Hallway design of various layouts

Hallway - first premisethat falls into the field of view of everyone who enters an apartment. Especially important for its owners is the impression that the room makes on relatives, friends, any guests who find themselves in the home. The main thing is that hallway can tell a lot about the owners. The colors in which they are decorated wallswhich is selected furniture and the decor tells about character, mood and preferences.

brown color in the hallway

The modern design of the hallway allows you to feel the atmosphere of your apartment from the first steps.

However, the aspect described above is not the only one that they rely on when they are going to choose design of the hallway in the apartment. Functionality, practicality and comfort are three more important, or rather, equal in importance aspects in addition to aesthetic perception. There are compulsory items that should be indoors, among them:

  • A place for outerwear;
  • Mirror;
  • Shelf for shoes;
  • Stand or hooks for every little thing, accessories (keys, glasses, umbrellas).
hallway design in beige tones

The hallway will judge the tastes and preferences of the owners.

Interior design of the hallway depending on the layout

Way to design any premises depends on the layout. The form the rooms, its size dictates the rules design. Owners of a small, spacious, narrow or corner hallway try to transform it, showing all the advantages of the room, while correctly hiding the flaws.

hallway design

Thanks to thoughtful, skillful decoration, you can get a striking result that delights everyone for many years.

Large hallway design

Nice to drop by an apartment, where there is always a place to sit down to change shoes, hang outerwear, put an umbrella, shoes and put other things on the shelf. Thanks large corridor all these actions come to life. However, the room should be decorated in a single style, and in no case, not overloaded with an abundance of accessories and decor.

hallway design in white

We must not forget the main thing - the purpose of this part of the housing.

Furniture arrangement

Spacious premise will allow to establish the overall furniture, so it turns out to remove from sight all personal and simply necessary things, and not only. Style items in hallway and in other rooms should be single or harmoniously look with each other.

large hallway interior

This is the last room in the house in which we are before leaving it, and the first where we return.

Cupboard Must be purchased cupboardcoupe the size of the whole walls. Such a choice provides an opportunity to hide outerwear, shoes and accessories that households use daily or occasionally.
Doors cabinet can be decorated with drawings, patterns or mirrors. Last option saves area walls on the decor. There was an advantage - choose yourself cabinet design (decorate it with family photos, a selected pattern or ornament).
The inner filling obliges you to have many shelves, drawers, crossbars for outerwear and accessories (ties, belts, scarves).
Mirror Since the area premises allows, you can hang up a full-length mirror, which will be a pleasant addition to the interior. Especially the fair sex will appeal to the representatives of the fair sex, in order to try on their outfits, look at themselves from all sides.
The frame of the mirror is selected according to the style. It can also be completely absent, creating a minimalistic interior.
Pouf, sofa, chair Sitting on a pouf, upholstered sofa or chair, you can change shoes with comfort.
A wide pouf or sofa makes it possible for several family members to put on shoes at once, without giving each other discomfort.
modern hallway design

Functionality should be in the forefront of our attention.

The color palette of furniture is selected a few tones darker the wallsto draw attention to her. A good option would be furniture made of wood or alternative MDF material.


Soft light will be advantageous in the design of lighting, because it plays a big role in hallway design. Miniature devices are best installed near the mirror.

hallway lighting

The main accent will be a chandelier in harmony with the style of the room.

The stunning result of the transformation will show a multi-level ceiling with integrated lighting.

Decor Elements

Decorate empty walls and corners will help tall vases with flowers, one or more paintings, family photographs, figurines. Decor elements are required to emphasize the style without overloading it.

hallway design with decor

It will be enough to choose one or three subjects from the proposed options.

Country High tech Classic Romance
The room will be decorated with elements of wood, stone. It is supplemented with leather accessories or furniture. Style implies using gilding, monograms, massive furniture and accessories. It is famous for its vintage decor made of porcelain, glass.
Suitable textile decorations. Lamps of an unusual form will complete the transformation. Suitable paintings or photographs in gilded massive frames. Great decision - elegant lamps, mirrors.

Small Hallway Design

Create nice interior and a multifunctional area is possible on several square meters. If you determine all the secrets the rooms, it turns out to place the necessary things without prejudice to of space.

small hallway design

In the design of the hallway in a modern style, the correct lighting plays a huge role.

Furniture selection Choosing furniture at small hallway, you should consider how much space it will take and how much it will leave to move freely to others the rooms.
A few square meters will fit a multifunctional hanger with an abundance of hooks and shelves.
May also suit narrow rectangular, angular cupboardcoupe with mirror the doors or inserts. This will help visually expand space and do not spend extra a place on the mirror.
If there are a couple of tens of centimeters, a tiny pouf will be a pleasant addition to the existing closet or hanger. Pouf with storage space available shoesto hide her in sight.
Furniture better pick in bright shades to create a light and pleasant atmosphere.
Lighting Small space it is necessary to illuminate as much as possible, therefore, in addition to the main chandelier on the ceiling, several lamps should be installed on walls.
The point will become relevant lightingplaced around the perimeter of the ceiling.
Interior light will add to the room a door into the living room or kitchen with transparent inserts. Lack of the door will contribute to the penetration of sunlight into corridorthat will make it much brighter.
Decor Elements Excess decor in small hallway overload interior and only exacerbate the situation.
One of the selected decor elements will be able to decorate the room without harming it. For this, minimalism (low-key picture or flowerpot with flowers) is suitable.
hallway design photo

The following types of lighting can be distinguished in the hallway interior: general, local, decorative.

Narrow Hallway Design

Place in such a room furniture difficult, even impossible, since it will take, consider everything space and will not allow you to comfortably pass from one the rooms to another. It will be right:

  • Split up corridor into zones;
  • Install a multi-level ceiling;
  • Combine finishing materials on the wallsceiling and floor.
narrow hallway design

Using mirrors on long walls will be beneficial - it can improve the situation.

Fit photo wallpaper with a deep perspective.

Furniture Cupboard clutter up the room, therefore, its absence will be beneficial for the corridor. After all, the reception area must be concise, spacious (as much as possible).
It’s a good idea to install a hanger with shelves for shoes. May stay a place for pouf (will become a pleasant element).
Lighting Reduce length hallway will be due to the darkening of the end walls. To do this, you need to position the lamps in the center of long the walls.
Result of this solutions will surprise both owners and guests.
Dressing The long room will turn out to be successfully decorated in a minimalist, oriental, classic style, high-tech and country will do.
As accessories, she or two paintings will be just right, no longer needed.
modern design of narrow hallway

Depending on the size of the hallway, the closet can be either very small or turn into a whole dressing room.

Corner Design Entrance Hall Design

It might seem that corridor in the form of a corner will not allow you to create an interesting, cozy and practical room. However, this is not so, it will fit even more of things, than in corridor another layout.

corner entryway design

For the modern interior design of the hallway is characterized by the use of furniture that performs several functions simultaneously.


Angular cupboard It will be an ideal option, as it fits in the room without any problems and creates a beautiful, exciting interior worthy of the attention of everyone who entered an apartment.

corner cabinets in the hallway

The capacity of an angular cabinet is simply limitless.

He will be able to hide almost any object from prying eyes, for example:

  • Clothes, shoes, accessories;
  • A vacuum cleaner;
  • Ironing board, iron;
  • Foldable baby stroller or bike.

Doors closettrimmed with mirrors or mirror inserts will turn a dimensional, voluminous furniture into a weightless piece of decor.

wardrobe in the hallway with a mirror

For convenience, you can add a small pouf, stand for umbrellas and a key holder.

Lamps placed near mirrors are suitable as lighting, and three small paintings arranged vertically as a decor.

beautiful hallway design

A necessary element of the hallway interior equipment is a large mirror.

Hallway design with staircase

Happy two-tier owners apartments boast delicious hallway with a staircase. Only one staircase can bring in apartment design a bewitching zest, if it is made from natural materials and interestingly designed.

hallway design with stairs

Designers advise not to use exclusively decorative elements that do not carry a functional load.

  1. Corridor with a staircase becomes a much more impressive and mysterious room, I want to get inside faster apartments, find out where this towering path leads.
  2. This layout hallway completely steals free spaceand vice versa makes it possible to place everything you need, while not forgetting about the style component the rooms.

Advice! The main point in the design premises is that the staircase and itself hallway must match each other in style. It would be inappropriate to combine several styles of interior together (classic style staircase and hallway - hi-tech, or vice versa).

photo of the hallway with stairs

It is necessary to control the choice of parts, decor for arranging the entrance hall, so as not to distract attention from the main emphasis - the stairs.

It can be concluded - furniture will only perform a functional role. It turns out that pieces of furniture should be invisible - not to attract attention.

Interesting solutions wisely engage space under the stairs:

  1. Install cupboard for clothes, shoes, every little thing.
  2. Take away a place under the pantry and remove from sight all unnecessary things.
  3. Organize a reading corner: install shelves or a small bookstore cupboard, put several soft chairs or one soft sofa, think over the point lighting or put a floor lamp.
hallway with stairs

The modern design of the hallway involves the presence of a seat to shoe with comfort.

Registration of a hall in Khrushchev

Hallway in Khrushchev is narrowlong room with several the doors. Making such a room, special attention should be paid lighting and color the decision walls.

design of the hall in Khrushchev

Regardless of the size of the room, minimalism is considered the most appropriate style.

A few tips:

  • To make dull corridor turned into bright, the air room needs to set a spot lighting on the ceiling and the wallshang the mirror.
  • The color scheme of walls and furniture should match and appear in bright tones.
  • Click to enlarge space white or beige stretch ceiling will help and bright flooring.
  • Bulky cupboard it is better to replace with small shelves, a hanger and an ottoman.
small hallway in Khrushchev

Suitable for the design of the entrance area and the Scandinavian style, combining simplicity and environmental friendliness.

Wall decoration

When finishing the walls at hallway many finishing materials are used, among them:

  • Wallpaper various types;
  • PVC or MDF panels;
  • Tile imitating brickwork and another.
modern hallway design

The color combinations used in the design of the hallway in a modern style should contribute to the visual increase and adjustment of proportions.

MDF panels are one of the most popular materials due to their characteristics:

  • Resistance to mechanical influences;
  • Easy to clean.
panels in the hallway

The only drawback is the installation, which requires a lot of time, effort and knowledge.

Suitable wallpaper for the hallway

The traditional option of wall decoration in hallway still remains wallpapering. However, before choosing wallpaper in color, texture, it is necessary to pay attention to their practicality (corridor often is used, so wallpaper may be subject to friction, small mechanical stresses).

wallpaper for a small hallway

White and its shades (milky, creamy, snowy) are preferred as the main tones.

Varieties of wallpaper
Vinyl Liquid Cork For painting
Resistant to mechanical damage. Easy to apply Environmentally friendly material Withstand up to 5 repaints
Hide small irregularities the walls Easy to care
Easy to wash Practical Easy to stick Practical material
Reliable and durable Durable
Able to imitate natural material With severe pollution, one section of the wallpaper changes to a new Withstand mechanical stress Durable
wallpaper in the hallway

Depending on the chosen style, suitable active colors are chosen as additional ones.

VIDEO: Modern design of the entrance hall.

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