High-tech apartment: spectacular conciseness

Who will appreciate the high-tech style in the interior?

High-tech is the atmosphere of a megalopolis with its dynamism and triumph of digital technologies. The laconicism of interior solutions borders on sterility, perfectly smooth surfaces are designed to emphasize the design of modern household appliances and the latest gadgets.

bright high-tech living room interior

White room with red floor in high-tech style.

stylish high tech corridor style

High tech kitchen

Who needs a rational futuristic high-tech interior:

  • residents of large cities who value their time and love functionality;
  • owners of a studio apartment, small-sized housing or a country house;
  • those who are always aware of technical innovations and can afford them;
  • minimalists, for whom homeliness is not a heap of trinkets sweet to the heart, but an abundance of light and air;
  • wealthy people who want to emphasize their status and realize that modern luxury is the application of the latest technologies in everyday life.
light high-tech hallway design

High tech bedroom interior

beautiful high-tech style apartment decor

White high-tech room

How to design a high-tech apartment

An interior design in hi-tech style is possible for rooms of any size: with it, even standard Khrushchev will acquire the features of elite housing, largely due to the visual expansion of space. It will become more spacious in the living room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen and even in the bathroom.

If you want to repair an apartment or room and design it in a high-tech style, you will need innovative finishing materials - tiles with a tempered glass surface, flexible stone, acrylic, wood composite, etc. The program is at least not so intricate - it is glass, concrete, plastic and metal (primarily chrome steel). The main requirements for materials are wear resistance and fire resistance.

bright high-tech bedroom interior

Dark high tech room design

beautiful high-tech hallway design

Bright large high-tech room

What can not be used in the interior of high-tech

Hi-tech in many ways intersects with minimalism and a modern interpretation of art deco, but does not accept elements of country, classicism or baroque. His credo is ergonomics: everything is at hand and nothing more.

In high-tech style, you can’t categorically use:

  • natural wood
  • wallpaper,
  • stucco molding
  • massive curtains
  • wicker chairs
  • colorful carpets
  • many accessories (forget about porcelain vases, stucco frames in the living room, lace napkins, soft toys and figurines in the form of cupids).

No muted tones, natural textures and things from the past, only a shining monochrome with moderate doses of pure color.

bright high-tech corridor style

Beautiful high-tech design

stylish high-tech living room decor

High tech living room

Hi-tech by the rules. The laws of style from designers

Almost all popular interior styles originated in France, but not a rational and prim high-tech. The British and designers N. Foster, R. Rogers and others are considered to be its founders. Initially, the new style was not intended for residential, but for industrial premises, hence its uncompromising functionality.

Laws of style:

  • cutting-edge technical equipment,
  • ergonomics
  • using the latest materials,
  • simplicity and correctness of forms,
  • multi-level lighting
  • conciseness of decor.

High-tech evolved under the influence of pop art, which was reflected in its color scheme.

beautiful high-tech style bedroom

High tech room interior

bright high-tech style apartment design

Bright high-tech room design

In hi-tech style apply:

  • the black,
  • white,
  • gray
  • silver,
  • all bright, “open” colors.

According to the rules of style, color harmony is often built not on nuances, but on contrasts. Color solutions resemble the paintings of avant-garde artists: for example, a black and white interior with bright accents; a combination of violet with yellow or blue with orange against a gray background obtained by mixing contrasting colors.

bright high-tech corridor interior

High tech kitchen

bright interior of a high-tech style apartment

Bright high-tech apartment design

Hi-tech solutions come from simple shapes - straight lines, squares, circles. No negligence, everything is geometrically verified and functionally justified. Smooth planes polished to a shine. To create a rhythmic composition, glossy surfaces alternate with matte ones.

Correct shapes, pure colors and metal shine are emphasized by light. High-tech is characterized by a variety of modern lighting fixtures: halogen chandeliers, futuristic lamps mounted in the wall of a sconce room.

The walls in the hi-tech interior are often plain, covered with matte or glossy paint, often with plastic or aluminum inserts. To avoid monotony, you can, for example, use tiles with a metal-imitating surface or glass wall panels.

bright high-tech bedroom decor

High tech living room design

beautiful high-tech style hallway

High tech room interior

Stretch or suspended ceilings, usually multi-level, with a carefully thought-out lighting system, which allows you to emphasize their stepping. In high-tech style, avant-garde decisions are welcomed, for example, you can make silver or even black stretch ceiling, which will be especially appropriate in the living room. Glossy surfaces combined with geometric drywall designs give a sense of height.

No less attention is paid to finishing the floor of the room. Particularly relevant are modern bulk floors with a 3D effect, which make it possible to realize the most fantastic ideas. In addition, tiles, porcelain tiles, parquet or laminate are suitable for a high-tech apartment. If the area allows, the podiums with LED backlighting are used.

stylish high-tech bedroom design

Bright high-tech room design

light high-tech corridor design

High tech room style

In the design of windows, blinds or shutters with remote control are used, as well as curtains on an electric cornice and light curtains. The doorways of the room are decorated with rectangular arches or equipped with transparent doors with photodiodes.

The furniture of the hi-tech style is practical and comfortable, it is distinguished by the clarity of the outlines and the airiness of the design, which allows not to clutter up the space. For this purpose, numerous storage areas (closed racks, built-in cabinets and shelves) and a variety of transformers are equipped. Practiced furniture with LED backlight and with remote control. Mirrored facades and glass tables are welcome. Glossy surfaces and chrome steel parts play the part.

beautiful high-tech style apartment interior

High tech living room

bright hallway style in high tech style

High tech flat design

Black and white photographs, abstract painting and graphics or images in the style of pop art are used as home decorations. These decorative elements may be present, but they are given a secondary role in high-tech style. The main decoration of the apartment is an ultramodern technique: the design of the room is thought out in such a way as to emphasize its novelty and design advantages.

Futuristic high tech living room

If you want to impress the futuristic design solutions of a high-tech living room, you are welcome:

  • bulk floor with a 3d effect (for example, with the image of the starry sky),
  • structurally complex multi-level ceiling;
  • a transparent table glowing from the inside;
  • modern electric fireplace;
  • unusual chairs made of plastic;
  • metal figurines in the spirit of abstractionism.

In general, a high-tech living room should have a lot of air and light. Mirrors without frames, calm tones of walls, glass furniture will help to visually expand the space.

bright high-tech corridor decor

High tech design

bright high-tech hallway interior

High tech bedroom interior

Lighting fixtures should be positioned so that they focus on the technical equipment of the living room. A plasma TV or home theater will not only keep guests busy, but will also become an important compositional element of a hi-tech room.

Photography will help you navigate the variety of ideas.

What should be a high-tech bedroom?
The interior design of the bedroom in high-tech style involves comfortable and functional solutions. Here, a humidity and temperature control system is especially necessary, which will ensure a healthy sleep.

stylish high-tech style living room

High tech room interior

beautiful high-tech apartment design

High tech bedroom

stylish high-tech hallway decor

High tech living room

To easily maintain perfect cleanliness, it is better to use built-in furniture with smooth facades in the bedroom, as in the living room.

The task of saving space will be solved by a hanging bed, which is tidy up in a closet. Another progressive novelty is the technogel pillow, which “remembers” the form and does not cause allergies.

What is the difference between a high-tech bathroom?

The interior of the hi-tech bathroom includes trendy ceramics with chrome steel details, cutting-edge faucets, glossy tiles, mirrors and lighting.

It is appropriate to use modern materials. For example, the wear-resistant sink made of Durat or Corian can have a very bold shape.

bright high-tech bedroom design

High tech bedroom interior

beautiful high tech corridor style

High tech room design

The technical equipment of the bathroom can be supplemented by an integrated audio system and a variety of shower heads.

Luxurious materials and smooth surfaces will emphasize multi-level lighting, as in the photo.

High-tech style in the interior - photos of the design of apartments and houses

High-tech solutions give a chance to evaluate the capabilities of the latest materials and create a truly memorable interior design: to see this, just look at the photos of apartments after repair.

Video: High-tech style. Interior in detail

50 photos of high-tech apartment design ideas:

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