Floral wallpaper in the interior: new design trends

New trends periodically appear in the design, but the fashion for floral wallpaper in the interior does not pass. Variegated floral decoration remains in demand in many style decisions, however, experts are revising their recommendations so that the “well-forgotten old” looks stylish and modern. Flower pattern - an infinite number of variations embodied in textiles and wallpapers. On how to make the right choice for any room, experts will share their secrets.

Wallpaper with faint flowers in pastel colors on the wall in the bedroom

Wallpaper with flowers is guaranteed to be suitable for any interior, the main thing is to choose them correctly

Features of floral wallpaper

It often happens that, due to the abundance of the assortment, they are mistaken with the choice - something distracted from the main preference. It is difficult to dwell on one thing. When buying wallpaper with floral print, we choose the interior design not only according to the rules, but also to your taste. What to do when at the same time I liked 5-6 types of rolls, plus more 3D murals?

Wallpaper with yellow flowers on the wall of the living room of a country house

It is important to maintain a balance between the colors on the wallpaper and other interior details.

Tip: When buying, it is important to be aware of what is expected result.

Blue and white wallpaper in a large flower in the interior of the living room

A good selection of wallpaper with contour colors for the decoration of a soft chair

Each plant has its own subconscious associations, the type of image and the size of the pattern affects the perception of space. Floral ornament attracts attention, therefore it is easy to create spectacular accents if you want to distract attention from surface defects, give comfort or emphasize the refined style of the house.

Soft vintage armchair on the background of a wall decorated with wallpaper with natural ornaments

Wallpaper with natural ornaments will make the interior as sophisticated, harmonious and sophisticated

There is an opinion that floral design is only suitable for a "female" interior. But this is not so, since olden times the “masculine” ones were considered:

  • sunflowers
  • gladiolus;
  • dahlias;
  • periwinkle;
  • blooming bow arrows.

These images have traditionally been used in the classic interior of the study, living room and studio apartment for single people. Moreover, they are present not only in the form of wallpaper, curtains and in the upholstery of the sofa, but also as a "living addition" in the vase. Male accent, in addition to such wallpaper with flowers in the interior, will help give indoor plants such as "male happiness." Lotus and bamboo are widely used in the chambers of "lonely samurai", this is the Japanese style.

Bright floral wallpaper on the wall behind a wooden couch

Saturated bright print on a black background, perfect for a bright floor

Umbrella and spikelet inflorescences, including lavender - a neutral pattern that has become the main sign of interiors in the spirit of Provence.

Typically "feminine" are roses, especially a delicate pink or apricot hue. However, the abstract or schematic outline, black and white outline sketches, where roses and lilies are not immediately guessed, distract from the "feminine" theme. An accent wall at the head of the bed with a floral theme is a typical attribute of the conjugal bedroom, alluding to the romance of the relationship.

Decoration of the bedroom wall with floral wallpaper in a rustic style

Wallpaper with roses is perfect for a bedroom in the style of Provence or country.

Important rules for using floral wallpapers

Professional designers have their own campaigns in the design:

1. Total balance The buds should not be full of colors, it is important to balance between simple and catchy interior elements, plain furniture is well perceived against the background of walls with voluminous floral motifs.
2. Gamma The naturalistic pattern is better perceived in natural tones of close shades, the abstract image is an arbitrary choice.
3. Flower size Large flowers crush and absorb space, a small "chintz" pattern is appropriate in a small room, scattering attention.
4. Groups or single fragments Bouquets, a flowering tree, thin stems with elegant buds, carelessly scattered petals, geometric floristry, large prints or photo wallpaper - we choose one thing.
5. Image type The conceptual image is warm or cold gamma, the believable one is natural shades, the abstraction is arbitrary, the graphic pattern is monochrome or contrast on a neutral background.
Large flowers on the wallpaper in the living room of a large area

Large bright flowers will be appropriate on the wallpaper in a spacious room with high ceilings.

Design a living room in a classic style with floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper in a classic living room interior

Decoration of the living room of a country house with floral wallpaper

Beautiful room interior with floral patterns in light green shade

With such a balanced choice, the design of wallpaper with a large floral pattern in the interior is perceived very organically. A small “chintz pattern” should not ripple, but it is important that the shades of the background and the pattern match.

Tip. Large-format images should not be “sculpted” on all walls, they are comparable to photo wallpaper. These prints are suitable as decor or inserts on a plain or striped background to visually “raise” the ceiling.

Large flowers on the wallpaper in a modern living room

Large and bright prints are suitable for modern interiors of spacious rooms

Large roses or peonies are a great option for an accent plane behind a soft corner in the living room or for a bedroom at the head of the bed.

Colorful rolls can be used in any combination with plain wallpaper or with another compatible pattern, if stylistically appropriate:

  • a small strip like a frieze or frame;
  • wide roll horizontally near the ceiling;
  • classic vertical sticking;
  • like collage, patchwork or mosaic.
The interior of the dining area of ​​the kitchen space with floral wallpaper

The combination of plainly painted walls with floral wallpaper

Sinuous images and stems, as if “running” along the diagonal, add dynamism to any design. On the contrary, the arrangement of flowers on a diamond-shaped grid will bring a sense of stability.

Flower symbolism

By choosing a picture, designers often emphasize the age of the owner of the room:

  1. Slightly withered roses of discreet shades are an attribute of a women's bedroom, whose age cannot be attributed to either youth or old age.
  2. Juicy orchids - for a young woman.
  3. Peppy peonies or tulips are a symbol of rapidly passing years.
  4. In a children's bedroom, a floristic theme can be revealed in the form of schematic or “cartoon” images in emotional colors.
  5. For teens, suitable wallpaper with large flowers in your personal space, it is better to choose juicy petals on a neutral background.
Bunk bed in a room with flowers on the wallpaper

Stylish combination of floral print on the wallpaper with the design of a baby bed

Beautiful wallpaper with large flowers in the living room of a private house

The color of the wallpaper depends on the style direction and the availability of free space in the room

Proponents of innovative solutions, designers advise buying wall murals with fairly realistic buds of an unusually large format or in 3D. The lotus looks extravagant, a rose or an orchid on a black background is a subconscious expression of young purposeful women.

The choice of the shade of floral wallpaper

Choosing the color of the walls, form a special aura of the room:

  1. White, pearl gray and light beige are considered a neutral background.
  2. The warm range compensates well for the lack of sunlight, the cold, on the contrary, makes the room more comfortable in the summer with windows facing south.
  3. Blurry pastel shades should go well with shades of petals, stems and leaves in floral design.
Floral wallpaper in vintage style for a bedroom of a private house

For a room in a vintage style, pale floral prints that create the impression of old paper wallpaper burnt out in the sun are suitable

Using wallpaper with flowers in the interior of a living room

Large flowers on a light background

Red petals are positive, this is a hint of love and passion, but an excess of this color is annoying, causing aggression.

Pink and lilac are traditionally chosen for the bedroom or nursery in girls. However, such a background with discreet colors is a great choice for a married bedroom. Often men admit that, having looked closely, they approved the lilac tone as an uncompromising choice of the wife.

English style living room design with floral wallpaper

Classic wallpaper with small wildflowers for an interior in the English style

Pastel is the best background with soft colors on the wallpaper in a classic interior imitating a tapestry. Milky, burgundy, brown and dark green tones form the basis of the gamut for a calm picture.

Yellow and orange color cause appetite, therefore, they often choose for the kitchen or decorating the dining area in the kitchen-living room.

Orange flowers on paper wallpaper in the living room

The color of orange flowers on the wallpaper harmoniously resonates with the upholstery of sofa cushions

Living room interior with fireplace in pastel colors.

Gray-beige wallpaper with flowers on both sides of the fireplace

For modern design, often use monochrome or black and white sketch of floral motifs. This will be appropriate even in an urban bedroom.

Tip. You can successfully combine floral wallpaper in the interior with other textures and facing materials. This is a beautiful cut of wood, decorative plaster, painting and liquid wallpaper.

Decorative wood panel on the wall with floral wallpaper

The combination of floral ornament with natural wood

Floral arrangements in the style of design

Each style has its own favorite flower or symbol:

  • small forget-me-nots, daisies and blooming flax - retro and vintage style;
  • "Chintz" coloring with wildflowers will suit country style decisions;
  • lavender - Provencal style;
  • lotus - a purely Asian attribute;
  • lily is modern;
  • in branches of blossoming sakura Japanese minimalism is guessed;
  • loft and hi-tech do not imply floral motifs, but graphic, abstract or schematic bud-shaped strokes are quite appropriate on the accent wall of a bedroom, hall or kitchen;
  • refined French style offers large poppies, peonies, Elysium, cultural garden forms of unusual shades;
  • English classics do not like variegation, but small roses, dahlias, chrysanthemums in a vase and on wallpaper with flowers in the interior are a modern reinterpretation of long-established traditions;
  • romanticism, boho and shabby-chic - domination of floristic subjects;
  • pop art welcomes large bright flowers in the form of watercolor drawings (poppies, roses, peonies);
  • minimalism in an urban format does not exclude floral images, but it is rather a schematic drawing, outline or sketch on one wall.
Decoration of the wall in the bedroom with wallpaper in a small flower

Delicate floral wallpaper patterns in the bedroom

A contrasting combination of floral wallpaper with textiles in the living room

Spectacular contrast between pillows on the sofa and large flowers on the wallpaper

Tip. Do not forget about the wall murals on one wall, including art proposals that set the general mood for the entire interior. This is a great way to modernize a morally outdated living room or bedroom, at the same time make a partial repair on the surface with defects.

Wall mural with large flowers in the interior of a bedroom

Bright juicy flowers on the photo wallpaper will radically transform the room

An excellent design solution in many styles can be wallpaper companions that need to be selected most carefully for a floral design. Best of all, when the combined background and tone of the petals have something in common. A plain texture is a great option for companions, especially when the buds on glossy wallpaper alternate with a matte, bumpy texture.

The restrained and strict geometry of the stripes is a favorite of many styles, it is perfectly complemented by winding lines of large colors on the wallpaper in the interior of the living room or office.

Niche decoration in the bedroom of a private house with floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper can highlight a niche or zoning a room

Design tips for individual rooms:

  1. Office wallpapers are selected mainly without a floral theme, but it is quite acceptable without contrasts and variegation on a neutral background, so as not to tire your eyesight.
  2. A large single print can decorate any room, including the lobby, recreation space, waiting room or reception, as well as living rooms.
  3. Wide horizontal stripes of floral ornaments are a great way to bring “more life” to the hallway decoration, where a smooth and striped pattern was combined. Just do not rush to immediately glue the colorful frieze on the walls, attach and visually evaluate the expected result.
  4. Today, the trendy trend is volumetric application in the form of large flowers on an accent surface. Large inflorescences and buds, carved with petals from plain wallpaper, complement with butterflies and leaves of the same shade, so as not to “ripple”.
  5. An interesting solution can be a wallpaper with a print in the interior of the kitchen. "Classics" are images of plants from a country house (poppies, sunflowers, dahlias, peonies).
  6. For the bedroom, the choice of floral motif is arbitrary. But more often they prefer roses, lilies and orchids. For lovers of something extravagant, industrial wallpapers are printed with an exotic print, the name of which is not always known.
Bedside table with painted flowers and bouquets on the wallpaper

A delicate combination of bouquets on wallpaper with fresh flowers and a pattern on the bedside table

Wall mural with large flowers in the interior of the living room of a private house

It’s very nice to look at a wall decorated with bright flower buds

After the designers have revealed all the secrets, we suggest making sure the decor is practical with wallpaper with large flowers in the interior and a small “chintz” pattern, as in the photo.

Video: floral wallpaper in the interior

Photo of rooms with flowers on wallpaper

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