beautiful decoration of the decor of the apartment

You can decorate the interior using improvised means

An example of an unusual home design decoration

It’s not necessary to have any skills to create jewelry

the idea of ​​light decoration of the room interior

Items for decorating the interior you can create yourself

Creating interior items

Let's consider several options for creating interior items with our own hands. This will require a minimum set of materials and tools and a good mood.

Original tea table

Design table will be a chic decoration of the living room, conservatory, dining room. To create it, you need to cook the following items:

  • residues of wallpaper, preferably washable;
  • Fiberboard;
  • a wooden frame the size of the proposed table;
  • PVA glue;
  • acrylic varnish for fixing the coating;
  • caps for plastic bottles;
  • gold color acrylic paint;
  • dark brown acrylic paint.
idea of ​​bright decoration of home design

A table can be made from old wooden boxes

bright room decoration option

A designer table will perfectly decorate the interior of the room

The manufacturing process includes several basic steps, each of which requires special attention.

  1. A piece of the size of the acquired wooden frame is cut out from the fiberboard (or rather, sawn out).
  2. Part with the desired pattern is cut out of the wallpaper and glued to the fiberboard. You can use the decoupage technique. Further it will be considered in detail.
  3. The frame, the upper surface of the bottle caps is painted with dark brown paint.
  4. After complete drying in some places, smears are made in golden color and rubbed with a dry flat brush to create the effect of a cobweb. The same should be done with covers.
  5. All remaining parts are covered with acrylic varnish.
  6. The legs are firmly glued to the bottom of the table.

An original home decoration is ready and can take a place of honor in the room.

an example of unusual decoration of the interior of an apartment

Making such a table yourself is not difficult

idea of ​​light room design decoration

A tea table will perfectly decorate the interior of the room

variant of beautiful home decoration

The process of creating a table includes several stages

Shelving, kitchen and bookshelves

Shelves and shelves of all kinds can be a useful and important element in decorating a design. The ways to create them can be limited only by imagination. As a rule, old drawers, pallets, barrels and other spare parts of old furniture are used. Sometimes even the most useless things in the household can really create a real miracle.

Most often, people are engaged in reworking old objects into new ones. This is due to the fact that it is a pity to throw out, and the quality of products released decades ago is sometimes much higher than modern products.

Now let's take a closer look: how can you use old wooden crates? Furniture from such elements, of course, deserves special attention.With all the budget cost, it helps to set the right accents in the interior. The photo shows several options for such designer furniture.

An example of an unusual decoration of an apartment decor

You can make shelves from old things, giving them a new life

variant of a beautiful room interior decoration

Shelves and shelves will perfectly decorate the design of the room

A variety of handmade tables

Not a single room in a house can do without a table. This is a universal piece of furniture. They are:

  • kitchen
  • written;
  • computer;
  • dining;
  • Coffee
  • journal
  • bedside;
  • children’s.
An example of a light decoration of home design

There are special techniques for decorating tables

the idea of ​​bright decoration of the decor of the apartment

The table is universal furniture

idea of ​​unusual decoration of room decor

No room can do without a table

Modern decorators distinguish 12 basic techniques for decorating various tables. Their detailed description is given in the table below.





The most simple and affordable method of transformation. The main step in this case is surface preparation. The quality of staining depends on this. If there is rust on the metal elements, then it is removed (Coca-Cola can help)

Acrylic putty, enamel, varnishes, paints, aerosols, brushes, rollers, sponges, sprays. For staining, stencils and masking tape may be required.


The painting will help diversify the ordinary monophonic coating. If there is no artistic skill, then do not be upset. Stencils and templates come to the rescue.

Stencils, acrylic paints, thin brushes.


The desired images are cut out or carefully torn off. Using a brush and glue, glue evenly on a smooth surface. After complete drying, varnish.

Soft brushes, special napkins or any drawings on paper, PVA, transparent varnish-fixer.


This type of varnish is able to give the product a cracked aged look. Craquelure can be of different types, it should be used in accordance with the attached instructions

Craquelure varnish, brushes, pigment for veins.


The tiles remaining after repair can always be used to decorate surfaces. The technology used is the same as for laying on the walls or floor. This method is perfect for a table located on the veranda or in the garden.

Ceramic tile


Compositions from the smallest fragments always look exquisite. There is a lot of room for imagination. The main thing is to firmly fix all the components.

Mosaic elements, broken tiles, stained glass, old CDs, pebbles, shells

Self-adhesive film

One of the fastest and easiest ways.


Decorative tape

This type of material can be bought at any stationery store. Decorating the surface will take just a few minutes. The main thing is to stick sticky strips evenly and accurately. If necessary, the adhesive tape is also quickly removed, and the sticky layer is removed with acetone.

Scissors, decorative tape.

Epoxy resin

This is the name of a liquid substance that quickly hardens in the open air. Outwardly resembles plastic. Great for filling cracks in old wood. You can add pigments to the composition.

Epoxy resin, brushes, pigments.

Decor under glass

An original coffee or coffee table can be created by making a small indentation in the countertop. Various decor elements are laid out in it, and from above everything is closed with glass.

Sand, shells, beautiful stones, dried flowers, beads, miniature toys, glass.

Tulle staining

Initially, the base color of the paint is applied. After drying, the tulle is tightly fastened so that there is no slipping and greasing. Contrast paint is applied on top. For accuracy, it is recommended to use a spray gun.

Base paint, pigment, tulle, brushes, spray.


Golden elements perfectly complement the interior in a classic style.You can use ordinary acrylic paint in gold color, but the result when applying potal is much more effective. This is the name of ultra-thin foil.

Potal, fixing varnish, brushes.

When creating a table, it is not necessary to use any one way of decoration. They can be combined. These decoration methods are perfect for transforming shelves, cabinets, chests of drawers, bar counters.

variant of beautiful home design decoration

On the table you can stick a photo of nature or something else

An example of a bright decoration of the interior of an apartment

The mosaic table will look elegant and beautiful.

We create a designer decor

It is not necessary to create furniture with your own hands. Sometimes, in order to make the interior unique, several elements of the decor remain. Consider several options available.

Flower pot from a teapot

Such a thing will become a chic decoration, kitchen, dining room, living room, porch. To make it, you need the following:

  • acrylic paints;
  • unnecessary kettle;
  • sponge;
  • small flower bowl;
  • shungite.
variant of beautiful home decor decoration

It’s better to paint the kettle with acrylics

an example of unusual decoration of an apartment design

Such a thing will be a great decoration for any room.

bright decoration of the decor of the apartment

You can decorate an old kettle and make a flower vase out of it

Do-it-yourself pot making involves the following steps.

  1. Painting the old kettle with acrylic paint. The surface must first be cleaned. After the product should be well dried and apply a second coat of paint so that the color is even.
  2. The pan should fit in the kettle in size. It is first necessary to plant a flower in it and only then put it in the kettle. To absorb moisture, shungite is poured into the bottom.
  3. If desired, the kettle can not only be painted in one tone, but also to drink. For painting, really use stencils.
An example of a light home decoration

If the initial view of the kettle suits you, you can leave it as it is

the idea of ​​a beautiful home interior decoration

The teapot is first best painted with acrylic paint.

Handmade candles

Candles always create a special atmosphere in the room. Especially if they are done with the soul with their own hands. The manufacturing process is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. To work, you will have to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • capacity for melting wax;
  • a pan or a metal basin for a water bath;
  • form for creating candles;
  • a pair of durable sticks (for stirring wax, for attaching a wick);
  • wax crayons;
  • the remains of old candles;
  • natural cotton threads.
An example of a bright decoration of an apartment decor

To create candles you will need a small set

idea of ​​light decoration of home design

The process of creating candles is not complicated

variant of unusual room interior decoration

Candles can create a special atmosphere in the room.

If everything is ready, then you can proceed to the most interesting: create a candle with your own hands. The process consists of several interrelated steps.

  1. Making a wick. Cotton thread is useful for this. Material with synthetic additives will not work. The candle with a colored wick will look original. Its thickness will depend on the size of the candle itself and the materials from which it is made. The thread can be twisted into a braid, crocheted or braided. Pre-wick must be impregnated with liquid wax.
  2. The formation of the candle. The mold can also be made of plastic or metal alloys, juice boxes, yoghurts, and cookies may be suitable. For the first experiment, you can use simple smooth containers, and then some curly ones. A hole is made in the middle of two and a wick prepared in advance is inserted into it, it is better to tie a knot outside for reliability. A knot is the top of a candle. A stick is placed across the form, on which the other tip of the cotton thread is tied. After that, pieces of wax are added to the container. Then you can start to melt in a water bath.
  3. Coloring the product. A candle in color looks much better than a standard gray or cream color. The easiest way to paint it is with ordinary children's wax crayons. They are crushed into crumbs and poured into a container along with pieces of wax.You can also get special pigments in the form of tablets.

Finally, the candle is cooled. The main thing is not to forget to leave the “tail” at the wick for subsequent arson. To get a scented candle, you can add a few drops of your favorite scented oil to the wax.

the idea of ​​a beautiful decoration of the decor of the apartment

For the smell, you can add a few drops of scented oil to the candle

An example of a bright decoration of a room design

The finished candle can be painted in the desired colors

Decor for the bedroom

Most of the time, people usually spend in the bedroom. Naturally, this room should be as cozy and comfortable as possible. Comfort is often created precisely with the help of charming decor elements. The following items are most commonly used.

  1. Family photos in makeshift frames. They can be made using stained glass, shells, polymer clay, durable cardboard. You can make them with your children.
  2. Artificial flowers created from corrugated paper, fabric, hardening plastic.
  3. Designer textiles, which includes beautiful pastel linen, bedspreads, handmade pillows, creative lampshades. Make such a decor even if there is an elementary sewing skill.

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