Quartz countertop: manufacturing features, examples and tips

When repairing the kitchen, sooner or later it comes to the countertop. This element of the kitchen interior not only plays the role of a decorative part, but also performs a practical purpose. Of course, the owners of the apartment use special cutting boards when cooking, but during operation, it is often possible to damage the countertop. That is why it is very important that the surface is not only beautiful, stylish and like the inhabitants, but also that it is durable and resistant to mechanical, chemical damage. Recently, artificial types of stone have been especially popular. For example, a quartz countertop not only looks beautiful, but also has a resistance to destruction.

Countertop made of quartz.

Quartz countertop in the kitchen interior.

In this article, we consider the features of the material, the advantages of use, properties and other aspects.

Features of quartz countertops

Natural stone certainly has many advantages, but if you compare it with an artificial analogue, the latter still wins. Firstly, the cost of artificial stone is more affordable, and at the same time, the properties of the product will not be inferior to natural stone. Secondly, it is not so easy to find and order a natural stone countertop.

Features of quartz countertops.

Quartz countertop is an alternative to natural stone.

Quartz agglomerate was used in ancient Rome, then ordinary crushed stone and binders were used for production. Now quartz production is established thanks to a special technology.

quartz black countertop.

A quartz countertop combines with any design.

A countertop made of such a material will withstand the impact of heavy objects, as well as mechanical impact. The monolith contains at least ninety percent of quartzite chips, which makes the product incredibly durable. It is this property that is most appreciated in the kitchen.

Advantages of quartz countertops.

The quartz countertop is resistant to external damage.

Do not worry about the lack of the necessary color, because different pigments are used in production. This means that you can find the product of the desired shade. To keep the quartz crumb, a polyester resin is used, then the plate is pressed by vacuum. Then the plate is hardened, ground and gives a characteristic shine.

Golden quartz countertop.

Thanks to the unique texture, the stone countertop is combined with any set.

Quartz stone countertops are not in vain from year to year receive high marks. The popularity of stone is growing every year, because the products not only have a stylish appearance, but also provide the kitchen with functionality.

What is a quartz stone?

Many people are confused by the fact that quartz agglomerate is considered a stone with an artificial origin, because quartz is found in nature, which means it is a natural material.

Quartz in interior design.

Brown quartz countertop in the interior of beige kitchen.

The fact is that quartz agglomerate is produced from crumbs of quartz, which really has a natural origin. This stone is considered one of the most durable.Worktops made of material are considered artificial, because the production method is used to manufacture the product. That is, quartz is crushed, binder components and pigment are added to it.

Care for quartz countertops.

Quartz countertops can be easily cleaned even with harsh chemicals.

Note! Do not confuse quartz agglomerate with acrylic countertops. Both products are considered countertops made of artificial stone, but for the production of acrylic natural components are not used, as in the production of quartz products.


A quartz countertop from the manufacturer has the following advantages:

  • Durability, reliability countertops. As already mentioned above, quartz is one of the most durable materials in the world. Do not worry that one or more careless strokes will spoil the appearance of the surface. Products from this material will last almost forever.
  • Resistance to chemical attack. During cleaning, sometimes too aggressive substances are used that can spoil the surface of the countertop made of chipboard or wood. Agglomerate is not exposed to the negative effects of chemicals. Neither acid nor solvent will harm the countertop.
  • Stable shade. Of course, if the choice fell on the manufacture of a white product, then there is no reason to worry about the fading of the shade. But if the owners choose a rich tone, then they want to see it like that for decades. Particleboard often fades in the sun, or the color is washed out. The pigment used in the manufacture of the agglomerate will not fade over time, even if it is exposed to high temperature.
  • There are no pores into which moisture gets. Because of this feature, you can not be afraid to wash the countertop with plenty of water. The product does not swell and does not collapse.
  • Lack of a favorable microclimate for the development of fungi and bacteria. If it is important that the room has the proper level of sanitation, then quartz will provide it.
Tint quartz countertops.

Over time, quartz does not lose its color.

But there are several drawbacks of artificial sinter. Consider them below.


Among the minuses are the following factors.

  • Cold to the touch. Compared to wood or chipboard, an agglomerate, like any stone, is cold to the touch.
  • They are difficult to restore. In this case, the acrylic countertop wins.
  • Due to the high weight, there may be problems with installation and transportation.
The negative sides of quartz.

Quartz countertops have almost no negative sides.

There are few cons, and most of them do not cause inconvenience. For example, the coldness of the stone is not so important, and restoration will be required at least ten years later.


Some special properties distinguish agglomerate from analogues. We already wrote about the incredible strength of natural quartz, and this is considered one of the main advantages of the material. Restoration will not be required for quite a long time, and the appearance of the product will please the owners of the apartment or house.

The strength of quartz.

Compared to other materials, quartz has incredible strength.

But there are other properties of stone that should be mentioned.

Resistance to high temperatures

Exposure to heat will not harm the product. The pigments used in the production will not lose saturation, which means that the appearance will remain the same as when buying sinter. This means that you can put a hot pan on a quartz surface. Of course, doing this without the need is not worth it, but if this happens, the surface will not deteriorate.

Quartz countertops.

Quartz countertops are resistant to high temperatures.

This property distinguishes artificial material and speaks in its favor, especially in comparison with particleboard, MDF, and wood.

Does not absorb moisture

Since a special technology is used in the manufacture of agglomerate, the finished countertop does not have pores. Due to the lack of pores, moisture has no chance to penetrate the product.That is, the use of a large volume of water when washing the countertops does not destroy the surface.

White countertop.

White countertop made of artificial stone in the design of the kitchen.

Steam often appears in the kitchen, so it is important that the product is moisture resistant. Quartz will not be able to absorb steam, which means swelling and destruction does not threaten. This ensures a long service life.

How are quartz stone countertops made?

To make a tabletop from quartz material, it is necessary to take measurements. After the specialist determines the size and shape of the material, he orders the production of the plate. The slab is made from quartz chips (at least ninety percent) and a special resin that binds the chips.

Quartz tile design.

Quartz countertops go well with ceramic tiles.

Then a pigment is added that will color the product in the color chosen by the customer. The plate is pressed, hardened at high temperature. Workers grind, adding a distinctive shine to the countertop. Usually it turns out to create a countertop in which the seams are not noticeable. So, this is a wonderful option if you need to make a product for installation in a corner of the room, or an item of non-standard shape.

Countertop made of quartz.

Marble quartz countertop in the kitchen.

The nuances of mounting quartz countertops

The installation of countertops made of this material means that absolutely all work on cutting and joining has already been used in production. It is almost impossible to achieve an even cut at home.

When installing countertops, specialists must fill the seams with special glue. Next, you need to wait for the complete drying of the substance, and then gently polish the junction. Thus, specialists achieve a practically invisible suture for the eye.

installation of quartz countertops.

Installation of quartz countertops should be entrusted only to qualified craftsmen.

Popular looks and stylish examples

Products that use various corners and curly baguettes look very nice. Baguettes create a luxurious look, and it is best to use agglomerate of the same color. In this case, a whole and harmonious composition is obtained, finished in a single style.

Baguettes for countertops.

For a single style to the quartz countertop, you can choose curly baguettes.

Instead of quartz of the same color, it is allowed to use metal or plastic, but so that they fit the style.

Tips & Tricks

Experts advise ordering quartz countertops from trusted performers. The production of plates and the subsequent installation of countertops requires qualifications. Workers must carefully take measurements, because later it will not work to make changes if the product is already ready.

Quartz in the kitchen.

Quartz does not absorb moisture.

Choosing an artificial stone for a countertop is a great idea. Agglomerate has all the advantages of natural stone, but costs much less.

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