Features of the classic American interior

The American way of life, characterized by freedom, confidence, emancipation, has always attracted attention. The style in the interior, which has absorbed all the characteristic features of the inhabitants of this country, is gaining popularity every year. Despite the external spontaneity, disorder, the American style in the interior gives peace, harmony, allows you to fully relax, to find rapture in family values. The choice of this direction in the design of the house is due to the presence of large dimensions of the room, the desire for practicality, a peculiar perception of reality.

What makes up American classic

American interiors do not cease to amaze with their variegated consistency, wide scope, submission to rationality. The roots of these characteristics go deep into history.

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Historical formation

The origin of the trend is associated with the time of the beginning of the development of the continent by the white colonizers. European immigrants roughly intervened in the natural course of history. A new way of life with an inextricable interweaving of cultures ensured the centuries-old formation of a mentality typical of the inhabitants of this country.

The American style, which incorporates colonial history, is based on English classics, but, unlike the prim primogenitor, is perfectly adapted to the difficult realities that have absorbed the characteristics of peoples and times. The many-sided eclecticism makes the direction adapted to different categories of lovers of a stylishly furnished home.

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Character traits

The American style, despite the apparent spontaneity, is always carefully thought out, clearly planned. Among the features most often distinguish typical features:

  • eclecticism - is a close interweaving of cultures, traditions of the country's rich population;
  • rationality of use of space - any free space (under the stairs, above the chest of drawers) is advantageously applied;
  • comfort and freedom in simple execution - furniture, arrangement, arrangement of objects - everything obeys these criteria;
  • simple lines, smooth shapes, laconic design - are reflected in the main priorities for choosing a situation;
  • small decor that supports the self-confidence of the owners - the mandatory presence of individual authoritative relics, items of special pride;
  • A reverent attitude to vintage elements - the acquisition, conversion of old things into a unique object of pride.

Any American interior is subject to the above criteria. These features have become a true feature of national design.

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Bright American-style room

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American style room interior

Key points of interior decoration

Preferring the American style of the house, be sure to focus on the characteristic features of the design of the premises:

  • the presence of a large area;
  • lack of unnecessary restrictions (partitions);
  • submission of the center line.

Making out the interior in the traditions of the direction, it is worth sticking to the features, typical features in order to create a characteristic American style.

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American style room design

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Color scheme

The predominance of solid colors in the interior, not differing in brightness, is considered the most acceptable solution in creating a typical atmosphere. It must be remembered that the American style is loyal to eclectic features. Therefore, apply:

  • harmonious classic combination (brown with white, their shades);
  • contrasting inclusions (red, blue, blue).

A variety of monophonic gamut able to make geometric patterns. Large, unobtrusive elements are preferred. Acceptable materials containing volumetric textures, heterogeneous texture.

bright american style guest room interior

American style room interior

beautiful american style hallway interior

American style room interior

Surface decoration

The American style does not impose strict requirements on the design of the floor, but most often it happens:

  • wooden (board, parquet, laminate);
  • stone (granite, tile);
  • bulk.

Americans rarely use carpeting. For decoration, for practical purposes it is allowed to use a compact carpet near the sofa in the living room, beds in the bedroom.

The American style in the interior of the house loves a warm floor system. A practical addition to cold finishing materials is especially helpful. This option best helps create the comfort of an open surface.

bright american style guest design

American style room design

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American style in the interior of the room

For walls, Americans prefer a uniform design. A typical option is painting a flat surface (decorated with wallpaper, plastered). At the same time, calm tones without gloss are most often used. Wallpapering containing a slight texture, drawing is allowed.

To diversify the homogeneity of the walls, you can use decorative inserts (stone: natural, artificial, wood). American style in a modern interpretation allows for large graphics. Use a bright contrast or intrusive print is unacceptable.

Americans traditionally decorate ceilings with light shades. Coloring, whitewashing are the most acceptable methods. Favorite decor method - moldings, wooden beams. In modern interiors often use suspended, suspended structures with competent organization of lighting.

Light distribution is an important aspect of proper design. If the classical design does not provide for the use of spotlights, then they try to supplement the living room (or another room) with a variety of light sources (sconces, floor lamps, table lamps). Natural light is also given enough attention.

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Furniture selection and placement

The main criteria when buying furniture are convenience, functionality. Large items are chosen to provide maximum comfort. In the living room, furniture is most valued for a sofa with armchairs located closer to the center of the room. In the bedroom there is a full bed with an orthopedic mattress.

Furniture American style prefers the same type, preferably a set or belonging to a single collection. They try to place objects in the center of the room, with the exception of cabinets. They like to leave the main part of the walls open.

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American style room design

They pay increased attention to modern technology, because it facilitates and brightens up everyday life. In the living room, the TV becomes the center of attraction. Bedrooms are often devoid of this invention because they seek to provide an ideal atmosphere for sleeping.

A spacious kitchen in an American house is usually equipped with all necessary furniture, a convenient island, a bar counter with high chairs.The dining group is often taken out to the living room, a separate room (if it is a private house). The kitchen, combined with the living room, is more typical of urban apartments.

beautiful american style bedroom interior

American style room interior

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Comfort creation: textiles, decor

The American interior prefers dense natural materials as a textile complement. Minor admixtures of artificial raw materials are possible to improve the overall characteristics of the fabric. Textile decor of a simple cut without unnecessary additions. Curtains are classic straight lines without lambrequins. Bedspreads - one-piece with no ruffling, complex elements. Decorative pillows - simple without applications.

As curtains, the American style allows Roman options. In modern interiors, blinds are widespread. To implement the loft direction, there may be a complete absence of textiles on the windows or the use of materials with unobtrusive geometric graphics. The creation of country direction allows for the presence of a small floral pattern, light ruffles.

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American style bright room

Classic American style does not accept the abundance of decorative elements. To complete the interior are capable of paintings, photographs hidden by frames. A large floor vase, a vibrant floral arrangement are good options for an American living room. Particular attention is paid to objects of pride: awards, cups, collections. These things emphasize the veneration of family values, a reverent attitude to achievements, universal recognition, cherish pride.

When choosing a decor, true Americans are often guided by their own taste, and by the mismatch of the element to the interior. Often the decoration, especially the living room, turns colorful, tasteless. Only with time, with the advent of awareness of convenience, ease, do you realize how pleasant it is to be in this setting.

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American style room interior

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American home decoration options

The dining room in the American interior is a cult place. Here in the mornings and evenings the whole family gathers. Meal is a leisurely matter; important questions are discussed during the meal. The furnishings of the kitchen and living room should be arranged for family gatherings. There is a lot of space, bright and comfortable. The design of the kitchen is preferred to natural, for example, wooden furniture is appreciated. Environmental friendliness, convenience are much more important than appearance.

The living room is designed to receive visitors, family gatherings. They walk in street shoes, so the decoration materials and furniture are extremely practical. All the best that is the pride of the family is for show.

The American style in the interior suggests the presence of several bedrooms. The largest room is for the heads of the family, the rest for children. If there is free space, a guest room is necessarily equipped. The bedrooms are decorated with no frills. The focus is on a large bed. The color scheme of the bedroom is light, fresh. Furniture - a minimum.

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American style room interior

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Chic American-style room design

The bathroom is usually not one. The ideal option is separate for each bedroom. The interior is conducive to relaxation. No washing machines, other household appliances. The bathroom is for relaxing. Light colors in the design, large dimensions of the room are the main features of the room. Plumbing, a minimum of furniture, enough free space - these are the main features of a proper bathroom for an American.

American style in the interior does not require significant costs. The main condition is the possession of a considerable area. The design is simple but functional. The house always attracts with its cosiness, warm family atmosphere.The apartment is also often decorated in this style, but most likely the situation will turn out to be more modern, practical.

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