Design tips for a small kitchen 5-6 meters in Khrushchev

Sooner or later, each owner Khrushchev time comes modernize small kitchen 5-6 sq.m. This quadrature, like previous times, is always not enough. This is especially felt with the acquisition of new kitchen appliances and furniture. Before starting repairs, it is advisable to think about the functionality of each square meter, using the advice of experienced designers involved in the reorganization of Khrushchev's apartments.

kitchen 5 squares

The design of small-sized kitchens in old-style apartments (from 5 square meters and more) is a challenge for any designer.

The essence of the problem of repair work in a small kitchen

The advice that before acquiring something new is to get rid of the old, in little Khrushchev’s kitchen remains the most relevant. There is not only no extra space here, even a few centimeters wide is not enough for easy access, if there is cabinet furniture. Although built-in furniture is a bit more expensive when you call the master than a finished kitchen, this is the most rational solution to attach all your kitchen utensils.

kitchen design 6 sq m

This is an opportunity to occupy all corners and vertical planes, as in the photo.

Small Khrushchev’s cuisine in 5-6 squares many got it as a Soviet “inheritance”. But when there is no alternative, you have to adapt to these conditions. It is difficult to make more footage without redevelopment with the demolition of the walls, but this is not always possible. Therefore, the majority of residents of such urban "slums" have to reorganize space.

kitchen 5 sq m

Despite the lack of space, there is always the opportunity to make even a small corner for cooking hospitable and cozy.

Many people know that “Khrushchevs” are called small-sized city apartments, mainly in panel houses, where most of the walls are load-bearing. It is very difficult to obtain permission for their redevelopment. If everything works out, you can only combine the two adjacent rooms and attach a balcony. But the apartment will not be bigger. Thoughtful design project of the kitchen 5 meters in Khrushchev should include such an opportunity.

Attention! City authorities often give brick houses for demolition, since the deadline for their implementation has expired. It makes no sense to invest in expensive repairs of emergency real estate, even if you can get permission!

scandinavian cuisine design

When making repairs in Khrushchev, it is necessary to calculate the size of each item and its location to the nearest millimeter.

The main problem of these apartments is the "stolen" footage of the kitchen and bathroom of the hallway and corridors. In this limited area, it is necessary to place all the kitchen attributes:

  1. Fridge;
  2. Gas stove;
  3. A sink;
  4. Other household appliances (dishwasher or washing machine);
  5. Kitchen units for food processing and cooking;
  6. Cabinets and shelves (for storing food, utensils and other kitchen utensils);
  7. Work surface.
kitchen interior 6 sq m

On 5-6 square meters. meters need to fit and storage tanks, and kitchen furniture, and household appliances.

Difficult to condense in stuffed to the limit kitchen 5 sq.m.but thoughtful design and functional Khrushchev apartments able to work miracles. It all depends on the lifestyle of the owners of small housing. No need for a dishwasher in a small family. A large stove with an oven is also not needed if little is cooked.

Space Organization Rules

Organization of limited space and design of a small kitchen 5-6 meters in Khrushchev often becomes the "headache" of the owners. But if you approach this process creatively, you can benefit from each square meter.

kitchen 5 sq m photo

Experts recommend remembering a few useful recommendations.


1. Work surface location As close as possible to the sink and stove, preferably between them
2. Refrigerator installation Close to the work surface and sink, but not at the stove so that it does not heat up
3. Wall cabinets and shelves Maximum fill corners and vertical surfaces - up to the ceiling
4. Gas stove location You can’t directly by the window so that the curtains do not burn, the draft does not blow out the flame
5. Table and chairs (stools), dining table Better stackable seats to clean as unnecessary, the countertop is small, it can be replaced by any folding and retractable planes
6. Boxes and lockers Fill all the niches of the built-in furniture
7. Windowsill Better combine with countertop
8. Kitchen furniture Shallow, functional, compact.

Tip. It is important to consider the ergonomics of kitchen furniture so that your hands do not get tired when processing products, you do not have to reach for every little thing on the shelves of cabinets. Use closers so that doors and roof rails do not slam to place utensils and kitchen utensils.

The main "enemy" of small-sized Khrushchev cuisine is clutter. It is important to think through all the details and get rid of all the items that are needed literally once a year, or even less. They need to be attached on the mezzanine in the corridor, on the balcony or other place that acts as a pantry.

kitchen 6 sq m ideas

This will help free up some cabinets, shelves and drawers.

In small rooms furniture is welcomed according to the type of transformers and folding planes, as in the passage of a compartment car. These seats are reset (fold down) when not in use. They are very convenient if done in accordance with all the rules - another way to save space in kitchen design on 5 sq.m. in Khrushchev. But it’s better to make improvised “seats” on the leg (telescopic bar) - do not hesitate, they will not fail because of the weight.

AT small kitchen often have to give up the table. Often a family has lunch or dinner in the living room or hall, while watching TV shows.

kitchen design 6 sq m in bright colors

In this case, the only table is a cabinet with a work surface, but eating there is inconvenient.

Tip. In order to have a place where to put your legs, it is important to have a niche under the countertop. For this, a window sill, enlarged to the size of a countertop, or a retractable plane, hidden under the cutting surface of kitchen furniture, is suitable.

If there is nowhere to put a washing machine and a refrigerator, they are taken out into the corridor or hallway adjacent to the kitchen. This is not very convenient, but you can get additional space for a modern kitchen design in Khrushchevka 5 sq.m.

kitchen 6 sq. meters set

In a small kitchen, it is possible without prejudice to the area of ​​work surfaces to place a large number of cabinets, making some of them from floor to ceiling.

Important! A cozy kitchen will be made not by a refrigerator or a washing machine, but by beautiful kitchen accessories, window decor and other tastefully selected attributes. These are paintings and decorative plates, knitted tablecloths and lace napkins, original plafonds and mystical lighting.

Methods of visual expansion of the limited space of Khrushchev’s cuisine

Convert Area small kitchen can be different.

  1. The method of rationality is to remove old bulky cabinets and wall cabinets by installing lightweight compact built-in furniture.
  2. Functionality Method - Leave in Khrushchev’s kitchen only the necessary items, trying to arrange them most compactly.
  3. The method of visual illusion is to choose light colors in the design of the room, use horizontal and vertical lines, “pushing” the walls of the photo wallpaper, a light veil on the windows (maximum light and space).
  4. Zoning method - if redevelopment is planned, make a reasonable allocation of space so that everything is at hand.
  5. The method of design concept - with the help of correctly selected stylistics and decor, make small kitchen in Khrushchev with a stylish modern room.
kitchen design 6 sq m

In a small kitchen, every centimeter of free space is important, so it is very important to correctly design a kitchen set.

During repairs in a small room, it is advisable to choose light shades, “mirroring” or glossy surfaces so that there is more light. It is better to abandon the stretch fabric and suspended structures when repairing the ceiling, they also take 10-20 cm of space.

6 square kitchen interior

Put cabinet furniture only against one wall, while taking corners, so the kitchen will seem wider.

On a free wall it is better to make an interesting decor. AT design project of the kitchen 5 meters in Khrushchev can provide interesting finish of the free wall to create the illusion of a "dismantled" wall. Wall murals with a panorama of a big city or an exit to the nature will help with this. Some people like spatial illusions, photo collages and mosaic panels.

Secrets of remodeling the kitchen 5.5 square meters. m in Khrushchev

The redevelopment of small-sized apartments with the demolition of secondary partitions in the design environment is considered one of the best modernization methods.

beautiful interior of a small kitchen

Do not be afraid to place the shelves or the closed part of the furniture set too high.

One cannot but reckon with the fact that these are old houses - it is unsafe to do “global restructuring” in them. But, getting rid of the secondary wall, you can expand the kitchen a little:

  • Combine with an adjoining living room;
  • “Cut” a couple of meters from an adjacent corridor or hallway;
  • “Increase” the footage by attaching the area of ​​a warmed balcony or loggia;
  • Convert Khrushchev to a studio-type apartment, leaving part of the walls in the form of arches, sliding partitions and sides with racks, which will help keep the main "frame" of the apartment.

Tip. If the owner of the apartment is not a specialist in construction and repair, do not remodel the apartment. At the initial stage of reconstruction, it is better to entrust to specialized construction firms.

original kitchen design

Then you can finish your own design of a 5-meter kitchen in a small Khrushchev.

Engaged in the transformation of the apartment without a “big” redevelopment, you can expand the doorways or shift the aisles so that the rooms are not passageways. Some apartments in the old housing stock do not have balconies, especially on the lower floors.

Tip. If desired, you can remove the wall under the kitchen window and insert a balcony door.

kitchen design 6 sq m

Do not forget to install unbreakable glass and metal grilles on an impromptu balcony - protection from uninvited guests.

But there will be a place where you can go out for a smoke or breathe fresh air without leaving the apartment. It will not be possible to make a large balcony in this way, but the spherical shape of the lattice will provide enough space for drying clothes and planting balcony plants.

How to mask the column, sink and kitchen appliances?

AT little Khrushchev’s kitchen very little space, but it has to be allocated for gas equipment:

  • Counter;
  • Gas water heater;
  • Stove with oven or grill;
  • Hood with corrugation.
kitchen equipment 6 sq m

White color will visually enlarge a small narrow kitchen.

There are 2 ways to veil them in the design of the kitchen in Khrushchev 5 sq.m. with fridge and other equipment:

  1. Hide behind the doors of the facades of kitchen furniture;
  2. Leave it open, originally decorating.

Important! To extract the hood took up less space in the kitchen, it is recommended to purchase not a traditional bell, but an inclined shape.This is convenient when you bend over the stove when cooking, and it is more compact.

It is very convenient to hide gas equipment behind the doors of kitchen cabinets. But any specialist will say that it is better to make cuts in them to monitor the performance. The gas water heater and furniture wood are incompatible.

scandinavian cuisine design

You need to think through the choice of material in advance or leave the column open, but think about what it will be adjacent to.

Tip. During the repair, do not forget to make high-quality insulation at the stove. Near the sink you need waterproofing. Bulky tiles can be replaced with a compact 2-comfort module - saving space.

How to improve the lighting of a small kitchen?

Properly selected color scheme and highlighting of local zones always work in the “plus”, if you need to work with the expansion of space.

Attention! During the repair, it is worth replacing the old emergency wiring and equipment that can not cope with the load of modern appliances.

kitchen 6 sq m lighting

Design of surfaces (especially walls, window textiles) should be done in light shades.

When choosing lighting devices, he is guided by the style of design and functionality of the kitchen.

  1. It is very convenient when the working surface is illuminated by diodes mounted on the bottom of the wall cabinets, as on the picture.
  2. In a modern kitchen, a diode strip looks good along the perimeter of the ceiling or in the frame of cabinet furniture.
  3. When buying a ceiling lamp, abandon the bulky chandelier, which takes up a lot of space. The exception is a large ceiling, descending to the center of the table.
  4. If in the interior small kitchen There is a corner and a dining table, the eating area should be highlighted by a compact sconce with a practical lampshade that is convenient to wash.
  5. Try to provide all lamps with economical lamps.
kitchen 6 sq m with a breakfast bar

The glare playing on the surface will give the room a bright, light and sunny mood, as in the photo.

An ideal option would be a large window, which penetrates a lot of daylight. If you can expand the window opening or replace the frame with a lighter and lighter - be sure to use it. Curtains or window decor - lightweight, made from translucent fabrics that are easy to wash and do not require ironing.

curtains in the kitchen 6 sq m

The design of curtains and curtains should highlight and unobtrusively decorate this part of the kitchen, but in no case prevent the penetration of sunlight.

Washable surface design: apron and work area

When repairing a kitchen, the question of practicality comes first. Every housewife knows how much time the cleaning takes. The more practical the facing materials, the easier it is to clean the kitchen.

kitchen 6 square meters

A small kitchen in Khrushchev will require a non-standard approach when choosing furniture.

Do not be afraid of white or light shades of beige, gray and blue. If it is smooth plastic on the ceiling or tile materials in the decoration of walls and floors, then cleaning takes no more time than in other colors. In addition, the light cladding initially looks “clean.”

Attention! Gloss (of any color) reflects more light, but it shows more scratches after cleaning with household products with abrasive particles.

glossy kitchen set

A modern kitchen does not require a huge number of cabinets, just a couple of shelves on the wall and open shelves for large dishes.

When choosing tile materials for kitchen design 5m2 in Khrushchev do not use large blocks and large drawing. With them, a small room will seem even smaller. An ideal option for facing a kitchen apron is a small mosaic tile.

apron in the kitchen 6 sq m

For hanging cabinets, it is better to use doors that open upwards, and not to the sides, since they do not occupy usable space at all.

Walls do not have to be solid, but light shades are preferred. The quality of the facing materials depends on financial capabilities, but all surfaces must be practical in cleaning. Tiled floors should not be slippery, for safety reasons - choose with a rough texture.

light laminate in the kitchen

A good option for the kitchen is a light, moisture-resistant laminate.

The place where you have to cut meat, peel vegetables and cut juicy foods is often dirty. Here you will have to abandon wallpaper, textured plaster and decorative panels from materials that are difficult to clean.

Tip. It is recommended to open an interesting relief decor with colorless varnish in several layers.

suite in the kitchen 6 sq m

Most often, you have to clean in the work area, so the choice of finish is most important here.

Remember that a small Khrushchev kitchen has its own “plus” - a small surface area. You can save on finishing materials by choosing more luxurious tiles, countertops and facades. This will help transform Khrushchev beyond recognition, as on our a photo.

small kitchen 6 sq m

The tips in this article will help you successfully deal with the transformation of the smallest kitchen.

VIDEO: Projects and design of a small kitchen.

50 design ideas for a kitchen area of ​​5-6 square meters. meters:

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