German country style in the interior

Pragmatism and rationalism have always been hallmarks of the German people. And of course, these features did not bypass the German style in the interior. It is characterized by comfort and orderliness in combination with the rustic simplicity of decoration.

German-style private house living room design

Thoroughness, order and practicality are the three pillars on which the German-style interior rests.

Style feature

Fachwerk, or with a Germanic structure, is what is the pillar of the German style. The main elements of the house are a beam (horizontal wooden beam), a stand (vertical wooden support) and braces (wooden bars located at an angle). The point here is that the design does not contain central load-bearing elements, but is guessed in the spatial sections constructed by wooden beams. The free space between them is occupied by various improvised materials - clay, stone or brick.

Facade of a German half-timbered house

The German style is associated primarily with half-timbered houses.

Wooden beams in a German-style bedroom

Key structural elements can also be traced inside residential premises.

Wooden beams in the design of the living room of a private house

Only natural materials are used in decoration, fabrics and furniture.

How to create a German style in the interior?

The criteria that are important to observe to create a European spirit in the decor:

  1. Getting rid of elaborate elements in decoration (sculptures, etc.).
  2. Practicality and economy in the choice of finishing materials.
  3. Restraint and severity of the color scheme.
  4. Parsimony of the interior.
Living room interior in white with raspberry pouf

Nowadays, German style is very close to minimalism.

German style private house hallway interior

Most likely you will have to give up many things

Comfort and functionality are the hallmarks of the German style.

The German manner of housekeeping differs from others in its emphasis on comfort and functionality. He does not want to embarrass you with a bright interior design or unexpected architectural solutions. He only wants you and your family not to care about what is missing in your home, and therefore the style often resorts to minimalism. Every thing has a goal to create coziness, and its design corresponds to the German style. For this, Germanic decoration is appreciated anywhere in the world.

Ceramic floor in the living room of a country house

In the German interior, everything is extremely logical - a sofa for a good rest, an armchair for comfortable sitting

Spacious living room rustic style country house

The houses often practice free layout in two levels

German color scheme

General, soft and warm, the tone of the furniture is in harmony with the dark (usually wooden) floor and creates a favorable contrast, which allows you to focus on elegant furniture. Usually used beige, brown, milky, sand and terracotta colors, less often green, olive, gray, light pink and light blue. Do not recommend silver, purple and black colors.

Hall of a country house in the style of a German country

The German interior is characterized by calm warming shades, cream, milk and light coffee tones are welcome

Dark room design with wooden ceiling

Contrast ceiling decoration in a half-timbered house

German-style furniture and accessories

Furniture should be simply styled and consist of high-quality natural materials (mainly wood, wrought iron and leather). They choose elegant, simple, non-illustrated furniture that performs its specific function.Country is decorated with accessories such as dishes, candle holders, food baskets.

German-style living room with fireplace

Convenience is the main requirement for furniture

Wooden beams on the ceiling in a German-style kitchen-living room

It is important to leave free space - you also need to walk in comfort

German-style kitchen-living room decoration

German style does not imply rich decor

Walls and roof

The material of the wall decoration should match the purpose of the room. So for the hallway and kitchen they use porcelain tiles, and in the living room and bedroom you can wallpaper the walls.

Chatroom entrance hall with dark wooden doors

The walls are most often painted, faced with tiles or stone, sheathed with wood. Wallpaper is rare

Roof with ceramic tiles at a German house

Ceramic tiles traditional for German homes are rare these days, modern roofs are often covered with a soft roof

Roofs are tiled in brown, burgundy, brick or red and have many slopes.

Windows and doors

The windows in such a house are large for more natural light. Lightweight wooden window frames divided into sections, exclusively rectangular or arched, sometimes with shutters; windows should not be covered with thick curtains.

Living room with large windows in the German style

A real German house is permeated with light - there are large windows in it, often located not only on the walls and in the roof

Country house hallway design

Solid wood front door

The front door contrasts with the color of the facade and is decorated brightly.

The interior and facade of the house in the German style

The interior decoration of the house should match the facade. Warm colors should saturate the interior of such a house. Lighting should play an important role, because the more light in our cabin, the better. Vintage dark metal chandeliers with shades or imitation of candles will wonderfully fit into the interior.

White walls in the living room with wooden beams on the ceiling

Modern interior design in bright colors

Facade of a half-timbered apartment building

Classic design - wooden frame filled with modern materials

The traditional German house is always rectangular or square with two, one or three floors. In modern houses, a lot of attention is also paid to the correct proportions, but the presence of extensions, some asymmetry of forms, is also allowed. An increase in usable space in houses is an attic, bay windows or ground floor. For construction, red brick, natural stone, cinder block and ceramic block are used, and in the case of fachwerk - glued beams, sandwich panels and DSP. Often the first floor is built of stone or brick, and the second of wood. Traditionally, the facade is plastered and painted. The most popular finishing method is a plinth lined with natural stone or its imitation.

Living room and bedroom

The living room in the house serves as a place of relaxation and reception of guests, and therefore it is cozy and concise. The German-style living room is decorated with massive furniture, sofas and armchairs, tables of the correct geometric shape without decorations. Such furniture looks harmonious against the background of warm and soft colors, contrasts nicely. So where without a real (or artificial) fireplace, warming the inhabitants of the house in the cold European winter? It is the main attraction of the living room - the main thing is not to forget to hide in a blanket. As for the rest, then you need to curtain the windows with light curtains, hang family paintings or hunting trophies on the walls, arrange flowers around the room, and put a table on thin legs on the sofa. Lay a short pile rug on the floor.

Dining table in the living room with fireplace

For a fachwerk style living room, you need a real fireplace or its imitation

Massive bed in the bedroom of German style

The main attribute of the German bedroom is a solid and large bed. Cabinets do not clutter up the room, leaving more space for free movement

The German-style bedroom is simple and straightforward. It requires modesty in the choice of furniture, the selection of natural materials and a maximum of natural light. The furniture will fit a bed, a pair of chairs, a chest of drawers and bedside tables. Even if there is free space, you should not fill it. A laminate, imitating the texture of wood, is laid on the floor, and the walls are pasted into wallpaper in bright colors.

Natural wood headboard

Number one material is wood, in any form it should be present in any German-style dwelling

Bathroom and kitchen

The bathroom is faced with ceramic tiles, but plaster is also suitable. Furniture and plumbing are limited by needs, and their lines are characteristic of the German interior. A shower can be used.

German style bathroom interior

In the bathroom, only the most necessary plumbing, to make it convenient to wash and clean

German cuisine should provide the needs of any housewife. In such a kitchen, cosiness harmoniously resonates with functionality. Each interior item is in its place. German cuisine prefers a new kitchen interior, so here you can see furniture made of fashionable materials and modern appliances. As for the kitchen, the best solution is a dark tiled floor and light walls. Do not forget that any decor items in the decoration, for example, decorative niches, will be superfluous. It is better to decorate the German-style kitchen with fresh flowers, beautiful dishes and cute curtains.

German-style kitchen-living room interior

The kitchen is an important room in the house, a symbol of German character, cleanliness and order

Complete kitchen with wooden facades

Here every little thing knows its place

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