Storage systems for the kitchen: types, features, useful tips

In order for the kitchen to be functional and beautiful at the same time, the choice of a storage system for kitchen utensils plays an important role in it.

Designers think through not only the interior of the kitchen, but also its functionality. Availability of space for convenient storage of kitchen attributes. Capacity is the most important thing that most housewives require when designing a kitchen. Consider the most interesting, convenient storage systems.

Storage systems in the kitchen.

To date, many different storage systems have been invented for the kitchen.

Open storage systems

Open storage systems for the kitchen are the most relevant solution, according to the designers. They can completely replace the kitchen set or be an addition to it. Increasingly, open storage systems with built-in lighting are found. This is the most profitable option for a small kitchen.

Shelves in the kitchen.

Open storage systems in the kitchen.

The advantages include the following factors:

  • Save space in the kitchen and visually increase space.
  • Time saving. All the necessary attributes are in front of your eyes, you do not need to look for anything.

In addition to kitchen utensils, you can place decorations on the shelves that emphasize the interior of the kitchen.

open shelves in the kitchen.

Open shelves in the design of a modern kitchen.

The only drawback of such a storage system is the accumulation of dust on the shelves.


The decor of the kitchen uses a great many shelves for storage. Built-in shelves in the headset, with wall mounts, corner shelves, with ceiling mounts, island shelves. Sometimes there are shelves mounted in the window openings of the kitchen. Depending on what will be stored on the shelves, they can be narrow, wide, long, short. For more convenient storage, wide shelves are installed at the bottom of the kitchen. Long narrow shelves will look advantageous in the ceiling area.

Shelves on the walls.

Open shelves attached to the wall.

Shelves are made mainly from the same materials as the kitchen as a whole. It can be plastic, wood, chipboard, MDF. The main task of such shelves is to fully fit into the interior of the kitchen and create uniqueness in it. For example, shelves combined with a table, chairs, or curtains. Or such a combination: a kitchen decorated in white with shelves made with clear black lines.

IMPORTANT! To emphasize the interior of the kitchen on the shelves you need to place the same style bottles, jars, dishes.

Design of open shelves in the kitchen.

Open shelves should fit as much as possible into the interior of the room.


A niche is a recess in the wall with cabinets or shelves located there. For the convenience of storing kitchen attributes. There can be small appliances, as well as pots, plates of cereal supplies with seasonings. If hooks are mounted there, then it will be possible to place - cutting boards or pans with ladles. Arched niches look especially beautiful, they are installed as decorative and imitate stucco molding in the classic style of the kitchen.If it is open, inside there may be decorative sets of dishes, spices, bottles with jars, designer jewelry, figurines, and all that harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen.

Niche in the interior of the kitchen.

Storage systems in the niches of the kitchen for wine and spices.

Open cabinets or racks

Open cabinets are mainly used in country or Provence style kitchens. This type of shelves is perfect for a small kitchen. The presence of shelving increases space.

The downside of open cabinets and shelving is dust. But there are some tips on how to reduce its amount:

  • Position the shelf away from the stove
  • Install the hood
  • Put a minimum of items on the shelves, so it will be easier to wipe them.
Shelving in the kitchen.

Kitchen floor racks.

Thanks to the open shelves, everything you need will be in your sight, whether it be a cookbook, seasoning or a jar of jam. If you install the rack from floor to ceiling, then you can put a huge amount of necessary things into it. This design will allow you to save space, leave the most necessary things at eye level and remove unnecessary items upstairs. If the rack or open shelves do not fit into the interior of the kitchen, they can be placed away from prying eyes, for example, above a window or doorway.

Open shelves in the kitchen design.

Open shelves can be made of chipboard, MDF and natural wood.

Rails, hooks and tape

Another multifunctional system is railing.

In the process of cooking, so as not to be distracted by the search for spoons, pans, many housewives prefer railing systems and magnetic tapes. The railing is a crossbar with hooks hung on it. All kinds of accessories and trifles can be placed on these hooks. It is usually fastened around the perimeter of the countertop and under the hinged kitchen set. This system is convenient in that you can change the arrangement of objects at your discretion. It can be used as a hanger for potholders, towels. If the kitchen has island parts, then the railing can be attached to the ceiling. Pots and pans are hung for storage, saving space in cabinets in the kitchen.

Railing in the kitchen.

Rail storage systems in the design of the kitchen.

A magnetic tape or strip is a construction similar to railing. It is mounted on a kitchen apron and for convenience, kitchen knives, cutlery, metal jars with spices are placed on it.

There are two ways to attach this structure:

  • Screw on the dowels
  • Stick on liquid nails.
Magnetic tape.

Magnetic tape for jars with spices.

Perforated wall panel

Strong and reliable perforated panels are used in the modern decor of the kitchen to bring openwork and lightness to the interior. It is a hardboard (wood fiber board) with patterned holes drilled in it. These panels become hardened and moisture resistant during hardening. There are several options for drawing: Hellas, Lotus, Caesar, City, Techno, Ephesus, Gloria. For decorating the kitchen, panels with a thickness of 5 and 6 mm are used. This is the best option to support the average weight of accessories. Usually a perforated panel allocates a zone for attaching kitchen utensils, all kinds of boards, pots, lids, tongs and much more.

Perforated wall panel.

Perforated wall panel for storing kitchen items.

Baskets and Boxes

To organize the space in the kitchen, you can use baskets and boxes. Baskets are most common in the open spaces of the kitchen for storing vegetables and fruits, and all sorts of little things. It is convenient to clean cutlery, food products in organizer boxes. The stores offer a large selection of various storage baskets. Wicker, stainless steel, plastic with a variety of compartments, any shape and size. This is a great solution to clean up open shelving. Arrange and decorate the interior of the kitchen.For example, in metal baskets it is very convenient to store all kinds of cereals, seasonings, and wicker design perfectly emphasize the style of the kitchen. In the boxes you can store household chemicals, unused dishes, bulk products.

Baskets in the kitchen.

In baskets you can store vegetables, kitchen towels and various trifles.

Mobile table - stand

The ideal solution for a small kitchen is a mobile table - a curbstone. It is very compact and functional. It can be used as a work surface, and if you open it, you get a full dining table. The design involves a large number of capacious lower drawers that accommodate tableware, pans, ladles, dishes and other kitchen utensils. Many models are equipped with wheels to optimize movement. Corner version of the table - curbstones are usually equipped with a sink and special shelves for storing detergents.

Mobile pedestal table.

The mobile table-cabinet is an excellent solution for small-sized kitchens.

Closed storage systems

For everyone who does not like unnecessary details in the interior of the kitchen, as well as dusting once again, a closed storage system is ideal. This system allows you to maximize the use of kitchen cabinet space. In an apron you can perfectly make a hidden cabinet, and store jars, bottles and spices in it. In the minimum space between the cabinet oven and the cabinet, you can place a pull-out panel inside, place the railing with hooks and hang pans there. Or install shelves with small containers there. Or do not install anything; baking trays, trays will fit perfectly there. Cabinets with a sliding stand, masking household appliances. Ground boxes are just a godsend for a small kitchen, where every centimeter counts. In this box you can store things that are rarely used. In a deep large cabinet you can install a small rack and make more rational use of this space. All kinds of jars, boxes can be hidden if you attach metal coasters - shelves to the cabinet door.

Closed systems in the kitchen.

Closed storage systems help make the most of your kitchen space.

Corner Storage

There is a lot of unused space in the corner cabinet. Most often there is a sink, and under it is a trash bin. This is an irrational use of this place. This problem can be solved with the help of a retractable corner structure. It can be inside the cabinet, either diagonal compartments or vertical shelves attached to the corner cabinet door. To maximize the load of kitchen cabinets, in the corner of the countertop you can place a rotating shelf and put tins, pans, all kinds of nozzles on it. Thanks to the rational use of the corner of the cabinet, oversized utensils can be stored there. Corner storage systems can be used both in lower cabinets and in upper tiers.

Corner drawers in the kitchen.

Design of corner sliding storage systems in the kitchen.


A kitchen without lockers is not a kitchen. They come in different sizes and contents inside. But their design always matches the interior of the kitchen. They can be opened wide open, bottom-up or in a compartment way. Also, some cabinets are equipped with a sliding mechanism. Cabinets are standardly equipped with one or more shelves, as well as compartments for different kitchen utensils. Usually, the upper cabinets are slightly smaller than the lower ones, they are used to place dishes, tableware, a variety of small kitchen accessories, cereals, bread, spices and much more. The upper cabinets can be additionally equipped with a dishwasher, different boxes, baskets, racks. The lower cabinets are more overall, there you can put all kinds of utensils for cooking. They can also be equipped with additional partitions, baskets, railing with hooks.

Kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets are a required piece of kitchen furniture.


The main requirement for kitchen furniture is a quick access to things.Drawers do a good job of this. These are functional structures mounted in conventional hanging or floor drawers. Each drawer can be independently pulled out or, if a special system is used, then when the door is opened, all the shelves will be pulled out automatically. Drawers will greatly facilitate the search for the necessary dishes, because when pulling everything out before your eyes, you do not need to rummage in the cabinet, bent over in half. The drawer is most often equipped with horizontal drawers. The kitchen cabinet can be equipped with a pull-out basket, in which you can hold dishes or jars of spices.

drawers in the kitchen.

Floor drawers in the kitchen.

IMPORTANT! With the small size of the kitchen, order a headset with pull-out panels, so you will place everything you need.

Vertical drawers

These boxes are characterized by a narrow and elongated shape. Usually they are placed in places where nothing can fit. They are usually designed for the storage of cutlery, skimmers, shovels. Storage of bottles is also possible. Drawers are very narrow, making it very easy to find the right thing in them.

Vertical drawers.

Vertical drawers in the kitchen for storing bottles and jars.

IMPORTANT! A competent solution in a vertical drawer will be to place an urn. Thus, it is more convenient to change garbage bags, and the bucket will not come in contact with other kitchen utensils.

Storage systems for the kitchen: pantry

Following the latest fashion trends and for economic reasons, you can install a closet. It takes up a lot of space, but saves time shopping in groceries. Organize a storage system in the kitchen niche. The design of the closet-pantry is usually chosen the same with the interior of the kitchen. It has a lot of various shelves, drawers. For a more convenient placement of products there, it is better to equip it with all kinds of containers, boxes, drawers. If you are going to store bottles there, then you need to purchase special stoppers for them. They will create mini-cells for more convenient and safe placement of glass bottles. You can store absolutely any kitchen attributes and products in these pantry cabinets.


Wardrobe-pantry in the kitchen.

Tips and tricks for arranging storage locations:

  • Oversized utensils are best placed at the bottom of cabinets.
  • To maximize the use of the kitchen space, use open shelves or hanging drawers.
  • Transfer all bulk products immediately to airtight containers, this will save you from food moth.

It would be a great idea to install a rack in a small kitchen, and to remove less needed kitchen utensils on the very top shelves.

Kitchen set design.

Complete kitchen with open and closed storage systems.

Video: Tandem Kitchen Double Decker Storage Systems

Photo storage systems for kitchen units


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