MDF worktops for the kitchen: features, classification, selection tips.

The trend of the last decade is design countertops for kitchens. Abroad, such products have long been included in everyday life. In Russia, this option of decorating the kitchen space is a recent fashion trend. Different materials can be used for these purposes. But there are certain accepted norms. And for aesthetic qualities, not everyone will do. The most modern and affordable material for young families is MDF worktops. What it is? What advantages and disadvantages this product has, as well as what to compare it with: you will find answers to these questions in our review.

Kitchen with MDF countertop

A kitchen with a MDF worktop is the trend of the new season

What are countertops?

For the decoration of a modern kitchen, such materials are used in the manufacture of tables:

  • Chipboard
  • laminated particleboard;
  • MDF;
  • solid wood;
  • glass;
  • slab;
  • ceramic tile;
  • artificial / natural stone;
  • metal;
  • acrylic.
White countertop in a modern design

For the manufacture of countertops using various materials. MDF the most convenient and safe

From the entire list we consider in detail only the first 3. They are similar in manufacturing technology, visual quality, performance and cost. The remaining materials for the manufacture of cooking tables deserve a separate article.

Particleboard and chipboard

This abbreviation is deciphered as a chipboard. From the name of the product it is easy to guess what it is made of. This is shavings. It is pressed, previously mixed with formaldehyde resin. The whole process proceeds at a high surface heating temperature. Under the pressing apparatus, the chipboard sheet withstands the standard time, after which it is laid out on a flat surface for cooling.
After the sheet has cooled, it is ready for use. This is chipboard, but it is not yet ready for laying in the kitchen. It needs to be laminated. The lamination process takes place according to several technologies.

  1. Postforming (plastic sticker).
postforming lamination process

Postforming lamination process

2. Sticker of kraft paper, impregnated and steamed.

Kraft paper sticker on countertop

Kraft paper sticker on countertop

3. Lamination with melamine paper.

Melamine paper used for gluing countertops

Melamine paper used for gluing countertops

Postforming is the most advanced method of finishing chipboard sheet. The most resistant surface is obtained using this technology. Moisture does not matter to such a countertop. Even with damage, scratch or other slight deformation, water will not violate the integrity of the coating.

Postforming - the most advanced method of finishing chipboard sheet

Postforming - the most advanced method of finishing chipboard sheet

Classical chipboard is made using technology of lamination with paper impregnated with melamine resin. The prefix "L" means "laminated." For the kitchen, chipboard is rarely used. Wear resistance and durability are not a strong point here.

Here is the process of laminating chipboard

Here is the process of laminating chipboard

What is MDF?

Unlike chipboard, MDF is not decrypted as it is written. A fiberboard is MDF. Unlike chipboard in the material of manufacture. It uses fibers instead of chips. MDF is much more environmentally friendly and harmless than particleboard, due to the use of paraffin as an adhesive. The lamination process is the same as in the case of chipboard.

MDF is much more environmentally friendly and harmless than particleboard,

MDF is much more environmentally friendly and harmless than particleboard, due to the use of paraffin as an adhesive.

Plastic coated MDF worktops are the most advanced material. Their properties are similar to chipboard.

  • Moisture resistant.
  • Good resistance to cleaning / detergents.
  • Service life more than 10 years.
  • Excellent visual performance.
  • Affordable price.
Plastic coated MDF worktop

Plastic coated MDF worktop

MDF worktops have proven themselves on the positive side. These are the most common options in kitchen sets. High environmental friendliness and long service life contribute to this fact. Of course, it makes no sense to compare MDF with wood, glass and stone. These expensive materials are higher class, and their operational characteristics are an order of magnitude older.

Plastic coated MDF worktops

Plastic coated MDF worktops are the most common options in kitchen units.

MDF is a budget option. Price / quality followed by modern families. If you need to decorate the space in a modern style, the use of fiberboard is the best solution. It is suitable for Hi-Tech, Art Nouveau, Minimalism, Art Deco and many others. The plastic coating, which is applied using postforming, is finished with any natural material. For a professional designer, this is an effective find.

High-tech kitchen with MDF worktop

If you need to decorate the space in a modern style, the use of fiberboard is the best solution.

Classification of plastic for fiberboard

Often you can hear a question from the owners of apartments and houses where the kitchen is being repaired, what kind of material is MDF worktops on top? In the production of MDF, different types of plastic coatings are used. They have specialized names, classification, and other important characteristics, including labeling. But there is no point in going into the terminology of industrialists. They have too many of their nuances there. To understand the essence of the issue, we note that two main technologies are used for postforming.

  1. High pressure pressing.
high pressure pressing postforming

High Pressure Press Postforming

2. Pressing low pressure.

postforming - low pressure pressing.

Postforming - low pressure pressing.

The composition of the plastics of these two purposes is different, as is the production process. Pressing is accompanied by different temperature conditions. This affects the quality and performance of the product. The first way - high pressure pressing, is better than the second. The product is more resistant to abrasion, its service life is longer, and its visual qualities are preserved for a long time.

kitchen with countertop postforming

High Pressure Postforming Kitchen

Plastic countertop design

A wood-fiber board or MDF can look absolutely any way due to postforming. Plastic is painted in any texture. In addition, on such a surface they print:

  • patterns;
  • Landscapes
  • family photos;
  • silhouettes
  • animals;
  • and other drawings.
Fiberboard or MDF, can look absolutely any way

Fiberboard or MDF, can look absolutely any way due to postforming

Any desire of the customer on plastic MDF can be fulfilled. Technology allows. In aggregate, such kitchen worktops are a real find. Such a product will suit any style. Classics, Provence, Modern, Loft - everything that your heart desires. Fortunately, postforming allows you to simulate natural materials. You can get stone, wood, glass, as well as many patterns and paintings. A similar method on kraft paper cannot be repeated. And ordinary melamine lamination is out of the question.

Kitchen with worktop postforming.

Kitchen with worktop postforming. Natural stone drawing

For clarity and confirmation of words, let's look at several options for finishing the kitchen space in modern and classic styles. With what to combine, what to focus on, how to highlight, and how to install.


The style of old England is one of the most popular areas of design art.Its aristocracy, restraint and luxury can transform the most bored interior of a provincial town. After all, design science was created for the joy and happiness of man. But let's move on from words to deeds.
Design start with the floor. Take ceramic tiles. The format of each individual square is large, somewhere around 50x50 centimeters. Color pick with a marble accent. Mixed white, beige and dark gray will add mystery and purity at the same time.

For the floor, choose a large tile

For the floor, choose a large tile with a marble pattern

Purchase a kitchen set from natural wood, or from laminated chip / fiber boards. Unlike countertops, they will not be exposed to strong heat, moisture, or chemical detergents. Color is necessarily a dark nut. The cabinet doors should have a classic look: standard frames with panels. If it is a wooden plate, get false panels.

Dark Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Dark walnut kitchen cabinets with classic doors

Tabletop with plastic glossy MDF finish is selected in green. The texture of marble will be very appropriate to combine with the rest of the kitchen space and its elements. The walls are finished with beige or light sand wallpaper. The apron is necessarily made different from the rest of the wall space. A mosaic of white-green tone will do.

Worktop with glossy plastic MDF coating

Countertop with plastic glossy finish from MDF green with marble texture

The ceiling is traditionally white. Use wide baguettes (ceiling plinth). This will create a favorable atmosphere. To visually highlight the beauty of a kitchen worktop, use point light sources (lights) above the work area. Do not forget the triangle rule in the kitchen. Highlight precisely significant places.

White ceiling in the kitchen

The ceiling in the kitchen is better to choose a traditional light shade


The French style of Provence is famous for its softness, naturalness, lightness and freshness. In no other design direction you will not find so many white shades. There are a lot of beige, light brown. Traditional lavender flowers for Provence - business card. It was they who at one time became a pass ticket. By lavender and recognize this style.

Provencal style kitchen

Provence style kitchen with lavender notes

The flooring should be warm. And it is better to charge such effect to natural wood. Parquet or parquet board polished to a glossy shine, fitted one to one plank - the best solution.
Provence arose in the south of France in one of the villages. Its distinguishing features are lavender, wicker rattan furniture, as well as decorative compositions from baskets with fruits, flowers and household utensils.

Provence style kitchen

Provence style kitchen in blue hues

The kitchen set is bought in white. You can use the effect of aged wood. This solution looks great. The lower and upper wall cabinets are standard. The frame and panels should be here. Especially appreciated in Provence are open shelves hung along the walls. They set decorative compositions.

Provence style kitchen

Provence style kitchen with a white set and open shelves

The countertop is suitable marble, textured. Necessarily glossy with edging for a patterned chamfer. Color - white with dark, black spots. If there is an island part, a separate block is made with a figured table. It is more convenient to cook on the one hand, and on the other - to have dinner.

Provence style kitchen

Provence style kitchen with black marble countertops and white patches

Wood-fiber boards covered with a layer of decorative, durable plastic are a popular, eco-friendly and affordable material. They serve for a long time, are resistant to temperature and mechanical influences, and are not fastidious in maintenance.

Provence style kitchen with MDF worktop

Provence style kitchen with MDF worktop will serve you for many years

Kitchen Countertop Tips

50 photo ideas of kitchen with MDF worktop

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