We plan the design of a studio apartment of 42 square meters. m

Odnushki with a similar territory are very spacious for creating an original and practical design. With the competent organization of planning or zoning, you can create comfortable and beautiful living conditions.

Studio apartment 42 sq m

You can create a functional and bright interior, even in a small one-room apartment.

ideas for a studio apartment

Colorful design, as well as cozy decor elements “enliven” the space and allow you to forget about its area - only 42 m2.

one-room apartment design 42 sq m

Studio layout is a great option for this type of housing. The lack of walls is compensated by low partitions.

apartment 42 sq m planning

The bedroom here was placed on a pedestal, enclosing it with a glass wall.

From "odnushki" - studio

You can turn a studio apartment into a studio. To do this, dismantle the walls between the room and the kitchen. As a result, you get a spacious room that allows you to conveniently accommodate everything you need. It is recommended to think over zoning to select separate segments in the general space. You can use a different floor covering, make a diagonal opening in the living room. The result is a spacious studio. To avoid problems, such as the smell of food spreading during cooking, get a powerful hood.

studio apartment

Apartments with a small area are a special “client” that requires an appropriate approach.

kitchen in a studio apartment

Proper zoning of the room with the help of curtains, partitions of different heights and functional furniture will help to divide the area so that there is enough space for everyone.

kitchen in a studio apartment 42 sq m

It is better to give preference to a style that does not imply a large amount of furniture and decor - they "eat" precious meters of an already small room.

Layout of the apartment 42 square meters

When wondering the layout of such an apartment, it is necessary to take into account the form of housing, the amount of natural light, flaws. If the "odnushka" is standard, you can start the design without changing anything. Otherwise, you can make a studio that is popular. It is enough to remove the partitions between the rooms, connecting all the rooms into one. First make sure that the characteristics of the house allow for such manipulations.

studio apartment 42 sq m

On a small area of ​​42 square meters, you can equip a bedroom, kitchen, living room and work area, using the principle of zoning.

Studio apartment 42 sq m

Due to the absence of massive partitions and walls, the apartment visually seems larger and does not create a feeling of isolation.

studio apartment 42 sq m ideas

The open space principle made it possible to use a muted dark color scheme even in housing with such a small quadrature.

Studio apartment 42 sq m photo

In this case, gray walls and black pieces of furniture, instead of reducing space, create a cozy atmosphere.

studio apartment 42 sq m decor

Large windows let in natural light and fill the room with “air”.

Studio apartment 42 sq m design

The bedroom is separated from the rest of the space by a curtain, while being a continuation of it.

Redevelopment of the room. Division into zones

Possible options for redevelopment and zoning of the apartment are shown in the table.

convenient layout of the apartment

By zoning in a studio apartment of 40 sq.m. you can create a cozy and comfortable "nest"

Zoning method Description
Partitions They allow you to create several rooms from one. Then you can divide the territory into different segments. But there may be a feeling of darkness, there will be less space.
Shade combining Using the same colors and textures, you can connect different segments. The division is only visual, the room remains unified.
Attention to details If it is necessary to divide the space without installing partitions, it is recommended to switch attention to neutral elements. Usually put a piece of furniture that helps hide the desired area.
Arch This part or part of the partition allows you to cope with several tasks. There is a division of the territory, but in fact it remains the same. You can freely move around the room, the amount of light will remain unchanged.
Level The perception of space is influenced by the complexity of the room. You can divide the territory by lowering the ceiling or raising the floor level. Allows you to create additional storage space. Only suitable for spacious apartments with high ceilings.
Finish It can be used in rooms of any size. It is necessary to combine different colors and textures, which will create the impression of different rooms in one space.

Interior design for every budget

It is recommended to start thinking through the design by defining the general style and color palette. Suitable options for a small apartment are:

  1. Minimalism;
  2. High tech.
studio apartment minimalism

Minimalism style is simply created for small rooms.

high-tech studio apartment

A high-tech apartment will not look overloaded.

Mostly light shades are used. The following tips should be applied.

  1. To preserve free space, it is rational to install functional furniture.
  2. Sofa upholstery choose bright. Then it will become an accent that attracts attention.
  3. The more light, the better. In addition to natural, it is worth including a maximum of artificial lighting.
  4. Use more techniques to visually increase space, including mirrors.
  5. If there are target segments, use zoning to highlight each area.
bright one-room apartment design

The modern concept of dividing a single space into target zones has been successfully used in the design of a one-room apartment.

studio apartment 42 m2 ideas

The loft style for interior decoration was chosen for a reason: it fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the attic and allows you to enter functional and practical details.

Studio apartment 42 m2 photo

Next to the front door is a storage system that flows into the kitchen area.

Studio apartment 42 m2

There is everything necessary for life, and even a fireplace - it would seem an inadmissible luxury for such a small-sized "odnushka".

bathroom in a studio apartment

Bathroom design in a small one-room apartment.

Interior apartment for a family with a child

You should focus on functionality. All angles must be used to the maximum. An excellent option is the loft bed. The advantage of the model will be the presence of a pull-out table and a small cabinet. This will allow you to conveniently and efficiently equip a children's corner that does not take up much space. Adults will have to abandon a full bed. She just has no place in odnushka. It will be optimal to install a sofa that can be laid out at night.

studio apartment for a family

You won’t accelerate in such an area, but there are several ways to make the apartment comfortable.

option for a studio apartment

For the main room, leave a plain light wallpaper. Visually, they will adjust the space, make it bigger.

living room in a studio apartment

A table by the window serves as a decorative and dining.

apartment design 42 sq m

The design plan involves placing both the bedroom and the living room in one room.

Set a multi-level light. Classical doors should be abandoned, replacing them with sliding ones as in sliding wardrobes. This will help to save meters. Place a convenient storage system in the hallway. For the kitchen, a set is suitable where you can build household appliances.

VIDEO: Interior of a modern apartment of 42 sq. M. m

50 design options for a studio apartment of 42 square meters. m

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