Subtleties of the design of the hallway with mirrors

It is difficult to imagine a hallway without a mirror. This is an important element of the interior, which performs several functions. A mirror decorates the room and enlarges the space. In addition, it allows owners to control their appearance before leaving the house. This element of decor makes the hallway cozy and comfortable. Proper use of it will give the room a stylish and modern look.

version of the bright decor of the hallway with mirrors

A mirror in the hallway must be required

an example of an unusual style of a hallway with mirrors

The mirror in the hallway performs several functions

the idea of ​​a bright interior hallway with mirrors

This element of decor makes the hallway cozy and comfortable.

Is it possible to do without a mirror in the hallway?

The entrance hall is the first room that meets everyone who enters a house or apartment. She is the face of the home and forms the main impression of the owners. Therefore, it should have an attractive interior, be comfortable.

The design of the corridor largely depends on its area. If it allows, then you can install a headset, shoe rack, pouf and other furniture. In small rooms it is worthwhile to limit yourself to a hanger for outerwear and a shelf for shoes and slippers. But there is one element of decor that is present in any corridor - a mirror. It has a special role to play, it carries several functional loads.

the idea of ​​a beautiful design of the hallway with mirrors

The entrance hall should have an attractive interior and be comfortable.

an example of a light design of a hallway with mirrors

The design of the hallway depends on its size

Functional load


Responsible for the appearance of the owners

Before leaving the apartment, you can look into it and put yourself in order, notice the flaws of the outfit. Especially if the mirror is large and allows you to inspect the entire growth.

Stylish decor

Today, the choice of mirrors is unlimited. They differ in size, quality and other characteristics. The design is especially worth noting. An elegant frame is installed around the mirror, which is made from various materials. The use of wenge, baguette is appropriate. They emphasize the grace and nobility of the main subject.

Visually expands the space

As a rule, the size of the hallway is quite modest, the shape is not very convenient. To hide such shortcomings will help the mirror. It will visually enlarge the room several times.

Fills with light

If we are talking about the hallway in the apartment, then there is no window in it. Therefore, the issue of lighting is acute. I have to install several devices. The mirror will be an excellent assistant in this matter. Thanks to this reflection effect, the decor will scatter light throughout the room. It will be light, airy and spacious.

The mirror in the interior of the hallway is one of the main attributes. It takes up minimal space and is located on the wall, so it can fit even on the smallest square meters. The functional load on the item is large, it is difficult to do without it in the hallway. He should be in the first room of the apartment.

version of the unusual interior of the hallway with mirrors

The mirror can fit even in the smallest hallway

version of the bright style of the hallway with mirrors

It's hard to do without a mirror in the hallway

the idea of ​​a beautiful hallway decor with mirrors

Mirror, the main attribute of the hallway

What types are there?

A frameless mirror is rarely used in the interior. The frame gives it a stylish and finished look. It allows you to change its design, make it an original and interesting decor item. At the same time, not only the color of the frame changes, but also the shape and texture.Additionally, the object is glued with buttons, stones, rhinestones, fur, wood and other materials.

Working with a mirror surface is more difficult, but possible. There are various ways that will help in this process. As a result, mirrors differ in their appearance. The most common options include the following.

  • Patterns. The surface is painted with paints. Acrylic and stained glass are well suited for these purposes. They are intended for use on a glass surface. They are firmly fixed on it, do not spread and do not fade over time, the painting remains bright and saturated for a long time. They are mainly painted with acrylics, and stained-glass windows are created with the second paints.
  • Stained glass windows. Such a painting has characteristic features that distinguish it from ordinary. Without fail, all elements are painted with a metal contour. A special task is entrusted to him - the fastening of glass elements of different colors. You can create such masterpieces with a special paint, called a contour. Her tone imitates metal. The number of shades is limited to get new, the colors are mixed and diluted.
  • Matte pattern. The most popular way to decorate a mirror surface. To perform such a design, the valves are treated with abrasive parts. At home, a special paste perfectly copes with the task. The matte surface makes the mirror unusual, stylish and luxurious. If the processing is done manually, then it will be individual and unique, because the soul of the owner is embedded in his creation. This will fill him with a special aura.
an example of a bright decor of a hallway with mirrors

Usually a mirror is hung in a frame

an example of a beautiful design of a hallway with mirrors

You can use a mirrored wardrobe

Light and mirror

The mirror reflects not only the appearance of a person and objects located opposite him, but also light. This fact must be used when arranging the premises. Properly thought out design will allow this ability to operate profitably. Especially in dark and small hallways. If you install plafonds over the mirror or apply a dressing table, the room will become bright and spacious, cozy and comfortable.

In many corridors there is no window. Especially when it comes to an apartment. As a result, you can’t even talk about natural light. To fix this drawback, shades, a chandelier and other objects that can replace it are installed. One can’t solve the problem one hundred percent even in this situation. To eliminate the darkness in the first room, a full-length mirror with backlight will help. In addition, an elegant hanger and light tones furniture are installed.

idea of ​​a bright style hallway with mirrors

Think over the design of the hallway in advance, taking into account all the features of the room

an example of a beautiful hallway style with mirrors

Light plays an important role in the interior of the hallway.

version of the light decor of the hallway with mirrors

Make sure the room is bright and comfortable

The installed backlight above the mirror is interesting to look at. It complements the overall picture and style of the interior. Makes her beautiful and modern. It is not worth neglecting such a decor item when arranging a room. This is a winning solution for any hallway. It gives it a fabulous and magical look. Such lighting has a soft and warm effect on the interior. If we are talking about a small-sized corridor, then such a solution will visually make it larger and more comfortable.

the idea of ​​an unusual design of the hallway with mirrors

A mirror in a wooden frame will look very beautiful and spectacular

version of the bright interior of the hallway with mirrors

The mirror on the entire wall can visually expand the boundaries of the room

What to look for when choosing a mirror?

The choice of mirrors is huge. Despite this, it is not easy to dwell on the option that will be optimal for a particular case. This is explained by the following factors.

  • The area of ​​the hall is limited. Basically, it is small, so after the arrangement there is a minimum amount of free space. It is necessary to properly arrange the room to avoid such problems.
  • The door is uncomfortable. A similar oversight was made initially when planning housing.It becomes the cause of many difficulties in the preparation of design.
  • A lot of furniture is installed. Since the hallway has several functions, it is necessary to make it convenient. This will help furniture items in which to store shoes, clothes. If you do not think through everything to the smallest detail, then the probability is high that chaos will turn out after the arrangement. One can only dream of a beautiful room.
  • Little light. In this case, not all mirrors will look spectacular. Trellisle, oval, floor is inappropriate in this case.
  • Inconvenient layout of the hall. As a result, finding a place on the wall where you can hang a mirror is difficult.
  • Limited budget. The cost of luxurious and beautiful mirrors is accordingly high. It is possible that the owners may simply not have enough money to purchase it. After all, the arrangement of the interior involves carrying out many works for which funds will be spent.
an example of an unusual decor of a hallway with mirrors

Choose a mirror carefully

The idea of ​​a bright design of the hallway with mirrors

The mirror should harmoniously fit into the interior of the hallway

An example of a bright hallway interior with mirrors

Choose a mirror in the same style as the room

But do not be upset, there are options that will help make the interior beautiful and comfortable. A mirror framed in a baguette or dressing table is inexpensive, but it looks stylish and visually increases the space. If the area of ​​the room is limited, then it can be inserted into the cabinet doors. Thus, it does not require additional space on the wall. The original solution will be a mirror on the front door. Such an interior is always winning.

Not only the mirror selection should be approached carefully, but also its design. Proper decor will give it originality and luxury. Beautiful lamps will cope perfectly with this, the front door in wenge color, a refined trellis.

the idea of ​​a beautiful style hallway with mirrors

The function of a mirror can be performed by a sliding wardrobe with mirrored doors

the idea of ​​an unusual interior hallway with mirrors

You can order furniture with a built-in mirror

Full-length mirror: features of the decor item

Full-length mirror - a non-standard solution for the hallway. If correctly applied, then a simple and uncomplicated design per minute will become spectacular and original. The decor element will make it possible to realize complex design ideas. A masterful transformation will produce a stunning effect, a dark hall will become a rainbow-colored mirror. It can become a wonderful panel and sit along the entire wall.

An interesting solution is the mirror corridor. It involves the installation of several items located on different sides. It is appropriate to have reflective surfaces opposite. Despite the originality, this technique is rarely used. Since not everyone feels comfortable in such an environment.

A win-win option would be to install a reflective surface on the right or left wall relative to the entrance. This location is the most convenient. Residents can look into it before exiting. The dressing table opposite the door is not recommended to be placed. This violates the aesthetics of the whole picture. The only exceptions are original design ideas.

version of the bright design of the hallway with mirrors

A mirror can visually expand the boundaries of a room

version of the bright interior of the hallway with mirrors

You can use a sliding wardrobe with mirrored doors

the idea of ​​an unusual style of the hallway with mirrors

Full-length mirror - a non-standard solution for the hallway

Hall layout: what to consider?

The reflective surface is able to hide the flaws in the layout of the corridor. It does not clutter or burden the design. On the contrary, it gives it sophistication, visually increases its size, fills it with light. A similar attribute performs the following tasks.

  • Raise the height of the ceiling if you install it in a vertical shape.
  • Push the walls apart. A similar effect has a horizontally shaped object.
version of the unusual decor of the hallway with mirrors

Using a mirror, you can hide the imperfections of the room

an example of a bright hallway interior with mirrors

The mirror in the hallway is a win-win

In the hallway you can make a special finish of reflective materials. Mirror tiles look stylish and non-standard. Such a panel on the wall raises the ceiling.The visual effect of it will be incredible. It is similar to the illusion that magicians are capable of creating.

Mirrors of various shapes, sizes and types are suitable for arranging any home. It is not difficult to use them, since such a design is a win-win option in any interior. They make it possible to create a unique and stylish design with minimal financial costs.

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