Curtains in the bedroom: in life as in the photo

Turquoise bedroom curtains

Turquoise bedroom curtains

For many centuries, decorative textiles have been used to decorate windows in almost every country and culture. Western countries began to curtain windows with fabric back in the Middle Ages, but such luxury was available exclusively to the rich. Over time, the growth in production and trade allowed the use of fabric for upholstery, drapery and interior decoration of not only noblemen, but also less wealthy bourgeoisie. In the 19th century, such a concept as weaving machinery and process automation appeared. Mass consumption has become the norm, and curtains have become the highlight of any interior.

In the modern world, large glass windows have become the norm of everyday life. And this means that the demand for window textiles has increased several times. This sophisticated decoration method also performs more important functions, such as: protecting the room from direct sunlight and the curious eyes of passers-by. Consumers are constantly faced with questions and tasks: how to choose the perfect curtains in the bedroom, make a window stylish, but not elaborate? What should they be: beautiful or practical, light or dark, simple or automated? To make the right choice, one photo will not be enough.

Curtains for a small bedroom window

Two-color curtains in the bedroom

Duplex curtains in the bedroom

Fashionable bedroom curtains

Beige curtains in the bedroom

Beige curtains in the bedroom interior

Gray curtains in the bedroom

Gray curtains in the bedroom

Curtains with lambrequins in the bedroom

Lambrequin curtains

Texture matters

Beauty will save the world, but the first thing you should think about when choosing curtains in the bedroom is the features of the room itself. A room that is characterized by an abundance of sunlight should be protected by blackout curtains. They will protect the inhabitants of the house from too bright light and even noise. But in conditions of constant twilight, such products are not acceptable. Light tulle curtains will be more relevant here. Photo curtains offers many options for natural products: silk, cotton or linen fabrics will ideally complement the interior of a room in which people suffering from allergies spend a lot of time. But natural fabrics quickly wear out and lose their attractive appearance due to the constant exposure to sunlight.

Fabrics with lining or special impregnation - a great way out of this situation. They do not pass ultraviolet light and are in no way inferior to natural models. The lining also gives the item a stylish surround. Lining is often trimmed with satin or milium (cotton). Special dimming lining can even muffle street noise and keep warm. But if you are not allergic, then buy synthetics. It is well erased, retains its attractive appearance for a long time and has a long term of operation.

Blackout curtains in the bedroom

A special dimming lining can even muffle street noise and keep you warm

White curtains in the bedroom

White curtains for the bedroom

Blue-gray curtains in the bedroom

Gray-blue curtains for a bedroom

Beige curtains in the bedroom

Beige curtains in the interior of the bedroom

Organza curtains in the bedroom

Organza curtains for the bedroom

Color palette: in life as in the photo

  1. Colors. In the bedroom, it is better to buy plain curtains of calm colors. The lighter they are, the less light they absorb. In the issue of bedroom design, it is important to find harmony between curtains and walls. They should not merge.Even with the most expensive decoration, all this turns into one inexpressive spot. There should be a difference of several tones between the curtains and the wallpaper. What will be darker and what is brighter is already an individual decision of each individual person. Light curtains visually increase the space, and dark curtains reduce it. Think about what effect you want to achieve. If you have already made repairs and decorated the walls with bright and variegated materials, it is better to choose curtains in plain colors. And, on the contrary, curtains are perfect for plain walls, which skillfully put all the emphasis in interior design.
  2. Patterns. Plain curtains are a classic, but what if you want something more original? It is possible to implement almost any idea, except for some points. For example, a small ornament on the curtains near bright patterns on the wallpaper is not appropriate. Unless they are made in the same style.
Original bedroom curtains

Striped curtains in the interior of the bedroom

Purple curtains in the bedroom

Purple curtains in the interior of a bedroom

Bedroom patterned curtains

Patterned curtains

Patterned curtains in the bedroom

Curtains with rikun

Green curtains in the bedroom

Green curtains for the bedroom

The pattern on the curtains has many directions. The strip is popular, but very demanding. Horizontal stripes increase the space of the room, and vertical stripes visually raises the height of the ceiling. But this version of the decor hardly fits into a room with dark wallpaper. But the geometric pattern is better combined with plain wallpaper, because otherwise the situation may seem tasteless. The photo of such a bedroom will be bright and extraordinary, but you will want to live in a more traditional setting.

Control system

Natural lighting is the most comfortable for humans. However, daylight needs to be adjusted because it can be too much in summer and too little in winter. In both the first and second cases, the optimal microclimate will be violated if the necessary measures are not taken in time. In a small apartment, shutting all the windows is not difficult for a child. But in a huge house there are not just a lot of windows, but they are not always located in the reach of households. For such cases, we need an automated curtain system that will do in a few minutes what a simple person will need much more time and effort. The introduction of automated control will save you from a huge amount of trouble, endowing the curtains with all the possibilities necessary for a comfortable life.

Fashionable bedroom curtains

Modern curtains

Curtains - competent care

Curtains, as a decorative textile product, need regular and thorough care, which is carried out in several standard steps:

  1. Washing. Curtains are a classic dust collector, so you need to wash them at least several times a year. Dense and strong fabrics are erased in the normal mode, and thin and delicate - in the delicate mode. For all textures, without exception, it is best to apply gentle means that do not violate the structure of the fabric and do not reduce the life of the product.
  2. Ironing. In the photo, window decor always looks flawless. But for this to happen in reality in your home, you need to try a lot. The technique must also be appropriate, as the uneven or damaged surface of the iron can permanently ruin a beautiful product. Also, different types of fabrics are ironed in different ways. If artificial silk is sprayed with water, then in those places where there was moisture, it can stretch and shine. Acetate and rayon materials are ironed through a layer of wet gauze. Linen, wool and cotton should be ironed in a slightly moistened state. In the seam area, ironing is carried out with the tip of the iron. If you follow all the rules correctly, then the freshly washed and ironed curtains will look like in the photo.
  3. Cleaning and ventilation. There is a set of care actions that do not require sooty removal of curtains, washing, ironing and hanging back. This is a dry reading with a vacuum cleaner and airing.Ventilate the curtains in order to get rid of extraneous odors that are absorbed into the material. To do this, open the windows to provide a sufficiently strong draft.

Curtains: styles and directions

We furnish the room, choose the design of the walls, floor and ceiling based on the style that we choose for our bedroom. Curtains should harmoniously fit into this composition and meet the main rules of the chosen direction. Modern styles are very versatile and give free rein to any dreams of an ideal bedroom for relaxation:

  • High tech - This is the most useful and practical use of living space, which leaves no room for additional decorative elements. The bedroom in this form looks very ascetic, so the curtains should be beaten very simple;
Dot curtains in the bedroom

Dot curtains in the bedroom

Hi-tech bedroom curtains

Hi-tech curtains

  • Provence - This is a very sweet and gentle direction that will suit romantic natures. The tulle should be airy, and the curtains should be dense and a few tones darker. For the picture, you can choose a variety of flowers in pastel, pale blue or light green tones;
Provence green bedroom curtains

Green curtains for the decoration of a bedroom in the style of Provence

Provence Bedroom Pastel Sheer Curtains

Curtains in the interior of the bedroom, decorated in the style of Provence

  • Art deco - this is when luxury is reflected in every detail. Curtains not only decorate windows, but also emphasize the status of the owner of the house, the chic and sophistication of the whole atmosphere. Heavy linen curtains, velvet, satin and silk are all materials that can be found in bedrooms decorated in this style. Lambrequins, gilded brushes and beautiful drapery are respected here;
Brown Art Deco Bedroom Curtains

Art Deco is when luxury is reflected in every detail.

Brown curtains in the bedroom

Exquisite art deco bedroom curtains

  • Classic style - A universal way of design, which is supplanted by modern trends, but still loved by many consumers. In the classical style, large or French windows are most often decorated with velvet draped curtains. The color of the curtains must necessarily overlap with the tone of the walls and furniture. Otherwise, the bedroom will not be truly comfortable. And if Art Deco love pathos, then here the curtains are rather strict, elegant and mostly plain. Beige, brown and cream shades are popular. Classic style is a traditional embodiment of the concepts of beauty and comfort.
Classic beige bedroom curtains

Curtains in a classic interior

Brown bedroom curtains in a classic style

Brown curtains in the bedroom

In addition to popular styles in the field of curtains, there are also fashion trends. Fashion industry experts say that this season multilayered, textured, extraordinary, bright, catchy and chic products are popular. Again lambrequins and draperies of various configurations came to the fore, and, of course, the classic style, which is relevant at all times. For more democratic consumers, neutral, direct curtains on the rings are perfect. And, of course, one cannot help but recall the Roman curtains, which are always in fashion. Their highlight is that they make the window as expressive as possible. Such models are suitable for dynamic people who love order and get rid of excess clutter in the interior. But this year, you can combine different styles. Such a peculiar fusion is suitable for experimenters and creative people.

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