Gray kitchen in the interior. Compare the pros and cons

Silver or dark gray colors - a universal option for every home. It is practical, comfortable and fits perfectly into any style. For several seasons, ashy colors are among the most popular, used in decoration, furnishings and accessories.

Gray kitchen with island and sink near the window

The gray interior always looks stylish and noble.

Making such a multifunctional room like a kitchen requires a very responsible approach. It is necessary not only to determine the specific shade, but also to learn how to combine it with others, to study and compare the advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits disadvantages
Neutral, is a great background. Needs dilution with lighter tones. Otherwise - it looks gloomy and boring.
It has a wide color palette from light to very dark shades, making it suitable for small and large rooms. Not very suitable for poorly lit rooms. With a lack of natural light, it looks “cool” and uncomfortable.
Easy to combine It is emphasized by natural materials such as wood. Therefore, it is better to leave the floor wooden.
Practical, not easily soiled.
It looks relevant and in the spirit of the times.
Respectable and noble.
Fits into any stylistic design.
It has a calming effect.
The combination of gray and blue in a small kitchen

Gray is the universal color for the kitchen of any size with the right choice of shade

The advantages of gray significantly overlap its disadvantages, and when used correctly, all the cons disappear altogether.

Decide on the design

Creating a stylish interior without the help of designers is always a long and painstaking work. However, the use of ash shades greatly simplifies this task, because its use is quite simple.

Black and white checkered kitchen floor with gray set.

Acting as a basis, gray color makes the interior of the kitchen more modern

An integral part of the gray kitchen are wooden, as well as imitating their surfaces. Almost always, the floor is made of wood. Wood is also used in the manufacture of countertops, cabinets and other furniture.

The secret of harmony lies in the correct color burden. It is very important not to make the room darker. To do this, they are combined with lighter tones. Dark gray colors are left only for walls, and furniture is chosen either light or completely white. The opposite is also possible when dark gray facades are placed on a silver background.

Tip. Plain-colored interior is left extremely rare. It's too boring and easy. Therefore, designers are trying to use not only gray tones, but also to dilute the calm interior with flashy details.

Accents can be set with the help of a wide variety of gizmos: colorful paintings, colored shelves or dishes. It is not necessary to dwell on a specific color. A calm ash background allows you to experiment with the color palette and combine completely different shades with each other. At the same time, the grayness of the background only emphasizes the beauty of the decorative elements and sets them apart from the room setting.

The combination of red and gray in the interior of the kitchen

The uniformity of gray shades is easily diluted with catchy decorative elements.

Dark and light gray facades are not the only option for creating an ashen kitchen. Often used white headsets. This is very convenient and economical, because if the gray interior bores you, it will be enough just to repaint the walls. Replacing the facades would be much more expensive and would be more difficult to perform.

We select the finish

Gray color is a collective name for a wide palette of warm and cold shades. In many of them you can see echoes of other colors: blue, green, brown. All of them are perfectly combined with each other, and can also be used separately.

Turquoise wall in the kitchen with a gray set

Walls should serve as a backdrop for kitchen furniture

Warm shades:

  1. Quartz.
  2. Protective.
  3. Green tea.
  4. Stone.
Various shades of gray to decorate the kitchen

The gray palette consists of many shades

Cold shades:

  1. Marengo.
  2. Anthracite.
  3. Slate.
  4. Graphite.
  5. The color of wet asphalt.

Any of these and many other shades of gray is the perfect foundation for a stylish and modern interior. Light colors will look better on the walls, and dark colors emphasize individual elements of the decor. Smooth transitions from a white ceiling to silver walls and a graphite floor will look interesting. Special chic and gloss will be ensured by metallized surfaces from mosaics and ceramic tiles.

Orange Striped Kitchen Curtains

The ceiling should be light and easy to clean.

Gray tones will fit perfectly into the finish of a kitchen apron. This is very practical, because pollution on such a surface will not be evident. An unusual accent can be created by using a snow-white vertical surface. It will shade the apron and become a wonderful background for him. The working surface can be decorated in a wide variety of options: matte or glossy ceramic tiles, metallized mosaics or gray "metro" tiles.

Yellow kitchen chairs on ceramic floor

Ceramic tiles are best suited for flooring.

It is recommended to use dark gray materials as a floor covering. In combination with light wallpaper, they will visually increase the amount of space, and the room will look more spacious. When choosing a shade, consider the practical side of the issue, otherwise you will have to clean up more often than when using alternative wooden surfaces.

Choose a wallpaper

Wallpaper here can have many shades from light silver to close to black. Against this background, modern and rather non-standard white furniture looks favorably. The option "gray on gray" is also acceptable, but if it is contrasting shades that do not merge with each other. Dilute them with bright accents, as well as metal and glass elements.

Two yellow chairs in the kitchen with gray wallpaper

The principle of “gray on gray” - you can’t do without bright accents

Gray dining table in the kitchen with paper wallpaper

White wallpaper with a delicate gray ornament will increase the space of a small kitchen

Another original idea is wallpaper with ornament. Solid walls can sometimes look boring, but here this opportunity completely disappears. Choose drawings on a gray background or any wallpaper with a silver pattern. The ornament can be both large and small - there is no difference.

We buy furniture

The gray kitchen in the interior is a very multifaceted concept. It does not set any limits and practically does not limit anything. Choose any stylistic design for it, dilute the monochrome space with bright accents, add a little imagination and you will get something absolutely unique.

Combined gray and white kitchen

More often than others there is a gray-white combination, suitable for almost any style

The first thing to decide on is the facades. The combination of a dark bottom with a light top is considered traditional, when the upper lockers pick up white and the lower lockers are dark gray. You can also use light wood, and leave the walls white.

Dining sets are usually complemented with metal elements.The table is selected from solid wood, to which colored chairs are sometimes picked up.

Bright furniture in the interior of the gray kitchen

Upholstered chairs and upholstery are great for bright accents.

The set must be selected in accordance with the chosen style of the kitchen. For a classic interior, choose furniture made from natural materials with flowing lines and elegant shapes. For the design of the room in the spirit of minimalism - simple and concise headsets. “Loft” style involves a combination of wood and metal surfaces.

We select color combinations

Gray in the interior rarely exists on its own. It interacts with almost the entire color spectrum and serves as the basis for a stylish and unusual design.

Black and white

An elegant tandem of black and white in combination with noble ash shades - this is in the spirit of an immortal classic. It is recommended to abandon pure light tones and give preference to yellowish-white. The contrast will cease to cut the eye, and the transition will become smooth and accurate.

Kitchen interior in gray and white

The gray-white tandem creates an atmosphere of calm and coziness, while black serves as a stylish accent.

A white-gray combination will add nobility and aristocracy to the room, and correctly placed black accents will make it bright and expressive.


Gray plus beige - a solution that is characteristic of a soft and homely country style. In this case, it is advisable to support a beige tone with pastel accessories and a light wooden floor. Decorated in this way, the kitchen is the embodiment of warmth and comfort, so this color pair is very popular.

Design of a modern kitchen with a gray set

Beautiful kitchen with a gray set and a beige ceiling


Notes of lilac in combination with shades of ash will make the kitchen romantic and very elegant. I would like to add light transparent curtains, several flower pots to such an interior, and arrange elegant dishes on the shelves.

Gray-violet kitchen design with ceramic floor

Gray dining area in the kitchen in the style of modern Art Nouveau

At the same time, glossy lilac details will make you feel a little cold, and matte surfaces of the same color, on the contrary, will add coziness and warmth to your kitchen.


Pink always looks very cute and feminine, no matter what color in a pair it is used. The neighborhood with gray restrains him, makes the interior less naive and a little more adult.

Bright armchairs in the interior of a gray kitchen

Soft chairs with pink floral print in the kitchen, decorated in gray and white

One rule applies here: the brighter the shade of pink, the darker the gray should be. The use of an ash-pink color, which in itself looks expensive and noble, gives a stunning effect.

Yellow and orange

Sunny shades are chosen by cheerful and cheerful people. Bright details transform the interior, making it vibrant and dynamic. It is worth using them in accents: patterns on tablecloths and curtains, headset ornament, paintings on the walls. Large elements such as furniture, walls and partitions are best painted in more restrained colors.

Yellow kitchen apron

Bright yellow apron attracts attention and enlivens the interior


Any shades of green act on the human psyche soothingly and relaxingly. The combination of gray and green is actively used in the popular eco style. Also, any imitations of wood and other natural materials will look good here. As green accents, you can use quite large objects: countertops, chairs, parts of facades and apron tiles.

Dining area in a gray kitchen

A stylish combination of neutral gray and rich emerald colors in the interior of the kitchen

Blue and gray

Both of these colors are quite cold, so it is believed that such a combination is preferred by very restrained and reasonable people. Such an interior is unlikely to seem boring to anyone, even if there are only a few blue accents. However, these colors are almost equivalent, and they can be used in equal quantities, which is very convenient for zoning the kitchen and dining room.

Deep blue kitchen unit

A neoclassical kitchen with a predominance of blue, gray here plays the role of relevant accents


Red color requires very careful use. He has an amazing ability to transform the interior beyond recognition. With it, you can make any room incredibly bright and stylish, and with illiterate use - to spoil the whole design of a gray kitchen.

Hanging kitchen cabinets with red facades

The red-gray combination looks organically in modern interiors

Gray color softens aggressive red, and the fiery color scheme becomes pleasing to the eye. With this color, the main thing is not to overdo it and not drown it with a restrained gray background.

Modeling space

Despite the fact that the gray color is quite neutral, it is able not only to set the mood, but also to align the wrong proportions of the room.

Where is it used? For what? Due to what? How to use?
In elongated rooms Visually expands the space Wall painting We paint the longitudinal walls in the saturated color of quartz or anthracite, and the transverse walls in the light color of pearls or the pigeon wing.
Indoor High Ceiling Reduces ceiling height Finish contrast The upper part of the room is light, the lower is dark.
In low ceiling rooms Visually increases the height of the walls Mirror surfaces We use glossy materials for walls and other surfaces.
In a small apartment Creates a feeling of spaciousness. Hanging headset We install a compact hanging headset without legs, creating a feeling of lightness and airiness.
Kitchen island with a wooden surface

To create a bold and harmonious image, it is not necessary to contact the designer

To adjust the shape of the kitchen and create a stylish gray interior, we need several of its shades. You can create them yourself by carefully mixing white paint with several colors. This is much more economical and more convenient than purchasing ready-made gray paints.

Set the lighting

A huge role in creating the interior is lighting. With the help of the right light, you can visually change the space, divide the room into functional zones, create a warm and cozy atmosphere. You can emphasize the beauty of the design by lighting shelves and interior lighting cabinets.

Organization of lighting in a gray kitchen

The lighting of the workplace in the kitchen should be as bright as possible

Zoning the room with the help of lighting is quite easy: just put a series of lamps at the border of the zones that you want to separate from each other. This solution looks especially successful above the bar or in the arched opening.

Important. The main rule of lighting planning is that the darker the environment, the more bright light is needed for it. Otherwise, the room will look dark and dull.

Pendant lights with black shades above the bar

In addition to the main function, lamps also play an important decorative role.

Hanging lamps need to be taken into account the functional purpose of various sectors of the kitchen. Pay particular attention to the work and dining areas.

We make gray classic interior

Classics is a trend that has not lost its popularity for decades. At the same time, for all this time, the classic style has not changed much, and the same basic rules remain relevant:

  • Symmetry. The classic interior can be luxurious and expensive, or restrained and simple, but symmetry will always be taken as its basis. The center of the kitchen, from which lockers will be placed on both sides, can be used to extract the hood. In order to give the hood an elegance and mask heavy metal parts, you can position it in a niche and decorate it under the fireplace.
  • Natural materials. Granite, stone, wood - all these eco-friendly and safe materials are fully consistent with the classic style of the kitchen, durable and not demanding in care.
  • The design of the apron. The classic does not imply vivid accents and extravagant details.Therefore, ideally, the surface of the kitchen apron should overlap with other elements of the interior, for example, countertops or cabinets.
  • Curtains. In order for the kitchen to get a finished look, it is important not to forget about the design of windows. Translucent silver tulle and dense light gray curtains, or Roman curtains are ideal.
  • Lighting. It is recommended to use compact spotlights for the working area, and place a decorative chandelier above the dining room. The light should be soft and warm, not irritate the eyesight and illuminate all corners.
Corner set in gray in a classic kitchen

For the kitchen in the classical style, glass inserts in the doors of the headset, a stone countertop and an apron made of stone tiles are appropriate

Making a gray kitchen is easy and interesting. With it, you can realize any ideas: create a luxurious or concise, bright or restrained, made in a classic or modern style look.

Classic gray kitchen interior

White kitchen in a classic style with a dark gray set

Ash colors will fit into very tiny or very spacious rooms. With their help, you can adjust the size of the space, correctly distribute the light, and set the necessary accents. Gray design is a blank canvas on which anyone can create the interior of their dreams.

Video: examples of the design of kitchens with a gray set

Photo ideas for combining gray with other colors

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