Kitchen worktop height: standard height, height versus height: how to calculate the parameters?

Kitchen planning is not an easy task. So many nuances need to be taken into account and so wide the range that manufacturers offer. One of the important elements of kitchen furniture is the countertop. The process of choosing many is perplexing. In this article, everyone will be able to find out how high the countertop should be in the kitchen.

The height of the kitchen worktop.

When planning a kitchen, many are interested in how to choose the optimal height for the kitchen worktop.

Features countertops in the kitchen from the floor

Few people think about this, but when preparing food and cutting foods, a person uses more than 40 muscles of various groups. The load on the muscles and the body as a whole increases if the height of the working surface is chosen incorrectly. For example, if the table is higher than necessary, then the load on the joints and muscles of the hands increases. This is not only inconvenient, but also reduces the accuracy of actions and movements. Hands get tired faster and stop listening. If in the kitchen the tabletop level is below normal, then the back, neck, legs and knees suffer. When working on such a surface, you need to constantly bend down, which leads to undesirable changes in the joints.

The height of the kitchen.

If the height of the working area of ​​the kitchen is chosen incorrectly, then an additional load on the muscles.

It is for this reason that it is important to choose such an option that the height of the kitchen countertop is optimal.

Additional Information! It is worth noting that the existing standards are not suitable for many. They were developed in the last millennium and were aimed at European women, whose height was approximately 160-165 cm, that is, average height.

Fortunately, now there are many furniture options with adjustable legs that allow you to adjust the parameters for yourself, but this is not always convenient. Especially if more than one person cooks in the kitchen.

Choice of tabletop size.

The height of the kitchen worktop depends on the growth of all living in the house.

In the process of determining the optimal level, select individual zones. Their level due to features of functionality should differ:

  • washing area;
  • food cutting zone;
  • cooking food;
  • dinner Zone.
Multi-level headset.

Design multi-level countertops in the kitchen.

How to choose the height of the kitchen table

It is no coincidence that much attention is paid to the size of furniture in the kitchen area. This is necessary so that the workflow does not hush the hostess, but brings pleasure, including due to the convenience of the selected elements.

As already mentioned, the standard height of the countertops of a kitchen unit is not suitable for everyone, so you should not focus on generally accepted standards in this matter. The optimal choice should depend on the growth of the person who will work in this space and with this surface. As a rule, the calculation is based on the ratio of human height and height from the floor of the work surface. So for people of short stature it will be about 75 cm, and for tall people about 1 meter. In this article, all aspects will be considered in order.

Standard tabletop height.

The standard height of the countertop is 75-100 cm.

What norms and standards exist

The working area should be located at a convenient height for you. This zone includes three main points: sink, hob, place for cutting and processing products.

  1. By standard, desktops should be 72 cm from the floor.
  2. The thickness of the countertop should be 3-4 cm.
  3. Depending on the height of the person, you can choose different options for the cap.

Often, manufacturers make kitchen cabinets according to a single standard - 82 cm from the floor. Here we add a standard tabletop with a thickness of 28 mm, and as a result we get a total figure of 85 cm. Of course, the standards are not suitable for everyone, but they also have their advantages:

  • externally, the kitchen, on which countertops are located on the same level, looks more aesthetically pleasing;
  • over time, instead of one of the lower sections, you can put any element of household appliances without replacing the countertop;
  • standard copies will be cheaper, as they are more popular.
Headset height selection.

Headset height selection by human height.

The relationship between human height and height

In order to make the cooking process in the kitchen not only convenient, but also safe for health, the following parameters should be considered when planning a headset:

  • 76 cm - if a person’s height is less than 150 cm (also such a height is comfortable for people with disabilities);
  • 82 cm - for people with a height of 150-165 cm;
  • 88-91 cm - for people with a height of 165-186 cm;
  • 94-100 cm - for those whose height is more than 186 cm.

The difficulty is that adjusting to each member of the family is almost impossible, and therefore it is better to focus on the growth of the person who is most often involved in cooking.

The height of the countertops in the kitchen.

For people with disabilities, a table top with a height of 75cm is suitable.

The calculations are quite simple. It is necessary to measure 15 cm from the arm bent at the elbow at a right angle. This will be the height that is optimal for the work surface. Moreover, it is important to consider that the countertop and sink should be at a different level, which should be done 2-5 cm higher.

Functionality dependent

There are several functions that countertops perform in the kitchen. All of them are very important:

  1. combines all the elements of the headset;
  2. participates in the processes of cutting, cooking, washing, slicing, etc .;
  3. decorative function
  4. Table function.
The functionality of a kitchen worktop.

The countertop in the kitchen performs many useful functions.

Scientists have long determined that each function needs a separate worktop with optimal height for specific tasks. If the height is chosen correctly, then the person will not feel fatigue in the muscles and joints, even working for a long time. This is important for performance, comfort and even health:

  1. Dishwashing. The standard height of the countertops for this lesson in the kitchen is approximately 85 cm. But still, it is important not to forget about the individual characteristics of each person. To wash the dishes was comfortable, tall people would rather fit a height of 90-95 cm.
  2. Cutting products. The countertop for this type of work should be higher than everyone else in the kitchen. However, this does not apply to cases where physical force is necessary to perform work. In this case, it is better, on the contrary, to choose an instance just below the standard one.
  3. Cooking food. This is the surface on which the hob is installed. Check whether it is selected correctly as follows:
  • you must put on the hob the highest pan;
  • step back a bit and look into it;
  • if there is no need to bend or stand on socks, then the height is chosen correctly.
The height of the kitchen sink.

The standard height of the kitchen sink is about 85CM.

How to determine the size

As previously identified, there is no overall optimum height. Since the accepted standards may not be convenient for everyone. To consolidate the information, we highlight three main points that will help determine the size:

  1. Standard models are suitable for middle-aged housewives. For steel, they can be uncomfortable and even unhealthy. However, this option will cost a little cheaper.
  2. Zones with different functions should be located at different levels.
  3. The optimal level is determined taking into account the growth of a person.
Countertop height.

For housewives with medium height, models of standard height are suitable.

Parameter Calculation

Height is an extremely important parameter when choosing, but not the only one. There are a number of significant measurements that must be taken into account when planning the kitchen space.

First, depth is important. Most copies on the market are made in strips of 3 or 5 meters and a width of 60 cm. European manufacturers can find wider options, about 70 cm.

Countertop depth.

In addition to height, the depth of the kitchen countertop is also important.

According to experts, the thickness can be different, but the market offers two standards - 28 and 38 mm. These indicators are important rather for design, because the wider the countertop, the more massive and rough it looks.

It is also necessary to take into account the distance between the countertop and the lower edge of the wall cabinets, especially if the kitchen owner has unusual growth. Typically, this figure is approximately 50-60 cm.

Standard tabletop thickness.

Mostly there are countertops 28 and 38 mm thick.

How to independently increase

For those who do not plan to purchase new furniture, the option of self-increase is suitable. To do this, pay attention to the legs. Perhaps the manufacturer has already taken care of this problem by installing adjustable ones, and you just have to adjust the height for yourself.

Worktops with adjustable legs

Worktops with adjustable legs are the best option in any kitchen.

If not, then another option will come to the rescue. It requires a lot of effort in cash costs. You can try replacing the countertop. True, this method allows you to add only 3-5 cm, but sometimes this also helps to save the situation.

Home appliance standards

Often, the parameters of the countertop directly depend on the height of household appliances, which is located in the kitchen. All household appliances have standard sizes. It is important to familiarize yourself with them so as not to miscalculate. We will not go into details and describe in which GOST standard sizes are prescribed, but we will only list the numbers themselves.

The size of the kitchen worktop.

The height of the countertops depends on the size of household appliances in the kitchen.

For a stove, the following dimensions are considered standard:

  • Height 85-87 cm.
  • Depth 60 cm.
  • Widths are 50 and 59 cm, but in stores you can find options from 30 to 100 cm.
  • The number of burners is from 2 to 6.

The most popular sizes are 40x58 cm and 50x58 cm.

Kitchens with single-level countertops

Kitchens with single-level countertops look more aesthetically pleasing.

The standard dimensions of the refrigerator are as follows:

  • depth 60 cm (less often 50 cm);
  • width 50-60 cm;
  • Side-by-side models are sometimes found up to 110 cm wide.
  • the height of mini-refrigerators is from 50 to 110 cm, medium - from 130 to 180 cm, European - from 170 to 210 cm.

Standards for washing machines depend on the specific type:

  • Full-sized: height 85-90 cm, width 60 to 85 cm, depth 60 cm.
  • Narrow. width 60 cm, height 85 cm, depth 35-40 cm.
  • Recessed. Height 82-85 cm, width 60 cm, depth 55-60 cm.
  • Compact. Height 65-70 cm, width 47-60 cm, depth 43-45 cm.
Layered countertop.

Kitchen design with multi-level worktop.

Design Tips & Tricks

Designers advise approaching the choice of countertops with complete seriousness, because there are a lot of indicators that can affect comfort when using kitchen furniture. This article examined one of the most important parameters - height. It affects both comfort during work and health. However, when choosing furniture for the kitchen, it is important to ensure that the material conforms to a number of several rules:

  1. resistance to high temperatures;
  2. moisture resistance;
  3. resistance to direct sunlight;
  4. simplicity in cleaning;
  5. durability (high-quality materials that will last as long as possible and will not lose their original appearance).
The height of the dining table.

The dining table and countertop in the kitchen should be the same height.


Armed with the knowledge gained from this article, everyone will be able to choose the best option for themselves, which will be not only beautiful, but also practical. The method of calculation is quite simple. Everyone can use it and it will not take much time. But the muscles and joints will say a huge “thank you” for the right convenient choice.

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