Design problems of small halls: how to solve?

A spacious hallway of the correct form is a rarity in modern apartments. Basically, it is presented in the form of a small square or narrow room, designed for two people. This situation does not suit many owners, as this is the first room that the person entering the house sees. Its interior should be attractive, comfortable and stylish. Making it a couple of square meters is very difficult, but possible. Modern design ideas for a small hallway will help in solving such a problem.

The design of a small hallway can be beautiful and functional. The main thing is to choose his choice wisely. In a small area, you can implement various ideas that will make the room cozy and functional.

idea of ​​light design of a small hallway

The interior of the hallway should be attractive, because this is the first room the guest sees

an example of an unusual style of a small hallway

Use modern ideas to translate into your apartment

version of the bright decor of a small hallway

The design of a small hallway can be beautiful and functional.

There are a number of tricks to working with small apartments, following which it will not be difficult to equip housing. The first thing you should pay attention to is the tone of the design. It should be bright. The general color scheme is represented mainly by pastel shades.

Dark elements are used as accents. The cabinet, pouf, door will do just fine with this task. Their number is minimal. Since many dark objects visually narrow the space. As for the ornaments, they can be on the wall or floor. Fine patterns are fine.

The interior of the small hallway should have bright lighting. If you use several lamps located in different places, the room will become spacious. The shadow is inappropriate, twilight visually “eats” the area. Original look lamps around the mirror. This is not only convenient, but also enhances the reflection effect. The corridor will sparkle with new colors.,

A mirror is an obligatory attribute of any hall. The idea of ​​placing it on the entire wall is perfect for a small hallway. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to realize it, then it is worth doing it. A mirror wall will visually increase the boundaries of the room. If it is opposite the entrance, then a feeling of infinity is created.

The mirror on the door itself looks original. These two elements are acquired as a whole. Therefore, you do not need to additionally spend money on a mirror. In addition, save space on one of the walls.

In a small entrance hall you should not install many pieces of furniture. They should be in a minimal amount. Necessarily the style is maintained with the overall design, each element is harmoniously combined with the others. A corner cabinet, a cupboard and a shelf where shoes are stored are well suited. The latter will help to keep the room clean and tidy. It saves precious space, holds shoes well.

the idea of ​​a beautiful interior of a small hallway

Hallway must have bright lighting

An example of light design of a small hallway

It is advisable to design the hallway in pastel colors.

Layout: Ideas for an Ideal Room

It’s not easy to equip the interior of a small hallway. Here you need to put shoes, outerwear and some household supplies. Using original planning ideas, you can increase the space and create an attractive interior.

Experts recommend working with the full height of the walls. They are well located mezzanine. They are comfortable and roomy. Thus, shelves and cabinets are significantly unloaded.

It is appropriate to equip arches instead of doors. They will visually expand the vestibule. Its design should take place strictly according to the principle of minimalism. In the hallway there is no place for unnecessary things, only the necessary items.

version of an unusual style of a small hallway

It is recommended to use the walls in full, from floor to ceiling

an example of a beautiful decor of a small hallway

There must be a mirror in the hallway. Full height preferably

version of the bright interior of the small hallway

Using original planning ideas, you can increase the space and create an attractive interior

A small podium looks good in a narrow corridor. To expand it, it is necessary to use transverse strips on the floor or on top. It is also worth highlighting the entrance area, using light colors in the design.

High ceilings can create a feeling of crowding. You can reduce them with a mezzanine, dark wallpaper. In this case, you can create a drywall construction of different levels, which has a similar effect.

idea of ​​bright decor of a small hallway

You can hang pictures on a blank wall

version of the beautiful interior of a small entrance hall

Equipping a small hallway, try to make it bigger

Spacious lounge: tips

Equipping a small hall, the main task is to make it more spacious. Various visual methods will help. Cope with the task of a white finish, panels and glossy ceiling.

The walls should be light. They can be painted in beige, blue or salad color. As a finishing material use wallpaper. Monophonic options are well suited or with a small pattern that does not catch the eye.

If you remove the thresholds between the rooms and lay the flooring, then the small hallway will increase. To achieve this will not work, provided that there is a clear distinction in the premises. Such a trick will create the opposite effect.

In this case, forget about the varnished floor. It has a poor indicator of wear resistance. It quickly loses its attractive appearance, which spoils the overall picture of the interior. Parquet will not work, as it is easily deformed. The best flooring for the hall is tile. It has many advantages: long service life, resistance to moisture, easy to clean. Her choice in the market is huge, she is well suited to any interior.

version of the bright style of the small hallway

Wall decoration can be made wallpaper

the idea of ​​a beautiful decor of a small hallway

Use light shades in the hallway. This will help make her visually larger.

the idea of ​​an unusual interior of a small hallway

To make the hall visually larger, use white.

What style of design to choose?

The main problem that arises in the process of arranging a small-sized hall is clutter. An ascetic setting will help to avoid it. It involves the use of only hooks on the wall, used to place clothes, shelves for shoes, closed and open type. In this case, the closet is in another room. This will keep the space free for movement. Otherwise, the tiny room will be cramped and uncomfortable.

Installed furniture must be multifunctional. The bench is used not only as a seat, but also as a storage system. There is a lid on it, folding it back you can access the deep drawer. This solution will be fresh, practical and functional. To realize it will not be difficult for the homeowner on his own.

In a small hallway, country style elements look good. It involves the use of light colors in wall decoration. Dark wood furniture gives the interior an impressive look. The flooring should create a color bridge. Dark shades will help.

version of a beautiful design of a small hallway

Use multifunctional furniture

an example of a bright decor of a small hallway

There should be enough lighting in the hallway

Bright small-sized hall

Basically, a bright palette is used to design a small hallway. But not all owners like it. Some prefer vivid and vibrant colors.They use them in all rooms of their apartment. The corridor is no exception.

In this case, you can stick the wallpaper with a bright pattern. He should be the only one in a tiny room. The furniture is plain and bright. To harmoniously complete the interior on the wall, you can display a work of art. This design looks fresh and original.

variant of a light interior of a small hallway

Most often they use light shades to decorate the hallway

the idea of ​​a bright interior of a small hallway

The design of the hallway needs to be planned to the smallest detail

option of a light decor of a small hallway

Finishing the floor is better done with tiles.

Storage Organization Features

It is important to organize the storage system in the hallway. If its dimensions can be attributed to average, then a roomy furniture set is used. It combines different types of shelves and drawers. A corner cupboard works well. He uses the space, which often during the arrangement remains free. Furniture will allow it to be used rationally.

To give a small hallway coziness and comfort will help unpainted cabinet made of wood. A warm natural shade harmoniously blends into the overall picture of the interior. It is able to accommodate a large number of things that are currently in use and stored. The furniture ensemble does not clutter up the space, and does not burden the look of the room. The cabinet is practical and ergonomic to the owners.

the idea of ​​a beautiful design of a small hallway

It is important to organize the storage system in the hall

version of a beautiful decor of a small entrance hall

To give a small hallway coziness and comfort will help an unpainted cabinet

Useful and simple furniture

Choosing a small room requires compact furniture. It is not appropriate to install bulky cabinets, luxurious sofas, large chandeliers. To make the room attractive and comfortable, you will need to rationally use every meter. Useful and simple items will help.

For a small hallway, a minimal set of furniture is enough. It includes:

  • Closet. It will give the room a finished look. It will occupy a significant area, but there will be a place to store things. Visually expand the space will help mirrored doors and lamps located above them. Can be equipped in a niche;
  • Hanger. Can be placed in even the most modest in area corridor. It is presented in the form of several hooks and a shelf designed to store hats. Hangers racks originally look. They come in different configurations and colors;
  • Curbstone. Shoeing on weight is uncomfortable. Facilitate this process will help a chair or other place where you can sit down. If we talk about the multifunctional option, then the stand is perfect. It can be used for sitting and storing things. Its dimensions are compact, so it fits easily into a small hall;
  • Shoe shop. It will significantly save space. Equipped with several shelves on which shoes are placed. Well suited for large families;
  • Mirror. This element of the interior allows the owners to control their appearance. In addition, visually lengthens and expands the room.
example of a bright interior of a small hallway

Choose compact furniture in a small room

an example of a light style of a small hallway

In a small hallway, it is important to use every meter as efficiently as possible.

idea of ​​unusual design of a small hallway

For a small hallway, a standard set of furniture is enough

Floor covering: options

When equipping a hallway, it is worth remembering about the floor. Only with proper interior design will it be stylish and practical. Do not lay carpets that do not fit the requirements of modern design. They quickly become dirty and lose their appearance.

For the hallway, the following materials are suitable.




This is a versatile and inexpensive coating option. It does not require special care, it is easy to clean, resistant to moisture, and does not lose its attractive appearance for a long time. Commercial linoleum is a good fit. It is used in rooms where cross-country ability. It has high quality and is resistant to negative factors. Fits well in any interior.Since it happens in different colors and textures.


Recently, it is especially in demand. And this is not surprising. The material has a high strength and is resistant to loads, cleaning, moisture, dust. It retains its presentation for many years.


Not the best flooring option. Parquet can be equipped only in a classically decorated hallway. The use of wooden planks is a thing of the past and looks unsightly. Such a floor covering is impractical in operation, quickly loses its appearance


Will give the room a cozy look. It is better to choose dark tones of the material. Light quickly absorb dirt, which is difficult to eliminate. Pile necessarily short. Otherwise, sand and debris falling from the street will accumulate.


Ideal flooring. The main two advantages are resistance to damage, easy to care for. A material that imitates natural stone, wood is well suited. Slippery look should not be used.

light style version of a small hallway

The best flooring in the hallway will be tiles

version of the unusual decor of a small hallway

To get a spacious and comfortable room, you need to consider many nuances

If we talk about the aesthetic characteristics of the room, then visually enlarges the room a laminate laid in length. Extends the diagonal pattern on the material. The tile is laid with rhombuses. This will make her design more original.

Making a small hallway is an interesting process. To get a spacious and comfortable room, you need to take into account many nuances. The furniture is compact and simple, the walls and ceiling are light. The flooring is strong, wear-resistant and durable.

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