Choosing the right tile design in the kitchen

Kitchen - one of the rooms that needs a durable and beautiful finish. Outdoor coating for the same reason is selected according to certain criteria, relevant features premises. However, do not forget that tile design in the kitchen also very important, because a person needs both functionality and aesthetic perception of the room.

tiles in the kitchen

Tiles for decorating the kitchen - the most popular material today.

modern kitchen with tiles

You can limit yourself to just an apron for the working area, but you can completely lay out the walls and floor.

Advantages and disadvantages of floor tiles

Outdoor coating on the kitchen It is exposed to different types of exposure much more often than other rooms of an apartment or house. Therefore before the choice kitchen tiles it’s important to consider all the strengths and weaknesses, which she possesses.

tile in the kitchen photo

One of the advantages of using tiles in the kitchen is the long-term use of it.

Practicality Environmental friendliness is the main criterion of choice finishing material; tile Meets these requirements, since it does not emit harmful substances when heated. It is suitable for organizing warm gender.
It has high heat resistance - tolerates temperature changes, is not damaged when exposed to fire.
Moisture-resistant effect - withstands evaporation, excess moisture. Requires less cleaning than others materials.
There is no possibility of the formation and reproduction of bacteria, fungi, mold.
Aggressive chemicals for cleaning do not spoil the external condition floor tiles.
Durability Material able to last for decades without dents or deformations.
Correctly selected coating will be impact resistant - destruction will be minimized.
Aestheticism Floortiled attached the kitchen well maintained, elegant look.
Also, the coating complements the interior premises.
Diversity There are a variety of types of tilesdifferent in texture color and quality, therefore finishing materials there are for every selective buyer.
Availability floor tiles low or high cost, give the opportunity to purchase coverage, which are will be affordable.
New designs are constantly being created tiles, which are will be to your taste.
Cold surface Unlike wood flooring on the kitchen, tile It has low thermal conductivity, which makes staying in the room a little uncomfortable.
If the budget allows - it is better to pre-lay a heated system to walk on tile It was comfortable.
Chips Heavy objects falling will cause minor damage.
Having a few extra identical tiles will help fix the damaged item.
Slippery surface This coating may be hazardous, especially when wet.
High hardness Due to this characteristic, any fallen glassware will break, which may not happen with another coating.

Shapes, sizes and texture of tiles

Most often on the kitchen is laid tile square shape the size 30 x 30 cm. Several are also used types of tiles different textures and sizes.

tile kitchen ideas

Tiles (whatever it was made of) are many times stronger than many other materials for decorating walls and floors.

tile to the kitchen photo

If a tile disagrees in a couple of years, then changing it will be much more problematic and more expensive than, for example, re-sticking a wallpaper.

Types of tiles for the kitchen floor

There are a variety of tiled coverings, among them:



  • It is very popular due to its environmental properties.
  • Durable material, changing the floor level is not a problem for this coating.
  • It has a waterproof and wear-resistant effect.
  • Has a wide range of colors, textures.
tile in the kitchen

Tiles need to be selected only after you have created a project for the future interior.


  • The outer layer is gradually erased.
  • The pattern fades over the years.
  • Transporting ceramic tiles is difficult.
white tile in the kitchen

If a kitchen set is already available (and you do not plan to update it), then the tile must necessarily be combined with it.

Porcelain Tiles

  • It has a smooth surface.
  • It is laid easier than tiles due to the large weight of the elements.
porcelain stoneware floor in the kitchen

Experts call this type of material the most durable and durable. The tile is very similar to the stone in appearance.

Glass tile

  • Rarely used as flooring.
  • Of glass elements, a pattern is usually laid out.
  • The use of this material is beneficial: it repels dirt and quickly launders.
  • The drawing is applied to the inside of the elements, so it does not wear off over the years.
  • An additional design is the LED backlight.
glass tile in the kitchen

Glass tile has the following varieties: glossy, matte, transparent and color. With this tile, the kitchen will sparkle.

Vinyl tile

  • It can replace the usual linoleum.
  • It has an affordable price and great stamina.
  • Unpretentious in cleaning.
  • It has a wide color range, a variety of textures.
vinyl tile in the kitchen

Vinyl tile is a floor covering resembling a rubberized material.

Which tile is best for the kitchen floor

Wall tile categorically must not be placed on floor, since it is fragile - it can crack and lose external view. The flooring on the package has a foot icon, you only need to buy it.

white tile in the kitchen

The tile can be contrasting, it can be in the tone of the furniture in the kitchen, it can be the same color, but a few tones darker or lighter - it all depends entirely on your taste.

tiles on the kitchen floor

Particular attention should be paid to the combination of countertops with tiles.

Tile high quality packaging certainly has a friction coefficient label. It should be approximately 0.8-1, such view quite suitable for the kitchen.

tile design in the kitchen

Since tile is not a cheap pleasure, it is quite acceptable to combine it in the interior of the kitchen with other materials for decorating the walls.

Material must have high strength and wear resistance of the third class.

kitchen interior with tiles

As a rule, the working area (apron) is decorated with tiles to make it easy to clean, and the rest of the space - with other materials.

Label AA makes it clear that the coating is not afraid of strong detergents, as it has high resistance to chemicals. Such tiles There is a protective layer, easy to clean.

tile apron and floor in the kitchen

The kitchen apron, located directly above the working area, falls exactly in the middle of the walls. Therefore, it can be bright and unusual.

Kitchen floor better matte finish tiled, because on it any scratches, scuffs are less noticeable. However, the top layer is porous, rough - prone to rapid contamination. Excessive embossed texture for the kitchen will not do.

matte kitchen tiles

For the floor you need to choose a strong tile, since it will have a lot of weight.

Recommendations for laying floor tiles

This floor coating stacked in a certain way.

floor tiles in the kitchen

The tile must be non-slip so that the spray near the sink does not end with injuries.

  1. Before laying floor must be cleaned of the old coating.
  2. Next is a screed.
  3. Next, prepare the adhesive.
  4. The composition must be applied with a thin layer and make furrows.
  5. Tile it is necessary to carefully install, pressing down, attach special crosses around the elements for smooth styling.
  6. After the composition has completely dried, the crosses should be removed and the seams should be grouted with a certain grout.
tiles on the kitchen floor

Operational characteristics, dimensions and even the price of the material are of most interest to us in the second place, the first thing we pay attention to is product design.

tile in the kitchen minimalism

Tiles with imitation marble coating will give even a small kitchen a touch of luxury and elegance, and in a spacious room with a traditional set will look more than organic.

Zoning and combination

Split up the kitchen the zones can be with furniture, lighting and flooring. This is convenient, since it does not occupy free space and allows you to separate the work area from the recreation area.

tile kitchen floor

This finish will go well with household appliances and the brilliance of lighting fixtures.

For example, in the work area it’s better to put tilebecause it is polluted most often. A place for eating and relaxing can be decorated with a parquet board. The design of materials should be in the same color scheme, different shades.

tiles in the kitchen zoning

White tile is suitable for those who vote against experiments in the interior of the kitchen, considering this room a symbol of traditional dwelling.

Kitchen flooring design

For little kitchen stuff it is better to choose light shades to visually make the room more spacious and lighter. Big kitchen allows you to issue floor in the dark color, for example, gray or brown tones.

tile to the kitchen

The original design may require more material, but it will organically transform even the most trivial interior of the kitchen.

tile and tile in the kitchen

Textured tile for a kitchen apron - an infrequently used option.

Modern styles mean plain flooring coatingthat will emphasize the style and created kitchen Design. The classic style will emphasize the marble tile or material with antique ornament. Provencal style is complemented by specially aged tile with imitation of patterned "carpet".

tiles in the kitchen provence

Using a combination of ceramic tiles and mosaics in the decoration of the kitchen apron, you can achieve interesting images.

For the kitchen brown, beige, gray shades of tiles are best suited, since dirt on them is less noticeable, which is very successful for this type premises.

marble tiles in the kitchen

For modern areas of design of kitchen facilities, such a coating can be a highlight of the interior.

VIDEO: Tiles for the kitchen - 72 ideas for design.

50 options for stylish tile design in the kitchen:

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