A variety of DIY kitchen decor

Even the most thoughtful and designer kitchen requires additions in the form of interesting decorative elements. Using simple methods of applied art, you can create unique objects with your own hands and update slightly worn furniture in the kitchen.

An example of a bright craft for a kitchen interior

Any kitchen requires additional decoration

option of light crafts for kitchen design

You can make beautiful crafts yourself

the idea of ​​a beautiful craft for kitchen decor

Any little thing can decorate the kitchen and create a pleasant atmosphere.

DIY Kitchen DIY Ideas

How to make DIY crafts for the kitchen? Decor ideas can always be gleaned from the work of experienced craftsmen. This does not require perfect repetition, you can bring a touch of personality, taking as a basis the technique of decoration.

Textile decor

To bring novelty to the interior, sometimes it’s enough to sew a new curtain or chair covers. Do it yourself with a needle, thread and fabric, you can unique atmosphere of the kitchen in a given style.

idea of ​​an unusual craft for a kitchen style

There are a lot of ideas for crafts, you can find examples on the Internet or give freedom of imagination

An example of an unusual craft for kitchen decor

Jars decorated with textile products will bring novelty to the interior of the kitchen

The most common fabric items

Do-it-yourself tablecloth

To make it, you will need a piece of fabric, a sewing machine and perseverance. You can decorate it by treating the edges with ribbons or lace.

Chair covers

You can complement the image with wraps or pillows sewn from the same material.

DIY tack

Sewing them does not take much time and contributes to the creation of comfort in the kitchen. Often they are made using the patchwork technique.

Window curtains

Making a set of curtains will take a lot of time, but it will justify the costs. They can become a highlight of the interior or its integral part.

Patchwork style panel

An original addition to the kitchen can be a picture of rags collected in a bizarre sequence. It will not only become an ornament, but also take an empty place on a plain wall.

It should be remembered that interior elements made of fabric quite often need to be washed, so it is better to immediately take care of the presence of several sets. For each season, you can sew your own unique kit.

And also, as a decoration, you can make decorative birds from fabric. They will require textile trimmings of different colors and with different patterns, patterns, needles and threads.

Two parts of the bird are cut according to the selected pattern, which will subsequently be sewn together and filled with filler. Two wings on each side, crest. All elements are stitched together and fitted with a rope or ribbon. Such birds can be planted on a tree branch, pre-painted in the desired shade.

the idea of ​​an unusual craft for kitchen design

Such a doll will perfectly complement the interior of the kitchen

bright craftsmanship for kitchen style

Any thing done independently will update the interior of the kitchen

an example of a beautiful craft for kitchen decor

Decorative items made of fabric will have to be washed very often

Wall decoration

The need for decoration on the walls can arise when they have one shade or there is a lot of empty space that creates the effect of a non-residential premises.Wall decor can vary from stickers to painting the dining area, from placing shelves to decorating with old dishes.

Fill an empty space with an open shelf, on which painted plates, home-made vases or decorated bottles can be placed.

The apron between the countertop and the upper shelves can be updated using the decoupage of an existing tile. For a city apartment, modern motives will be relevant, and for a country house you can use drawings with hens - guardians of the hearth.

And also on empty space painted plates that hang randomly or in a certain order will look appropriate.

Stylized film stickers look good, which can be purchased ready-made or cut out the necessary elements yourself.

variant of unusual crafts for the kitchen interior

From a tree you can make a hanger for cups

idea of ​​a bright craft for kitchen decor

Wall decoration is necessary if it is completely empty

Decoration of furniture and appliances

If the kitchen has a small area or wallpaper with colorful drawings, then you can do furniture decoration. For these purposes, you can buy a film with a specific print or "decoupage" the facades of the kitchen.

Since technology has become an integral part of our life, it must also participate in the decoration process. The hood or refrigerator can be covered with foil or painted on your own.

An example of a light craft for kitchen decor

You can sew beautiful wraps on chairs

an example of an unusual craft for a kitchen style

Painted plates on an apron by the stove will look very nice

bright craft idea for kitchen design

Vase decorated with artificial flowers and chestnuts perfectly complement the interior

Furniture restoration

Restoration of old furniture, which can still perform its functions, but has a shabby appearance, will require a significant investment of time and effort. But the result is worth it.

To give a new life to kitchen furniture, you must perform the following steps.

  • Remove the doors and check the canopies for functionality. Replace if necessary.
  • Sand the surface with sandpaper.
  • Paint all parts in the desired color. You can create the effect of artificial aging.
  • After the paint dries, apply a layer of varnish (transparent, for baths and saunas), on which a napkin with the selected pattern is glued or a special decoupage card.
  • On top of the brush, the picture is covered with diluted varnish with water (1: 1) and is evened out along the way.
  • After the control opening with varnish and drying, the furniture is assembled and fastened with new handles.

For the restoration of a kitchen set with your own hands, you can apply painting with further gluing of curly elements from plaster.

Glass can be replaced with mirrors. This will visually expand the space and fill the room with light. Or decorate them with stained glass paints.

With the help of an old curtain and white enamel, you can apply an interesting cobweb of the picture. A piece of fabric is mounted on adhesive tape and stained with a glass surface, after which it is removed.

the idea of ​​an unusual craft for the kitchen interior

This lamp fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen

An example of a beautiful craft for a kitchen interior

Such a basket of flowers would be a great option for decorating the kitchen

Accessories and kitchen stuff

It’s nice to create crafts for the kitchen interior with your own hands and they can be a great gift for family and friends. Little things that create coziness can be made by knitting or sewing, decorating dishes and bottles.

Old bowls or clipped wine bottles can play the role of a new chandelier in the kitchen. Tanks for soft drinks can be used as candlesticks, which are decorated with flowing paraffin.

Textile, stylized toys can become towel hangers if hooks are attached to them. Clothespins fastened to the wall are also useful for these purposes.

a variant of a beautiful craft for a kitchen style

Flowers in the interior always carry positive energy

idea of ​​a light craft for kitchen decor

For cups you can embroider covers

light craft option for a kitchen style

A craft for the kitchen can be done with a child, it will be very interesting for him

Hot coasters can be made from wooden clothespins:

  1. first they are released from the spring;
  2. stick together in pairs;
  3. lay out a snowflake from the blanks and coat with glue.

And you can also create unique bead coasters from newspaper tubes.

  • Newspaper sheets are cut into strips 10 cm wide.
  • Screw on the skewer at an angle, fixing the edge with PVA glue.
  • The finished vine is twisted in a circle.
  • Each turn is coated with glue.
  • After drying, paint or decorate with a napkin.

Finished circles are coated with acrylic varnish and used.

Cutlery can be useful for making hangers or plate holders. Creating an impromptu hook, they are given fancy shapes, bending the prongs of the forks in different directions.

The plate stand from the fork is made in a similar way, only the teeth are bent at a right angle to its handle. Extreme, lift up, and it bend itself by an arc.

Spoons from the old service can be fastened instead of handles for kitchen shelves.

An example of a light craft for a kitchen interior

From cardboard you can make small copies of dishes

an example of a beautiful craft for a kitchen style

Such coasters are sure to come in handy in the kitchen

Photo in the Bank

Self-made photo in the bank is easy to perform and looks good on open shelves. To create it, you will need a 0.5 liter can, photo, sunflower oil. Pour liquid into the container (to the limit), place a picture (black and white) and close the lid. The collection of pictures in oil will be a unique decoration that will surprise and delight guests.

Fresh flowers in a jar

To create an everlasting bouquet you need:

  • jar with a lid;
  • flower bud;
  • glycerol;
  • water.

The flowers in the jar are glued to the bottom, pour a solution of boiled water with glycerin in a ratio of 1 to 2. Close the jar tightly. In this composition, the bouquet can live for more than six months. Flowers are best used with thick petals, as the liquid discolors the buds a little. If the solution is cloudy, you can change it.

bright craftsmanship for kitchen design

Reduced copies of fruit perfectly decorate the dining table

an example of a light craft for a kitchen style

On a textile napkin with the help of coffee beans, you can make just such a beauty

variant of unusual crafts for kitchen design

Such paintings will fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen

Decor from the dishes: candlestick

Old cups are often used as a candlestick, in which melted wax is poured and a wick is placed in the center. For these purposes, the old dishes can be painted in advance or make a decor of threads with your own hands.

Glasses with banks may also appear as a candlestick. They are decorated with paintings, decoupage or wrapped with twine. After the decor, they are ready to use, it remains to put inside the candle-pill.

Painted plates

Do-it-yourself decor of dishes with the help of painting old plates. From different in diameter dishes, you can create a unique collection of miniatures that will serve as decoration of empty walls or shelves. To make them you will need:

  • plates;
  • acrylic white paint;
  • PVA glue;
  • varnish;
  • palette of multi-colored paints.

An impromptu canvas is painted in a suitable shade. It can be achieved by adding paint of a certain color to a white base. Primed with glue and varnished. A matched drawing can be applied to the dried workpiece. Children can be involved in the work.

light craft idea for a kitchen style

Try to make crafts suitable for the style of the kitchen

example of a light craft for kitchen design

There are a lot of options for crafts for the kitchen

Provence style for the kitchen

Do it yourself, the decor in the style of a French village is not something impossible. To recreate such a design, it is not necessary to buy new furniture. You can restore an existing one.

For the Provence style, floral motifs, birds are relevant. Colors are necessarily pastel shades. Wooden floor and antique white furniture with non-standard, rounded shapes. Design should be gentle. The actual use of textiles.

Making your own kitchen decor is not difficult. The main thing is that crafts in style and color fit the overall design of the room.

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