Features of design and design of a small room

The implementation of design ideas can bring new colors to life, create a corner of comfort and warmth that fully meets the interests and hobbies of its owner. Compliance with certain design rules will turn even a small room into a more spacious and functional. The design of a small room is not only the right choice of a color scheme that allows you to visually increase the space, but also a good selection of interior details that allow you to correctly use every centimeter of area.

variant of the beautiful interior of a small room

The color scheme plays an important role, it is able to visually expand the boundaries of the room

the idea of ​​an unusual style of a small room

For the design of a room of small sizes, it is worth choosing furniture correctly

option of a light decor of a small room

Even the smallest room can be turned into a comfortable and functional room.

Basic rules for the design of small rooms

In modern apartments, rooms with a limited area can serve as a living room, bedroom, study and children's room. But, most often, even such a small space is multifunctional. At the same time, redevelopment of a house or apartment is not always necessary, using your imagination even in such conditions, you can create a truly original interior decoration. In order to make the interior of a small room as comfortable as possible, you need to follow a few simple rules.

  1. Make sure that every corner is well lit. Darkness, of course, is a friend of youth, but an enemy of tiny rooms. Inadequate lighting literally squeezes the space.
  2. Use pastel shades when decorating all surfaces: walls, ceiling and floor. One wall can be highlighted with a brighter shade. The ideal option is photo wallpaper with a landscape or an optical illusion that further enhances the impression of space.
  3. Do not glue wallpaper with a small ornament, a classic print is more suitable: vertical stripes, large patterns. Such a decision will make the room more noble.
  4. Choose elegant modular furniture, do not overload the interior with unnecessary details, especially massive ones.
  5. Small decorative elements are more suitable for the interior, as they create a false impression of spaciousness: miniature photographs or paintings, a small carpet that leaves part of the floor open.

Following these simple principles will create a comfortable interior, even on a very cramped area.

idea of ​​bright design of a small room

For small rooms, everything needs to be calculated to the smallest detail

variant of the unusual interior of a small room

If you follow the rules, then the design of the room will turn out bright and comfortable

How to decorate a window?

A window is a key element in the interior of small rooms; successful decoration can create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony. For its decoration are best suited:

  • curtains made of light fabrics;
  • transparent, flowing tulle;
  • drapery curtains.

The choice of textiles for window design is more dependent on the purpose of the small room.For a small bedroom, curtains with drapery are more suitable, for a nursery - curtains with an unusual print, for an office combined with a library, or a living room - tulle, which easily transmits natural light.

If there is no desire to make the window an accent detail, hang a rectangular white or cream curtain on it, so that attention will be concentrated on the remaining area. For this purpose, you can hang shutters or exquisite blinds.

It is not recommended to decorate the window with long, heavy curtains on the floor. They look great only in a large room.

the idea of ​​a bright style in a small room

Roman curtains are perfect for a bedroom window

option of bright decor of a small room

You can decorate windows with curtains

the idea of ​​a beautiful design of a small room

The window is the main element in small rooms.

The choice of stylistic direction

The area and architectural features dictate harsh conditions when choosing the style of interior decoration. In a 12-meter room, baroque or rococo styles, overloaded with details, will look ridiculous and unnatural. But an excellent solution would be:

  • high tech;
  • minimalism;
  • Scandinavian;
  • Japanese;
  • modern style.

These styles are related by a small amount of decorative elements, smooth surfaces and straight lines. It is with the definition of the general concept that all work must be started: the selection of furniture and finishing materials will become much easier.

version of the unusual decor of a small room

The use of light colors will visually expand the boundaries of the room

the idea of ​​a beautiful style of a small room

Small rooms should have a lot of light.

option of light design of a small room

Usually for small rooms apply modern styles

The interior of a small room, depending on its purpose

Planning for design work always begins with establishing the functional features of the room.

Features of the design project depending on the type of room

Type of


Decorative elements


Bed, wardrobe

Curtains, bedspreads, pillows

Living room

Sofa and armchairs, wall, coffee table

Curtains, decorative pillows, flowers, vases, paintings and photographs


Computer desk, bookshelves or shelves, chair

Books, accessories for the computer and the desktop, flowers, diplomas or diplomas, paintings, folders for documents


Kitchen, household appliances, dining table and chairs

Curtains, decorative plates, kitchen utensils

Bedroom design

When designing, carefully consider the color scheme and lighting. Do not give preference to dark shades, it is better to choose gentle tones: beige, cream, white or light blue will make the room a real center for relaxation and rest after a busy day. These shades are optimal for relaxation and psychological relief. In addition, light colors visually increase the room, which in the case of a small area is no less important than creating a relaxation atmosphere.

Sources of soft, diffused light are the best solution in a small bedroom. Eyes will not get tired from too bright lighting. Hang sconces with caps over the bed or put lamps with lampshades on the bedside tables, set tall floor lamps. Thus, you can illuminate every corner without straining your eyesight.

the idea of ​​a bright interior of a small room

In the bedroom it is better to use soft diffused light.

idea of ​​light design of a small room

When designing a small bedroom, you should think through everything to the smallest detail.

Kitchen decoration

Create a room design plan, think about the layout and zoning of the space. In the working area, pay attention to the triangle “sink-cooker-refrigerator”, access to them should be free.

Choose a headset with glossy coatings, glass doors and metal elements - this way the kitchen will seem more spacious. If possible, take the refrigerator to another location. It is better to choose an apron, walls and countertops light, so you can avoid the effect of heavier interior decoration.

variant of the bright interior of a small room

It is recommended to use more light shades in the kitchen

the idea of ​​a beautiful decor of a small room

The design of a small kitchen needs to be carefully thought out.

Design of a small living room

The main rule: do not overload the interior with bulky objects. Even if you have a large family, or you often receive guests, do not install a massive sofa and large armchairs, it is better to opt for an elegant sofa with light upholstery and small armchairs with carved wooden armrests and ottomans. As extra seats, it is appropriate to use large pillows (especially if the company is going to youth), which at normal times can be removed into the wall.

The best location for the TV or plasma panel is the opposite wall from the sofa.

Competent interior rooms in the "Khrushchev"

Such houses have long been outdated, but still make up a significant part of the housing stock in the post-Soviet space. Once such a separate apartment was the ultimate dream of a simple Soviet person, but now the uncomfortable layout, poor sound insulation and small size cause a restrained smile or irritation.

But the times when such apartments were firmly associated with carpets on the walls are long gone. Even the "Khrushchev" can be made really relevant and comfortable for people who are accustomed to modern conditions.

For the design of the "Khrushchev" are most suitable for modern style, minimalism or Provence. When choosing furniture, finishing materials and decor, you need to follow the general principles of design of small rooms.

a variant of the unusual style of a small room

Making a small room in Khrushchev is not difficult

option for a bright interior of a small room

Light shades are best.

idea of ​​a bright decor of a small room

Even in Khrushchev, you can make a cozy and functional design

Good color schemes

One of the main tasks facing people who independently create a design project of their own home is to not make a mistake with the choice of color combinations. The limited housing sizes put forward a number of additional conditions. To visually expand the space as the main tone, use:

  • white and all its shades;
  • pale blue;
  • beige;
  • light green;
  • pale pink.

Strictly follow the rule of three: one color is used as the main one, it can be quite a lot, it is usually used in the decoration of walls, floors and ceilings; no more than two other shades should be present as additional. These tones can be really bright and saturated even in cramped rooms.

version of the beautiful design of a small room

It’s better to use warm colors in the bedroom.

the idea of ​​a beautiful interior of a small room

Lighter colors are suitable for the living room.

Zoning a small room

Particularly acute is the problem of division into zones in a one-room apartment, when the only living quarters must fulfill all the functions that exist. When several people live in an apartment, you can divide it by a partition. But in no case do not use monolithic, heavy materials. Better place a translucent partition that will scatter and reflect light. In this case, one part can be designed as a living room with a desk, and the second - as a small nursery or bedroom.

If this option is not suitable, because you want more privacy, sliding partitions will be an excellent choice, if you choose such "doors" with a mirror coating, they will also visually increase the tiny room.

If the ceilings are high enough, a place to sleep can be equipped on an improvised second floor. In this case, you can place capacious cabinets under it, set a desktop. So you unload the rest of the area.

If the ceiling height is low, install a podium on which to equip the guest or work area, and hide the pull-out bed inside.

variant of bright design of a small room

A wooden partition will look very beautiful

the idea of ​​an unusual decor of a small room

Zoning can be done using partitions

light room version of a small room

Backlit decorative partitions are great for zoning

Furniture selection

Small rooms need to be furnished with very compact and functional furniture. Furniture items of simple shapes and clear lines look harmonious. To make the interior more “lively”, select furnishings so that the horizontal surfaces are at different levels.

Experiment with the so-called "transformers" - furnishings that can completely change their shape and even purpose.

Do not overload the interior, put only the most necessary: ​​a bed or sofa, table, storage space for various things. Do not litter space.

Wallpaper for small rooms

When choosing wall decoration and window decoration, you need to consider some of the most common design techniques that will help make the interior more comfortable and interesting. Wallpaper should be:

  • light tones;
  • with a simple texture;
  • without a pattern or with a very small ornament.

Of course, you can experiment a little, but very dark shades will definitely not work. Cool colors are ideal, but only in very good light, otherwise choose warmer tones.

idea of ​​a bright style of a small room

Wallpaper with patterns will look very good

variant of the unusual interior of a small room

Wallpaper must be light shades

Nuances of design for boys and girls

Of course, the rooms of girls and boys are significantly different from each other. There are several nuances that will help you navigate in a host of design ideas and independently create a truly impressive interior.

So, for a girl’s room it’s better to choose:

  • delicate shades;
  • elegant furniture;
  • a large number of decorative elements.

For the space in which the young guy lives, suitable:

  • strict tones;
  • minimum decor;
  • functional environment.

Do not be afraid to show imagination. It’s worth a little effort, and even tiny rooms of 5 or 6 square meters can be made original, functional and, most importantly, comfortable for their owners.

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