Olive color in a modern interior of urban apartments

Olive color in the interior of the living room, bedroom or hallway is quite rare, especially in urban apartments. The problem is that it’s difficult for him to find worthy companions, and in the evening the room becomes gloomy if there is no decent lighting. Although the natural shade of southern fruits is considered warm, specialists consider it “unfriendly”, not every designer can offer a spectacular, memorable project with a cozy atmosphere. However, it periodically comes into fashion. Those who still have the favorite olive fruit color will be interested in experimenting with the design of an apartment or one of the rooms.

Dining room with olive furniture

Warm shades of olive tones in combination with other colors can fill the house with comfort and natural tranquility

What shade is called olive

When people talk about color classification, they usually recall a rainbow, with its “cold” and “warm” part of the spectrum. And there are no spectral tones - white, gray and black. But this list is not limited to, there are also pastel, complex, mixed and transitional shades. Where, for example, include lilac and raspberry, beige and powder shades? Each has its own characteristics, based on the properties of the colors of which it consists.

Living room in olive color with white window frames

Like all green shades, the olive color has a beneficial effect on the human condition, helps to calm down and relax.

The same can be said about the olive color in the interior, consisting of a mixture of 3 components:

  • gray;
  • yellow;
  • green.
Scheme of combinations of olive color with other shades

Olive green combination

To apply this natural tone you need to carefully, dosed. Especially if it is the base color or the background base in the form of painting walls or wallpapers of olive color. However, the blurry shade looks good in the hallway in the Provencal style, in the a la country kitchen or in the Japanese-style bathroom.

Saturated color is obtained with a predominance of yellowness. He is great in textiles - bedspreads and bedding, kitchen curtains and tablecloths.

Design bedroom with olive furniture and wooden walls

In the bedroom, the bedding or bed frame may be olive green.

A pale olive color with a predominance of gray with a silver tint is an excellent option for upholstery of upholstered furniture and sofa covers. It is not easily soiled, it looks good against the background of pearl gray wallpaper, so it will be interesting to those who avoid white walls, bright colors and rich olive-colored wallpapers in the interior. Golden ebb - even more luxurious.

No less interesting is this color with a predominance of a green base, when they want to make a two-color interior design - white with olive. This sophisticated version is extremely rare, and in vain, the pacifying atmosphere and laconic duo look great in eco-styles and an Asian ethnic style with a bamboo theme.

Stylish chair with olive fabric trim

A highlight of the interior can be such a vintage chair.

Designers successfully cope with the task of choosing shades of this “visitor” of Mediterranean interiors. Beginners in this business should heed their recommendations to get an exclusive, sophisticated interior in shades of southern olive gardens.

  1. Green brings peace and naturalness to nature itself.
  2. Yellow color symbolizes warmth, comfort, positive emotions.
  3. Gray brings peace, concentration and self-contemplation.

Depending on the color saturation, proportional ratio and lighting, the design of the living room or bedroom in olive tones may seem mustard, light green or green.

Bathroom design with olive columns and white fixtures

The photo shows how olive successfully combines with a marble floor, and white color acts as a separator of space into zones

Tip. If the interior turned out to be overloaded, do not rush to change the olive wallpaper in the interior. Experts recommend leaving the finish, but replacing textiles, using a larger percentage of white. You may have to remove some of the bright accents, leaving an elegant duet with white and soft shades of wood texture.

Psychology of Hue

Due to the yellow component, olive color is attributed to a warm range, although this is a typical representative of the green palette. It is well received by those who are against the green interior in its purest form, but agrees with such a rare and original proposal as the interior in olive tones.

Cabinet design featuring olive color

Olive interior will set you up for work

This is the personification of life, youth and health - this is how adherents of this color explain its perception. However, his kindred tones are shades of military or khaki (the color of a military uniform), so to many he seems unfriendly, hostile. Perhaps, but this can only be said about dark shades of high saturation, which is rarely used in the color of wallpaper and interior textiles.

For some, it is associated with maturity, judiciousness, a certain touch of antiquity. Therefore, designers often use olive paint for antique furniture - cupboards, chests, benches. This is a “welcome guest” in country houses and interiors of urban kitchens in retro style.

Corner sofa olive in the design of the living room

In the living room with walls of pastel colors, a spacious sofa with olive-colored fabric upholstery will look good

Saturated olive walls in the interior evoke thoughts and memories of a bygone youth, but are conducive to introspection, so it is considered the "color of wisdom." It is customary to dilute such interiors with more cheerful shades of youth - canary yellow and carrot.

No matter what, the inner sense of self in this interior is quite comfortable. Here you can feel some kind of reliability, solidity, security, especially in combination with furniture made of natural wood in light shades, as in the photo.

Tip. If you want to make a new upholstery for old upholstered furniture - choose olive velor or flock with a silver tint without a pattern. Designers claim that this is the best choice, emphasizing the exquisite nobility of antique classics.

Design living room with olive chairs

In this room, olive chairs serve as a bright accent on the background of the interior in pastel colors.

Natural olive tone carries a certain conservatism and confidence. Therefore, he is elected by calm, phlegmatic people who have taken place in life, with conservative views. However, such people are distinguished by diplomacy and wisdom.

Similarly, the interior of the living room disposes unfamiliar people to constructive conversations, seeking compromises and mutual understanding. The decoration with an olive sofa in the interior for the negotiation area is often chosen by the heads of large Japanese corporations.

Attention! Do not overdo it with your favorite color! The plain olive interior is a bit tiring, even if it is made in different shades. It will have to be diluted with well-chosen partners, including beige and white.

An experienced designer will not use what causes disharmony - the color of fuchsia or raspberry. In the children's room it is practically not used - the kids do not perceive this complex color.

Room design with olive ceiling

The olive ceiling and light walls made this room wider.

The percentage of shades in residential premises should focus on natural light.If this is the southern room, you can afford olive curtains, in the northern room it is better to refuse them altogether, replacing the cream-colored light veil.

Some people like contrasting combinations, others like a calm palette. And when organizing personal space, the atmosphere itself is more important, not only aesthetics. Remember this when choosing the aura that the new interior design will shape.

Rules for the use of olive color in the interior

Before buying wallpaper or curtains, it is better to clarify what olive color is combined in the interior. On the one hand, it is a natural color; on the other, it’s difficult to quickly name the best combinations or traditional companions. Its use in modern interiors has recently become popular, but this color has not become popular - not every style has a worthy use for it.

Olive wall in high-ceilinged living room

A combination of olive wall and creamy ceiling in a spacious living room

Each color combination will have its adherents and opponents. Juicy additions, bold contrasts and a blurred background are the secret of a well-equipped living space. It is worth remembering the classic combinations with which color the olive color in the interior is combined:

  • beige;
  • lactic;
  • cream;
  • mustard;
  • pumpkin;
  • carrot;
  • brick or terracotta.
The combination of black and olive stripes in the painting of the walls of the living room

Striped living room interior

Important! The same color will be perceived differently in rooms of different styles, in a design with sharp contrasts. It is better to give preference to a range with soft color transitions than a sharp combination of olive color with white and black.

Olive color in a classic style living room design

Olive shades are perfect for the classic style. It will be harmonious combination with beige, pistachio and chocolate flowers.

Original combinations will add sophistication and dynamism to the room. As emotional accents, you can use:

  • sapphire and emerald;
  • turquoise and blue watercolor;
  • cognac and burgundy;
  • lilac and lavender;
  • orange and yellow saturated;
  • indigo (blue-violet) and eggplant, but they need to be diluted with white.
Bedroom interior in light olive shades

Bedroom in olive tones with floral patterns on the bedspread, curtains and wallpaper.

Note! Perception of design also depends on the hardware. The door and furniture door handles can be golden and silver, copper and bronze, with blackening and ceramic inserts.

Popular olive green combinations in selected rooms

  1. Olive with brown - it all depends on the shade, it is better to choose brown closer to chocolate, and olive to take “young” or as if diluted with milk. Mustard, golden or yellow color can be added to this combination, it is desirable to enhance artificial lighting, especially if it is a living room. Glossy surfaces will add reflected light.

    Design of living room with olive walls combined with dark brown furniture

    The combination of olive and brown colors in the design of the living room

  2. White is yellowish and crystal clear, with a blue admixture, but it is not worth using with the color of olives. A milky or creamy shade will perfectly complement the caramel accents, textiles and decor. A great combination for a living-dining room or kitchen. Against this background, stained glass inserts and mosaic from broken tiles will look great.

    Kitchen interior with white set and olive walls

    Duo white headset with olive wall decoration

  3. Beige is a light alternative to brown, so it is considered a good alternative. A friendly combination in the hallway - with yellow accents, turquoise additions are suitable for the bedroom, but in a small percentage.

    The combination of olive and beige in provence style

    Olive-beige combination for a room in the style of Provence

  4. Light wood is an excellent companion for many shades of olive color in the interior. This is a natural combination of country style that came from the fields of Provence. In this option, lavender and blue accents fit well. An excellent combination for a kitchen-dining room with French chic.

    Olive color in the design of a modern kitchen

    The combination of olive shade with light wood

  5. Light green shades combined with carrot and olive are an excellent choice for the kitchen. This “environmentally friendly” combination increases appetite, improves mood.

    The combination of olive walls with contrasting shades of kitchen furniture

    Olive and contrast color

  6. In the area of ​​business activity and the office, it looks exquisitely olive with gray, silver and chrome fittings. Against this background, brown leather sofas in the English Chesterfield style are perfectly perceived, with a carriage pick-up of low backs, turning into armrests. Upholstery color can vary - from cognac to chocolate.

    The combination of gray and olive colors in the interior

    Harmony of warm olive color on the wall with cool gray upholstery

  7. White, red and olive are a combination for the bedroom of a passionate couple, but white should prevail. Red can be replaced with wine-burgundy or purple.

    Design bedroom with olive curtains and light walls

    In the bedroom, it is appropriate to use olive stripes against the background of light walls.

  8. For a hallway with a door directly to the street, a strict combination of gray and olive is suitable - a practical option where you do not need to deal with street dust daily. It is only undesirable to choose textured plaster, but photowall-paper on an accent wall will add charm, visually expand the space.

    Olive Wall Entrance Design

    Olive color in the interior of the hallway

  9. A tile of this color is rarely on sale, but it is worth looking for it to design a bathroom in Japanese style. This warm tone will “warm” the cold blue-blue shades.

    Olive-colored ceramic tiles in kitchen design

    Olive-colored kitchen apron

How to choose lighting

The described color has the property of absorbing light fluxes. And, as already noted, the olive color of the walls in the interior is good during the day and a little gloomy under artificial lighting. This is important to consider when planning the lighting design of a room with olive walls.

Depending on the chosen palette, artificial lamps of warm and cold light are selected. But in this case, you need a warm spectrum, with the exception of the hallway in gray-green tones. Recall that matte surfaces absorb light, while glossy ones reflect. If you use this principle, then the olive color in the interior will not seem gloomy.

Interior of the kitchen in olive tones

Kitchen lighting in light olive shades

Combined lighting is recommended to remove dusk in all remote corners of the apartment.

1. General light Ceiling chandelier, lampshade, large shade, diode strip around the perimeter of the ceiling.
2. Local area lighting Table lamps, rotating indoor spotlights and shades, spots.
3. Spot light Diodes of multi-level ceilings, furniture lighting and zoning design.
4. Floor lamps All kinds of floor lamps, interior glowing balls and cubes.
5. Illumination of vertical surfaces Wall sconces, luminous objects (inscriptions with diode tape, night lights), decorative lamps with perforation (patterns on the wall).
The interior of the bedroom in olive colors combined with the natural color of wood

The room seems a little dim, and the light turns out dim, but for the bedroom it is quite suitable

Tip. As an additional artificial illumination, aquariums and air bubble panels are recommended, which look great against the background of "eco-friendly" olive walls.

For fans of the olive palette, expert tips will help you create an inimitable interior in any room. On our photo examples, see which option is closer to you.

Video: the possibilities of a favorable combination in the interior

Examples of using olive color in rooms for various purposes

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