Basic design principles of a 3-room apartment

The design of a 3-room apartment provides a unique opportunity to realize various design ideas. Nevertheless, it is desirable that all rooms should be decorated in the same style of interior design.

Where does the design of the apartment begin? First of all, with an understanding of the main task - to create a magnificent appearance of the apartment, providing comfort and coziness. It is also necessary to take into account the needs and lifestyle of those people who will live in the interior being developed.

the idea of ​​a beautiful bedroom interior 3-room apartment

3D wall perfect for living room design

version of the modern decor of the living room 3-room apartment

Mustard-colored sofa in the living room looks practical

The idea of ​​the original design of the kitchen 3-room apartment

An example of a classic living room interior

Features of creating a design project

First, we make zoning of the living area. To do this, determine the purpose of each room. Depending on the planned functionality, one can distinguish an office, a sleep room - a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, an entrance hall, and a bathroom. In the event that a family with children lives in the house, it is necessary for them to create a play area. The living room can be endowed with several functional purposes, for example, an office and a rest room for the whole family. Using design techniques for each room, you can create the most successful environment for a specific activity. The most common option is zoning with furniture.

The decoration of the premises should be carried out using only 3 primary colors, slightly different from each other. All 3 colors should be either only cold gamut or warm. Optimal color matching means creating relevant accents, while reducing excessive contrast.

version of the unusual decor of the living room 3-room apartment

The correct solution would be to put a modular mirror cabinet in the hallway

the idea of ​​a beautiful 3-room apartment kitchen design

Small lamps decorate the decor of the corridor

The design of the hallway should create a feeling of affability, and match the style of the rest of the rooms. For a visual increase in the hallway space, it is worth choosing light shades of wallpaper. Mandatory elements of any hallway are a shoe rack, clothes hanger, and, of course, a large mirror. If the size of the hallway allows, then you can also arrange a roomy closet and a cupboard for useful little things. And on the walls it’s worth placing small paintings.

The kitchen should be divided into 3 sections: a place for food, a work surface and a dining area. Interior designers recommend using the main color for the walls of the kitchen, and add additional shades that combine with each other or create contrast as decor items.

version of the modern bedroom interior 3-room apartment

Yellow combined with white looks fashionable

version of the original design of the kitchen 3-room apartment

A bedroom with a workplace would be a great idea

the idea of ​​an unusual interior bedroom 3-room apartment

Pendant lights will complement the modern design of the living room

Features of the design of horizontal and vertical surfaces

Wall coverings.

3 bedroom apartment has a huge space, which means it has a large number of different planes. You can create the effect of volumetric space by decorating the walls using the Venetian stucco technique. The composition of natural minerals ensures the stability of this finish to dirt and various damage.But this kind of wall decor is very expensive. Therefore, wallpaper, paints, and plastic panels are popular in decor.

variant of the original decor of the living room 3-room apartment

A combined living room with kitchen will be a great solution

the idea of ​​an unusual design bedroom 3-room apartment

Large mirrors on the walls will make the room visually larger

To create a cozy atmosphere of the room, wall papering is perfect. Decorative panels can bring color diversity and embody sophisticated design ideas. Moldings can become additional elements of creativity. In modern interior styles, designers mainly use moldings made of polymeric materials: polyurethane and plastic. Of these, you can make platbands for doors and windows. If the hue matches the color of the window frame, visually increase the size of the window.

version of the modern interior of a living room of a 3-room apartment

Round mirror in the form of plates on the wall is a great idea for decorating the bedroom

the idea of ​​a beautiful 3-room apartment kitchen decor

The large round mirror in the bedroom looks very unusual

variant of the unusual decor of the bedroom of a 3-room apartment

Wooden planks with beautiful lighting perfectly complement the design of the living room

Floor coverings.

Floor design can be made with various materials. Cheap - unpretentious in care, while expensive - may require special attention.

Linoleum is an inexpensive, environmentally friendly and easy-to-care material, produced in various color options, and ornaments with imitation of natural materials: stone, tile, parquet.

Laminate is a strong and durable coating that mimics valuable wood species. Laying a laminate in contrast to linoleum is more time-consuming. Such a coating creates a warm atmosphere of comfort.

The idea of ​​the original design of the living room 3-room apartment

There are a lot of kitchen design options

variant of the beautiful interior of a 3-room apartment kitchen

Illuminated brick wall in bedroom

We organize the lighting of the apartment, the basic rules of its design

Chandeliers, sconces, and fixtures play an important role in the design of an apartment. Good lighting can compensate for the lack of natural, if the windows of the apartment are located on the north side of the house.

Basic rules for organizing lighting

A wonderful source of lighting for the living room are a variety of floor lamps. As a rule, they are installed near sofas and armchairs. In this way, the furniture stands out with soft light accents.

In the bedroom, tiered light is usually used. The first level is the lamps on the pedestals. The next level is a chandelier for the entire area of ​​the room.

the idea of ​​a modern living room decor 3-room apartment

A great combination of white and black colors in the interior

The idea of ​​the original design of a bedroom in a 3-room apartment

Hallway made of wood is an excellent option

variant of the unusual interior of a 3-room apartment kitchen

Such a living room will become a favorite place to relax.

Decoration options for a 3-room apartment

The final stage of interior decoration is the decor. Thanks to its elements, the room acquires a cozy atmosphere. Next, we dwell in detail on the most popular design elements.

Friezes or borders will be an excellent solution for the kitchen, in the decor of the upper parts of the furniture. This option is suitable for kitchens, if the distance from the furniture to the ceiling is less than 30 cm. Thus, the smooth adjacency of the walls to the ceiling creates the effect of the integrity of the space.

The windows of the living room and bedroom can be decorated with elegant curtains. And for the kitchen and other auxiliary rooms, blinds are perfect.

The original design of the colorful screen can become an additional decorating decor for a plain wall.

Graphic print will add a touch of exclusivity to the interior.

variant of a beautiful decor of a living room of a 3-room apartment

Gray is always in fashion.

idea of ​​modern design of a 3-room apartment kitchen

Flowers in the room will enliven the interior

Tools and materials for overhaul

The list of necessary materials:

For finishing surfaces of the ceiling and walls - primer, mastic, dry concrete mix, putty, substrate, sound and waterproofing, moldings, water-based paint, screws, dowels, nails, drywall, floor coverings, profile, guides, wallpaper, tiles;

For the installation of plumbing - water and sewer pipes, connectors, fasteners, taps;

For wiring installation - electrical panel, copper or aluminum cables, sockets, switches.

The composition of the list of materials may vary, it depends on the level of complexity of the work.

the idea of ​​a beautiful design living room 3-room apartment

White kitchen - simple and beautiful

the idea of ​​the original bedroom decor 3-room apartment

An excellent solution would be to combine the living room and kitchen

the idea of ​​the original interior of a 3-room apartment kitchen

The cream-colored kitchen looks very nice

Necessary tools

  1. Ladder.
  2. Roulette, square, carpentry level.
  3. Carpenter's set: hammer, chimney, chisel.
  4. Power tools: drill, screwdriver, jigsaw.
  5. Tools for decorating surfaces: spatulas, scrapers, rollers, paint brushes, sandpaper (for grinding surfaces), tape for painting work.

This is the best set for apartment renovation.

version of the modern bedroom decor 3-room apartment

Good idea for living room design for a large apartment

variant of the unusual design of the kitchen 3-room apartment

In such a kitchen it will be a pleasure to cook

Repair 3-room apartment steps

  1. Drawing up a design project.
  2. Dismantling work.
  3. Installation of wiring, and laying pipes in the wall.
  4. Installation of plumbing, doors and windows.
  5. Primed walls.
  6. Leveling the floor.
  7. Wall decoration.
  8. Installation of the floor.
  9. Decor, or installation of a ceiling coating.
  10. Installation of electrical wiring.
  11. The implementation of the fixation of decorative ornaments.
  12. Installation of household appliances, furniture.

After considering aspects of the design of the apartment, begin planning for repairs.

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