Features of care for countertops made of artificial stone: useful tips and tricks.

When designing and decorating the kitchen area, many housewives choose an artificial stone countertop. Such a surface has a favorable price and a long service life. The material has its own characteristics that must be observed during washing and cleaning. For proper care and maintaining an attractive appearance, several simple methods will come in handy.

Countertop made of artificial stone.

Artificial stone countertops are an excellent solution for a modern kitchen.

Care Features

Artificial stone countertops should be maintained subject to certain rules. When cleaning, it is recommended to use special cleaners. They will help with cleansing stains and removing scratches. Failure to comply with recommendations or improper selection of cleaning agents can negatively affect a stone surface. The countertop may lose its saturated color, scratches will become deeper, and places of wear more noticeable.

Cleaners for stone countertops.

For cleaning stone countertops, it is advisable to use special cleaners.

Particular attention is paid to sinks and countertops in a bright color palette with a glossy sheen and uneven coloring. The accumulated dust is clearly visible on such products; the presence of scratches or spots significantly worsens the attractive appearance. Experts advise to give preference to furniture with a matte color. Such a headset is more resistant to damage and wear, the presence of scratches or dust becomes less noticeable.

Countertop with a matte finish.

Professionals advise choosing a countertop with a matte surface.

Pros and cons of artificial stone

Artificial stone countertops and sinks will become a real decoration for any kitchen. Such products have some features and disadvantages that are recommended to consider when choosing and buying.


  • high strength (compared to other materials);
  • moisture resistance;
  • attractive design;
  • favorable price (in comparison with a product made of natural material);
  • long service life;
  • lack of the possibility of accumulation and development of bacteria within the structure;
  • wide range.
Stone countertops at an affordable price.

The tabletop made of artificial stone has an attractive design and affordable price.

Negative qualities:

  • rapid surface damage;
  • lack of resistance to high temperatures;
  • difficult care;
  • high cost (compared with wood materials).
How to care for an artificial stone countertop.

Compared to other surfaces, artificial stone is quickly damaged.

The choice of cleaning products

The question of how to wash a kitchen worktop made of artificial stone is the most relevant for every housewife. One of the main issues is choosing the right detergent. Professional cleaning compounds are distinguished by their soft structure and gel-like consistency. They completely eliminate dirt and stains, and also eliminate the possibility of streaks or damage.

Cleaners for stone countertops.

Professional cleaning products are a great option for stone countertops.

Household chemicals:

  • Cif (one of the popular options);
  • Cooky Spray (cost-effective option);
  • Dec;
  • Shumanit;
  • HG (differs not only in efficiency, but also in high price).

Note.When using HG, you can clean both artificial and natural coatings.

Worktop Cleaner

HG will help to cope with any stains on the surface of the countertop.

Many housewives when cleaning prefer to clean acrylic countertops and sinks using folk methods. In this case, aromatic oils, apple cider vinegar, baking soda or citric acid are useful.

Important! When buying a professional cleaning agent, you should choose solutions in which the chlorine content does not exceed 5%.

Chlorine for cleaning countertops.

The percentage of chlorine in cleaning products should be below 5%.

Removing complex spots

The presence of spots, stains and greasy plaque significantly impairs the attractiveness of any product. In addition, such defects can adversely affect the internal structure of the material. It is easy to cope with pollution using folk methods.

When removing fresh stains, a soapy solution is useful. Laundry soap is rubbed on a grater, dissolved in a large amount of water. Wipe the surface with the mixture until thoroughly cleaned. After cleaning, wipe again with clean water and wipe dry.

Tip. Instead of laundry, a mild liquid soap is useful.

Soap solution for cleaning countertops.

Soap solution is an excellent tool for removing any stains.

Mustard powder will help to eliminate old spots. Pour a small amount of food ingredient with warm water, stir until gruel. Wipe the table with the resulting mass until all contaminants are removed. When finished re-wipe with clean water. Long-lasting stains can also be handled by a gel-like toothpaste. The process is carried out in a similar way.

Attention! When working, use a soft sponge or rags.

Mustard powder for cleaning countertops.

Mustard powder will help remove old stains from the surface.

How to get rid of scratches?

With prolonged use, scratches, cracks or chips appear on any kitchen table. The best option for their removal will be to attract a specialist. He will polish the surface, which will help to update the appearance of the headset. A proven folk method will come in handy in removing minor scratches and minor damage.

Grinding stone countertops.

By grinding, you can get rid of scratches and chips.

Recipe. For work, you need a gel for cleansing, baking soda and sandpaper with fine grain. The product is applied to the damaged area. The surface is carefully treated with sandpaper until the defect is completely eliminated. At the end, treat the entire countertop with a solution to even out the color, rinse with clean water.

Reference. The breakaway area can be glued with acrylic adhesive.

Soda eliminates scratches on countertops.

Soda will help get rid of scratches on stone countertops.

Forbidden actions

When buying, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the recommendations in advance on how to properly wash and care for the artificial stone countertop. During operation, one should take into account not only useful actions, but also several prohibitions.

Prohibited Actions:

  1. Cutting directly on the surface of the stone is strictly prohibited. This leads to the appearance of deep scratches, which are almost impossible to get rid of on their own.
  2. Placement of hot dishes on the countertop. The hot bottom of the pot or teapot will cause deformation of the artificial stone.
  3. In order to avoid the appearance of chips, deep cracks and deformed sections, the tabletop should be protected from shock and strong mechanical stress.
  4. Application in the process of cleaning solvents, acetone, compositions with a high content of chlorine, oil, wax.
  5. Use of sponges, brushes with a hard or metal surface.
Cleaners for the kitchen worktop.

In order for the stone countertop to last for a long time, it is necessary to avoid cleaning products that include acetone, chlorine, and wax.


  1. Cutting vegetables, fruits, meat is carried out exclusively on a cutting board.
  2. General cleaning at least once a month with full cleaning of the working surface.
  3. Wood scratch coating provides added protection against scratches.
  4. Boiling water can cause deformation. When cleaning, only warm water is used.
  5. Stains, stains or plaque are removed immediately after formation.
How to avoid countertop deformation.

boiling water can cause deformation of the countertop.

Care Tips:

  1. Daily cleaning of the working surface will help to extend the service life and maintain an attractive appearance. A soapy solution is useful for cleaning.
  2. After cleaning, the countertop should be wiped with clean water and wiped dry. This will help to prevent rust and lime streaks.
  3. You can get rid of stains or stains with a dishwashing dishwashing tablet. The tablet is dissolved in water, the table is wiped with the resulting solution. Such a composition will help not only in eliminating pollution, but also in disinfection.
  4. In cleaning a light headset, a detergent with a chlorine content will come in handy. It can be used to clean contaminated areas, bleach and sanitize the surface.
  5. The use of metal cleaning products should be discarded. The composition of such solutions contains acetone, abrasives, which will adversely affect the coating.
Wipe the countertop dry.

After wet cleaning, wipe the countertop dry.


Artificial stone countertops are able to complement and decorate the design of any kitchen. When buying, one of the main aspects is the question of how to properly care for the material. Detailed tips and tricks will help in the proper care and preservation of the attractiveness of products.

kitchen worktop care.

Proper maintenance will help to extend the fresh look of the kitchen worktop.

Artificial stone countertop care

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