Features of a rustic style in the interior

Science is developing rapidly, and every year it becomes increasingly difficult not to get lost in the variety of new styles and materials. However, those who wish to equip the house comfortably and tastefully should not despair - the good old village coziness will come to the rescue.

Over its long history, country has acquired a huge number of variations, adapting to the national characteristics of different countries and absorbing the local flavor. There are three main varieties.

  1. Russian rustic style
  2. English country
  3. French provence
the idea of ​​a beautiful rustic room decor

The fireplace in the living room creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

version of the modern interior of the living room in a rustic style

The bedroom in the tree will look very beautiful

the idea of ​​an unusual design of a rustic kitchen

A rustic kitchen is a great option. Cooking on it will be a pleasure

Each of these styles is individual and reflects the cultural traditions of their country, but the general concept is still the same - naturalness, simplicity and comfort.

Unity with nature also plays an important role in interior design, because one of the main principles of a rustic style is the rejection of artificial materials in favor of natural ones. Particular preference is given to wood, although stone is also widely used.

The decoration of the village house is deliberate rudeness. You can flaunt the beams of the floor, do not be shy about ax plaster and hand-knocked together furniture - all this will only add originality. Practicality instead of excesses is the basic law of creating a rustic interior, but this does not mean that you should abandon jewelry and forget about beauty. On the contrary, it is worth paying special attention to them.

variant of the original interior of the apartment in a rustic style

A wood stove in the interior will return you a few years ago

version of the original design of a rustic bedroom

A rustic living room with a fireplace is a great place to relax with friends.

Country style is characterized by a large number of decor items. The invariable attributes are carpets, which are laid not only on the floor, but also hung on the walls, an abundance of natural textiles, pillows on chairs, a table covered with a tablecloth or lace napkin. Do-it-yourself interior details are especially welcome. Knitting, embroidery, patchwork technique - any handmade is only for the benefit of creating coziness, and the rustic style opens up great scope for imagination and creativity.

But before you add accessories to the interior, you should think about a color palette. Country style prefers natural shades and muted, soft tones. Pastel colors are also popular. When choosing a color scheme there are no strict restrictions, however, fluorescence should be avoided. The absence of flashy colors and neon creates a peaceful atmosphere and does not strain eyesight.

The atmosphere of rural comfort can be easily created both in an apartment and in a country house.

the idea of ​​an unusual rustic-style living room decor

Living room with a small library is the best design option

variant of a beautiful design of a bedroom in a rustic style

The combination of the color of the walls and furniture looks very harmonious

idea of ​​a modern rustic room decor

Wood, stone, fireplace - the main elements in a rustic style

Russian rural style - harmony and simplicity

Finishing and the vast majority of interior items are made of wood. For wall sheathing, both wooden panels and solid logs are used.Russian rustic style is simple, but not without appeal.

Furniture is as simple as possible. In lighting, lamps with a lampshade or on kerosene are used. For the Russian style, the presence of a large chest in the house is characteristic. A rustic style in the interior of a country house will help create a Russian stove. This practical thing is used not only for heating, but also for cooking. Near the stove in the village house there are corresponding attributes - a logpile with firewood for kindling, a poker, a scoop and a grip with cast irons.

You can decorate the house in the Russian style with patchwork quilts and painted clay utensils, and cross-stitch or a panel made of natural materials can be hung on the walls.

variant of a beautiful rustic style kitchen interior

In such a kitchen you will be pleased to cook

the idea of ​​a modern rustic-style apartment decor

The candle on the wall will perfectly complement the decor

The style of the English village is noble and aristocratic

In the English style, design issues were thoroughly approached. Masonry and brickwork are often used in wall decoration, and the furniture is massive: for the dining table you will need a separate dining room, and in the bedroom it will be appropriate to look like a king-size four-poster bed. Armchairs have high backs and are made of wood, and then covered with leather and decorated with decorative carvings. Usually they are located in the living room next to the fireplace.

In the color scheme of the English country, light tones (beige, gray) are closely adjacent to saturated shades (chocolate, red-brown, dark green).

For decoration, heavy dense fabrics in a cage are used. From them are made covers for furniture, curtains, rugs, decorative pillows and other interior decorations.

variant of the unusual interior of the apartment in a rustic style

The view of the forest from the window will delight you with stunning nature

the idea of ​​the original design of a rustic kitchen

Flowers with fruits will complement the table setting

the idea of ​​the original interior of the living room in a rustic style

An example of a living room of a real hunter

French Country Style - The Grace of Provence

Against the background of other rural styles, Provence is the most romantic and dreamy. It is characterized by light colors (especially white and blue), delicate pastel shades and floral patterns. The decor is sometimes used a bright red accent.

Unlike English country, Provence furniture is light, elegant and usually comes in light pastel colors. Upholstery often uses plant ornaments, sometimes a cage or strip. Furniture is also artificially aged to give the interior a retro touch.

The walls are covered with plain plaster, and the floors with terracotta tiles or white painted boards.

French country style implies grace and getting rid of cumbersome extra details, but some additional elements are still acceptable. The interior in the style of Provence can be decorated with homemade lace napkins, a bouquet of wildflowers in a porcelain vase or painted on wood.

version of the modern design of the room in a rustic style

White kitchen with a wooden beam looks very elegant

variant of an unusual decor of a bedroom in a rustic style

Wooden walls are the foundation of a rustic style

Rustic style interior

Village styles are not similar to each other, each of them has its own history associated with the national characteristics of local peoples. For many years, the main goal of country style has been practicality and convenience. And what determines the rustic style in the interior today?

  1. Finishing materials are wood and stone.
  2. The finish is deliberately simple and rude.
  3. The furniture is mainly made of wood, simple and durable, with a retro effect.
  4. Many handmade elements, in other words - handmade.
  5. The decor uses an abundance of textiles (curtains, rugs, tablecloths, napkins).
  6. In country houses, heat sources are stoves and fireplaces.
the idea of ​​a beautiful rustic kitchen interior

The large, rustic-style living room is a great place to relax with friends and family.

version of a modern design of a bedroom in a rustic style

Solid wood furniture in the kitchen will harmoniously complement the interior

The idea of ​​the original design of a rustic apartment

An excellent solution to complement the decor of the room would be wooden furniture

Rustic style kitchen interior

The kitchen is a place where the family spends time together every day. Making a kitchen interior in a rustic style is much easier than it might seem at first glance.

Color scheme


Furniture and decor

Russian rustic style

Different shades of wood, warm colors

Brickwork or plastered walls, wooden beams, plank floor

Painted furniture, patterned tablecloth, decorative potholders, embroidered towels

English country

Different shades of brown, green and red; gray beige gamma

The walls are finished with stone or brick.

Curtains and chair covers from "tartan", English porcelain


Pastel shades are used: lilac, beige, mint and others; White color

Floral wallpaper; brick walls, white painted wooden floor

The furniture is white, artificially aged. The decor uses gilded elements. The kitchen is decorated with bouquets in vases, flower painting on furniture

version of a beautiful rustic-style room decor

The decor of chairs in the kitchen will harmoniously complement the interior design

version of the unusual interior of the living room in a rustic style

A rustic bedroom with a view of the forest allows you to relax from the bustle of the city

Rustic living room

The main task of the living room is to create a welcoming mood and cozy atmosphere in the village house. To do this, it is worth using wooden or wicker furniture, choose warm colors in the design, and make the light a little dim. For curtains, wraps on the couch and other textile elements, you should choose natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen. Sofa cushions can be decorated with embroidery - handmade work made with a soul will transform any interior.

The ideal material for the living room floor is wood, but laminate flooring can also be used. It should also be covered with a soft carpet or rug.

Walls can be sheathed with wooden panels, finished with stone, or simply plastered.

Handcrafted jewelry on the shelves will add charm to the interior. For this purpose, you can use clay or wooden figurines, knitted toys, cross-stitch embroidered in a frame.

The finishing touch in decorating the living room will be a bouquet of fresh wildflowers, set on a fireplace or coffee table.

idea of ​​a modern rustic bedroom interior

A white kitchen where cooking will be a pleasure

variant of a beautiful rustic decor

Stone, wood, fireplace - the main elements in a rustic style

version of the original decor of a rustic apartment

The fireplace in the bedroom immerses you in a state of calm

Rustic romance in the bedroom

In the bedroom - the room where a person receives a long-awaited rest after a long working day - must be comfortable. Rustic style in the interior of the bedroom will be preferred by people who value comfort and naturalness.

You can use wallpaper with floral print or decorate the walls using panels. Wooden beams in the ceiling decor add a distinctive room. You won’t have to invent anything special with the floor - just lay a carpet or rug on it.

Country style is good for its ease. You can choose the simplest furniture, the main thing is to be strong, reliable and natural. In the decor, as usual, you should give preference to the handmade. Patchwork quilts fit perfectly into the setting.

the idea of ​​a beautiful rustic design room

Plates on the wall will become a decoration of style

idea of ​​an original interior of a room in a rustic style

The wood-burning fireplace in the living room will warm you in the most severe frosts

To create a romantic mood in the bedroom, you will not need much. Enough to lay snow-white sheets, lay out pillows with floral embroidery, put a bouquet of fresh flowers on the bedside table, and you're done!

Despite its venerable age and simple essence, the popularity of country is only growing every day. The rustic style does not shine with luxury and splendor, but gives a feeling of calm and comfort and turns any home into a place where you always want to return.

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