Corner kitchen with glossy facades: features of glossy facades, pros and cons, gentle care

Modern corner kitchen gloss It is suitable for most popular interiors. It is easy to fit into a large, medium, small room, effectively using the existing room.

Corner kitchen gloss.

Corner kitchen gloss is an excellent solution for small kitchens.

Features of a glossy corner kitchen

The glossy suite, especially made in bright colors, can significantly expand the kitchen space.

Bright kitchen set.

A bright kitchen set will help to visually expand the space.

Who is suitable for

Glossy kitchen is suitable for those who are not difficult to often put it in order, gently wash the facades, without the use of abrasive cleaners. The angular design is convenient for cramped spaces where it is necessary to maximize the use of every corner. The product is excellent for zoning a combined room.

Red glossy kitchen set.

The angular design will help to increase the free space.

Pros and cons

The main positive qualities of the design are as follows:

  • the possibility of maximum compliance with the rule "working triangle - stove-refrigerator-sink;
  • This furniture option has a high capacity;
  • convenient placement of doors, accessories, does not clutter up the space;
  • if desired, it is easy to zone a vast space with a L-shaped set, dividing it into the kitchen and dining room.
Corner kitchen gloss in the interior.

The corner kitchen has a large capacity.

There are also disadvantages:

  • the design takes up more space than the direct version;
  • not suitable for overly narrow kitchens;
  • it is problematic to enter into the room a complex configuration.
Corner kitchen installation.

A corner kitchen cannot be installed in kitchens with an asymmetric area.

Glossy, opaque facades

Kitchens with facade in the style ofwhite gloss"Ideal for very close ones, poorly lit spaces, while dark opaque - to spacious rooms where there is a lot of daylight or artificial light. The construction is most often performed from MDF, the material is relatively inexpensive, less often - from natural wood, covered with several layers of transparent varnish.

Matt corner kitchen.

Corner kitchen with a glossy matte facade.

Types of layout

The layout of the kitchenette depends on the available area. Unlike linear options, all corners use at least one corner of the room.

L-shaped kitchen

L-shaped set is easy to fit even in the smallest kitchenette. Here, the location of the working triangle is optimally thought out - a refrigerator, a sink, a stove.

G-shaped kitchen.

The L-shaped headset is easy to install in a small kitchen.

With the peninsula

This design is best suited for zoning vast spaces - there will be a cooking place on one side, and a dining area on the other.

Kitchen with a peninsula.

The kitchen with a peninsula is suitable for studio apartments.

With the island

The island elements of kitchens make sense if the area of ​​the room is large enough. This option is suitable for spacious combined spaces, and if in the center there is a mobile table on wheels - for anyone.

Kitchen with island.

The kitchen with the island is suitable for a spacious area.

Corner kitchens with breakfast bar

The bar counter is the most convenient place for eating and drinking, especially if guests have arrived. In a very tiny kitchenette, a ledge replaces a full dining table.

kitchen with breakfast bar.

Glossy corner kitchen with breakfast bar.

Suitable styles

Corner designs are suitable for most interiors - their range is very wide among most manufacturers. For most non-standard interior styles, kitchens are made to order at specialized factories.

High tech

The design is decorated with metal, painted in steel colors, has only built-in elements.

High-tech style kitchen.

If you like free space, then Hi-Tech design is what you need.


Minimalistic solutions imply a lack of decor, a completely monophonic headset solution.

The kitchen is in the style of minimalism.

Corner kitchen in the style of minimalism.


The decor here is relatively voluminous, there is an intricate texture, sinuous compositions in the design.

Art Nouveau Kitchen

The Art Nouveau kitchen is an excellent solution in a modern design.

Corner Kitchen Design

According to the design, the kitchenette comes out cozy when the weight of the part is correctly selected: the largest element is the headset, then comes the table for the dining area, then the other elements.

Glossy Care

Corner kitchen at white gloss - A beautiful option for kitchen design, but requiring constant careful care. It is forbidden to treat it with cleaners, hard sponges - the surface is strongly scratched, losing its luster. It is permissible to use only liquid detergent compositions, soft rags from microfiber.

Cleansing a glossy kitchen.

Glossy surfaces must not be cleaned with aggressive cleaning agents.

Decorative elements

The kitchen is decorated in various ways:

  • for wood, any three-dimensional carving, including bas-reliefs, is suitable;
  • in the presence of glazed cabinets, the use of colored stained glass is permissible;
  • stickers, self-adhesive films suitable for individual interior styles.
Corner kitchen

Decoration of the corner kitchen.

Recommendations, tips

When choosing the right furniture, you should pay attention to build quality, reliability of fixtures. On sale there is a wide range of kitchen designs for rooms of various colors and sizes. Many companies offer low-cost products at low prices, as well as more expensive ones designed for high-end interiors.

Kitchen with Glossy and Matte facades

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