Design features of a one-room apartment of 45 square meters. m

One of the most significant problems that always arise when decorating the interior of a one-room apartment is the limited area of ​​the living space. Therefore, designers are forced to resort to certain tricks in order to ultimately get the most functional, modern and comfortable housing.

one-room apartment design 45 sq m

You can use square meters to the maximum and at the same time dispense with the design of a one-room apartment without redevelopment.

Studio apartment 45 sqm

The successful arrangement of doorways made it possible to allocate space in the room for a separate dressing room.

one-room apartment project 45 sq m

A sofa serving as a berth was allocated using wallpaper with a pattern.

The complexity of interior design studio apartment

One-room apartment design must be developed taking into account the fact that in a single room it is necessary to combine zones with different functionalities. After all, here will be located at the same time bedroom, and living room, and children’s.

Studio apartment 45 m2

For a living room combined with a nursery, it is better to choose gentle and bright colors.

Studio apartment 45 sq m

Using a wallpaper of calmer colors, a wall is decorated over a folding sofa, which serves as a sleeping place for adults.

Studio apartment 45 sqm

For zoning, in addition to color, you can use lightweight sliding partitions.

Specialists offer to start planning apartment design small dimensions with a choice of the main color scheme.

  • It is known that light shades of decor contribute to a visual increase in space.
  • Most preferred are light beige, green or creamy.

Little tricks

The primary task is a visual increase in the volume of living space the rooms. Let's take a closer look at some of the most interesting options that experienced designers offer.

design of a studio apartment 45 m

The combination of white, gray and warm beige shades allowed to create a relaxing, calm atmosphere.

one-room apartment design 45 meters

The upper part of the wall opposite the bed is decorated with a huge mirror attached to the wall on a special frame. This adds light and makes the room visually much more spacious.


Less in apartment large interior items, the more spacious it is. This statement has become the basis of the minimalist design of small rooms. Bulky furniture, heavy draperies, intricate multi-tiered chandeliers are not used here. Lightweight designs, built-in furniture, simplicity and grace - these concepts define today one-room apartment design.

studio apartment minimalism

The basic principles of designing one-room apartments in the style of minimalism are simplicity of form, strict lines, space and freedom.

Studio apartment 45 sq m minimalism

Decorative elements are minimized, and can be easily replaced, changing the perception of the interior.

Studio apartment 45 sq. minimalism

The design of a one-room apartment in the style of minimalism is built on a combination of various forms and textures.

minimalism in a studio apartment

Simple concise forms, accurate work with lines and color ensured the creation of an elegant and functional interior.

minimalist style apartment

The same colors and materials are used throughout the apartment, which helps to perceive it as a single space.

We remove the partition

In order to organize additional space, you can remove the wall located between the kitchen and the living room. Get a modern room, which is called the "studio". A distinctive feature - this room combines the living room, kitchen the bedroom and even children’swhich are divided by symbolic partitions into functional zones.

design studio studio 45 sq m

The guest area smoothly flows into the kitchen.

studio 45 sq m design

For this effect, it was decided to demolish the internal feather.

We use niches and racks

Active use of original racks or shelves with shallow niches in the interior helps to divide the living space into separate zones, according to the type of apartment -studios. You can refine niches with decorative elements, spotlights or home plants, and shelving will become a truly indispensable option for placing books, paintings, medium-sized household appliances.

studio apartment with a niche

The entire wall opposite the working area is occupied by a large storage system with a niche in which a sofa is built.

one-room apartment design 45 sq m

At night, the living room transforms into a bedroom - the unfolded sofa forms a comfortable place to sleep.

shelving in a studio apartment

The living room was divided into two parts by an open shelving unit - this simple solution is very effective in many cases.

apartment of 45 sq m with shelving

The bed is located by the window, there is a kind of mini-study - a small desk-desk with a working chair.

Second floor imitation

In the event that in apartment high ceiling, you can increase living space due to the device of the second floor or podium. Under the floor of such a superstructure, a built-in wardrobe for clothes and books can easily be placed.

studio apartment with a podium

The podium in the interior of apartments and private houses is increasingly common.

apartment with a podium 45 sq m

Modern design finds a lot of functional and aesthetic applications for this design.

Lighting as a decor

The use of spotlights allows you to determine the boundaries of the functional areas the rooms. In addition, the use of several different light sources not only visually increases the volume of the apartment, but also significantly enlivens it interior.

apartment 45 m2 lighting

A black wall with a TV panel and storage system visually moves the sofa part, expanding the space.

lighting in a studio apartment

Red in design actively allocates a recreation area in the living room and an office on the loggia, logically connecting them together. A graceful black and white pattern adorns the head of the bed.

We select furniture

When choosing furniture for a one-room apartments It is worth paying attention to the limited space. For this reason, high-quality built-in and transformable structures are especially popular today. In particular, a box for linen, located under the bed, will significantly save space, and a spacious wardrobe can completely replace a dressing room.

modern design studio apartment

The apartment is decorated in the style of minimalism, so the composition exudes expressiveness, conciseness, clarity and clarity.

wardrobe in a studio apartment

Color, redevelopment, a minimum of interior items, glass and glossy surfaces gave a spacious, practical and effective interior.

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50 ideas for the design of a studio apartment of 45 sq. m

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