Modern summer kitchens in the country: projects and photos

It is difficult to imagine a country house or a cottage where there will be no summer kitchen. It is in such a kitchen that people gather with family and friends to enjoy the summer air and relax from worldly concerns.


Elegant summer kitchens in the country, projects and photos of which will surprise everyone, have already become commonplace and are often installed in suburban residential areas and cottages. Such buildings can be made to order through construction companies, although this aspect can be dealt with independently using ready-made projects and photos.

Varieties of summer kitchen for summer cottage

Before building a summer kitchen, it is necessary to decide whether this construction will be a separate building or a continuation of the house itself. Modern kitchens are of two main types, that is, open or closed construction. Where the open structure is very similar to a gazebo or terrace, which is located separately or adjacent to the house.

The main elements of an open building will be a roof or a canopy, as well as 1-3 walls, this structure is built of wood and less often of stone. Its unique feature is a sense of spaciousness and freedom, a sense of unity with the natural environment.


The summer kitchen is still closed, this building is a separate small house. The closed house has full roofs and walls with windows and doors. The main advantage of a closed house is its convenient design, protected from rain and bright sun. In summer, the building is used both as a kitchen and as a separate guest house. This construction is constructed from a material such as brick, foam concrete block or cinder block, and lining, drywall and sometimes plywood are used here for interior decoration, as you can see by looking at the photo of the finished building.


Varieties of kitchens

  1. The structure is made of wooden beams and logs.
  2. Frame metal.
  3. Brick and stone structure.
  4. From different materials, that is, brick and metal, wood and brick, etc.

The main advantages

Summer small cozy kitchenette is a necessary element of a country suburban economy.

Cooking in the open air will inspire literally every person. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the gazebo of summer cuisine becomes a festival in nature, it will be wonderful. Such a magical cuisine will deliver a lot of pleasant minutes from eating and chatting with friends and relatives. Summer kitchens work even in winter, if they are carefully insulated, and to find out how this is done, you can view numerous projects and photos.


Location Considerations

Prior to the construction of the summer kitchen, it is required to correctly and rationally draw up a project of this building. This building is considered a serious object and here you should know the subtleties of the design of kitchens of this type. It is required to carefully and competently calculate and plan the stages of construction. To choose a location you need to take into account the features of such a construction.

The main criterion for choosing a site for the kitchen is the convenience of supplying communication. These communications are conducted from home, so the kitchen and the house itself will be located nearby. Such communications in the country will be a gas pipeline, water supply with a drainage system, sewage, electricity, and how they are carried out can be seen in the photo of the projects on the Internet.


It is required to place the building farther from the toilet, compost pit and other places where eating and preparing food will not be a pleasant thing. It is recommended to place further from the carriageway, where there will be a lot of dust, noise and exhaust gases. It is advisable to place the kitchen away from flammable objects, this distance should be 10 meters or more.

It is recommended to place the windows to the northeast, this will protect from sunlight and keep cool on hot days. You can still build a cellar under the summer kitchen, it is practical and functional.

Construction stages

  1. Before construction, a competent and clear construction project is prepared, where positioning on the site is decided. Consider in advance the dimensions of the structure and the location of windows and doors when taking into account the location of the water supply and gas pipeline.
  2. The land for the building itself is leveled and, if required, water and sewer pipes are carried out.
  3. If an open-type building is being constructed, then there must be a slope of the site required for the flow of water after rain.
  4. Now that the site is ready, a pit of 15 cm or more in depth is digging for an open kitchen. Such a pit is made over the entire area of ​​the building, after which it is filled with a special sand cushion, which should be carefully packed. Then the future kitchen is paved, for this purpose a board or tile is used, which bridges directly onto a sand pillow, this is done simply and quickly.
  5. Only now is the foundation being prepared, is it columnar, slab or tape. Most often, it is the strip foundation located along the entire perimeter of the kitchen. For the installation of a columnar foundation, soil is taken out 50 cm deep, and a foundation pit 15 cm deep is dug inside the future kitchen. Now you need to make a pillow of sand and lay a layer of rubble on top, after which everything is poured with a standard cement mortar.
  6. For the summer kitchen, a columnar foundation is often arranged, for this, 4 columns are made in the corners of the structure, buried by 50 cm or more. Next, a common frame is made of wooden beams or logs. Also, this structure can be made of brick and stone, although these materials require a tape foundation.
  7. The walls of the kitchen are built of stone or brick, you can still make the frame of metal or wooden beam. Further, they need to be sheathed externally and internally by lining or special boards. If wood finishing is used, then it needs to be treated with special solutions to protect against moisture, this is best done annually.
  8. For the kitchen, a single-pitched, gable or flat roof is arranged, although it is better to make it gable. Such a design with two slopes will be reliable and simple, and it looks very aesthetically pleasing. Here, a roof made of asbestos-cement sheet, metal tile or polycarbonate is used, after which the roof is sheathed with plasterboard and boards from below.

Summer kitchen equipment

The summer kitchen is equipped with a special oven for cooking, it can be a wood stove, gas stove or electric. If there is a barbecue, then you should pre-select a place for the location of the oven, where the products will be baked on charcoal. It is necessary to think over the necessary fire safety measures.


It is not recommended to place flammable objects on the stove, and the cutting table is set next to the stove at a safe distance. Nearby are kitchen units, drawers for utensils and a general small sink, and their location can be seen in the photo of the projects of this building.

A special stove, sink and tables should be compact and comfortable so that they do not interfere with people in the recreation area. In such a recreation area, usually set a table, chairs and chairs, and if space permits, then a sofa. For the kitchen of the country, wicker furniture or plastic furniture is usually used, which are best suited here.

The next important aspect of the arrangement of the summer kitchen is the choice of lighting; separate convenient lighting is required for the working area and resting place. Lamps need to be selected, given their work in normal street conditions, you can choose an economical option by installing lamps with solar panels.


If the summer kitchen has a full-fledged traditional wood-burning stove, you should definitely consider the aspects of smoke removal. Often today, both a stove and an oven are installed right away, thanks to which you can please relatives and guests with ordinary dishes and at the same time cook aromatic barbecue. It is advisable here to carry out all the required communications at once, which will make life easier for the owners.

Interior design

To make the kitchen look beautiful and stylish, it is recommended to place soft pillows on chairs and elegant rugs on the sofa. It is advisable to purchase all kitchen equipment in a single common style, so this room will look more elegant. The finish here should be natural, it is better to use natural stone and wood. And it is desirable to make the floor from tiles, it can be porcelain tile or ceramics.

It is important to consider that the main zone will be a stove and oven, after it there is a sink and a work surface for cooking.


The traditional style of this country kitchen is a rustic setting, for which clay dishes and textiles are used. Artistic tone and family style will make a large Russian samovar, located on a wide dining table. It is recommended that only wooden furniture be installed here, and the decoration is best done with a material such as wood. If this kitchen is built and equipped correctly, then there you can cook dishes in the spring, and summer, and autumn, as well as in winters, if they are warm.

To decorate the interior is used:

  1. Clay dishes.
  2. Art textile.
  3. Carved crafts and toys.
  4. Furniture in the same style.
  5. Living plants.
  6. Forged products.
  7. A rock.
  8. Ceramic Products


The arrangement and arrangement of the summer kitchen is, in principle, a simple matter, but it is better to entrust such construction to professionals if there is no experience and knowledge. There are many design solutions for this building, choosing the best option for itself, the kitchen will delight its owners for a long time. Here you should immediately choose the type of cottage structure, it is important to choose the right type of foundation and material for the walls, type of roof and roofing materials, which can be very different.


It is required to invest a certain amount for the design decoration, due to which the kitchen will become more aesthetic and convenient, aspects of such decoration can be seen in the photo of projects indicated on the Internet.

Summer kitchens in the country projects and 40 photos

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