Cork in the interior: application in design, types of cork coatings, prices

Cork is a material made by special technology from oak bark. In the process of processing, the bark passes through several stages and turns into a kind of powder, from which you can create any kind of objects with unique properties. Recently, more and more often cork in the interior is used precisely for the manufacture of finishing materials. It looks modern, stylish, perfectly in harmony with any style.

idea of ​​using cork in the interior of the room

Cork made of oak bark

cork application in home design

Cork is often used as decoration material

example of the use of cork in the design of an apartment

Cork looks beautiful, stylish and combines with many styles in the interior

Advantages and disadvantages of cork finish

The main advantages of finishing materials from cork include the following.

  1. Excellent insulating qualities. Cork can serve as additional insulation of the room, provide sound insulation on the walls or ceiling. With such a coating, the house can become much quieter and calmer.
  2. Simple and convenient installation. This is especially true for roll cork. To do it yourself, it’s enough to watch the training videos.
  3. Environmental friendliness. In the production of finishing materials from cork, as a rule, no chemical impurities are used. That is, choosing this material for wall decoration, you can be calm for the health of all family members.
  4. High mechanical qualities - this means that no deformation of the coating is terrible. The material quickly restores its original shape on its own.
  5. High durability. To damage this type of finish you will have to try hard and use heavy or sharp objects. Accidental damage is virtually eliminated.
  6. The original appearance. Cork in the design of any style looks impressive and original.
  7. Staticity is achieved due to the natural composition. Cork is able to repel dust. This is especially important for people with allergic diseases or asthma.
idea of ​​using cork in home design

The cork has excellent insulation properties and is easy to install.

example of using cork in room decor

Such material is very durable and absolutely environmentally friendly.

But, despite such important advantages, cork coating cannot be called ideal. It has some disadvantages.

  1. The cost of the material is quite high. This is understandable by production technology, naturalness. If the budget for repairs is limited, you will have to look for cheaper options.
  2. Difficulty in maintaining the coating. Over time, dirt accumulates in the porous surface, which is rather difficult to remove. For this reason, you should regularly clean the cork.
  3. The material perfectly absorbs all odors, this should be considered when choosing. If you use a cork, for example, for the kitchen, then over time the smell from the walls will be unpleasant. And getting rid of it will not help anything.

With the qualities of the material, everything has become relatively clear. Now it’s worthwhile to figure out in which rooms how to use the cork.

option to use cork in the interior of the apartment

The cost of this material is slightly higher than analogues

use of cork in room design

When choosing materials, consider that the cork absorbs odors well

the idea of ​​using cork in the decor of the apartment

From time to time the cork needs to be cleaned, dirt accumulates in it

Cork coverings in design

When choosing finishing materials, one should pay attention not only to technical characteristics, but also to decorative ones. It is worth considering that the cork finish coating for each type of room is selected individually. Somewhere wallpapers will be more reliable, and somewhere - modules.

example of cork in the interior of the house

When choosing a cork, consider the features of the room

option to use cork in the interior of the room

Cork looks very beautiful in the interior and combines with many styles

Living room

Cork wall decoration in the living room is an incredible space for imagination. There are no special restrictions, since there are no serious chemical or mechanical effects on the walls. The design style will depend solely on the owners of the apartment and their wishes.

It is recommended to consider the following options:

  • wallpaper;
  • wall cork panels;
  • spraying.

Spraying will last a little longer. But it is worth considering that spraying alone will not succeed, as specialized equipment is required.

The wall panel will look original. If the size of the room allows, it is possible to use large decorations, interesting drawings. An example of such a design can be seen in the photo.

example of using cork in home design

Cork walls complement the living room

example of using cork in the interior of an apartment

In the living room, the material can last a very long time, as it is subject to mechanical stress.

use case cork in home design

The style of the room depends entirely on the wishes of the owners


When designing a bedroom or children's room options are slightly less. But cork for such rooms is an ideal choice, as the material is environmentally friendly. But the coating must be applied correctly. The advantage of using cork finishes in children's rooms can be considered safety for babies, which in this way can really be protected from many injuries. When you hit a cork, it is almost impossible to hurt yourself badly, to earn an abrasion or a scratch.

When choosing a coating, you need to consider its color. Parents should know that the white color of the walls is perceived by the children as a place for drawing. But to remove traces of pencils, crayon paints from cork finish is generally impossible.

Adults should pay attention to the cork, choosing finishing materials. Firstly, it gives enough room for work on interior design. Secondly, such wall decoration is a chic soundproofing material. Cork panels and thick tiles have a high level of noise absorption, but for wallpapers this characteristic is somewhat underestimated. The best in this regard is considered to be spraying.

Many manufacturers also offer a cork laminate, which has very high strength and reliability.

example of using cork in the interior of a room

Cork for the bedroom will be a great option, as it is an environmentally friendly material

the idea of ​​using cork in the interior of the house

When choosing a material, consider its color


The kitchen in decoration is considered one of the most difficult rooms. This is because there is a difference in temperature and humidity. Most often, washable wallpapers, plastic, and tile are selected for the design of the kitchen. But cork is also acceptable in the kitchen, but it is worth considering its negative quality - absorption of all odors.

If you decide to use a cork finish in the kitchen, you will need a varnish coating. Normal dense varnish will not work. Its effect will be manifested only in the formation of a thick film, which means that all the environmental friendliness of the coating is lost.

There is a specialized varnish that works differently. It is absorbed into the cork coating similarly to the primer, that is, it protects from the inside, preventing the porous surface from “remembering” all the kitchen aromas.

idea of ​​using cork in room decor

Please note that the cork absorbs odors very much.

example of cork in home design

So that the material does not deteriorate quickly, cover it with varnish


The bathroom is even more complicated than the kitchen. There are no less odors here.And they are still mixed with constant high humidity, temperature changes. To exclude these facts is, of course, unrealistic.

If a cork is selected for wall coverings, then it needs special protection. One coat of specialized varnish will not help here. It will be necessary to apply 2-3 layers, each of which is well dried.

Although experts question the use of cork in the bathroom. For reliability, you will have to apply about five layers of varnish - this is a serious cost to the budget and long in time. It is good to dry in a dry (that is, it will not be possible to use the bathroom for its intended purpose) room, one coat of varnish can for two or three days.

The fastening of such finish in the bathroom is different from other rooms, since the adhesive layer becomes unreliable from high humidity.

example of using cork in the decor of an apartment

If you decide to use the cork in the bathroom, you should carefully protect it from external factors.

the idea of ​​using cork in the decor of the apartment

Cork perfectly complements the interior and creates an atmosphere of comfort

option of using cork in apartment design

To protect the material as much as possible, it is worth applying a varnish in 2-3 layers


Cork walls in the hallway or hallway - it is stylish, original and practical. But it is important to remember that this space is heavily susceptible to pollution and mechanical damage. And to wash dirt off the cork is a problem.

Types of cork coatings

There are several options for cork wall coverings that are worth considering in more detail.



Cork Wallpaper

The most common option. Cork wallpapers are sold in rolls of ten meters. It is based on non-woven fabric or similar non-woven coatings. Color depends solely on the shade of the veneer. The price per square meter of cork wallpaper is in the range from 500 to 1300 rubles, which can not be called cheap. The material is quite heavy, so the choice of glue should be approached responsibly.

Cork roll

In many ways resembles cork wallpaper. It is based on cork chips covered with cork veneers. The price of coverage per square meter can reach up to 1200 rubles. At a price below 550 rubles, a roll cork cannot be found. When designing, it will be necessary to purchase special glue (wallpaper simply does not hold the weight). It is important to know that glue is also expensive - in the region of 2000 rubles per package. And the procedure itself is better to entrust to specialists. The fact is that after attaching a piece of cork to the wall, it is fastened literally tightly. Accordingly, to correct even small flaws and the curvature will not work.

Cork tile

Significantly more convenient and reliable. Its thickness is about 6 mm. For comparison: the thickness of cork wallpaper or roll is 1-2 mm. Tiles are available in various sizes, have high qualities of reliability.

Laminate flooring

It can also be made from cork. Naturally, it is not completely fulfilled from it. Eco-friendly coating is just the top layer.

Wall Cork Panels

Reminiscent of the principle of attaching laminate flooring or lining. Each panel is formed in such a way that it has a groove on one side and a ridge for tight joints on the other. The panel is distinguished from the tile by the presence of a noticeable seam.

Cork dust or liquid cork

This is the most expensive option for wall covering, but it is he who has the highest qualities of this material. Everything is applied to the wall with the help of specialized, expensive equipment by spraying. A significant plus is that the walls do not need to be pre-aligned.

Decorative panel

It is impossible to call finishing material. It is rather a decorative design element that can become a leader in the interior. In stores, it’s really possible to find suitable paintings in a finished form. Many manufacturers can make the necessary panels to order according to the sketch.

idea of ​​using cork in home decor

When choosing a cork for decorating a corridor, consider the features of the room

option to use cork in the interior of the room

Cork walls in the hallway or hallway - it is stylish, original and practical.

In addition to the above types, there is also a technical jam. This type of decoration cannot be called, of course. Rather, it is used as a substrate for the main wall or floor covering, giving additional insulating properties. It is believed that in this way it is possible to significantly extend the life of a parquet or laminate.

Whatever type is chosen for interior design, professionals recommend starting wall decoration from above, not from below. It is easier to eliminate physical defects, deformations, and bendings.

idea of ​​using cork in home design

The cork is used as a substrate for the laminate, this will increase the service life of the floor

option to use cork in the decor of the apartment

There are several types of traffic jams.

The surface finish of walls and floors should always be approached carefully. The result of these works is usually operated for several years. And throughout the whole time, the owner of the house or apartment should please the aesthetic appearance and good quality. If you decide to choose a cork coating, then do not forget about the high cost of the material and the need for special care. Typically, repair technicians provide detailed maintenance recommendations.

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