Design of an entrance hall in an apartment in a panel house: three types of repair

The innovative approaches of modern designers literally work wonders, so the narrow space at the front door is not a “sentence”, but the possibility of translating ideas. Of course, in a spacious room it is much easier to do something impressive, if you use the advice of specialists. A small part of the narrow corridor, which serves as an entrance hall, can also be adequately decorated. Stylish modern interior hallway in a panel house apartment - not a whim. It is according to him that the guests judge the living standards of the apartment owners, their taste and affluence.

design of the hallway in the apartment

The construction of a prefabricated house is a combination of durable reinforced concrete panels into the overall structure.

hallway in a panel house

The interior of the hallway in an apartment of a panel house is not easy to perform in accordance with modern design requirements.

Design in a panel house of a small hallway

The quick construction of houses, thanks to the finished panel blocks, is an advantage of the development of the Soviet and post-Soviet era. Their peculiarity is that most of these strong reinforced concrete walls are load-bearing, plus a few secondary partitions. Some apartment owners are trying to dismantle them in order to modernize the uncomfortable old layout.

hallway design in white

This requires permission from the city authorities when it comes to the design of the hallway in an apartment in a panel house with redevelopment.

The disadvantage of old prefabricated houses is the limited footage, especially in auxiliary rooms. If you do not resort to a radical redevelopment, but only use the methods of visual expansion, then the room will look quite worthy. Of course, this will not add a few square meters at the entrance, as with the demolition of partitions.

minimalist hallway design

Narrow walls and low ceilings will not visually “crush” and “narrow”.

To modernize the space narrow corridor and hallway at prefabricated house acceptable reconstruction with varying degrees of transformation. This is a redevelopment, major or ongoing (cosmetic) repair. Each type of reconstruction has its own advantages. They are selected as necessary to partially or completely renew the space at the front door. The degree of modernization depends on financial capabilities and the degree of neglect of the premises.

hallway design in beige tones

Regardless of the volume of reconstruction, the room can be transformed beyond recognition.

Redecoration of the hallway at low cost

Facing materials gradually get dirty, lose their attractiveness and become obsolete. When major repairs are not needed - all the attention is paid to finishing materials.

modern hallway design

Ways to improve the design of the corridor are associated with its visual perception.

interior design of the hallway in the apartment

To understand how important it is to properly finish it, you should decide on the purpose of this part of the apartment.

If, upon completion of the modernization of other rooms, there are no funds left for the hallway and the corridor, do not leave this space without updating. Lining with inexpensive materials of interesting colors or with a rich texture that mimics decorative plaster, expensive textiles or natural materials:

  • Wood;
  • Cork;
  • Bamboo;
  • A rock.
design of the hallway in the apartment

The entrance hall is the place where guests enter when visiting the owners.

A huge selection of cladding materials, combined with mirrors and original lighting - great opportunities to create a special design of a small hallway in an apartment in a panel house. At the same time, large costs for facing materials are not expected at all. On the other hand, such savings make it possible to afford expensive decorative inserts.

apartment hallway design ideas

Often, it is according to her condition that the level of security of residents, their ideas, habits, tastes, addictions are determined.

Original will look:

  • Elite floor tiles laid in a mosaic pattern;
  • Alternating wood and mirror panels;
  • Cullets for painting with expressive patterns and textured plaster, coated with general interior paint, etc.
prefabricated hallway design

The entrance hall should look beautiful and stylish, designed in accordance with their capabilities, desires, using modern finishing materials.

Tip. For design narrow a corridor in an apartment in a panel at home, use the remnants of the decor and expensive cladding left over from the renovation of other rooms.

Carrying out budget repairs of the Khrushchev’s hallway, for example, for the arrival of dear guests, you can do without large investments. You can leave the old floors and ceilings, if they are decent, until better times, but update what requires an urgent replacement.

interior hallway in the apartment

Even if it is a small hallway, it must fulfill its functional purpose.


1. Audit Get rid of old furniture and all trash, leave built-in wardrobes and mezzanines, replace their doors and facades.
2. Walls Refresh the vertical surfaces of the wall (wallpaper, painting, decorative plaster, mirror panels).
3. Doors Repaint or update interior and exterior door leafs, change accessories.
4. Lighting Change the shades, wall sconces or lampshade of the ceiling lamp, add economical diodes.
5. Furniture To the built-in wardrobes add a hanger and a shoe shelf, a compact bench or a pair of ottomans.
6. Mirrors On a flat surface, install a large mirror (on the front door or cabinet) or, put a dressing table.
7. Floors Lay linoleum or laminate, change the baseboard.
8. Ceiling Budget option - painting, plastic panels.
light hallway design

It is advisable to place a wardrobe, cabinets for clothes, shoes, accessories, a mirror, a comfortable ottoman on its modest territory.

Modernization of space without changing communications will change design of an entrance hall in a panel house, will add comfort to the whole apartment.

Design and photo of the hallway after overhaul

When undertaking a major overhaul, consider the degree of transformation of the room. Usually this is a radical modernization without redevelopment, with the exception of the expansion or transfer of doorways on a secondary wall (the carriers do not touch). It will noticeably refresh design narrow a corridor in a panel nine-story building or 5-storey Khrushchev. It is possible that to carry out some of the work it will be necessary to attract specialized companies, but they guarantee the quality and adherence to technology.

hallway design in white

With the help of high-quality finishing materials, the rules of interior design, you can achieve a significant improvement in the functionality and presentability of this room.

Halls of prefabricated houses, most often it is a long corridor or a small passageway with several doorways. With the replacement of doors, they usually start to install all the same or made in the same stylistic key. This will entail large expenses, but they will not need to be changed for 10-20 years.

classic hallway design

It is necessary to select practical materials that are resistant to frequent cleaning, washing with the use of special substances.

Tip. When choosing a door leaf, pay attention to the mirror and glass inserts, which significantly change the appearance of the entire hallway.If there are mirrors in the interior doors, then you can do without the functional attribute of any hallway.

Before choosing facing materials for interior hallway in a panel house, you need to solve the issue of hidden communications. Open sewer and water pipes are useless repeatedly, they spoil the appearance of the room.

prefabricated hallway design

When choosing a particular style, you should adhere to color combinations, surface structure of products that can create a high-aesthetic finish.

It is better to change them to plastic during the repair of the bathroom kitchen, so that the old rusty pipes do not leak out after the repair, then hide:

  • In a niche specially designed in the wall;
  • Behind hollow skirting boards;
  • Behind a decorative side.

It is also recommended to replace the wiring and think through the lighting design of the entire apartment and the entrance hall separately in order to maximally compensate for the lack of natural light. At the same time, hold the built-in backlight in the built-in wardrobes, you can add a diode tape along the perimeter of the ceiling and along the baseboard along the corridor.  

illuminated hallway design

When selecting materials, you need to dwell on durable, environmentally friendly samples, without toxic emissions, with high rates of mechanical, chemical strength, wear resistance.

Do not do without replacing the floor covering. You may need to pre-align. Modern self-leveling mixtures eliminate many defects, including a roughly made do-it-yourself screed. On an ideal surface, you can lay elite tiles, parquet, laminate, or make a bulk polymer floor.

floor tiles in the hallway

After completely replacing the wall cladding, consider the decor.

Instead of the bottom, all the attention can be attracted to the original form of furniture or a mirror in an unusual frame. If you decide to expand the entrance to the hallway or zoning the hallway with the help of partitions, decide what material it is better to make of:

  • Stained glass;
  • Drywall;
  • Natural wood;
  • Composite materials.
bright hallway in a panel house

This is the minimum that will transform beyond recognition the old interior of a narrow corridor in a panel house that serves as an entrance hall.

Repair with redevelopment in a panel house

Fans of the complete transformation of personal space often start repairs with redevelopment. This implies:

  • Partial or complete dismantling of walls and partitions;
  • Redistribution of functional zones;
  • Carrying doorways;
  • Association of the area of ​​rooms;
  • Expansion of some rooms by reducing the area of ​​others.
best hallway design ideas

In order for a small hallway to meet the requirements, you should adhere to the rules that can change its functionality and appearance.

Serious reconstruction is not recommended to start without connecting the services of construction companies. This is necessary so as not to risk the lives of residents of the panel house. The essence of the redevelopment is the redistribution of the usable area of ​​adjacent rooms, which will significantly transform design of a small hallway in an apartment in a panel house.

hall design and redevelopment

It is noticed that the use of dark colors when decorating a small room makes it gloomy, visually reduces the size.

Often, when modernizing the Khrushchev, zoning techniques are used to separate functional angles. It can be a partial partition made of drywall or glass doors to the ceiling. In addition to stationary partitions, it can be a folding bar between the hallway and dining room, as is often done in a studio apartment.

studio hallway design

Light shades expand the room, and mirror or glossy surfaces push the boundaries even further, which is clearly visible in the photo.

Favorite design techniques for the reconstruction of panel houses include:

  • Arches;
  • Beads;
  • Niches
  • Figured openings;
  • Through racks;
  • Partitions in the form of a folding "accordion".
stylish hallway design

These openings can be decorative elements, but often it’s also shelves, seats and other functional interior elements.

Tips for organizing repairs with redevelopment.

  1. Make a plan for the reconstruction of the hallway.
  2. Take permission from the BTI and other city supervisory authorities.
  3. Specify which walls are bearing, which are secondary.
  4. Plan to repair two adjacent rooms at once, between which the wall was removed.
  5. Before the demolition of the partition begins, turn off the light, dismantle the wiring on the wall for demolition.
  6. Plan for new lighting.
  7. Think in advance what the new flooring will be like; most likely, you will have to adjust the screed and level the surface.
  8. A minor part of the redevelopment is the choice of finishing materials and color scheme.

hallway design with mirror

Wall and ceiling decoration affects the whole design of the entrance hall in an apartment in a panel house. It is important to choose practical materials, on the floor, preferably an abrasion resistant coating such as porcelain stoneware and a moisture resistant laminate.

porcelain tile entryway design

Furniture should be bought in the selected range or one or two tones different from the main color, if the contrasting combination has not become the rule of decoration.

Do not forget about the techniques of visual augmentation of a small area. Well-designed lighting design, light cladding, photo wallpaper and mirrors will help. The priority is functional items and furniture with excellent aesthetic properties. See an example Design photo of a narrow corridor in an apartment in a prefabricated house.

design of the hallway in the apartment

When choosing accessories and decor, try to buy the appropriate interior styling.

VIDEO: Narrow corridor and entrance hall in the apartment.

50 design options for the entrance hall in an apartment in a panel house:

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