Unique and amazing retro style in the interior

The difficult 50s were replaced by the bright, positive, outstanding 60s. This era is saturated with a special halo of romance, hope for a brighter future and faith in grand changes. It was then that new youth movements, musical groups, styles in art began to emerge. A new way of life and the pursuit of everything new became the prerequisite for the emergence of a special style in the interior, called today “retro”. Many modern people prefer this particular style for its brightness, originality and non-triviality. Most designers prefer to work in retro style for the opportunity to fantasize about the future of the interior, without a clear framework. Indeed, in this case, you can combine the incongruous, doing it as harmoniously as possible.

option of using a bright interior in a retro style room

Many people prefer retro style

example of using a beautiful retro-style room decor

Retro style in the interior looks very beautiful and practical

the idea of ​​applying an unusual room design in retro style

By modernizing this style you can make a masterpiece

The main features of the retro style in the interior

The hallmark was rich colors, geometric prints, futuristic furniture and hanging fireplaces. Maximalism and the desire to create something extraordinary led to a variety of design experiments. In the interior design used a variety of colors, at first glance incompatible with each other. Widespread plastic and glass. They were combined and received real works of art: sophisticated vases, stylish round chairs, chic panels. The pieces of furniture made of wood fit perfectly into the overall picture and complemented it.

option for applying a bright room interior in retro style

In retro style interior design, you can use colors that are not combined with each other.

the idea of ​​applying a bright retro style room design

Using an antique clock will create a special atmosphere in the room

Retro style

Used colors

20s - 30s

White, brown, beige

40s - 50s

Gray, Blue, Milky


Acid shades of pink, green, orange, blue, red


Gold, Walnut, Natural Green, Ash White

example of using a beautiful retro-style room design

The room in retro style will look very beautiful and unusual

option to use bright retro-style room decor

In retro style, maximalism is usually used.

the idea of ​​using an unusual room interior in retro style

Furniture is mainly used in wood.

Retro style furniture

Furniture in those days was notable for its laconicism and restrained appearance. Massive cabinets were quite rare, and the “walls” have not yet been invented. In addition, at that time it was still not possible to buy the necessary headset as a kit; everything was sold separately. Therefore, cabinet furniture of a typical person of that era was rather motley.

the idea of ​​using a beautiful retro-style room interior

Furniture in those days was notable for its laconicism and restrained appearance

variant of applying a bright interior in a retro style room

To make a retro design, you can use the recommendations of specialists

Sideboards, chests of drawers, cabinets and secretaries in retro style are distinguished by clear lines and the absence of unnecessary accessories. This is usually low and oblong furniture made of oak, ash, alder and beech. The color palette was quite diverse, but this did not prevent the landlord from skillfully combining the purchased items. The furniture of honey, light brown and beige shades was especially popular. The “counter” of retro furniture is undoubtedly its legs.Tall, thin legs, sometimes slightly pointed, looked very unusual, but quite interesting. It seemed that the cabinets and chests of drawers “soar” in the air, giving the room lightness.

The most popular item that came to us from the 60s is rightfully considered to be chairs made of plastic. These are not the options that can now be found on the summer venues of most pubs. The chairs of that era are distinguished by their originality, unique appearance and variety of lines. They were made of bright plastic of inconceivable and bright colors. Sometimes, manufacturers decorated chairs with colorful prints, which made these pieces of furniture works of art.

idea of ​​applying bright retro-style room design

Absolutely all colors are used in retro style.

an example of using a light room decor in retro style

Furniture usually has long and slightly pointed legs.

the idea of ​​using a beautiful retro style room interior

Retro style room design options can be viewed on the Internet

Accessories and decor

The retro style in the interior sets a positive mood and is associated with the hippie era. One has only to recall the lava lamps shimmering in different colors, which remain relevant to this day. But if in those years these lamps looked almost the same, today manufacturers of this interior item offer a large selection of shapes, sizes, colors. In addition, it is very convenient, a lava lamp will look great as a night lamp. The lampshades will give cosiness to the room, and the brighter they are, the better.

option to use an unusual room decor in retro style

The retro style in the interior sets a positive mood and is associated with the hippie era

an example of applying a bright retro-style room design

Creating a retro style in your room is not at all difficult

Returning to that era is not difficult at all. This will help some interior items that were inherent precisely in the 60s and have nothing to do with the modern world. We are talking about disk phones, round televisions and radios. Many designers use this technique to maximize the atmosphere of the past years. And I must say that not in vain.

At the peak of popularity in the 60s, there were various geometric prints. A fabric with a similar pattern was used not only for the manufacture and sewing of clothes. She looked harmoniously in the interior. The needlewomen made pillow covers from such fabric, made curtains, made bedspreads for sofas and beds. Today on the market you can find a wide range of different fabrics with geometric prints and choose the right option for the design of the room is not difficult.

It is better to give preference to the design of the walls to bright wallpaper. It was an era of experimentation and originality, so do not be afraid to mix different textures and colors. The walls were covered with unusual posters that looked very appropriate in the overall interior. Fans of the art house preferred playboy posters. And lovers of pop art used paintings of acid flowers to decorate the walls. What is Andy Warhol's legacy worth, because his paintings to this day are a huge success and look great not only in the framework of the retro style.

example of using bright retro-style room decor

Various prints were very popular in those days.

variant of applying an unusual interior of a room in retro style

Furniture is better to choose from wood

the idea of ​​using a beautiful retro style room design

Retro style walls were bright

How to arrange a kitchen

Many people liked the retro interior. It is not necessary to spend countless time in flea markets and flea markets in order to imbue the spirit of the past. Modern designers offer a large selection of different interior items, styled antique. The kitchens of the 50s, 60s and 70s had some differences among themselves. But there was something in common between them.

Pay close attention to the color scheme. Dark shades are taboo. It is better to give preference to light and noble colors. Furniture of white, blue, green and red colors was popular in those years. Modern appliances must be hidden with the help of additional panels and cabinets, so as not to spoil the impression of the overall appearance of the room.

Victorian-style cuisines are gaining in popularity.This style is characterized by soft colors, smooth lines and pompous forms. Light marble and wood are used to finish the surfaces; the overall picture is complemented by needlework accessories reminiscent of a bygone era. Another favorite in the design of kitchens can be called art deco style. Particular attention should be paid to chrome surfaces, wood panels. It is art deco without a shadow of doubt that can be called one of the most elegant, chic, but at the same time restrained styles.

option to use the beautiful interior of the room in retro style

Dark shades were hardly used at that time. Prefer light colors

idea of ​​using bright retro style room design

It’s better to hide modern technology

How to make a living room

The living room is the heart of the whole house and for its design it is necessary to devote maximum time and effort. It is important that the room is not only functional, but also combines the deliberate rationality of objects. When designing a room in retro style, you should adhere to several basic canons, namely:

  • as with other rooms, it is necessary to hide modern office equipment as carefully as possible;
  • it is worth dividing the room into zones and it is most convenient to place all the furniture;
  • pay special attention to the method of decorating walls and floors;
  • the retro interior includes the use of antiquities, old sets, lamps from the Soviet era, multi-colored lampshades, vases are suitable for this.

If you decide to design a room in the style of the 50s, you should remember: the use of furniture with various geometric shapes is welcome in the interior. For upholstery, it is better to give preference to natural fabrics, the skin will look especially impressive. As for accessories, then the pictures “Gone with the Wind” will look appropriate.

an example of applying a bright room decor in retro style

It is better to hide modern equipment in the room and focus on furniture and accessories

the idea of ​​using an unusual room design in retro style

Choosing a design for the living room is very carefully

option to use the unusual interior of the room in retro style

It is important that the room is functional and practical.

For the style of the 60s, it is better to use bright plastic furniture. Fabrics for tablecloths, curtains and rugs are best used as bright as possible, with geometric and floral prints. As accessories, it is worth paying attention to glass vases of unusual shapes, lampshades and pop art paintings.

Design in the style of the 70s can be called the most restrained and concise. Here it is appropriate to use restrained colors, pastel colors. The main feature of these years was the use of small coffee tables and sideboards. The central figure in the room can be considered an ottoman, a fairly roomy piece of furniture. Golden accessories, figures in the shape of animals, large table and wall clocks will look good.

option to use a bright interior in a retro style room

Design in the style of the 70s can be called the most restrained and concise

idea of ​​using bright retro-style room decor

Wallpaper is worth choosing bright colors and prints


An inspiration for creating a room in retro style can be an old table, left in the inheritance, a chic wardrobe, a spacious sofa. The main thing is to skillfully beat the basic details of the interior and skillfully complement them with the necessary accessories. Fantasy, the ability to work with fabric textures and good taste will help you create the home of your dreams.

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