Redevelopment and selection of interior design in the "Stalin" area of ​​50 square meters. m

When choosing housing, old and solid buildings were always a priority. They have thick brick walls and a beautiful facade. Creating a cozy and functional interior is not difficult. 2-room steel room design allows you to redevelop and turn it into an apartment with a large number of rooms.

Stalin's design 50 sq m

In the middle of the 20th century, multi-apartment buildings-stalins were erected everywhere in the Soviet Union.

living room in stalin 50 sq m

As a rule, Stalinist houses consisted of three or four floors, but there were higher buildings.

What are the differences?

On the secondary real estate market there are buildings of 1930-1950, the so-called "Stalin", of two types.

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Most often, they met two-room or three-room apartments with high ceilings and huge windows.

ideas for planning stalinka ideas

The layout of such apartments is convenient and spacious, but their owners are not always happy with the location and size of the rooms.

  1. Homes for the working class. Their difference is the small quadrature of the apartment, tiny kitchens and a small number of floors.
  2. Buildings for the party elite and other figures. They can be four-room, have spacious rooms, a kitchen area of ​​10-12 square meters. m
photo of the design of stalin

Many people think about redevelopment of the home, but do not know how to do it right and whether it is possible to start such a serious repair.

idea for planning stalin

Before self-introduction into the building structure, it is necessary to consult with specialists.

Buildings that were built before the 50s have wooden floors. Younger block houses were built using reinforced concrete structures.

apartment stalin

In Stalin, unlike the Khrushchev, there are large and spacious rooms.

interior design

They are distinguished by wide window sills, high ceilings and large footage.

Repair or redevelopment of an apartment

Redevelopment, design of stalinka 50 sq. m, will require the replacement of floor, ceiling and walls. During the repair, the condition of the communications and gas risers is checked. The design of the steel, in which 3 rooms, will require a “sacrifice” in the form of one of them to expand the space of the kitchen and create a dining room. Or the use of visual augmentation through design moves, if there is no desire to have a kitchen studio.

loft style stalin kitchen

Some stalin-era apartments have mixed ceilings.

kitchen in stalin

In the kitchen area, bathtub and toilet, the floors are made of concrete, and in other rooms made of wood.

Interior finishing work

Repair should start from the floor. After removing the flooring and replacing the rotten boards, you can begin to level the surface. Soundproofing and heat-holding materials are poured between the lags, for example, expanded clay.

stalinink design 50 sq m ideas

Mixing materials is good because wooden floors are prone to decay and sagging.

Stalin's design 50 sq m interior

The buildings are built of durable and massive concrete, which allows you to keep indoor heat in the winter and keep cool in the summer.

Design 1 room apartment in Stalin by removing partitions, turn it into a studio apartment. The walls can be leveled with drywall, having processed it with putty. Old plaster is best removed because it causes a bad smell, a hotbed of bacteria, mold. The ceiling can be leveled with putty or by installing a stretch ceiling.

Stalin's design 50 sq m interior photo

Concrete also allows you to create soundproofing, which significantly saves money on the installation of sound-absorbing systems.

Stalin's design 50 sq m interior ideas

Buildings of the Stalin era have a lot of advantages, but still some people want to change their layout.

Stalinok Design

High ceilings and spacious rooms allow you to create a balance between new and old.

bedroom in stalin 50 sq m

Options for redevelopment and interior decoration in apartments depend on what exactly you want to change.

stalinka 50 sq m in classic style

You can combine the kitchen with the adjoining room. This method allows you to get a kitchen-living room with conveniently located functional areas.

Stalin's apartment design, execution options.

Historical It includes Empire, Baroque. Used furniture with carved facades, expensive textiles and floor coverings.
Classical The interior in stalin in such a performance is able to convey the spirit of the time in combination with modern technology.
Ethnic Provence or country is quite simple to implement and applicable both in the kitchen of Stalin and in the whole room.

A modern and harmonious image of a three-room Moscow "Stalin" requires bold design decisions.

ideas for planning stalin

If possible, then one of the walls can be demolished in order to combine the two zones.

ideas for planning stalinka design

Thus, you can get a huge room for gathering the whole family and receiving guests.

Interior in different types of kitchens

Stalinist cuisine design in three-room apartments, they start with a project, pipe fitting, repair, and after that, specialist work. With a designer it’s easier to implement and plan all the stages of turning an old apartment into a modern room.

layout of the kitchen

The lack of physical boundaries will increase the space, and properly selected lighting to delimit it into functional areas.

apartment stalinka kitchen

You can increase the area of ​​the room by demolishing the wall.

In addition to the area, they differ in types:

  • Square;
  • Pencil case;
  • With ventilation ducts;
  • Rectangle.

The last species on the list is the most common. The complexity of the work, with this kind of layout, lies in the location opposite the entrance. Kitchens with baskets in the middle of the room require a special approach. They can accommodate a dishwasher or microwave. The main thing is to skillfully beat this design.

kitchen layout ideas

There can be quite a lot of ideas for planning a stalin-era apartment.

layout of the kitchen

The main thing is to understand exactly what requirements it must meet.

Small kitchens can easily be redeveloped by removing the wall in whole or in part. The interior of the kitchen in stalin can be performed without demolition of partitions. In this case, it is worth dividing the space into zones and allocating them using various floor coverings or plasterboard structures on the ceiling.

Stalin's design 50 m2 kitchen

Stalinist buildings are no less popular than apartments in new modern houses.

modern kitchen in stalin

The most attractive features of such apartments are high ceilings and the absence of load-bearing walls.

The use of gray classics in the interior is the most modern solution. The combination of the graphite hue of the kitchen unit with tiles cast in silver and linen textiles gives the kitchen a sophisticated and stylish look.

Also, the use of monochrome design along with the use of accents is popular. For example, in a white glossy kitchen, matt chairs of red or green color can stand. Either in the kitchen with light green shades of purple or another sofa.

kitchen interior in stalin

The interior turned out to be bright and open with juicy bright accents.

Do not be afraid of experiments and the successful completion of repairs!

VIDEO: Stalin's design.

50 interior design options in the Stalin apartment:

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