Where to start the transformation and decor of the hallway

Once in a house or apartment, guests judge the hospitality, wealth and taste of the owners by the way the decor of the hallway is. This room unites all rooms, so its design should be in harmony with the whole interior. It makes no sense to make expensive repairs in the hallway, but the small area makes it possible to afford a little luxury in the decoration of several square meters of walls, ceiling and floor, complemented by spectacular lighting. You can do a lot with your own hands, then the hallway will become a source of pride in front of many visitors to the house.

Reconstruction of the hallway can be large-scale if redevelopment or major repairs are planned. But if there is no need to change the facing of all surfaces, the transformation can cover only the decor of the walls of the hallway with your own hands, as well as a partial replacement of furniture and accessories.

version of the original design of the corridor

Hallway design made in one style

the idea of ​​a beautiful interior hallway

Flexible stone is perfect for decorating the hallway of a room

version of the bright decor of the hallway

The original hanger in the hallway

Regarding the cost of decoration for a small corridor behind the front door, which acts as an entrance hall, each family decides according to its income.

There is no need for large loans for repairs if carried out in stages. But first you need to plan everything in order to “see” the final result.

  1. To audit - remove obsolete accessories of the hallway and really evaluate what is most needed.
  2. Plan the location of the built-in furniture - a sliding wardrobe, a modular “hallway” or individual elements.
  3. For surfaces that will not be occupied by cabinets or a hanger, choose finishing materials or decor.
  4. Decide how to decorate a loose wall or a small vertical plane.
  5. Decide whether to replace interior doors - it is better to change everything at once, choosing in a single design.
  6. Consider a style that will organically complement the interior of the whole house.
  7. Evaluate your own strengths for the manufacture of hallway decor and decide where to turn to specialists.

Preparing walls for cladding

Many believe that in the hallway it is not necessary to somehow decorate the walls in a special way, you can limit yourself to cosmetic repairs. But the experience of eminent interior designers confirms that any room will be spectacular only with a memorable drawing or texture that emphasizes the design concept.

the idea of ​​a color style corridor

Large round mirror in the hallway

color interior of the hallway

In the hallway room you can hang a picture

Hallway wall decor



Interior Styles


Volumetric and artistic inserts

Antiquity, Empire, other historical styles


Wall panel

Japanese and Chinese style, modern style


Mosaic image and stained glass

Ethnic, gothic, colonialism, modern,


Art object or installation

Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Onto Art, eclecticism



Classic or historical style, marine style


3D Wall Mural

Fusion, hi-tech, eco style, country


Art modeling

Palace style, neoclassic, renaissance,


Art graffiti

Urban styles, avant-garde, disco, kitsch, techno,

An image can be performed in any technique, when there is a desire to do it yourself, then even a person who does not know how to draw is able to work in an accessible technique. For example, a stencil drawing or a mosaic panel of broken tiles, an application of vinyl stickers, if you work according to the finished model.

When there is a desire to decorate the hallway with a fresco or wall painting in a complex technique, you can independently prepare the surface of the walls to reduce costs. The main part will be made by an artist or specialist in a particular technique.

idea of ​​a beautiful decor of the corridor

The entrance hall in this color will give you warmth

bright corridor style option

Many paintings on the wall in the hallway will perfectly complement the decor

the idea of ​​the original design of the hallway

Large decorative pattern on the wall will add grace

Surfaces requiring serious correction of defects must be displayed with plaster on beacons or faced with textured materials.

Decorative facing brick or “wild” stone on a part of the wall is a noble decor of the hallway in the apartment. It is not necessary to lay out the entire wall, artificial masonry is enough in one corner, near the front door or between the interior doors.

Brickwork is a typical hallway decor used in different styles, for example, loft or urbanism.

Venetian stucco with marble effect is the most expensive and time-consuming type of cladding. The walls and columns under the “Venetian” or textured plaster look the most luxurious.

Artificial marble is another way of spectacular decor in the hallway. It looks amazing both on the floor and on the walls, and is also used as decorative inserts among any tiled cladding. Natural marble is very expensive, especially Italian, and artificial marble looks no worse, but is quite affordable.

the idea of ​​a bright corridor design

Instead of hangers, a closet can be integrated

version of the original style of the hallway

The paintings on the walls will pleasantly complement the interior of the hallway

Hallway decor with mirrors

A mirror wall is the best way to visually expand a small space. But the limited area of ​​the hallway requires a competent approach in the use of mirrors.

Sliding wardrobe with sliding mirrored doors solves several problems at once. It combines many departments for storing seasonal items and large mirrors, without which it is difficult to assemble before leaving the house. A built-in wardrobe can be deep, if there is enough space in the hallway, or compact. The configuration depends on the place that will occupy a direct or angular "coupe".

High reflection tiles are another way to mirror a hallway. It is laid out in different ways:

  • narrow inserts;
  • mirror wall;
  • as a border to a large mirror;
  • diagonally in separate blocks.

A large mirror on a stand or in a frame on one of the walls can be the main focus. This indispensable attribute of the hallway has long been not used as a functional object.

version of the beautiful decor of the hallway

A plate with a pleasant inscription will give a good mood

idea of ​​a colored interior of the corridor

On the walls you can stick bright wallpaper

version of the bright style of the hallway

A dry tree in a vase will look harmonious in such a design

The unusual shape mirror perfectly complements the interior design in any style:

  • woodcarving frame - classic;
  • mirror-sun - art deco;
  • without design - minimalism;
  • with a wide edging of shells - marine style;
  • chrome frame - hi-tech;
  • asymmetric form with stained glass addition - modern;
  • aged wood on the frame - Provence or country;
  • with console and candlesticks - historical style;
  • unusual mirror decor will decorate the interior in a modern style.
the idea of ​​a beautiful corridor design

Wall stand saves a bit of space

variant of the color interior of the corridor

Wallpaper in the form of a brick wall will harmoniously look in such a design

Combining wallpaper in the hallway as a decor

Many have already become fed up with paper wallpapers, and there is not enough money for expensive finishes. It is worth moving away from traditional rolls in favor of the decor of the hallway with wallpaper on a different basis:

  • vinyl with a texture that mimics natural materials;
  • fiberglass and non-woven paint;
  • liquid wallpaper with various fillers;
  • metallized rolls;
  • bamboo and cork;
  • interior textiles;
  • wooden or veneered wallpaper.

Each variety has a spectacular surface with excellent aesthetic properties. Unconventional wallpapers can be combined to achieve an unusual effect, or combined with stone or brickwork.

The combination of the same wallpaper in different shades in the form of decorative inserts is the simplest decor of the hallway, but the idea and the final result are important.

the idea of ​​the original decor of the hallway

Such a cabinet can be put in the hallway, then everything will be at hand

variant of the color decor of the corridor

Wall decoration with a flexible stone will look beautiful

the idea of ​​the original style of the hallway

Bright red doors will stand out in the design of the hallway

How to choose and decorate furniture for the hallway?

The bulky “hallways” that occupy most of the premises of a small area are morally obsolete and go into oblivion. They are being replaced by compact hangers - a “duet” of wall and floor models, made in one design key.

Closed shoe boxes replaced the primitive shelves for open shoes. They are produced mainly under wood of traditional shades, varnished and matted. In the catalogs you can find compact sets, which can include pencil cases with a hanger, shoes, benches or banquets.

Given the simplicity of furniture for hallways, some of the products are easy to assemble with your own hands, ordering parts in the furniture workshop. If you want some original decor - decorate the doors and facades of cabinet furniture with moldings, stained glass inserts or stickers.

Openwork forging often looks more attractive than furniture of small forms made of wood. Banquets and floor hangers on elegant legs with soft seats in luxurious upholstery are the best decoration of the room at the front door.

There shouldn’t be much furniture in a modern hallway, but compact stylish models are preferred. For a narrow entrance hall it is better to choose sliding and folding seats, narrow consoles and small poufs. An excellent addition will be a newsstand, a shelf for a landline telephone, a key holder and a stand for an umbrella-cane, if all are made in one design.

version of the beautiful interior of the hallway

The decorative tree on the wall with illumination will look gorgeous

version of the beautiful design of the hallway

Such a picture on the wall will not go unnoticed.

Choosing creative lighting for the hallway

  1. In the hallways of urban apartments there are usually no windows, and much attention is paid to lighting, diode lamps, which are still very economical, are considered modern.
  2. Luminous panels on the floor look unusual, which turn on when you step on them, but the entire “path” can also be lit.
  3. The “soaring” stretch ceiling with illumination around the perimeter looks spectacular.
  4. Decorative shades from improvised materials with your own hands will make any interior creative.
  5. Ceiling lights are selected according to the style of the room, if the interior is not original, everyone will change the plafonds of an unusual design or a unique lighting design used to zoning a narrow and long hallway.
the idea of ​​the original interior of the hallway

The design of the hallway can be made in such a modern style

variant of the bright decor of the corridor

This design looks very unusual

the idea of ​​a bright interior hallway

A notice board in the hallway will not let you forget something

Original Design Ideas

If you creatively approach the decor of the hallway, then even a few extravagant accessories will radically transform the room.

Two large floor vases on either side of the front door complete the spacious room design. They can be used for dry ikebana, twisting twigs, peacock feathers and other original filling.

When there is enough lighting in the hallway, it will be decorated with flower tubs with large plants or wide collection florariums with succulents.

Large rectangular baskets are the best “storehouse” for shoes for a country-style room or Provence.

the idea of ​​a beautiful style of the hallway

You can decorate the hallway with wall paintings

variant of a beautiful decor of the corridor

Such a mirror will look great against a brick wall

A stack of old suitcases perfectly replace a bedside table or a retro table. The atmosphere of the “family estate” will be supplemented by an old chest in the hallway or a chest of drawers on which you can store handbags or hats.

To combine several items of antique furniture, it is painted in a common color, for soft seats you need a constriction with a beautiful furniture fabric.

Transparent tabletops and plexiglass shelves create the illusion of free space. But it is advisable to place original decor on them - vases, souvenirs, unusual accessories so as not to stumble on “invisible” objects in the dark.

Video: Decor of the hallway with paper stones and vine

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