Low Frost system in modern refrigerators: pros and cons

Not all customers understand what Love Frost, Less Frost, No Frost or Frost Free mean. People of the past generation prefer a technique that has been tested over the years, although in reality it is not so convenient. Old models need to be thawed almost every month; the newest ones are not needed.

low frost what is

Low Frost - a cooling system in modern refrigerators.

Characteristic Low Frost technology in modern refrigerators

The operation is as follows:

  1. There is a double-walled chamber in the freezer.
  2. Refrigerant fills the entire evaporator.
  3. All chambers are heated and cooled evenly. The difference of this system will be immediately noticeable after using a conventional refrigerator.
How Love Frost Works

Unlike other cooling systems, Low Frost provides the same temperature for all cooling chambers.

What is low frost in the refrigerator?

Low Frost translated from English - low frost. The evaporator is located on the entire perimeter of the refrigerator, so frost does not form, or appears in very small quantities. Many people wonder if catching frost in refrigerators is what it is, one can answer that this is a very convenient innovation.

How Love Frost Works

Translated from English Love Frost means low frost.


Technology action: frost does not form in the inner chamber, due to the fact that the temperature changes smoothly, condensate almost does not form. There is a slight difference between the temperature of the walls and the inner chamber; there are no temperature jumps. You only need to defrost once a year, which will significantly save your time. Low Frost models can be drip defrosted. The same system is found in No Frost refrigerators.

Fishing Frost does not need defrosting.

Unlike older models, new systems do not need to be defrosted every month.

What you need to know about Low Frost

The advantages of working with Low Frost refrigerators: low cost, ice does not appear on the walls, defrosting is quick and does not bother the buyer, all products cool very well. There are a lot of models to choose from, each consumer will find a suitable one.

There are several types of low frost systems.

There are models with drip defrosting.

Principle of operation

A special device cools the air, the refrigeration compartment in Nou Frost does not have an evaporator, but it regularly turns ice from the walls to water. The air cools, condensation forms, which turns into ice. The ice is heated by the appliance and flows down the walls, and later evaporates. The motor constantly turns on and off to maintain a temperature balance.

Know frost does not require defrosting.

Thanks to the Nou Frost system, you can forever forget about defrosting.

Electric circuit

The electrical circuit of the device consists of a temperature controller, timer, switch, light bulb, heating element and a few more things. All contacts are in the same circuit and work only with each other.

Choosing Fishing Frost you will get rid of the ice in the chamber forever.

Thanks to the Love Frost system, a thick layer of ice will not build up in the freezer.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros of Low and Know Frost:

  1. No need to defrost the refrigerator yourself.
  2. Uniform cooling in the refrigerator and freezer.
  3. Modern technologies that simplify the work of housewives.
Technology Frost Frost, how it works.

The technology of Frost Frost is distributed across all the chambers of the refrigerator.

Cons of the system:

  1. A large consumption of electricity, which is necessary for the correct operation of the device.
  2. The need to cover or pack products, as they may become chapped due to the fan operation.
  3. If ice is formed, immediately remove it.
Fishing frost cons and pros.

The only minus of the Frost Love system is the high cost of electricity.

Which is better - Low Frost or No Frost

The principle of operation of these freezers can be called identical. Both of them do not require frequent defrosting and simplify the life of the hostesses. The Low Frost system has an internal evaporator that prevents condensate from settling on the walls. The evaporator maintains a balance of humidity and temperature so that ice appears in small quantities. The layer of ice that nevertheless forms is very thin and it will not be difficult to remove it. The Nou Frost system has a fan, it distributes air flows throughout the space. Further, the evaporator removes excess air vapors, thus, frost settles on the walls, and then drains into special compartments. Next, the resulting liquid evaporates. Systems are not much different. The only difference is the more automated operation of the device in Know Frost.

Fishing Frost makes life easier.

Both cooling systems greatly simplify the life of the hostess.

Additional tips and tricks

when choosing a refrigerator, you need to pay attention to the quality and strength of materials, as well as how it cools. It is necessary to check all functions and their serviceability. The refrigerator must be durable, as it has a lot to work on.

Vegetables in the refrigerator. Frost.

The basis of the technology of Frost Frost is an evaporator located around the entire perimeter of the internal walls.

Rating TOP-4 best models with low frost

Based on user reviews, a small rating was created. It took into account the functionality, size, quality of work.


Bosch refrigerator looks good, holds a lot of products, its build quality is very good, it works quietly. But the refrigerator adapts to the outside temperature long enough. Low frost defrosting systems what it is - quality and convenience at a low price.

Bosch refrigerator

Refrigerator Bosch LOW FROST KGV39VK23R


The quality of materials here is at the highest level, there is nothing superfluous inside, only everything you need is complete. The fridge is not noisy.

SHARP refrigerator

Refrigerator SHARP SJ-B132ZR-WH


The body is made of steel, the materials are very good. The device can be integrated into the headset. There are also fruit boxes where you can adjust the temperature. The dimensions of the device are not large, so it will not be suitable for a large family.

Refrigerator SIEMENS.

Refrigerator SIEMENS KI87SAF30R.


This model has an electronic display with convenient controls, a freshness area and a vegetable section, which even fits a watermelon. The materials are all of high quality. The device is a little noisy, but it is not so problematic.

AEG refrigerator

Refrigerator AEG SCS61800FF

When choosing a refrigerator, you need to pay attention to its characteristics: dimensions, capacity, quality of materials, the presence of drawers and shelves, temperature adjustable. Also an important detail is the noise. If the appliance is very noisy, it may interfere with sleep at night. And such refrigerators can be noisy due to the constant switching of the motor. You also need to read the reviews about wear, as the Low and Nou Frost models are quite young and not as time-tested as the old classics. In general, if you follow all the rules for use, the unit will serve for a long time and in good condition, you should not worry about its condition. All models come with a guarantee, because cooling systems tend to break from overload. Proper maintenance will extend the life and reduce maintenance hours.

Fishing Frost or Know Frost, which is better.

Which system is better for everyone to determine with an individual approach.

Low Frost Technology

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