Difficulties, features and design rules of the hallway with stairs

Entering the house, first of all, a person gets into the corridor. The entrance hall is able to make a first impression of the whole house. Therefore, it is important to design it competently, emphasizing the advantages and hiding the flaws. Hall design with stairs has a number of nuances, considering which you can combine beauty and functionality.

hallway design with stairs

The entrance hall is the first room that we see when entering the house.

private entrance hall design

The first impression of all households depends on how this room is designed.

Design a hallway with a staircase in a private house

The staircase is easy to turn into a “highlight”, a key decoration of the corridor with the correct design of the room. More often for the hall choose classics, a modernist style or a country. The first option is distinguished by the use of neutral tones, natural materials. Style is luxurious, so you have to invest large sums in design. It is important to observe moderation and not to overdo it, otherwise everything will look cheap.

hallway with stairs photo

A staircase in the interior of a country lady can become his real decoration.

Art Nouveau is shocking and modern. Materials - mainly plastic, glass and metal surfaces. A great addition will be the illumination of stairs.

hallway staircase design

A staircase visually creates a perspective by optically expanding the space.

Country fully reflects the rustic style. It creates rural coziness and is distinguished by the use of natural colors and natural wood.

hallway in the house with stairs

Usually, such wealth as a spacious hall in a private house does not go to everyone.

Requirements for the construction of stairs in the house

Hall interior with stairs will look harmonious, subject to certain recommendations. After all, the design is central in the room and certain requirements are imposed on it.

hallway interior with stairs

The design of the stairs to the 2nd floor must be approached with all responsibility.

  1. Good lighting in the room. Otherwise, there is a chance of injury in the dark. It is preferable to place a spotlight, sconce, or several full-fledged powerful chandeliers.
  2. For visual zoning of the territory near the stairs, use an accent object. A large plant, a beautiful ottoman, a compact table will do;
  3. Cover the steps with a rug to visually reduce the size of the structure;
  4. The dimensions of the marches should be identical along the entire length. It is recommended that you select an odd number of steps.
  5. The lifting angle should vary from 25 to 45 degrees, and the railings have a height of about 90 cm.
  6. To increase functionality design hall with staircase use the available space below it.
dressing room under the stairs in the hallway

Successfully fit wardrobe or storage system for various items.

Choosing a design style

There are several preferred styles to suit your needs. They are reflected in the table.

high-tech hallway

Most often, the hallway interior with stairs is found in private houses, but there are exceptions, for example, two-level apartments.

Style Description
Classic At production only valuable breeds of trees are used. Can be made of stone like marble or granite.The palette is restrained, the forms are elegant. Add decorative elements in the form of carvings and curls.
High tech Use a metal padded with a chrome surface. Add glass or stone for the ornament. Metal structures have many advantages, including long life and reliability. The staircase is durable, able to withstand heavy loads.
Minimalism The maximum introduction of glass surfaces into the product. It can be used as a basis. The foundation of the product is made of thickened glass. It has a high degree of strength.

Can be made of concrete. The design is not remarkable, has good strength. You can add other materials as an addition to make the product highlight.

stairs to the second floor

In addition to its direct purpose - the connection of two tiers - this design also serves as a decoration of the entrance part of the interior (corridor, hall).

Wood is a classic material. Especially if you plan to create a country style. If it is not possible to use expensive species, pay attention to larch, cherry or maple.

country hallway with stairs

Being the first room that guests see, the design of the hallway with stairs requires careful design.

Types of staircase designs in the hallway

The following types of designs.

  1. Marching. The steps are made in the form of a continuous row. There are several marches. This is affected by the dimensions of the house and the height of the tiers.

    marching stairs in the hallway

    Sometimes, in addition, risers are built to visually make the space easier.

  2. Screw. No marches. A staircase is a spiral shaped span. Thanks to its impressive appearance, the product successfully fits into any design.

    beautiful staircase in the hallway

    This type allows you to visually raise the ceiling.

Cabinets under the stairs in the hallway

The staircase has impressive dimensions and takes up a lot of space. Therefore, it is important to use as much as possible every square meter available. Any area is worth turning into usable. One option is the organization of cabinets.

hallway by the stairs

This will allow you to conveniently put bedding, inventory and other things.

You can organize a small library. A sensible decision would be to transform the cabinet into a place to store shoes and clothes. Combine practicality with beauty.

shelves for books under the stairs

The cabinet will become not only a convenient storage system, but also a successful interior addition.

Design stairs in the lobby

A staircase in the hall is given special significance. It allows you to visually increase the height of the ceilings, and the room adds spaciousness and originality. For a small corridor, the screw type will be ideal. You can place the product, supplemented by elements in the form of metal parts, which will not burden the design.

spiral staircase in the hallway

If the hallway is the face of the house, then the staircase is a key figure that determines the style of the interior as a whole.

The design is often equipped with glass and plastic. If the dimensions of the hallway allow, it is recommended to choose a massive staircase made of natural material. She will not eat space, harmoniously blending into the overall interior.

bright hallway

To make the design of the hallway in the house as functional as possible, experts recommend not to miss the chance to use the space under the stairs.

Provence style design

Provence is a French style, which is based on the introduction of light colors. External simplicity does not prevent the interior from taking into account and introducing many interesting details into the room. If you decide to use the stairs in a similar style, it is recommended to continue to spread French motifs to the rest of the territory.

hallway staircase design

Stairs in the Provence style win hearts with their unusualness, conciseness, elegance, beauty and of course charm.

The main tone is white. You can complement it with lavender, olive, peach. When finishing, it is important to use only natural materials. Therefore, the staircase structure is necessarily made of light wood.

hallway interior with stairs

You can choose a model with a touch of antiquity.

The same rules apply for flooring. Laminate or linoleum in a modern style will not work. Wood furniture covered in white paint. The presence of scratches, cracks will add color.

Provence style staircase

Such stairs have sophisticated and bright colors.

Country Country Style

To create country, you should make the most of wood and textiles. Be sure to place a carpet, or track on the floor, on the walls of the picture, you can install a ottoman with pillows. On the surfaces and decor elements should be present ornament.

country style hallway

Country-style wooden staircases can be very simple, can be chic and elegant, and emphasize the appeal of your interior.

No vivid accents. A large oak staircase does not "fit" into the overall interior. For country, breeds like birch or pine are suitable. It is not distinguished by luxury, but embodies the rustic comfort.

staircase in the hallway of the country

Properly designed staircase in country style allows you to best modify the interior of the room.

Classic entrance hall with stairs

Classics is one of the popular and popular styles when decorating hallways. Materials are only natural, of noble origin. The maximum use of expensive wood, granite and marble. The shapes of the items must be restrained. Choose a calm palette for decoration.

classic staircase design

Classical-style staircases are primarily the use of expensive natural materials and the presence of decorative elements corresponding to a particular historical style.

The staircase may have decorations in the form of carvings, curls. If you introduce bright details or oversaturated space with luxury, everything will look cheap and tasteless. Therefore, it is important to observe the measure and act carefully.

white staircase in classic style

The classic style of the stairs - sophisticated and sophisticated, must meet the requirements of a classic interior.

For the corridor with stairs, you can use the following elements:

  1. Massive wooden chairs;
  2. Carpets are discreet, restrained shades;
  3. Stone table or wooden;
  4. Lamps located on the tables;
  5. Volumetric models of curtains.
classic staircase in the hallway

When choosing a ladder, safety and comfort during operation should be in the first place.

It will be possible to create an excellent classic in a spacious room, which in size allows you to place all the necessary details.

staircase in the interior of the hallway

A staircase executed in a truly classic (exemplary) style does not lose its accuracy over time.

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