No Frost Cooling Technology: Features, Pros and Cons of Know Frost, Care Tips

Surely many people remember from childhood how the refrigerator defrosted. This had to be done monthly. But today, technology has gone far ahead, so defrosting refrigeration units is no longer necessary. You are invited to familiarize yourself with devices equipped with Know Frost technology.

Defrosting the refrigerator Nou Frost.

Refrigerators operating the system but frost can only be frozen once a year.

What is No Frost Technology?

No frost refrigerator - the cooling circuit of which does not have direct contact with the main chamber, or the freezer. In the drip system that older models are equipped with, the cooling circuit is mounted in the rear wall. When the compressor is running, ice forms, when it turns off, the ice melts and water flows into a special tray.

There are special openings in the noufrost system through which cold air is supplied. Also, the entire circuit is purged with several fans. Thanks to this, frost and ice are not formed.

Frost know system.

Thanks to the Nou Frost cooling system, ice and frost are not formed in the freezer.

Features of Know Frost in the refrigerator

The popularity of this system is growing daily. However, traditional drip system refrigerators are still in demand. In order to understand the reason for this phenomenon, we propose to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the “non-freezing”.


  • They do not need to be constantly monitored. Defrosting is carried out once or twice a year, and the rest of the time it is enough to wash it from the inside.
  • In conventional refrigerators, condensation can be observed periodically. You will not immediately encounter such a phenomenon.
  • Foods cool faster. This is due to "wind" cooling.
  • If desired, you can set a single temperature for the entire cabinet, or choose a separate one for the "freshness zone".
  • No Frost copes with its task both in the freezer and the cooling chamber.
  • Quick restoration of the set temperature after opening and closing the door.
  • In some models there is a function of quick dry freezing, which was appreciated by many housewives.
Cooling chamber But Frost.

Know Frost lets you cool all cameras the same way.

One of the main advantages of the system is its unpretentiousness in operation. You do not need to defrost monthly to get rid of a thick layer of ice. All that is required during operation is the timely cleaning of the refrigerator.

The main task of all these design features is the creation of optimal intensive circulation. It will provide access to cold air even in hard-to-reach places, which contributes to uniform cooling of products. The temperature in such structures is quickly restored after closing the door.

Modern fridge in the kitchen.

In Nou Frost refrigerators, defrosting is carried out using fans located inside the walls.


  • Outside, such a refrigerator may seem roomy, but keep in mind that the built-in fans create additional volume. Therefore, inside it is much smaller.
  • Refrigerators equipped with such a system consume much more electricity than drip.
  • Soundproofing. It is very important because the device makes very loud sounds. This is worth considering before choosing one or another model.
  • Food stored in the cooling chamber dries quickly due to blowing with cold air. Therefore, it is recommended to store them in containers, or a special cling film.
  • The price of such units is much more expensive than traditional refrigerators.
But frost is a refrigerator.

The only drawback of refrigerators But Frost is the price.


The design of Noufrost involves two types of refrigerators:

  • Frost free;
  • Full No Frost and Total No Frost.

The very first systems had only one fan, supplying the entire chamber with cold air. But such a technology has not been relevant for several years. She transformed into three new modifications, which will be discussed below. Some budget Asian models still use only one fan. But such a phenomenon in our market is a rarity.

Refrigerator but frost how it works.

It is extremely rare to find refrigerators But Frost working with one fan.

Modern models are designed so that cold air is supplied to each compartment through a separate channel. This contributes to uniform cooling of products in any part of the chamber. Models with inverter compressors have two fans in their structure, which significantly increases their efficiency.

Frost free

Frost Free technology combines the drip and the know frost system. In the cooling chamber, the temperature is maintained by the drip system, and in the freezer, No Frost is implemented. The cameras do not communicate with each other.

Frost Frey Refrigerator.


Such devices always have a compressor, although there are exceptions.

Full no frost

In fact, the main difference between the system is only the degree of use of know-frost technology. Such refrigerators have autonomous defrosting systems for the evaporator in the low-temperature and medium-temperature compartments.

Full Nou Frost.

Fridge system Full Nou Frost.

Total no frost

Total is an innovative defrost system first introduced by LG. It is based on the technology of a certain Multi-Air Flow distribution scheme. This allows several times to reduce the time for freezing. What this gives the following benefits:

  • Improving the taste of frozen foods.
  • Power saving
  • Limiting the formation of mold and unpleasant odors inside the refrigerator.

Coolers are located so that cold streams reach even the most inaccessible places of the chamber. This technology is premium, so such models are the most expensive.

Multi-Air Flow System.

The Multi-Air Flow system distributes air flows equally in all chambers.

Who should buy a No Frost refrigerator

By the principle of no frost, ice and hoarfrost still form in refrigerators. But they accumulate where you do not see, namely on the evaporator or the wall. Its thawing occurs automatically according to the drip principle (when the compressor shuts down or operates at minimum power).

There are several myths about this technology:

  1. Harmful to health. Adherents of this theory believe that No Frost technology uses toxic freon, which enters food. This is not so; freon is the same as in any other refrigerator. He will not be able to get to where food is stored. It does not evaporate into the environment, so you will not inhale it.
  2. Drying products. This is only half true. Yes, indeed, due to the circulation of cold air, the products dry out faster. But this applies only to cases of prolonged storage. Weathering can be easily prevented using containers or cling film.
  3. There is no need to defrost the refrigerator. It all depends on how often you use it. The more often you open the door, the more the camera will cool.Because of this, the ice on the evaporator does not have time to thaw, and on it, over time, a thick layer of ice forms. You can notice this by the fact that the refrigeration appliance has become worse maintain the desired temperature.
  4. Less usable volume. To avoid such disappointments, carefully study the technical characteristics of the chosen model. Visually difficult to determine the capacity of the refrigerator.
use of the refrigerator Nou Frost.

After buying and installing the refrigerator, you should carefully read the instructions for use.

You need such a device if you:

  • Live in high humidity.
  • Do not want to waste time systematically defrosting.
  • Take advantage of additional features: freshness zone, shock freezing or superfreezing.
  • Store food in a refrigerator for a long time.
  • Often use a refrigerator.
food in refrigerators Nou Frost.

In refrigerators, Nou Frost products keep freshness longer.

How to care for a refrigerator with such a system

Although the manufacturers of devices without "ice" promise that you do not have to defrost it, you should not take their word for it. Still, you should defrost at least once a year. And the point here is not at all to eliminate ice and hoarfrost. The device must be washed elementarily to destroy all the microbes and bacteria accumulated in it. And for this you will have to temporarily disconnect it from the network, otherwise, because of the heavy load, it risks breaking down.

To clean the refrigerator know frost.

Nou frost refrigerators need to be cleaned 1-2 times a month.

For those who have not yet encountered such a system, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the basic rules for the care of the no frost refrigerator. How to wash the refrigerator:

  1. Disconnect from the network. Pre-setting the temperature to 0.
  2. Take out all contents. Wait until the temperature of the cells is the same as in the room.
  3. Take out all the shelves and drawers. Rinse them under a stream of cold or warm water, but in no case hot.
  4. After you have washed everything, wipe all the parts with dry microfiber. You can use another fabric, as long as there is no pile on it.
  5. It is better to wash the inner walls of the chambers with soda solution, in the proportions of 1 tablespoon per 1 liter.
  6. For hard to reach places, a toothbrush with a soft bristle is suitable.
  7. Leave the chambers for 15 minutes, and then rinse again with room temperature water.
  8. Put all parts back only when they are completely dry.
  9. Now you can turn on the refrigerator. When the optimal temperature conditions are established in the chambers, place all the products there.

There are no difficulties in washing the refrigerator. The main thing is to do everything according to the instructions so as not to spoil the device.

cleaning the refrigerator

A wet rag or sponge is suitable for washing the refrigerator.

Useful Tips

Additional Information. What to look for when choosing a refrigerator: expert opinion.

  • Typically, there are stickers on the doors that indicate the level of noise emitted by the equipment. The value of the optimum noise level should not exceed 40 decibels. If the value is greater, this indicates a poor quality of sound insulation in the device.
  • Profitability. Preferred models with improved energy efficiency. They have an A ++ class. If a cheap model will consume a lot of electricity, then buying it does not justify itself. At the same time, many models of the middle and highest price category consume much less electricity, saving the family budget.
  • The presence of two fans will allow you to change the temperature in different compartments of the chamber. This makes it possible to create a “freshness zone” for storing fruits and vegetables for a longer period.
  • Read the instructions carefully. Some budget models do not defrost automatically. Therefore, this must be done at least once a year.
  • It is advisable that the appliance be equipped with a special compartment where products can be stored without packaging.
  • Pay attention to the internal volume of the cameras. Outside, the refrigerator seems bigger than it really is.
  • The number of compressors and their variety. If there are any.In the event of a breakdown, the compressor cannot be repaired and can only be replaced.
  • Additional functions. Expensive models are equipped with a number of additional functions, including a door lock. This is very true for families with small children.
  • Color, design, configuration. The stores offer a wide range of a wide variety of models. They differ in color, internal arrangement of shelves, volume of cameras, etc.
Functions of the refrigerator know frost.

When buying a refrigerator, you need to carefully read the instructions and functions.


Now you have received comprehensive information about what no frost is in the refrigerator. Despite some of the shortcomings of this system, it has a number of undoubted advantages.

The answer to the question whether you need such a refrigerator cannot be unambiguous. This is not the best, and not the worst decision.

Which refrigerator to choose? NO FROST or drip system?

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