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Popular are the modern design options for the apartment. They help not overload the overall look and add fashionable notes. Therefore, it is recommended to understand the nuances of modern design.

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The interior, created in accordance with the latest trends, will be relevant for several years.

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In particular, if it was created in accordance with the personal preferences of the owners and was focused on maximum individual comfort.

Examples of decoration of apartments - modern ideas of interior design

It is important to consider the layout. In some rooms it is reasonable to abandon the balcony, remove the partition. This will allow natural light to penetrate better, and you will have additional square meters. This is a great way to organize a fashionable, functional studio. Designers advise using the styles reflected in the table to add modernity to the room.

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When planning repairs in your own apartment, the most difficult thing is to find a “middle ground”.

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You have to choose between design ideas that are at the peak of popularity and your own idea of ​​the practicality, aesthetics and comfort of the interior.

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It is important to create your own, unique image of the apartment, which will be relevant for many years to come.

Design options Description
Fantasy Eclecticism Combination of incompatible parts. You can achieve interesting symmetry.
Scandinavian style Light, mostly white palette, complemented by designer details. Add some bright colors.
Pop Art Color, the embodiment of juicy, vibrant mixes.
Loft Externally, the room looks as if it was carried out only an external, rough finish. Brick walls, furniture in the center, pipes and wires are not hidden.
Provence The presence of light wood furniture, surfaces with patterns and prints in the form of flowers. This is the embodiment of the atmosphere of France in an apartment.

The use of home-made parts, including rugs, and hand-made lighting fixtures, should be minimized. Modernity requires the use of mirrors, glass, metal surfaces. Creation of installations will allow to realize a fashionable interior.

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Creating a balance between the financial capabilities of the customer, his criteria for comfort, beauty and functionality with their own design ideas is practically an art for true specialists in their field.

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For a beginner (the owner of a small apartment or spacious apartments) in the design of their own home, the task is quite feasible.

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It is only necessary to make an effort and listen to intuition.

When you design each room, you should adhere to a single style concept for the entire apartment. The premises should not radically differ from each other.

Many people prefer to depict a city or landmarks on the wall. It can be in the form of a simple drawing or a three-dimensional picture. It is worth decorating the space with photographs or portraits. Necessarily black and white, without frames.

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Everything natural is always in trend.

modern interior design

This applies to both finishing materials and raw materials for the production of furniture and decor items.

modern interior design ideas

Natural materials have reliably consolidated their position in the field of interior design and will be relevant for many years to come.

Modern furniture and decor

Choose simple, functional models. According to the trends of the season, clear lines and ergonomics prevail. Designs for relaxation, buy the most convenient. The headboard is concise, without unnecessary decorations, accents. You can add originality by choosing a non-standard product shape. The bed can be round, oval.

modern bedroom design

Any style fits harmoniously into a spacious and bright room.

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The fashion for combining space, for removing partitions and walls, for combining several functional areas within the same room is currently relevant.

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A room in which a lot of light harmoniously accepts contrasting color combinations, bright accents, large decorative elements.

Complement the living room with several small tables, harmoniously combined with the wall picture. Pomposity is not suitable for a window opening. Eliminate lambrequins screaming curtains. Curtains buy light, airy. This will fill the room with natural, bright light.

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Enlarging window openings and adding as much sunlight as possible to the available space is the mainstream of the current and upcoming season.

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A bright room seems larger, in its interior you can use rich, deep tones, and not just light shades that contribute to a visual increase in space.

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However, even in rooms with a modest area, it is impossible to get by with a single lighting fixture.

Lack of walls

In a small space, some walls are often removed to expand it. You can remove the partition between the balcony and the room. They often remove the wall between the living room and the kitchen, creating a studio. You can divide the room into zones with the help of colors and various materials.

modern studio apartment design

In such multifunctional rooms as a studio apartment, almost every surface is working and needs lighting.

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The trend of multi-level lighting does not lose its popularity.

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It is necessary to illuminate each segment - by local sources or by band illumination.

It is important to use functional pieces of furniture that save space. A minimum of detail will free up space. Use techniques to visually increase the area, including mirrored surfaces, bright colors, maximum light.

modern kitchen design

Fashion for all shades of white will never go away.

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White color is a symbol of freshness and purity.

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Using white color as the main tone of decoration, it is easy to create a harmonious image of the room.

To create a modern style, it is recommended to include fantasy, to realize creative ideas. This will add originality to the interior, highlighting it among others.

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For rooms of medium and large sizes, contrasting combinations will be an ideal option for color solutions.

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A skillful combination of concepts of various styles leads to the creation of truly unique, original images of the premises.

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