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In the interior of each room, especially the kitchen, small details are added to the overall picture. Sometimes one little thing can spoil the whole situation or vice versa - transform a room beyond recognition. Before you start a major or cosmetic alteration of the kitchen, you should initially choose a design style, decide on the materials.

variant of a beautiful window decor in the kitchen

Every detail matters in kitchen design

an example of a bright window style in the kitchen

Before you begin reincarnation, you should think over everything in advance

the idea of ​​a bright interior window in the kitchen

The kitchen is the place to plan ahead.

How to beautifully design a window in the kitchen

A window is not just an opening in the wall, designed to allow light and air to enter the room. If desired, this part of the kitchen will become a work of art or a useful, but stylish, complement to the interior. Before starting the conversion of the kitchen window, it is worth paying attention to such details.

  1. Practicality - the materials used for decoration should be easy to clean and replace, as small particles of fat, odors are easily and quickly absorbed into textiles. Also to the practical moment can be attributed the protective functions that curtains or other details should perform: you can “protect” the kitchen from sunlight, prying eyes.
  2. Correspondence to style - in order to complete a window successfully, not only taking into account the practical value of textiles or blinds, it is necessary to select curtains according to the style and color of the room.
  3. The area of ​​the room. The smaller the rooms, the worse massive details will look in it - this is known even to amateur designers.

When choosing window textiles, you need to follow the combination of the color of the walls and curtain fabric. In order for the space to harmonize with the window opening, for the decor it is worth choosing fabric 2-3 lighter or darker than the walls.

an example of an unusual window design in the kitchen

A window in the kitchen can become an element of decor

a variant of a light window design in the kitchen

The window in the kitchen should be practical and appropriate to the style of the room

Snapping to the style of the kitchen. Window decoration in the kitchen: from classic to avant-garde

The combination of the main details and subtle details is the key to a successful interior design. When designing a window in the kitchen, it is important to choose the type of textile for the decor. Each style of interior is impressed by different types of curtains.

  1. Modern style, Art Nouveau, hi-tech will perfectly complement Roman or Japanese curtains, ordinary blinds made of metal or wood.
  2. Massive curtains in tandem with openwork tulle emphasize the classics. Curtains are best selected with monograms, floral or floral ornaments.
  3. Oriental style will be decorated with calligraphic photo curtains. Also, multi-level curtains with swag, jabots, lambrequins are ideal.
  4. Provence - this style is best complemented by light curtains with small floral prints, always in warm pastel shades.
  5. Country - wooden blinds are a good option. When choosing textiles, you need to consider that it should be interwoven with other fabric elements - a tablecloth, chair covers.
  6. Minimalism - translucent roller blinds will be the best option.
  7. The avant-garde is emphasized by light, flowing, long curtains of bright colors.The perfect combination is bright fabrics with black decor. For example, scarlet or emerald curtains, complemented by a black and white lambrequin.

When choosing the perfect combination “interior style - curtains”, it is necessary to take into account an important point - which side the kitchen windows face. If north or west, then dark colors will not be relevant.

the idea of ​​a beautiful window decor in the kitchen

Textiles for the kitchen need to be selected for the general style of the room

the idea of ​​an unusual style of the window in the kitchen

Floral print curtains commonly used in Provence style.

variant of the bright interior of the window in the kitchen

For modern styles, roller blinds are often used.

Choose curtains for the kitchen with a balcony

What type of curtains is ideal for decorating a kitchen window is not for the designers, but for the apartment owners. But if the room has an exit to the balcony, which is closed by curtains, then they will be constantly opened and closed. And this must be taken into account so that one month after buying new curtains or tulle, do not buy new ones. The main requirement for curtains in the kitchen, which opens onto the balcony, is the use of durable fabrics that are resistant to dirt and mechanical damage.

Another nuance is asymmetry, that is, in the window area the curtains should be short, and in the door area - long. You can choose an alternative option - long curtains on the entire window opening with a balcony door. Ideal for this are thread products, satin or satin curtains.

An example of a beautiful kitchen window

If the kitchen has access to the balcony, it is not recommended to hang ordinary curtains

variant of the bright window decor in the kitchen

Curtains should not prevent natural light from entering the room.

The right choice of material - a guarantee of a good result

Before you make a window in the kitchen, you need to familiarize yourself with the popular materials from which they sew window textiles. The table shows the suitable natural and synthetic fabrics, their pros and cons.


fabrics for

window textile

Material advantages

Fabric flaws

Natural fabrics


Does not attract dust, does not accumulate an electric charge, is easily erased

Slightly loses shape after washing, light cotton turns yellow when exposed to sunlight,


The canvas is not electrified, does not attract dust. Flax is a durable material that after many years of operation does not lose shape, is not covered with spools

Heavy weight, linen curtains need to be hung on strong, steady eaves


Resistance to electrification, accumulation of saws, mechanical damage. Silk curtains never hook moles

The high cost of window textiles, the difficulty in maintenance (protection against excessive solar radiation, water, heat)


Woolen curtains are resistant to dirt, do not warp if properly maintained

The material absorbs unpleasant odors, so it needs regular ventilation. Also, woolen curtains can only be dry cleaned (it can be washed, but this will harm the products), moths may appear in their folds

Materials made from synthetic (artificial) fibers


It does not wrinkle, does not sit down with regular stretching, is easily erased, and is easy to deform (for example, creasing)

Poor air leakage


Acrylic curtains are easy to clean, do not change shape

On the canvas over time, especially after washing or as a result of frequent touching with hands, spools form


The fabric does not get dirty, does not wrinkle, does not lose shape after wet washing

It burns out in the sun

Fabrics are also classified not only in composition, but also in appearance. For sewing curtains, curtains for the kitchen window, thin satin, satin, veil or tulle fabrics are best suited. If textiles should protect from the sun, then it is better to use products from flock, taffeta or blackout.

an example of an unusual style of a window in a kitchen

Before looking for curtains on the window, familiarize yourself with their variety

the idea of ​​a light window design in the kitchen

In some cases, decorating a window does not make sense

An example of a bright interior window in the kitchen

Remember that textile curtains easily get dirty and absorb all odors.

The psychological impact of color

The kitchen is a place where people eat, communicate with each other, so the color scheme of the room should have to it. According to psychologists, red, green, raspberry, orange and yellow colors arouse appetite. The shade depends on what effect the coloring will have on the person. If the goal is to awaken a person’s appetite, then the shades should resemble natural paints - the colors of vegetables, fruits, drinks.

variant of a light window decor in the kitchen

The color of the curtains plays an important role in the design of the kitchen.

the idea of ​​an unusual window design in the kitchen

Choose curtains according to the style of the kitchen

Plants on the windowsill

For a stylish window decoration in the kitchen, sometimes it’s not enough just to pick up textiles, often plants create a positive atmosphere and comfort in the room. Since the kitchen is the place where food is cooked, frequent airing cannot be avoided. This means that for the kitchen you need to select indoor plants that are not afraid of drafts, hypothermia or overheating, in general - unpretentious species.

  1. Beautifully flowering plants - royal pelargonium, begonia, senpolia (violet), Kalanchoe or azalea.
  2. Flowerpots with leaves of an unusual shape and color - coleus, croton, dracaena or sheffler.
  3. Fruit species - hot pepper, lemon, coffee tree.
  4. Succulents - cactus, money tree, agave, crassula.
variant of unusual window decoration in the kitchen

Plants on the windowsill perfectly decorate the kitchen

an example of a beautiful window style in the kitchen

Not fancy plant species are best suited for the kitchen.

an example of an unusual window decoration in the kitchen

You can put flowerpots with flowers not only on the windowsill but also on the furniture itself

In order not to regret later that the plant could not stand the "kitchen loads" - temperature extremes, it is better to choose inexpensive species for the kitchen. It is also important to consider the location of the kitchen: for example, a coffee tree, cactus or azalea is suitable for southern, southeast and eastern windows. For northern, northwestern and western windows, it is better to choose dracaena, croton or royal pelargonium.

the idea of ​​a beautiful style window in the kitchen

If you assume that the plant may die in such conditions, it is better to focus on inexpensive species

an example of a bright window design in the kitchen

It is also important to consider the location of the kitchen

Cafe style

This type of curtain, such as a "cafe", is a novelty in design. Curtains in the style of "cafe" got their name for nothing - their name came from the place where this type of curtains is most often found. They differ in shortened length, can be attached to the cornice with the help of metal rings, ties, braid or drawstring. The texture of these curtains is a flight for the designer’s imagination. All types of fabrics are suitable for sewing curtains in the style of a “cafe”; the main thing is that they are not very heavy and dense.

It is not for nothing that they are often used for decorating the kitchen window: thanks to the shortened design, they do not clutter the space of even small kitchens with an area of ​​4-8 sq.m. But when choosing this type of curtains it is worth remembering - they are best suited for decorating window openings in the interiors of country styles, Provence. Such decoration is not suitable for minimalism and other ultramodern solutions.

variant of the unusual interior of the window in the kitchen

Cafe style design has appeared recently

an example of an unusual interior of a window in a kitchen

Decoration with short curtains is more suitable for country and provence styles

Kitchen window decoration with curtains

Small curtains, also referred to as "curtains" - a good option for decorating a window opening in the kitchen. The reason for this is versatility, short curtains are less whimsical to care for and at the same time look stylish and modern. But there is one caveat - they will well emphasize the situation in the room with a good repair, since they do not close the area under the window. This decoration option is also suitable for interiors, where the window sill is used as a table top, a place for sitting.

version of the beautiful interior of the window in the kitchen

Remember that curtains absorb odors very well.

an example of a bright window style in the kitchen

When designing a window in the kitchen, remember that it should be in harmony with the interior of the room

idea of ​​a bright window style in the kitchen

For kitchens, it is best to use roman blinds

Luxury Window: Unique Design Rules

In order for window textiles in the kitchen to look no worse than in fashion or specialized design magazines, you need to consider such points.

  1. The fabric should not be catchy - it is better to select restrained shades, simple styles.
  2. Cornice - sets the tone for the scenery on the window. To create a luxury interior, it is important that the curtain rod does not look cheap. Therefore, instead of a plastic base, it is better to choose metal or wooden.
  3. The combination of colors, interior style with window textiles.

Taking into account simple but useful advice, you can transform the kitchen, create an interior, worthy of the praise of professional designers.

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