Useful and practical tips for interior design apartments

When you make the decision to make repairs, thousands of different ideas revolve in your head, I want to try and evaluate everything. Especially if the changes are grandiose, capital. To create an interior design themselves, homeowners begin to leaf through fashion magazines on interior design, travel to specialized retail outlets, and consult with friends and acquaintances.

Multi-colored pillows on the sofa in the living room

Pillows in tone of a sofa look boring, bright contrast options look much better

Main mistakes, subtleties of design and arrangement

Each person wants his home to be special, different from others. Therefore, many are trying to create the most incredible room designs. But, do not get carried away, each style has its own fundamental principles, violating which, you can even turn the most stylish interior into a mess.

Often made mistakes:

  • Underestimation of lighting. In most cases, all amateurs who create the interior of the room themselves do not properly organize the lighting. It must be remembered that illiterate lighting fixtures can spoil the most successful interior. When purchasing a chandelier, you need to focus not on your own preferences, but on the future style of the room, its color scheme.

    Proper lighting in the living room

    Well-designed lighting is the key to a successful interior

  • Arrangement of furniture elements. The main rule is that you do not need to distribute furniture along the walls, trying to leave maximum free space. In this case, just, you can dream up, conduct several experiments. Convenience and comfort, above all.

    Gray sofa in the center of the living room

    The sofa should be where you feel comfortable

  • Collection of different style items. The space of the living space must be, first of all, functional. Furniture, textiles, accessories - everything acquires in one style.

    Decorating the living room interior in a single style

    Decor elements need to be connected with each other and with the general idea of ​​the interior

  • A large number of decorative elements. Excessive 1-2 statuettes can already spoil the whole general view, create the appearance of clutter. In most styles, 3-4 stylish decor elements are enough to give the room beauty and unusualness.

    Decorating a room with a floor vase

    Just one floor vase can dramatically change the interior of a room

  • The mix of old and new. Quite often, having made a new repair, it is a pity to throw out trinkets, dear to the heart, and the owner tries to attach them among the new ones. This is mistake. Morally obsolete pieces of furniture, accessories are unlikely to fit into the new design.

    Modular paintings on the wall of the living room in a modern style

    For a new style, you will need new scenery

  • Distribution of paintings, carpets. Of course, any style of interior will decorate the picture, the main thing is to position it correctly. Do not place it high, under the ceiling, it will be difficult to consider the composition. A large number can also adversely affect the overall appearance. Carpets and rugs are a very important component of the interior. Too bright colors visually make the room smaller, it is better to stay on muted, neutral shades. You should not use a plaid on a sofa or carefully put it on the edge, this fashion has long been outdated. It is now fashionable to place the textiles asymmetrically carelessly.

    A small picture above the armchair in the living room

    The picture should correspond to the volume of space for which decoration it is intended

  • Window decoration.Curtains should also be selected for a specific style and color scheme.

    Green textile in the interior of the living room

    Curtains are usually “tied” to something in the interior of the room, for example, to decorative pillows

Cozy doesn't mean expensive

The first thought that comes when deciding on a new repair is a big waste. And this is an erroneous statement. According to experienced designers, a lot of people find a lot of excess in living rooms.

Corner wardrobe in the interior of the living room

If you want to change something, try to rearrange the furniture first, change the upholstery and hang other curtains

DIY wall decoration over the sofa

It is not necessary to spend money on expensive decor, you can make stylish decor with your own hands

A real fireplace in the interior of the living room

The fireplace will add comfort to any room, even if it is decorative


Most modern owners have televisions in every room, sometimes even in the bathroom. This is not necessary, for example, in the bedroom. He distracts the individual from a long, full sleep. If possible, then wardrobes can also be removed from this room, leaving only a chest of drawers with underwear.

Minimalist style bedroom interior

Use the space under the bed to store things.

Different chairs at the dining table

To diversify the interior, let different chairs stand at the same table.

Transparent furniture is an easy way to make a room visually larger.

The same can be said about textiles. A large number of decorative pillows are also a thing of the past and have lost their relevance.

Textile selection

For several years, it’s not fashionable to spend big money on heavy curtains and lined bedspreads. It is better to purchase a lightweight cloth wrap. Curtains can also be bought light, translucent. Some owners only decorate the window with tulle. It will also be much easier to take care of them.

Red curtains in the living room with white furniture

Light curtains do not obscure the room, which is especially important for rooms with windows facing north

Bright Scandinavian style living room

In Scandinavian interiors, it is customary to leave windows empty

A large number of bedding

Many housewives have a whole closet for bedding. This is also no longer relevant. Instead of 5-6 sets it is better to purchase 2, but of the highest quality and expensive. After a few months, repeat and please yourself with a new thing.

Small Scandinavian-style bedroom

There will be no extra bedding - there will be no need for bulky furniture

Experienced Tips

Furnishing a room with taste and at no particular cost is especially important for owners of small apartments.

Interior design of the apartment: advice - a small room can be used as a living room, bedroom, hall. To do this, it is enough to correctly divide it into zones.

Orange sliding partition between the bedroom and the living room

Use sliding partitions, mobile screens or extendable furniture for zoning

It is necessary to pay special attention to the window, it should be open, without unnecessary details. Pleasant trifles, accessories can be made with your own hands, this will only add originality to the interior.

It is preferable that the color scheme is not too bright or dark, it is better to use light shades. They will visually increase the space, and a large mirror will expand it. Furniture should be modern and multifunctional. This will free up maximum free space.

Three white sofas in the living room interior

Light walls and a ceiling are a sure way to make a room bigger without breaking walls

Before starting a design project plan, it is recommended that you read the advice of famous designers from different years.

Edith Wharton. Restrained color will always be relevant. Edith has always said that when decorating a room, it is completely optional to apply many shades. Preference should be given to better straight lines, neutral tones, there should be a minimum number of accessories. If the palette is restrained, then the main attention will be paid to furniture, its decoration, accessories. So that the interior does not bother, you can change curtains and bedspreads every 3-4 months. This will delay the repair indefinitely.

Interior of a modern bedroom in pastel colors

The less shades used in the design of the room, the more soothing and pleasant the result is

David hicks. Similar colors must be combined.David was known for his talent to combine the ancient and the modern. He argued that mixing similar shades gives the interior a special chic. Living room interior design: advice - you can take your favorite color as a basis, and around it you can place furniture, textiles, accessories of similar colors. All similar elements should be located nearby, and not be scattered around the entire perimeter of the room.

Dark gray sofa in the living room

Choose the color you like best and gather “partners” around it

Billy Baldwin. A distinctive feature of his work was layering. Billy's design style will appeal to fans of a warm, cozy nest. In any room, he recommended spreading a large carpet, and on top of it in some places lay out rugs. This technique adds chic, color, volume to the room. It is filled with warmth, comfort, tranquility.

Two carpets in the interior of the living room

Just cover the rug with a rug

Do not put a large bouquet in the middle of a massive dining table. A flower in a pot or a single rose in a small vase will look much more advantageous.

Glass vase with white flowers

Often, for interior decoration, one bouquet is enough, located where it will not interfere

Following the general tips for creating a design, you can correctly and beautifully design your apartment or house. Mistakes are made even by the most experienced, so you need to be prepared for the fact that in the process something will need to be changed or adjusted.

Classic style living room design

If you don’t like to make repairs often, pay attention to the classics that never get old

Minimalist living room interior

Do not rush to immediately create the perfect design. It takes time to collect from the little things a truly stylish and comfortable interior

Video on how to create an interior that is easy to clean

Photos of practical interiors

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