Lavender color and its effect on the interior

Each of us has our own color preferences. We buy clothes of our favorite shades, we choose fabric for upholstery, the color of textiles and walls are also in accordance with our tastes. Being in the native walls, the design of which is made in colors that are pleasant and suitable for our psyche, we will not feel any discomfort or desire to run away from here.

Different shades of lavender in the living room interior

There are many contradictions in lavender color; its riddle is not so easy to solve

Red, yellow, blue are pure colors used in small doses. Violet, green and orange are the colors of the additional spectrum, created from the basic ones, by way of clarification or mixing. They have the same properties as the colors of which they are made.

Lavender color: a favorite by right

I would like to focus your attention on the violet color, because it is one of the most popular in recent times, and more precisely, it is lavender.

Varieties of lavender shades in interior design

Lavender flowers actually have several shades

Lavender - a light shade of purple. We came across this new definition of color recently, as it came from Europe. There are vast fields occupied by this beautiful flower with a delicate aroma. Perhaps that is why the shade of this flower evokes warm emotions in us, pleasant associations with nature and freshness.

Carrot sofa in a room with lavender walls

In the design, lavender shades add mystery and nostalgia to the room.

White sofa in the living room with lavender textiles

Shades of lavender always look good with green, purple and brown accents.

If you like this color palette, you can apply it in the design of any room. Lavender colors in the interior of the house open up a world of endless possibilities, helping to realize the most daring ideas. This color is convenient in that, depending on the hue and saturation, it can look great with others, creating a serious image and have a lighter, more relaxed look.

Due to this feature, not only women want to see the color of lavender in their living room and bedroom interiors, but men are not in a hurry to abandon it, since this shade is universal.

Interior of a room with a crib in lavender color

Lavender color visually increases the volume of the room, so it is often used to decorate small and low rooms.

Design styles: the presence in them of shades of lavender and lilac

  1. Provence. In this style, lavender color occupies the main position. It uses an extensive range of shades of lilac. The color palette on which the direction is based is taken from the nature of France. Lavender is a flower field, green - olive trees, blue and light yellow - lakes and coastal sand. The predominant are cool shades dusted, as if worn out by time, which give the interior airiness and freshness. Most often, lavender color is combined with milk, light gray, olive or mint. It is good both in wall decoration, furniture, and in textiles.

    Lavender provence rustic bedroom

    The most common shades of lavender are found in the style of Provence.

  2. Modern classic. As part of the style, lavender colors are often used. You can paint the walls in pale purple tones that are closer to the smoky gray hue.Combining the same shades in color, but different in tone, you can divide the space - part highlight a brighter color, and soften everything else and muffle. You can create additional depth and volume in a niche by painting the inside of a darker purple than the walls, and the contrast of light slopes emphasize the contrast.

    Brown classic bedroom interior with lavender accents

    In the classic bedroom, lavender shades are ideal for textiles and decorative elements, especially in combination with light brown tones.

  3. Minimalism. The style is characterized by the complete absence of unnecessary details and decorations. Simplicity and a small amount of furniture. Lavender color in this style can adequately replace the standard white and black combination. It is used as a light base shade for walls and ceilings, or as more juicy accents.

    Minimalist living room design with lavender sofas

    The original minimalist interior features a dark floor, lavender-colored sofas and gray walls.

  4. High tech. The concept of direction is strict lines, smooth surfaces, a lot of metal and glass. The walls are simple and smooth, painted in light shades, and the furniture contains elements of bright, for example, violet colors. Spread a dark lilac carpet will also be appropriate. It will definitely become the center of composition.

    Dark lavender hi-tech bedroom decor

    Intense hi-tech palette of purple hues

  5. Retro style, vintage other. Lavender color is used as an additional shade to the main, as it is appropriate everywhere.

    The decoration of the living room wall under the old brickwork

    Unusual industrial style interior

Lavender Bedroom: Youth & Family

Any designer will say that lavender in the interior most successfully looks in the bedroom. The bedroom is an important room in the house, although we spend a short time there. It is necessary to issue it with special care, since here we relax and spend time before going to bed. The whole atmosphere should adjust to sleep, and not excite the nervous system, so it is advisable to avoid bright colors in the decoration.

Shades of lavender in the design of a bedroom of a young family

The atmosphere of the bedroom should be calming and attuning to physical and emotional relaxation.

The combination of lavender with a purple tinge in the bedroom

Lavender color goes well with similar shades - lilac or purple

The most spectacular lavender color in the interior of the bedroom. Its different shades look unusual and give a sense of peace, which is conducive to a good night's sleep, and in the morning they tune in to positive and give a boost of vivacity.

In the event that the bedroom is designed for spouses, then a companion to the basic lilac perfect gray, white or ivory. The space of the room will be gentle and magical, and if you add golden shades, the bedroom will become more solemn.

Design of a bedroom in lavender color for a girl

Bedroom interior for teenage girl

Lavender-colored bedroom interior with gray accents

In the bedroom for a youth, a combination with gray shades is appropriate

Among young people, lavender color is also considered stylish. Saturated shades of purple in combination with black, chocolate or dark blue furniture upholstery, golden and turquoise pillows and textiles will suit both the girl and the young man. Bright, stylish and in a special way - what else does a young creative nature need? But when the room is small and dark, combine thick colors with caution, and best of all in individual elements of the decor.

Stylish room with lavender walls for a young man

Harmonious combination of glossy floor, lavender walls and cream furniture

Gentle lavender interior with the addition of lilac shades for the women's bedroom

Light lilac and lavender shades remind of spring flowers and make the room cleaner and lighter

Delicate and romantic shades of lilac are quite capable of replacing a pretty annoying pink, just in the girls' rooms. Replacing the color and diluting it with beige and cream, you visually push the boundaries of the bedroom. So that it does not look boring and blurry, make color accents - bright monochrome posters, color graffiti on the walls, paintings in rich green, raspberry, ocher shades.

Successful combinations

Violet and its lighter fellow, lavender, combined with many shades.As a rule, when decorating a room’s interior, the use of 2-3 colors is considered correct, but with lavender you can make an exception.

Gray-purple bedroom apartment interior of a city apartment

Muted gray bedroom interior with purple accents

Rich bedroom interior in gold with lavender accents

Expressive room decoration in a combination of golden and lavender tones

A good combination of tones:

  • Light lavender with pink, white, brown. This will give the room airiness and tenderness.
  • Brighter lavender (closer to lilac). It will be successfully combined with sand, olive, raspberry and blue shades.
  • Dark lavender (purple raspberry). Royal and noble combination with gold, silver and gray tones.
Design of a bedroom in white and lavender color

The snow-white setting is successfully diluted with lavender accents in the form of textiles and accessories

The interior of the bedroom in beige tones combined with lavender

Delicate shades of lavender blend perfectly with beige walls.

Dark bedroom in shades of blue, turquoise and lavender

Deep rich tones create cool colors.

The role of furniture and textiles in the lavender bedroom

The classic bedroom furniture set includes a bed, bedside tables, a wardrobe, a mirror and a dressing table for ladies. In the bedroom, made in the style of Provence, lavender colors are held in high esteem and used widely. If wallpaper with a floral pattern in this shade is glued to the walls, then the furniture must be light and made of natural wood, preferably artificially aged, dusted with time. To the place there will be a carved antique couch, with lavender-colored casing, pads to match the curtains.

Lavender curtains in the interior of the bedroom

In a large bright room, lavender color is suitable for window openings

In the event that you do not dare or do not want to make lavender walls, “dress” them in light neutral tones, and add a shade of lilac or lavender to the facades and upholstery, the head of the bed, pillows, and lavender curtains.

Lavender sofa in the interior of a classic living room

All upholstered furniture looks great with lavender upholstery

Lavender color in the interior of urban cuisine

Bright glossy facade will make the kitchen more fun

Stylish lavender sofa in front of the window in the living room

A carved sofa with lavender cladding will give the room sophistication and luxury

When the interior of the room is made in the loft style, in which the walls are not finished, against the background of gray concrete walls or bricks, glossy white furniture looks contrasting and unusual. The color spot will be a raspberry carpet on the floor or bedspread in the same color scheme.

Lavender living room - an indisputable trend, bedroom - outer space or a sweet memory of nature. This color is truly many-sided and for each his own. Take a chance and you will find your shade of purple, which is right for you.

Video: lavender in the interior

Photo: beautiful shades of lavender in the design of the premises

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