How to make a staircase decorate the interior of your home

To connect the levels of the building using special structures. The staircase in the interior is a real decoration of the house. It is suitable for almost any style solution. The staircase is able to attract attention with bright details, interesting geometry, an unusual combination of textures. Correctly chosen design and location radically change the perception of space, make moving to the second floor of the building comfortable and safe.

Beautiful staircase with carpet and black railing.

It is important to decide whether you want to make the staircase the main center of the interior or whether it will just be working properly for its intended purpose.

The design will become the main part or will perform secondary tasks. The front wooden staircase is becoming a key figure. Depending on its location, the space is divided into functional zones, furniture items are arranged. The stairs are complemented by decor, create a special highlight. A minor object plays a less prominent role in the interior. It is usually made of cheap materials, do not use decor, and is attached to the wall in the corridor or hall.

Staircase construction

Such products fulfill their intended purpose, add a twist to the design of the room. They order systems of any shape and size, choosing the necessary material. There are three main components of modern stairs in the interior:

  • bearing part;
  • steps;
  • fencing.

They are made of wood, stone, glass, metal, concrete. Robust models are created to provide entry to the second floor.

The main parts of the flight of stairs for a private house

Arrangement of a wooden flight of stairs

Bearing elements Features
Bowstring The main component to which they are attached steps. Modifications are ordered without such an element.
Kosoura These bars are a type of bowstring, have cutouts on top, they are inserted steps.
Bolts They are used as an invisible fastener system. The steps are mounted with bolts to the wall.
Upright It is applied for spiral staircasewhich is produced from metal, wood.
Spiral staircase with original steps in the interior of the living room

You must decide whether your stairs will have straight, round, or irregular steps, what material the railing will be made of, and consider the arrangement of the space under the stairs

Do-it-yourself storage system under the stairs

Convenient drawers under the stairs

The choice of a specific component depends on the type of product. An important component of the steps is the tread where a person puts his foot. Its width is not more than 30 cm. The riser acts as a support and a connecting part. The convenience of design depends on it. The steps are straight, wedge-shaped, beveled in shape. For the manufacture and installation of stairs, it is necessary to carry out appropriate calculations.

Fencing consists of handrails, balusters, railings, which are necessary to ensure human safety when moving. They perform a decorative function. Railing is the final touch in the design.

Materials for the manufacture of stairs

For suburban buildings choose a durable and reliable product that can withstand the rise to the second floor of heavy furniture. Stairs in the interior of wood look spectacular. Environmentally friendly material will bring comfort to the home. Steps and railings put in different shapes.Modern modifications often do not have fences. The degree of security of the model chosen depends on whether children or the elderly live in the house.

Wooden staircase from pine in the interior of the living room of a private house

The natural shade of natural wood gives the surrounding interior natural warmth

Wooden staircase to the second floor of a private house

Spectacular wooden staircase with a smooth turn

Glass solutions look fragile and weightless. They have individual characteristics. Light accents will help transform a simple model. For its manufacture, glass components and other decorative materials are used.

Glass staircase in the interior of a private house

Stairs with glass railings look lighter and more airy.

Concrete staircase in an industrial style house interior

Robust and durable cast concrete staircase

Elite marble is replaced with artificial stone, natural material begins to gradually fade after a few years. Stairs are made of iron, aluminum, bronze, etc. Durable metal products are easy to install, they do not require large repair costs. They are made of stainless steel with wooden cladding on the frame. With the help of this material it is easy to translate into reality any designer's idea.

Photo of a staircase on a steel frame with steps from boards

Luxury staircase on a metal frame with wooden steps.

Spiral metal staircase to the second floor of a country house

Forged staircase with original design

Ladder Execution Styles

You need to choose the right color scheme, take into account all the details in the project. It is easy to install any staircase in a private home, but it should correspond to the general direction.

Expressive modifications are used for the Art Nouveau style. Transparent products are performed in the following areas: techno, hi-tech, minimalism. Compositions are supplemented with metal railings, stone elements. Scandinavian-style staircases are bulky, simple in design, with straight and clear lines. They affect the visual perception of space.

Interior staircase of a private house in Art Nouveau style

Modern Art Nouveau staircase

A decorative staircase in the interior of the house will be an excellent solution for a room decorated in a country. These functional wooden models allow you to place a cabinet or convenient niches under them; they store various things. This direction provides for a large number of textiles.

Staircase to the second floor in the interior of a wooden house

Practical corner staircase that fits perfectly into the interior of a wooden house

The classic version will give the room solidity. They make it from stone, different species of trees. Rich decoration is used as decoration. The main advantage of the structure is comfortable operation and an impressive appearance. It should be combined with furniture and accessories.

The interior of the hall of a country house with a staircase in a classic style

In the classic interior, the staircase works for respectability - strict railings, solid steps, solid wood

A solid design in the English style harmoniously fits into the interior. It will create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. For her, they choose an expensive tree, carved balusters, elegant finishes. There are other interesting areas: industrial, loft, chalet, provence. To develop a project, it is better to contact specialists.

Types of stairs

With the help of interesting solutions, it is possible to optimize free space, to ensure ease of movement along the steps. The marching type will decorate the spacious halls. The design looks solemn and convenient in operation.

Direct flight of the flight of stairs in the interior of the living room of a private house

A single-flight staircase is a continuous series of steps from the upper platform to the floor of the lower floor

Ladder on kosoura with metal railing

The peculiarity of this staircase is the presence of only one supporting beam, located in the center of the structure and called the kosour

There are direct, rotary and platform-separated systems. They are classified by the method of fastening:

  • mounted;
  • on bowstrings;
  • monolithic;
  • combined.

Marching elements are mounted on a concrete base. This type is the most common modification. The absence of prefabricated elements makes the monolithic system resistant to damage. Its installation does not cause difficulties, but a certain area will be required.This is not the best choice for modest apartments, but compact rotary variants can be considered.

Designer staircase to the second floor of a private house

Marching stairs take up a lot of space and therefore may not be suitable for every home

The spiral staircase is less functional, but it occupies a small area. A room with such lifting tapes takes on a special look. An open copy is suitable for a country house. There are no risers in its design, so it seems to soar in the air.

Hall of a private house with a spiral staircase of light construction

Spiral staircase - a compact solution for a modern interior

In the direction of the axis, there are straight, rotary and swing types. Depending on the type of load-bearing components, structures are allocated on kosoura, bowstrings, bolets. Regardless of the design, risers may or may not be present. Wooden staircases on bolets are becoming more and more popular. Original solutions are suitable for dwellings decorated in modern, high-tech style. They are mounted using bolts. Despite the apparent lightness, such models are able to withstand a significant load. They also install systems on steel supports.

Steps of stairs on rollers close up

The staircase on the stairs can be a marching, screw or modular design

Staircase in the lobby

In suburban facilities provide a special room for waiting and relaxing guests. The hall is a large room adjacent to the hallway. Visually increasing its volume is easy by installing a white staircase in the interior. Properly selected variation will delight guests of a country house, delight the owners.

Wooden staircase in the lobby of a private house

A staircase in itself can be a hall decoration

Stylish staircase in the hallway of a country house

From the design of the hallway and in particular the stairs, the first impression of the owners of the house depends

For spacious apartments, they acquire a massive staircase and decorate it with balustrades. The design of the hall corresponds to the selected type. It is worth taking care of the lighting, acquiring a central chandelier, installing additional appliances at the entrance. The staircase will be a logical continuation of the design of the hall. Its geometry, colors are traced in the design.

Staircase in the living room

Such an element is capable of linking furnishings. It is often placed in the living room, which immediately changes its character and purpose. A wooden staircase will become a bright accent if you give it an interesting shape. It is located in the central part of the room. She will help to connect apartments decorated in different styles. The staircase in the living room has the following advantages:

  1. Saves square meters, the space under the building is used for a variety of purposes.
  2. Decorative element.
  3. It is convenient to bring cabinets, sofas, appliances to the second floor.
  4. The logical union of space.
study under the stairs in the living room of a private house

Efficient use of space under stairwells

In the living room it is placed in a corner or along the wall. A staircase acts as a partition, dividing the room into sections. In the space underneath it is placed equipment, paintings, create recreation areas. Buy a finished version of wood or make an individual order. Modifications with mirror or glass inserts look interesting.

Options for small rooms

A small spiral staircase is suitable in the entrance hall. Variations with glass or metal railings are popular. If you want to enter it in the hallway, then choose the marching view. Under the steps, a storage system for clothes and shoes is equipped.

Option stairs for a small living room of a country house

Compact staircase with simple construction

Photo of compact goose step construction ladder

Even less space will take the stairs with steps "goose step"

You can buy a spiral staircase in the interior of a country house without risers. The wrought metal model looks luxurious in the interior and takes up little space. In rooms of small sizes, everything should be logical and functional. For the decor, diode illumination of the steps, unusual railings are used. The corridor is supplemented with mirrors, photographs. The use of light-colored materials will visually make the lobby more spacious.

Ladder selection

Depending on the type of lifting, the location of the product is selected. This is still required at the planning stage. Otherwise, order your favorite option, which corresponds to the characteristics of the home. The staircase to the second floor is mounted so as to economically use the usable area. They make their way with the dimensions corresponding to the size of the room.

Decor stairs in the hallway of a country house

It is necessary to plan in advance not only the design of the stairs, but also its decoration and decoration of the surrounding space

Staircase of an original design in a modern house

Modern style loves experiments and the most unexpected forms of staircase designs

A wooden staircase sets the rhythm, well-chosen colors will allow you to create an original design. Durable materials are used for it to ensure safety. When ordering a unique design of a modern staircase in a house, one should not forget about its practicality and safety. Take into account the structural and stylistic features of the room. The types of interfloor structures are diverse, which allows you to create an original solution in a spacious hall and a room with a small area.

Video: staircase lighting ideas

Photo stairs for any interior

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