TV in the kitchen: how to choose, accommodation options, tips.

TV has long been an important part of every apartment and an indispensable element of the living room. There are even statistics that say that on average a person watches TV from 1 to 5 hours every day. If you are one of these people, then you need to study the issue well and make the right choice.

TV in the kitchen as an element of interior

TV in the kitchen is an important part of the modern interior

Features of installing a TV in the kitchen

It would seem, why not install a TV in the interior of the kitchen, as well as in any other room? But no! Everywhere its nuances.
Choose a place where direct sunlight will not fall, opposite the window
Hot air does not affect the state of the art - avoid places near the oven and stove.
If installing a screen in the sink area, consider waterproofing.
It is undesirable to choose a dining table as the installation site - even a particle of food that is invisible to the eye and falling onto the equipment can ruin it.

Proper location of the TV in the kitchen

Proper location of the TV in the kitchen will save you from many undesirable consequences

How to choose a TV for the kitchen

The main mistake of many when choosing a TV for the kitchen is to focus only on appearance. In fact, there are several more indicators that are not inferior in significance.
1. Size. This option directly depends on the size of your kitchen.

If the diagonal is large, you need to watch TV at a distance of at least 2.5 m. To watch at a distance of 1.5 - 2 m, a model with a diagonal of 15-20 inches is suitable.

2. Mounting options. Not every model can be placed in the kitchen or find a place for it.
3. Moisture resistance. Do not forget that the kitchen is the wet zone of the apartment.

The correct size of the TV for the kitchen

In order for the TV to fit harmoniously into the interior, you need to choose the right size

Types of TVs

Liquid crystal

Modern models are characterized by low power consumption, you can find cheaper options than among other types, but at the same time, the depth and brightness of the picture will no longer be the same as, for example, in plasma models.

LCD TV in the interior of the kitchen

LCD TV fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen


Plasma models are distinguished by high resolution, vivid colors, image depth and brightness. All this allows you to watch movies, even when the window shines very brightly. However, the minimum size of this option is 37 dm. It’s definitely not suitable for a small kitchen.

Plasma for a large kitchen

Plasma TV looks great in a large kitchen

Embedded Models

It is built-in models that are not afraid of high temperatures, steam and moisture, so they are often bought in the kitchen. Please note that both the speaker system and the equipment case are protected.

Built-in TV for the kitchen

Built-in TV is suitable for any size kitchen

Determine the size of technology

The diagonal of the receiver is the first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a TV in the kitchen.
If your kitchen allows, you can buy equipment with a diagonal of 32 inches. The main thing is that the viewing place was provided 2.5 meters from the TV. This is an option for a room of 10 square meters. meters.
A diagonal of 20 dm is suitable for a small room. You can look at such a screen from a distance of 1.5 meters.
For the kitchen, an area of ​​6-9 square meters. meters an ideal option would be a diagonal of 23-26 dm.

TV in the kitchen

When choosing a TV in the kitchen, it’s important not to miscalculate the size

Placing a TV in the kitchen

There are several different ways you can place your TV in the kitchen. Consider the most popular of them, and the installation features in each individual case.

the location of the TV in the kitchen interior

Original TV layout in the kitchen interior

Built-in option

Such models do not occupy space and look very stylish. There are a lot of options where you can embed the screen. A headset, a refrigerator, a wall is the matter of your choice.

TV integrated in the kitchen

The TV, built into the kitchen, looks very organic

Niche placement

It is more suitable for spacious rooms, as it has the property of “eating up” space. In this way, you can visually separate the living area from the cooking area, if you place a niche above the dining table. You can also think of a niche when planning a kitchen set.

TV located above the dining table

The TV, located above the dining table, harmoniously fits into the interior of the kitchen

On the shelf

This option is suitable for those who for some reason can not install the TV on the bracket, or simply do not want to do it. Pay attention to reliability: it is better to make a shelf for TV, taking into account all measurements. The main thing is that he stands firmly in place, does not stagger and does not have the opportunity to fall.

TV on the kitchen shelf

When installing the TV on a shelf, take care of its durability

Corner placement

Subject to the general rules of location, this option can be very successful. You can use corner shelves, tables and tables.

angular placement of the TV in the kitchen

A good option for angular placement of the TV in the kitchen

On swivel bracket

It is known that if you look at the working screen for a long time, you can damage your eyesight. To avoid this, doctors advise hanging the screen at eye level. True, if you are watching TV shows on the couch in the living room, you are always on the same level - sitting, then in the kitchen a person constantly changes position - then he sits, then he is standing, so the question “at what level should the TV be located” can lead to a dead end. The swivel bracket will help solve this problem. It is quite simple to install, it is almost invisible, and the ability to change the angle allows you to change the position of the TV as needed. This is a great option for small rooms, but only a modern flat screen is suitable for mounting on such a mount. Anchor bolts for installation are fixed in a brick or concrete wall.

Placing the TV on the swivel bracket

Placing the TV on the swivel bracket helps protect your vision

Hidden placement method

Often, modern technology does not fit into the interiors in a classic style, so designers resort to the tricks of hidden placement. You can hide the TV behind a sliding door, hanging structures, a mirror that opens, mask the screen as a picture. In general, it is here that you can give free rein to imagination.

The option of placing the TV in the kitchen in a hidden way.

The option of placing the TV in the kitchen in a hidden way. No one will guess that in fact, this is not a picture

Optimum height for TV

We recall the main rule - the screen opposite the viewer's eyes. On average, the normal height from the floor is 1 meter. Next, consider the nuances of your kitchen, the height of the furniture, and how do you often spend time in the kitchen - sitting at dinner or standing at the table? The height of the TV in your kitchen will depend on these parameters.

Convenient location of the TV in the kitchen

The TV is located in such a way that it does not interfere with cooking and it is convenient to watch at dinner

Possible problems

The risks associated with installing TV in the kitchen can be prevented by not forgetting the basic rules of operation.
one.Avoid direct sunlight on the screen. Otherwise, the screen will quickly become unusable.
2. Avoid moisture. Otherwise, you can not only allow damage, but also endanger yourself.
3. Cleansing. Cooking, food particles, splashes of hot oil - it is quite difficult to clean the surface of the equipment from this.

Correct TV Location

If you position the TV correctly, it does not require special treatment

Tips for decorating your TV wall

1. Do not overload your eyes. The screen and so it puts a big strain on vision, make sure that the wall is not framed with additional anchors of attention.

It’s better to install the TV on a clean wall,

It’s better to install the TV on a clean wall so as not to scatter your attention when watching your favorite show

2. For the design of the wall on which the device is mounted, mirrors, draperies made of fabrics, symmetrically located interior details (photographs, souvenirs, paintings) are well suited.

The option of placing a TV in the kitchen

The option of placing a TV in the kitchen with symmetrical interior details

3. You can highlight this wall with contrasting wallpaper or other texture. For example, if the design is made in light shades, make the wall with the technique dark, then the TV will not be very striking.

You can select a wall with a TV with contrasting wallpaper

You can select a wall with a TV with contrasting wallpaper or other texture


The blue screen is a way to have fun, distract and relax. In order for the technique to fulfill its function, do not neglect the rules and consider the features of your kitchen.

TV in the kitchen should not distract from eating

TV in the kitchen should not distract from eating

Interesting options for placing a TV in the kitchen

50 photo ideas on how to place a TV in the kitchen

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