Benefits and design of small dressing rooms

Most of the apartments are created according to standard designs, and their area is often limited.When choosing a location dressing room rooms should consider the key positive and negative points of all options. It makes no sense to allocate almost half of the living space under the wardrobe of spacerestricting the rest of the room. Before deciding on place under a small wardrobe, you need to choose and create its convenient layout.

stylish dressing room

Wardrobe rooms are an unlimited number of options for organizing the storage of clothes and accessories.

As a separate wardrobe, you can convert the utility room, or equip the corner of the room. This layout forms an individual form. premises. Small dressing room, which is built into a regular entrance hall, clearly represents a way to mask the communication systems installed there. In addition, when organizing a wardrobe, you can visually change the layout and align walls apartments.

dressing facades

Properly located things in them will retain their shape and will last longer.

Modular type of premises for of things has certain advantages among others. Including:

  • Ease of installation;
  • Inexpensive cost;
  • Installation in any part of the apartment.

Even on 4-6 m2 they can easily accommodate cabinets for storage boxes and brackets for of things.

small dressing room design

It is not at all difficult to think over the design and implement the project of the dressing room.

Proper arrangement of individual dressing room allows efficient use space rooms.

The advantages of a small wardrobe are:

  • Organization of a separate room places for of things all family members;
  • Possibility of accommodation except shelves, also a chest of drawers, ironing boards, drawers;
  • Mezzanines located at the top shelves;
  • Functional application in the form of a fitting room with a huge mirror;
  • Various options for the lighting used, for example, with smart motion sensors to save energy.
dressing room with open shelves

Select a part of the room in any of the rooms or use the pantry and make your dream a reality.

We are looking for a place under the wardrobe

Even taking into account the economical approach to arranging an apartment, there are various options for choosing a place for a compact wardrobe. Several square meters can be equipped for this territory. Usually in this quality is a living room, bedroom, or hallway.

dressing room design in the apartment

With the competent distribution of living space, you can get rid of bulky cabinets and chests of drawers, creating a cozy and functional dressing room.

How to equip dressing rooms of small sizes?

Wardrobe - an integral part of the interior of any home. In order to comfortably and qualitatively equip dressing rooms of small sizes You can choose a finished design project. However, when creating such premises it is worth considering some nuances regarding functionality, such as lighting and ventilation systems.


A small dressing room in a modern style.

Ventilation and light

For storage textiles need good ventilation, which will not allow to start up on shelves mold and other fungi. Pick up clothes for any significant event, of course, better in a comfortable environment.

small dressing room

The design of this room does not have to be strictly utilitarian.

There are several options.

  1. Designing an individual ventilation system is a somewhat costly but effective way of forming the microclimate of the wardrobe.
  2. Installing a hood similar to bathrooms - has an affordable cost.
  3. Installation of an air conditioner is the best option for a variety of wardrobe types.
dressing room design

One of the main rules: the ratio of closed and open surfaces should be 50x50, in which case it will look neat.

Keep in mind the fact that often small rooms for of things do not have windows. Therefore, properly installed lighting plays a huge role. Lighting planning, as a rule, is carried out at the stage of project formation. For quick and comfortable search of thingsIn addition to the traditional ceiling light, it is worth focusing on highlighting objects clothesstored in this room.

dressing room lighting

Shoes can be stored both on open racks and in closed ventilated boxes.

An excellent option would be spotlights, contour lighting from LED strip for shelves. On the drawers, using an adhesive backing, you can fix stand-alone lights. They have a built-in automatic on / off option, which is activated depending on whether the drawer is open or closed.

dressing room design

Store rarely used items in corners, distant places, and on the upper shelves.

It is recommended to install LED lamps in the corner, equipped with convenient holders in the form of clothespins. Thanks to height adjustment and the ability to position them at different angles, it is recommended to choose a range of natural daylight.

DIY dressing room

The lighting in the dressing room should be bright. With any amount of natural light, you need to install a backlight.

Small-size dressing room design

Small wardrobe a room is usually constructed in a rectangular, square or angular view. The most optimal layout for compact apartments is a corner room for of things. It is necessary to correctly and ergonomically plan the internal space for its maximum capacity of useful things.

decoration of a small dressing room

The internal ergonomics of all racks, shelves and cabinets are a whole art.

Corner versions of wardrobes visually occupy a minimum amount of usable space. Doors installed in square and rectangular counterparts occupy a significant area and clutter adjacent sections.

photo of a small dressing room

The design of the wardrobe should be primarily practical.

Compact and small closets from the pantry

From the pantry you can make a great wardrobe. How to convert a pantry to space for storage of things? It is enough to carry out a simple repair, and you will have a separate room for clothes. Having mounted the lighting system, painting the walls, laying the floor and purchasing furniture, you get a wonderful wardrobe room. It is worth remembering about the installation the door between the bedroom and the wardrobe. A great solution would be the door in the form of swing wings.


For mini-wardrobes, sliding doors (or curtains) are more suitable than swing doors, although they require more complicated installation.

To date, there are a considerable number of options for converting an ordinary pantry into a comfortable wardrobe. These design projects can significantly save space in the room, making the wardrobe as efficient as possible place.

dressing room in the pantry

Take care of even lighting with spotlights and a convenient switch position.

Small dressing rooms in the bedroom

Small walk-in closets built into the bedroom are the most common. Abroad, such rooms are designed in advance, at the planning stage of the house. Compact placement of things will allow you to not spend extra meters.

small dressing room in the bedroom

With the help of the wardrobe, you can increase the comfort of your home.

When zoning the bedroom to a sleeping place and a dressing room (for the second, an area near the wall is used), they are fenced with a screen or a plasterboard construction with a door.

dressing room in the bedroom

Open wardrobe, in the style of minimalism.

Modern design of small walk-in closets

Modern design of small dressing rooms rooms are created so that absolutely everything thingsthat are stored in them, quickly and without problems could be found. Visibility and accessibility are achieved through the use of specialized devices for an ordered arrangement of things, shoes and household electrical appliances.

dressing room design

Optimum sizes can vary from 2 to 6 square meters. m

Storage facilities in the dressing room

Design dressing room of small sizes can be implemented using multifunctional designs. To solve this problem, cabinet furniture is installed. Retractable hangers can act as specialized devices, with their help you can place a much larger number of things, than usual. Near high shelves It is advisable to fix the mirror. Thanks to him, the room will become convenient and comfortable.

dressing room with mirrors

For the classics they use wood, the wood texture in black color looks very strict and elegant.

For clothes storage and shoesAs a rule, various storage systems are used. As such functional elements, rods with shoulders can act. Thanks to their neutrality and versatility, they perfectly fit into any interior.

dressing room interior

Bright open dressing room in a classic style.

You can hang ordinary shelves and hooks for clothes storage. To have shelves for convenience and quick access to things is best at eye level.

Walk-in closet

The free corner in the apartment can be arranged under the dressing room by installing shelves and unpacked storage systems on the profiles in it.

If the height of the storage room allows, you can fix multi-tiered shelves all over the place walls. Comfortable access to the highest shelves provide a staircase.

stairs in the wardrobe

An open dressing room will save time on the selection of clothes, as well as provide the right conditions for storing clothes.

As a result, a magnificent wardrobe room. A wardrobe instead of a storage room is a harmonious part of the apartment, without taking up additional of space. It is convenient keep all clothes, footwear and accessories of your family.

dressing room for family

Open shelves and hangers in a small closet from the pantry.

How to make a small dressing room with your own hands

The project of this room should be created with the most efficient use of every centimeter of usable area.

dressing room ideas

Fix all the selected shelves in the dressing room with your own hands is not difficult.

For the wardrobe you will need:

  • Drywall;
  • Aluminum guides;
  • Dowels and screws;
  • Paint;
  • Electric screwdriver.

It is best to choose the far wall of the room, taking into account the fact that the constructed plasterboard partition will perfectly fit into the interior of the room. In such indoors can be built shelves to your taste.

dressing room in the apartment

Small family wardrobe with a soft ottoman instead of a bench.

Maximum functionality can be achieved due to the rational arrangement of shelves, their height should be marked in advance taking into account the growth of family members, so that for things and shoes did not have to reach out. The main task of this premises lies in functionality and convenience.

VIDEO: Interior of the dressing room.

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