Create a modern kitchen design with a breakfast bar.

Kitchen interior with breakfast bar - this is functionality, conciseness and grace of forms. Bulky kitchen units, massive cabinets and uncomfortable panels are a thing of the past. Today, people choose the most functional, ergonomic furniture made in the spirit of minimalism.

bar counter in the kitchen

A noticeable acceleration in the pace of life of recent decades has affected not only residents of megalopolises, but also residents of suburban settlements.

A kitchen is a place where a person can relax, have a cup of coffee in the morning or spend time with family in the evening, after a hard working day. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the interior of this premisesmake it comfortable and spacious. Highlight the pros, hide the cons, save space will help bar counterthat can be used as a dining room the table or working surface.

bar counter for home

An increasing number of owners in the arrangement of country houses and city apartments are trying to make their housing not only attractive, but also functional, convenient for everyday stay and relaxation.

What functions does the design perform

Bar counter in the interior - This is an aesthetically attractive and multifunctional item. With its help, you can visually divide space between the kitchen and the living room in the studio apartment or save space and discard some items of furniture. If you have it, there is no need to purchase bulky dinner table. The design will help to create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere in the house, disposing to gatherings among friends.

kitchen with breakfast bar

Just imagine how great it is to spend an evening with your closest people, having a small party at home with serving cocktails prepared by yourself.

Many manufacturers of furniture make a bar counter as part kitchen set. But in this case, there is one significant drawback. Dimensions of the house, layout can prevent harmoniously “fit” it into the overall interior. Therefore, the preferred option will be to make this type of furniture under the order. It will be designed taking into account individual requirements of the customer, based on the architectural capabilities of the room.

bar counter with chairs

Carefully thought-out design of the rack will help create a harmony of comfort and spaciousness.

Materials for the manufacture

Approach material selection countertops necessary no less carefully than to the choice of design itself bar counter in the interior. Moisture-resistant material that is not subject to temperature or mechanical stress should be selected. This will significantly extend the life of the countertops and get rid of trouble in the form of furrows from a knife on surface or swelling and cracking surfaces from a hot pot and pan.

bar counter in the kitchen

The bar counter, which came from the culture of Western European countries and America, is essentially a kind of ordinary kitchen table.

Furniture should harmoniously fit into the overall concept of the interior. To create a complete composition, focus on materialsof which the rest of the headset is made.This approach will create furniture that will not be knocked out in texture or color from the general interior.

  • Plastic - Inexpensive and lightweight material with a variety of colors. The only disadvantage of plastic is that it is not very durable.
kitchen design with breakfast bar

Plastic is exposed to the negative effects of high temperatures.

  • Chipboard - quite durable and easy to use, has a low cost. For constructions An ideal option would be laminated particleboard.
chipboard bar

Available in a variety of colors that mimic natural materials: wood, marble, stone.

  • Tree - Aesthetically attractive and environmentally friendly material. Bar counter, made of fine wood, will look stylish, modern and expensive. The disadvantages include a rather high cost and the fact that wooden surface deform over time due to constant exposure to moisture.
wooden bar

If you want to make such a bar counter with your own hands, you will need minimal carpentry skills for working with wood.

  • Drywall - one of the most ideal options. Using drywall, you can create almost any furniture.
drywall bar

Drywall is easy to install and has a low cost.

  • Artificial or natural stone perfectly "fit" into almost any interior. Not subject to the negative effects of ultraviolet rays, is not deformed, is not afraid of moisture.
marble bar counter

Among the shortcomings can be noted a lot of weight and a high price.

  • Brick - suitable for decoration the kitchen in the loft style. The brick structure is easy to operate, has high refractoriness and can last for many years.
brick bar

Among the minuses is that the installation will be difficult to dismantle or adjust.

  • Glass - natural material that has proven itself. Durable glass has refractory properties, is not affected by moisture and sunlight. Thanks to the glass surfaces, the room will look as futuristic, airy and stylish as possible.
glass bar

Washing with special detergents twice a month will be enough to keep the structure clean and tidy.

What are the types

In order to determine the ideal option furniture you need to know what types the design is divided into. Based on this knowledge, select a type of furnituremeeting all the requirements and wishes, there will be no difficulty.

The most common option for urban apartments and country houses is landline rack. It can be made in mini format, which will save money on consumables. In this case, the height countertops should not exceed 1.2 meters.

photo of the kitchen with a breakfast bar

You can complement the design with the help of bar stools, decorated in the spirit of minimalism.

Rack height from a floor to a table-top Recommended Chair Height
130 cm 85 cm
120 cm 75 cm
110 cm 75 cm
90 cm 75 cm
88 cm 62 cm
75 cm 45 cm

In many apartments, the room, which is reserved for the kitchen, has a fairly modest size. Then the owners of the living space have to think over a lot of options in order to make space as functional as possible, without cluttering it with a large amount of furniture. Ideal for a little the kitchen will be combined bar counter with a dining table. Its main feature is a small working height surface. It reaches a height of not more than 1 meter.

kitchen design with breakfast bar

The construction can be supplemented with several compact standard chairs.

Often the main goal of apartment owners is its zoning. To do this, you can use a two-level building, consisting of a high bar and a typical dining the table. In this case, the low part is located in the kitchen, and the high part is taken out to the living room.

bar counter zoning

This option is suitable for spacious rooms and will look as aesthetically pleasing and stylish as possible.

Accommodation options

  • Standalone location implies that bar counter located in the center of the room and does not intersect with the headset. It is purchased in finished interior equipment or purchased separately. It is important to consider what material the main furniture, and what color is it. Based on this, the best option is selected. Standalone design will be an excellent solution for medium and large kitchens.
  • Location near the windowsill. This option is appropriate for studio apartments and is used for zoning the space. The main feature - the height of the bar must be equal to the height of the window sill. But, alas, many apartments have fairly low window sills. Of course, the height of the installations in this case will be quite small, which will create some inconvenience.
bar counter near the windowsill

It should be noted that many Russians have a bar counter in the house is often associated with success and luxury.

  • Combination with a working surface. Pay special attention to the height. "Raise" the rack can be using the podium. Suitable for zoning spaces in small apartments.
  • Placing against the wall. Not sure what to place against an empty wall? Install a rack opposite it. Any variety will do. constructions, while there is no need to make it to order. You can complement the overall composition with bar stools.
bar counter against the wall

This piece of furniture indicates that the owner of the home is characterized by such qualities as self-sufficiency, originality and a sense of style.

A little bit about style

After you decide on the dimensions and material, you need to think about the style in which the furniture will be made. This is a very important point. Agree rack in a classic style will look very strange and inharmonious in a kitchen decorated in style loft or hi-tech.

bar counter in the interior

In addition to style and originality, this kind of kitchen table attracts many useful functions.

To this type of furniture I didn’t get out of the general composition, you can use one very effective technique. The use of bright accents on all surfaces of the headset will look very stylish and appropriate. For example, if your kitchen is decorated in blue, a building with a blue work surface or with a body of a similar shade will fit in perfectly. Visually expand space You can use the contrasting game of color. As a rule, the room is divided into kitchen and guest zones

bar counter in the interior of the kitchen

The main task here will be to choose a design that will play favorably on the contrast of the kitchen set.

  • For the kitchen, decorated in a classic style, furniture made of wood and marble is suitable. The abundance of accessories in golden and silver shades is welcome.
  • The hi-tech room is distinguished by its asceticism and urbanism. In such the interior it will be appropriate to look bar counter with chrome worktop.
  • The loft-style room features a brick structure.
  • For modern Art Nouveau, it is better to choose a surface made of durable glass.
  • Bar counter in country interior It will look amazing if it is made of natural or artificial stone.
stone bar counter

This bar counter has a rather attractive appearance and is very convenient to use.

What to choose lighting

The bar counter has a central place in the room, so it should always be in the spotlight. Bright and rich colors are not enough, you should think about lighting premises. Designers suggest using several light sources, which can be adjusted if necessary. An excellent solution would be to use two or three lamps located directly above the structure. This is very conveniently

lighting above the bar

Sitting in the evening at the kitchen behind the bar, there is no need to turn on the light throughout the room. It is enough to turn on the central lights.

For a minimalist style, chrome lighting fixtures are suitable, without any accessories. For Art Nouveau, it is better to choose fixtures of bizarre geometric shapes, as much as possible of modern and stylish. For country style use only natural materials, therefore, plafonds made of fabric or glass will harmoniously complement the overall interior.

Typical mistakes in the design of the premises

To maximize conveniently arrange furniture and create your dream apartment, you need to know about some mistakes that people sometimes make when making them. a lack of places for storage - a typical and most common problem. But what if the area of ​​the room is small? You should consider the design of the bar with sliding doors. The design can be operated not only for its intended purpose.

bar counter with doors

An additional storage space will ensure order and save a ton of space.

The use of cheap and low-quality materials in the manufacture of bar counters is another problem. Alas, natural prices materials "Bite." That is why many people choose cheaper analogues. Saving money, we often forget about practicality and quality. Bar counter, made of thin and flimsy plastic, will quickly become unusable and the apartment owner will again have to think about buying a new one of furniture.

bar counter for home

If the construction installed in the apartment will perform exclusively a “restaurant” function, then it should be made quite high.

DIY bar counter

This will require edged boards, several sheets of plywood, a set of carriage nails and self-tapping screws, wood glue, moldings and stains. First you need to do planning. The installation height should ideally be no more than 1.2 meters.

bar counter with chairs

So it will be easier to pick up chairs in the kit, and sitting at such a design will be comfortable.

The base is built from edged bars or boards. They are connected by nails with each other and proceed to the manufacture of the frame. The guide bars must be the same length and position strictly vertically. In this situation, it would be advisable to use a level. The finished frame is veneered with a few screws. A tabletop is installed using nails of at least 50 mm. To ennoble the facade, moldings or the remains of plywood are suitable. For convenience, you can make additional shelves.

do-it-yourself bar counter

After completing the main work, the rack is opened with several layers of stain and varnished if necessary.

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