The design of the corridor in the apartment color scheme, the choice of wall and floor coverings

Often people pay more attention to the repair of residential premises: bedroom, nursery, living room, kitchen, bathroom the roomforgetting that corridor - this is the first premise, which you get at the entrance to the house. Usually corridor design in the apartment comes down to pasting dark of wallpaper, simple flooring and the purchase of a comfortable functional coat rack.

narrow narrow corridor

The modern design of the hallway allows you to feel the atmosphere of your apartment from the first steps, it will be used to judge the tastes and preferences of the owners.

There are many ways. make a corridor more comfortable, functional, combined with the overall concept registration of the apartment.

Color scheme

First of all, you need to decide on the color scheme. Colour forms the first impression of housing. Corridor should not "knock out" of the general of interior houses. It is not recommended to use too dark colors for the walls and genderas it visually reduces space.

beige color corridor design

The wrong approach to design in this part of the apartment can negate the efforts to create a holistic interior and spoil the first impression.

It is better to use the following shades:

  • Sand;
  • Beige;
  • Light-brown;
  • Gray.

Click to enlarge space small-sized hallway white will help Colour.

hallway design in white

Whatever modern design ideas for the hallway underlie the project, in the pursuit of beauty we must not forget the main thing - the purpose of this part of the housing.

Above colors do not catch the eye in artificial lighting the corridor, which gives a great opportunity to use various decor items. If desired make room it is worth considering brighter blue and green tones. They allow you to come up with a large number of interesting combinations. And you can bright to do only one the wall.

modern hallway design

By the way, in Feng Shui it is along the corridor that Qi energy flows from the entrance throughout the house.

If exactly accepted decision use dark Colour at the interiorthen you should definitely think through the lighting well. It should be a lot, otherwise corridor will be dull and gloomy.

brown color in the interior

You can be inspired by ideas and take advantage of the experience from the creators of the interiors of hotels and hotel complexes, where corridors play a major role and unite all rooms.

Wall decoration

There are a large number of materials for wall design at the corridor. Consider the most appropriate and common.

chic corridor design

Based on the purpose of the room, in the modern design of the hallway materials should be used that are resistant to wear and abrasion, withstanding high humidity.


This is a cover for the walls most familiar and easy to use. At the same time, manufacturers offer customers a very wide selection of materials of various types.

hallway wallpaper

Hallway wallpapers are great opportunities for interesting design decisions, games with light, color and shapes.

All types of wallpaper described in the table.

No. p / p Title Characteristic
Vinyl Most sought after option thanks to the following characteristics:

· Normally tolerate wet cleaning (washable);

· Hold tight for several years;

· Easy to paste on walls;

· Have an affordable price.

The disadvantages include the fact that such a coating does not let air through, respectively, is not considered environmentally friendly.

Cork This is a good natural replacement for vinyl. wallpaper. But the color scheme is quite simple and of the same type. Such material is more suitable for large corridors.
Liquid They are rightfully considered the most practical. AT the corridor usually a lot of corners, jambs, doorways. For this reason, liquid wallpaper - the perfect choice.
Quartz This type of coating has a non-woven or paper base, densely covered with crushed quartz sand. Are such wallpaper quite expensive.
Cullet They are distinguished by good quality and affordable price category. They can easily be applied with paint or any painting as a decor.
Photowall-paper Do not be afraid of such a bold solutionslike photo wallpaper. Original decision can become the embodiment of fantasy and stylish design decision. Modular paintings will also look original.

Decorative plaster

This type of coating looks simple, but at the same time very elegant. The main advantage of decorative plaster is the ability to create any coating yourself. This applies to both invoice and color.

decorative plaster

Decorative plaster has a very attractive appearance. Such material is perfect for wall decoration in the hallway.


Masonry elements in corridor design always stay in fashion. But it is worth considering that wall decoration brick should not be artsy and catchy. It is recommended to use natural stone colors or paint it white Colour.

brickwork hallway design

A white brick wall in the interior is able to emphasize the chosen style, create a special mood, add to the atmosphere of home comfort.

Designers do not recommend decorating like this the wall opposite the front door so space (special small) shrinks noticeably.

Natural stone

Stone finish always looks expensive and spectacular. That's just put on wall stone alone rarely succeed. There is a whole technology here, so it is better to entrust the work to a professional. Spread usually not completely all the wall from gender before the ceiling, but only a certain part of it. That is, natural a rock acts more like a decor in the design of the corridor in the apartment. It is suitable even for small space.

natural stone in the hallway

Remember one golden rule! Completely stone walls will look good in a palace or basement.

Wall panels

Another economical and practical way execution - Wall panels. It can be not very wide rails or vice versa almost sheets. Manufacturers offer panels of a wide variety of materials. Look original options with mirror inserts. They always visually increase the area the corridor.

wall panels in the hallway

If you are thinking about updating the hallway interior, pay attention to the new finishing material - wall panels for the corridor.

Colour and the texture of the panels is very diverse, while walls will not require special care.

Floor decoration

After made material selection for the walls, it is worth considering the choice of flooring. This is also an important stage in clearance corridor. Choosing is easy to care for, practical and durable. As a rule, in the corridor most often get dirty and wash floors.

ceramic tiles in the hallway

Usually, ceramic tiles are chosen for coating. It is moisture resistant, any dirt is easily washed off.

For narrow space corridor in small apartments it is better to purchase plain tiles bright tones. Wherein floor color should be combined with the walls. On a photo can see options ceramic gender at the corridor.

floor in the hallway

The floor of the corridor must be durable and resistant to abrasion.

So color decision will visually expand narrow space. But in care beige or similar Colour quite complicated. Therefore, you can consider option divisions the corridor into two zones. In this case, you can combine tiles and, for example, linoleum.

Linoleum is an economical alternative to ceramic tiles. Manufacturers offer this type of coating with a variety of patterns, most often imitating tiles or wood.

linoleum in the hallway photo

The color of the floor in the hallway visually changes its size.

If you want corridor looked solid, you can choose natural a rock. It looks especially impressive if the walls there are masonry areas.

natural stone floor

The corridor in this case will look very expensive.

Absolutely not suitable for interior corridor any carpeting. This is primarily impractical. After a month, the pile will look dirty, even if cleaning in indoors held daily.

Ceiling decoration and lighting selection

An equally important stage in corridor designceiling decoration. It is necessary to think over not only materials, but also lighting, since it is fixed here. When choosing lighting, you need to be guided by the following indicators:

  • Height the ceiling;
  • Square the corridor;
  • Color spectrum premises.
proper lighting of the corridor

Light always adds volume and it is foolish not to use such a technique.

Designers advise installing several fixtures to increase of space and eliminate some isolation premises. Wherein ceiling it is better do classically bright and smooth. Consider a few options lighting.

  1. Embedded small luminaires evenly distributed throughout the area will not look simple. On the contrary, they emphasize all the originality. wall decoration and decor the corridor.
  2. Multilevel lighting will make it possible to create more interesting and complex ceiling design. But keep in mind that in a small the corridor he will look heavy and ridiculous.
  3. Built in floor lamps will become an original additional light source. You can also think about installing a stylish floor lamp (if the area allows).
  4. If in hallway Since the cabinet will be placed, its lower part can also be equipped with a backlight (for example, an LED strip).
hallway lighting

As the basis of the built-in illumination, a suspended ceiling or specially installed drywall boxes can be used to create additional volume.

When choosing material for ceiling finishes at the corridor be sure to consider the level of humidity in apartment and possible temperature differences.

Practical corridor options

Designers offer several optionsthat are suitable for almost all types corridorsalways look stylish and are quite functional.

modern bright hallway design

The correct design of the corridor or wide hallway determines not only the comfort of the residents and their aesthetic pleasure, but also psychological harmony.

Using arch

The arch is great decision even for myself narrow corridor in one room apartment.

long corridor with arch

The arch will become a real decoration of the interior of the corridor.

It has a number of advantages:

  • Visually increases the area the corridor;
  • Allows significant savings space (no need to provide a place to open the door);
  • Allows you to combine premises;
  • It looks stylish, always remains in fashion;
  • There are many ways to decorate an arch.

If the hallway seems boring and banal, try adding arch to it.

An arch in your corridor or hallway is an excellent tool for visually expanding the space or the original design of an apartment.

An arch can have any shape: round, rectangular, with various asymmetric bends. On a photo several original options including such a doorway in corridor interior.

Narrow corridor design

In panel houses, you can often find long narrow corridors. Do not be upset if you have apartment with such a layout. Even from the like premises without much labor and investment you can to do a real masterpiece.

narrow hallway design

The design of the narrow hallway has a special approach when choosing components.

There are several secrets.

  1. Walls and floors are issued in bright colors in different shades. White Colour it is recommended to exclude, as it may turn out "sick leave corridor».
  2. The built-in wardrobe is practical, stylish, functional.
  3. Lighting should be of high quality and well thought out.
  4. Long wall should not be empty. On it you can place decorative lamps, paintings, family a photo within the framework. Wallpaper for of interior can be matched with a pattern.
  5. If possible, reduce the number of angles.
  6. Be sure to have a large mirror. It can be built into the cabinet doors or one of the doors.
narrow hallway design

Decorative decoration on the walls will also help to increase the space of a narrow hallway.

Square corridor design

Make stylish little square corridor very simple. For gender it is better to choose ceramic tiles with a glossy finish, and for the walls plain wallpaper or with discreet ornament.

wallpaper for a small hallway

The design of the square hallway is often decorated in classic styles.

In general, it is recommended to adhere to the classical style and follow a few tips.

  1. Furniture must be narrow or embedded.
  2. Provence style will add coziness. But it is allowed to use it only if in one of rooms there are elements of this style.
  3. Do not be afraid of a vertical strip.
  4. Vertical pattern on bright background or ornament will become a highlight small corridor design at apartment.
decoration of a small hallway

The alternation of blue and gold stripes creates a rhythmic pattern that expands the space.

Whatever hallway interior, furniture For this room, you should choose the most compact and functional. Items of furniture should not "capture" a lot of area.

VIDEO: Design of the entrance hall in the apartment.

50 photo ideas of the modern design of the corridor in the apartment:

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