Interior design of a country house in the Scandinavian style

Making a country house more difficult than an apartment, because you need to calculate all the details, and not to lose sight of anything. After planning and analyzing all technical issues, we move on to design. Here, too, not everything is simple. For starters, we recommend developing a project taking into account all the technical details and design decisions. To create it, you should first decide on the style. We suggest paying attention to the Scandinavian. What are its advantages and features? Now we will tell.

Decorating paintings on the white wall of the living room

Interior decoration style reflects the features of its inhabitants, for the Scandinavians it is solidity, leisurely and restraint

Comfort, space and coziness

Scandinavian style, originating in the middle of the last century, embodies comfort and simplicity. It creates extraordinary comfort, meanwhile, is not distinguished by pretentiousness. It arose in contrast to the pomp and luxury reigning at that time in the rest of Europe. The presented direction of the northern countries is simple and functional.

Long white battery under the living room window

The Scandinavian-style interior is suitable for most regions of our country, since it takes into account the lack of daylight and a long cold period

At the moment, he stands along with a loft and minimalism, supporting the basic ideas of these trends. The fusion of beauty, comfort, simplicity and coziness is incredibly embodied in this direction, which is ideal for a country house.

Black tv panel on the light gray wall of the living room

Scandinavian style room - it’s a bright and free space

The name of the current speaks for itself. Cold colors prevail in the range, while the main one is white. The considered style without white does not exist. The design welcomes simple and comfortable furniture. In some ways, this direction can be called tough. It does not imply a free idea; everything is thought out in it and corresponds to the existing scheme. Each detail has its own place, purpose, and must clearly fulfill the necessary function. There is nothing superfluous in it. All parts are harmoniously connected and complement each other.

Distinctive features

Each style has its own special features, by which it can be recognized among thousands of others. Despite the fact that the presented combines the elements of many modern trends, it has special nuances.

Open white wardrobes in the living room of a private house

The interior of the Scandinavian house is simple, calm and concise.

For example, the existence of a cult of ecology. Natural materials are selected to the maximum extent possible - furniture and windowsills made of natural wood, carpets made of wool, walls made of plaster (no artificial wallpaper), if possible, the windows are framed with wooden frames. The considered trend is emphasized by the presence of living green plants in the room. In this case, it differs from the eco-style in the predominance of neutral monophonic colors, while the former emphasizes all shades of green. We will analyze in more detail.


The first feature that highlights the interior of this trend is white. It underlies the creation of the project. A gray or beige shade can also be used. However, warm tones are less characteristic of the modern Scandinavian style.Monochrome painted in a cold light color have also practical value - visually expand the space. Such a frame gives more freedom, and at the same time shows the scope of this "freedom". This is the most striking feature of the current - the combination of the incompatible.

Scandinavian-style kitchen-living room interior

The design is based on white, gray and sky blue.

Bright details are acceptable in the interior. It can be sofas, cabinets, chairs or a table in a contrasting shade. Usually found yellow, beige, gray. Against a general neutral background, they look bright, but not flashy. This style is calm and comfortable. Another feature is the presence of a fireplace. Rather, it is an indispensable detail contributing to the creation of a warm atmosphere.

To some extent, the proposed direction can be considered free, since it allows the introduction of contrasting details or a complete change in the leading color. But in any case, the design will be simple and functional.

Bright red chairs in a Scandinavian style kitchen

Simple elements of bright colors are suitable for room decor.


Simplicity and naturalism also prevail in the outer lining. Basically, the walls are painted white, or made of wood. Blue, red or brown colors are also welcome. You can see transverse or vertical beams on the facades of houses dressed in this image, creating the outer borders of the wall - another distinguishing feature of the direction: clear lines and borders. Beams are made of natural dark wood, and varnished.

Small Scandinavian-style country house

The basis of the exterior design of the house is minimalism.

Scandinavian-style frame house with panoramic windows

Wood is often used for wall cladding.

Large, even rough, windows of several floors are a feature by which you can recognize the described style. They bring a lot of light into the interior, and in the exterior they represent one of the main details. Additionally, such a house is decorated with a large amount of greenery due to lawns and flower beds around the building.

Main details

Having examined the distinctive features, and finally giving preference to the Scandinavian direction, we proceed to its deep study. Let's pay attention to the details that make up the neck of this trend:

Details Colour Material Example
furniture orange, white, gray leather, wood white sofa made of genuine leather
accessories pink, blue, green natural materials wooden figurine of a futuristic-looking man
fireplace natural brick color, black stone, wooden beams real brown fireplace made of stone
textile blue, gray, beige non-synthetic fabrics beige linen curtains
fixtures black, peach, metallic metal, straw, glass ceiling lamp in the form of large bulbs on a long wire
The interior of a small Scandinavian-style country house

In Nordic design, everything should be simple and concise.


The pieces of furniture in the presented style are the embodiment of simplicity and convenience. It is made of natural wood. Then it is painted white, or simply varnished. The purchase of genuine leather sofas and armchairs is welcome. The use of eco-leather is also acceptable.

Direct sofa without side walls in a white living room

The rooms are furnished in the spirit of minimalism - everything you need, cluttering the space with the Swedes is not accepted

The bed is created mainly from natural wood. In the interior of the bedroom, it is located away from the walls. It should be noted that gray and orange trends predominate in the coloring of bed linen, sometimes accents are made on cold blue, or green.

Scandinavian style small bedroom interior

In the bedroom there can only be a bed and a chest of drawers for things

The rest of the furniture exists only for functionality. Built-in wall cabinets, hanging swing chairs, the original form of shelves - all pieces of furniture have their intended purpose, being an overnight decoration of the interior of the room.


Fur and wool blankets and wraps are not only an item that allows you to warm up on cold winter evenings.In Scandinavian design, they are accessories that make reference to the origin of the style - cold northern countries.

Floodlight in the interior of the Scandinavian living room

Bright spots are always present in the snow-white living room or bedroom - an unusual carpet, colorful upholstery or interesting lamps

Minor environmental details are welcome. Wooden decorative shelves, decorations in the spirit of futurism or cubism (also representing the embodiment of environmental friendliness). Plain or flower pots painted with angular patterns with living plants also indicate this course.

Any accessories invented by you are welcome (especially handmade from natural materials), the main thing is that they are not flashy, or defiantly bright.

Living room interior with fireplace in a private house

Live greens are often used as accents.

Fireplace as an integral part

Another reference to the harsh northern climate is the fireplace. It is an integral attribute of the living room. In the modern interpretation, it does not serve to heat the space, but rather an accessory for decoration. Meanwhile, a real stove brings its own characteristics: the smell of firewood, and live fire in the room, a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

It is also made from natural materials. The basis is stone or gypsum, talcochlorite can be used for cladding (then the stove will retain heat well and heat the house). Also, decorative stone or a wooden beam can be used for exterior decoration. The wrought-iron grille will give a special charm to the whole living room and protect the floor from getting hot coals on it.

Fireplace in the corner of the living room of a country house

In the living room there must be a fireplace - real or fake

If it is not possible to introduce a real fireplace into the project, use an electronic or fake one, in which it is supposed to place candles or aroma lamps. Both options will be a worthy replacement for a natural fireplace. In any case, the proposed element is required in the Scandinavian interior.


Lighting plays a significant role in the Scandinavian style. He receives a large share of attention. In this course there is no room for dark rooms. Abundant lighting is welcome in every way possible.

Scandinavian style children's room interior

Window openings must allow maximum light to pass through.

During the day, due to the large number of windows, the room is lit as much as possible. In the evening, this function should be replaced by artificial luminaries. Characterized by the presence in the rooms of a large number of lighting fixtures: all kinds of lamps, floor lamps, sconces, and even candles, the fireplace also to some extent plays the role of a lamp.

Organization of lighting in a Scandinavian style kitchen

The lack of natural light is compensated by a large number of pendant, table and floor lamps

Regarding the lights. The Scandinavian interior is characterized by original fixtures: wall-mounted in the form of large bulbs, floor lamps with curved legs, a sconce with an original author's design - everything you can think of. Lighting also abounds with any kind of lighting fixtures, decorated with their own hands using natural materials.

Scandinavian-style kitchen-living room with balcony

Any light source can serve as a decorative element.

Spot, hidden lighting is rare. We have large unusual shaped lamps with original shades.

Color spectrum

From the foregoing, we can conclude that in the Scandinavian interior cold light shades prevail, the basis of which is white. The walls are painted in gray, white, less often - beige. Furniture and accessories should differ by several tones from the main one. Often the palette is brown or dark gray, less often - blue, orange or green.

Scandinavian-style country house bedroom interior

The Scandinavian style favors the presence of no more than two leading tones; you should not allow multicolorness here

A frequent visitor to this destination is orange. It can frame furniture, lamps, shelves or various accessories. There is also blue. It rarely forms the basis of large objects. More often acts for framing small accessories.Although you can find chairs, shelves or blankets in this tone - it all depends on the personal preferences of the owner.

Interior of a children's room in a Scandinavian-style country house

Accent wall can be wallpapered

Also, the Scandinavian style in the interior of a country house is created with a beige or peach base. Despite the fact that in the palette it stands in the rank of warm shades, the overall atmosphere is by no means the same. Due to the minimalist trends in the atmosphere and other details of cold shades, he supports the leading idea of ​​conciseness and “rigidity”, while at the same time creating a cozy mood in his own way.

Scandinavian style small house interior

Quite often you can see a wooden wall with a rough finish

The main purpose of the flowers is to convey the cold atmosphere of the northern countries of Europe, to emphasize the minimalism and functionality of the main and secondary details of the flow.


The basic laws on which the style is based have been disassembled. We offer some examples. Maybe someone will like it.

Turquoise sofa in the living room of a country house

The window openings in the living room are often devoid of any curtains.


Scandinavian style is great for creating a kitchen design. Light colors emphasize the nobility of the room and give it solemnity.

Scandinavian style white kitchen interior

White color is the best suited for decorating the kitchen, because it creates a feeling of cleanliness, which is important for the room in which the food is prepared

Corner kitchen of a private house in white

White trim and furniture will be especially appropriate in a small kitchen

White kitchen units and appliances of the same color will form the basis. Add a massive table made of wood. Above it we place a lamp with an original shade made of natural materials (fabric, straw, etc.). Around the table we place wooden chairs with high backs. The color can be white, beige or just open the product with varnish, and it will have a light brown tint. We complement the image with gray textiles: a tablecloth, napkins and curtains (for lovers of contrasting currents, you can choose green or blue for textiles). The design of the kitchen in the Scandinavian vein is ready.

Living room

A place where relatives and friends gather. It should be spacious and comfortable. In a country house, the Scandinavian spirit, which creates a feeling of freedom, is suitable for the embodiment of these functions.

Old license plates on the white wall of the living room

In the interior of the living room, elements that do not fulfill a functional role, but serve to decorate

Light walls. Add gray furniture: a sofa covered with natural fabric, you can add poufs or chairs. A brown wood or laminate floor will bring a warm note. On it we lay a carpet of fur a tone darker or lighter. A low long wall stand (in the extreme case, a table) is a necessary minimum for a Scandinavian-style living room. The curtains are light but different from the main tone. Pay attention to the lighting. Several wall lights, a modern, strict chandelier on the ceiling is well suited, floor lamps - it is desirable that all these elements are present in the room, while having an unusual design.

Staircase with bulbs in the interior of the Scandinavian style living room

In the living room, any devices that increase the brightness of the room are welcome

And a mandatory detail, without which there is no "Scandinavian" living room - a fireplace. A real stove radiating warmth and comfort creates a complete image.

Scandinavian style is great for decorating a country house. It is designed for people who love simplicity, conciseness and comfort. It has no unnecessary details, and is quite conservative.

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