We develop a functional, stylish design of a small Khrushchev

The cost of spacious, multi-room housing is off scale, especially in a large city. For this reason, old Khrushchevs are still in high demand. They are affordable. A large number of such apartments were built in every major city. Khrushchev’s apartments have long been the subject of many anecdotes because of their modest dimensions and inconvenient layout. However, for young families, they are almost the only opportunity to find their own secluded “corner”. With the shortcomings of the premises can be dealt with using modern design techniques. A well-chosen Khrushchev design will achieve an excellent result. How to choose the right style, furniture, color scheme for Khrushchev is described in more detail in this article.

White carpet on brown floor

The interior of the two-room Khrushchev in snow-white tones

Apartment Khrushchev: features of the layout

What is typical for an apartment in Khrushchev? The first characteristic is uniformity. The layout of the apartments is absolutely identical throughout the house. The second feature is the small size. The modest dimensions become a real obstacle in the process of arrangement. It is quite difficult to put everything you need on 30-46 square meters. The third characteristic feature of the Khrushchev is an inconvenient layout. The rooms are usually adjoining and have low ceilings.

Gray sofa in the living room of Khrushchev

In a small area, it’s very difficult to combine beautiful design with optimal distribution of space

Determine the functionality

The most popular option for such apartments are two-bedroom. You can make a practical design for a two-room apartment in Khrushchev without the help of professional designers. The main thing is to correctly determine the functionality of the home, allocate zones, choose a style.

Dining table in front of the window in Khrushchev

First, it is important to determine whether a radical redevelopment will occur in the apartment, or whether it will be enough limited to zoning

Repair must be done in stages. The first stage of work is determining the functionality of the apartment. It is necessary to draw up a detailed plan of each room, noting the necessary functional areas. Their number, type will depend on the needs of each individual family. The apartment can accommodate a bedroom, study, living room, dining room, children.

Advice! Be sure to draw a graphic plan of the apartment. On a sheet of paper, it is necessary to precisely note the location of communications, furniture, partitions, and other interior elements. Then the repair work in the apartment will take less time.

Plan of redevelopment of a two-room Khrushchev

For a family with a child - dividing a large room into a bedroom and a living room

Preparing for redevelopment

Having decided on the main functional areas, many owners come to the need for a radical change in space - redevelopment. This solution will solve the problem of the shortage of square meters. The rooms can be combined, enlarged using a balcony, separated by partitions.

White partition in a studio apartment

Any restructuring of walls in a multi-storey building requires coordination with the housing inspection

This solution has several disadvantages:

  • Redevelopment requires official permission. We will have to prepare a project, study a lot of technical documentation. Some walls cannot be demolished for safety reasons. For this reason, you can get a refusal.
  • High cash costs. The dismantling of the wall, the purchase of new equipment (for example, a powerful hood) require finances.
The interior of the common room in Khrushchev after repair

Modern design of the old Khrushchev

If there are no problems with money, the difficulties in obtaining permission are not scary, you can begin to prepare for redevelopment. To do this, it is necessary to completely clean the apartment of old furniture, dismantle the old finish. The next step is to study the technical documentation, draw up a redevelopment plan with a new wall layout.

Living room + dining room - a rational solution for the interior

Square meters of a standard two-room Khrushchev is sometimes not enough to implement all the ideas of the owners. In this case, combining several rooms can help. A good solution would be to combine the living room with the dining room.

The scheme of the two-room Khrushchev before and after combining the kitchen and the room

Combining kitchen and room into a kitchen-living room

Traces of the old wall on the ceiling of the kitchen in Khrushchev

The process of combining, traces of the old partition are still visible on the ceiling

Dining table in the kitchen-living room

Dining area after repair

Use the following tips:

  1. Zoning the space of the living-dining room is accepted as furniture. A large dining table can serve as a separator. Zones can also be distinguished with flooring. In the dining room-kitchen, tiles are usually laid, in the living room there is a laminate, carpet.
  2. When combining the living room with the dining room, you can use the classic style. A beautiful wooden table, multilayer curtains, chic finishes emphasize the classics. A modern design would also be appropriate. Styles of minimalism, hi-tech will help to make the space more spacious, more functional.
  3. Furniture in the combined room should be a minimum. Try to maintain a sense of spaciousness.
Bed in Khrushchev behind a sliding glass partition

Unusual zoning idea - sliding walls between the bedroom and the living room

Khrushchev design after combining the kitchen with the living room

After combining the rooms, an open studio apartment is obtained, in which it is difficult to recognize typical Soviet housing

How to do without redevelopment?

If redevelopment is not available for various reasons, you can do without it. The following recommendations will help visually increase the space, make it more functional:

  1. Plasterboard structures will help to find a little extra space for storing things. From drywall you can build a partition, a fake wall, a rack, niches, shelves. Working with this material is quite easy, even without practical experience.
  2. Visually increase the volume of a room using an arched doorway. Arch allows you to achieve a stunning effect. According to the most conservative estimates, it visually increases the room by a quarter.
  3. Doors, partitions, doors in furniture must be made sliding.
  4. The ideal solution to the problem would be to choose a modern Khrushchev design. Modern style areas do not welcome the excess decor, furniture. They are harmonious, have a suitable color palette.
  5. The glossy, mirrored surfaces of the walls will help increase volume. Be sure to include a mirror wall covering in the design of the project.
Large floor mirror in a wooden frame

Use mirrors to visually expand your space.

Sliding doors on a wooden frame with glass

Sliding doors save space and look stylish

Zoning rooms: best ideas

The practical design of Khrushchev without redevelopment can be done using zoning techniques. They will allow you to conditionally divide the space into zones. Conditional zoning can be done using the following techniques:

  • Furniture Through racks, a sofa, whatnots can be used as room dividers. This is a fairly unobtrusive zoning that allows you to use every square meter to good use.
  • Type of finish. Zoning can be done by choosing different finishing materials for the zones. The walls of the kitchen are better tiled, the walls of the living room - wallpaper.Then even without a partition, the spaces will be visually divided.
  • Lighting. Modern spot lighting has become actively used as a way of zoning. Lamps will help to separate the bedroom from the living room, the dining room from the kitchen. They are usually placed on the ceiling. For a greater effect, it is recommended to choose lamps of different shapes, colors in each individual zone.
Glossy suspended ceiling in the kitchen-living room

Zoning with different ceiling levels

Separation of the sleeping area from the common room using an open rack

Shelving partition as a space divider

Suitable design styles

For the interior design of an apartment-Khrushchev, not all style directions are suitable. The most optimal options, their characteristic features are indicated in the table:

Style name Character traits
Classic If the family has a heated debate about the choice of style, give preference to the classics. This direction does not lose its relevance over the years, it is universal, it can be adapted to any taste. The classic style is characterized by: light colors in the decoration, wood furniture, expensive textiles, chic curtains.
Loft Such a stylish, modern design suits young families. Loft is a descendant of the industrial style. It is characterized by: brickwork in the decoration of rooms, light gray color, furniture made of wood, steel.
High tech High-tech is a modern design in all its manifestations. This style is characterized by modern finishing materials: marble, glass, decorative plaster. A huge role in the interior will be played by appliances, furniture with unusual shapes.
Provence Tender French direction provence will be a good choice for a single woman, a young family with a child. Provence is environmental friendlinesslight shades vintage furniture floral print.
Living room Khrushchev-style Provence

Simplicity and sophistication of the Provence style interior

Room in Khrushchev in the loft style

Loft is suitable for those who like experiments and fashion trends.

Minimalism - a harmonious, modern interior of Khrushchev

Many experts for Khrushchev recommend choosing a practical, minimalistic modern design. Minimalism is a type of modern style. It aims to build the most functional, comfortable space.

Dark gray rug

To visually not reduce the space, use light colors for decoration

Decoration by paintings of gray wall of the living room

For contrast, hang on the walls of the picture

Important! The main condition for minimalism is the absence of unnecessary elements.

Old Soviet writing table in the design of Khrushchev

Add a twist to the interior, such as an antique iron or an old desk

Light gray wardrobe doors

The built-in wardrobe with doors to match the walls will be almost invisible and will not clutter up the space

The owners need to reconsider their needs, get rid of old unnecessary furniture, things. Space cannot be littered with decorative elements. There should be few items in the room. Visually increase the tiny space will help white. It usually draws walls, ceiling. Light furniture will look great on a white background. You can buy a glass table. Such furniture will somehow dissolve against the white finish. A characteristic feature of minimalism is good lighting. There should be a lot of light. It is necessary to use spotlights, a variety of sconces, chandeliers.

Children's room in Khrushchev

It is customary to equip a children's room in an apartment in Khrushchev in the smallest of the rooms. Usually it is combined with the living room. This solution allows you to save space, always control the baby during games.

Design a living room with a crib for a newborn

While the child is small, it is enough to highlight a cozy corner and close the bed with curtains for sleeping

Organization of a children's zone in a studio apartment

When a child grows up, he will need personal space

If there are two children, then one of the rooms completely belongs to them. In this case, it is important to correctly zon the space of the room in order to provide children with comfortable co-existence. Parents need to choose a universal style. The classic direction with a light color palette is ideal.

Children's corner in the common room

Bunk bed with drawers for storing toys

Set of children's furniture for two girls

Double bed with pull-out bed

It is better to get a bed in bunk. This will save space. In the nursery it is important to leave enough space for active games, if possible, you should equip a sports corner. Such a solution will help babies develop properly and grow healthy.

Video: review of the interior of a real two-room Khrushchev

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