The combination of mint color in the interior with other colors

What first comes to mind when mentioning the word "mint"? Of course, freshness. And this association concerns not only the plant itself or fragrant teas with its addition. Peppermint produces a similar visual effect with its complex, ambiguous color. A pleasant, greenish-blue hue, sometimes diluted with an admixture of light ash notes, gives a feeling of coolness due to the light menthol chill that it exudes. It is precisely because of these unique qualities that the mint color is so widespread in fashion and interior design.

The design of the living room of a city apartment in mint color

The mint color in the interior is associated with associations of freshness and coolness arising from its perception

Peppermint combination table

Since 2012, the mint color holds the unshakable position of the leader of the fashionable palette. Shades of menthol can be different - very light, pastel and deep, saturated. There are an infinite number of them, they are called differently. Almost every year, beloved by many, the greenish-blue halftone is replenished with new variations that are given romantic and fantasy names.

Mint color in the design of the walls of the living room

With a reasonable approach and the optimal selection of “neighbors”, a mint shade can completely transform the room

One version of the palette is as follows:

  1. Delicate mint. The color is very soft, even airy. It is so light that it almost becomes a bluish undertone of white.
  2. Menthol. No less delicate color than the previous one. But already mixed with a grassy tone.
  3. Light turquoise. Here, green and blue tones converge in equal proportions. It turns out a very fresh, youthful and moderately vivid visual image.
  4. Peppermint ice cream. It sounds delicious and looks stylish. Noble and at the same time carefree color. It is dominated by turquoise shades, the brightness of which smooths the light blue undertones.
  5. Sea foam. A more relaxed option, there is no excessive expression. On the contrary, a light ash-gray nuance pacifies the main greenish-blue tone.
Recommended combinations of mint color with other shades

Mint color combinations

On the Internet, you can easily find countless combinations of tables of this cooling color. Among them are professional pallets from the world famous expert Pantone. With their help, you can easily pick up the perfect shades of mint that are right for you. But when choosing a suitable option, it is important to know about its compatibility with the rest of the palette. Despite its softness and calmness, mint does not harmonize with all tones.

Mint color and light shades

An interesting feature is the mint color. Almost all light shades are suitable for him. Depending on his companion in terms of the palette, he sounds new every time, acquires a special character, but remains the same self-sufficient.

Mint colors in the interior of the bedroom

Cozy bedroom in bright colors

The interior of the living room in soothing colors.

Calm color palette pleasing to the human eye

Mint and White - A Refreshing Alliance for a Hot Summer

A reference combination to create a luxurious and light summer look.These two noble companions form a rather aristocratic tandem that gives visual freshness. It is advisable not to spoil the impression and not add any other tones. The only exception can be made for golden or silver blotches. From this combination of menthol and snow-white will become even more refined.

The combination of mint color with white tones in the interior of the living room

The universal combination of mint color with white is suitable for any interior

White bed and mint walls in the bedroom of a private house

The combination of white + mint will create the impression of spaciousness even in a small room

Mint and beige - a solid fusion for a respectable look

The union with beige makes the mint color more solid and mature. But if you do not add other shades to it, he risks becoming boring and inexpressive. Therefore, this combination of colors must be diluted with white additions. Additional companions may be golden or silver, but they should be present in minimal quantities.

Bedroom interior in mint and beige shades

All shades of beige blend perfectly with mint tones.

It is important to know: If a dark brown or chocolate tone is chosen for the tandem, then the menthol should be saturated in content.

Living room interior with mint walls and a beige sofa.

The classic combination of mint, beige and brown.

The combination of beige and mint in the bedroom of a country house

The combination of warm and cold colors allows you to create an original image of the room

Mint color and pastel shades

No less successful alternative to light tones will be any shades of pastel colors. They form the perfect combination of colors with a mint tone, because he himself belongs to this delicate, blurry palette. And again, thanks to pastel tones, it sounds new every time.

  • Pastel pink and peach. Menthol subtones give purity and freshness to youth. This combination is associated with neatness and impeccable taste, which stands out from the standard framework.
  • Pastel green and blue. They are as close as possible to the palette with menthol shades. It is not surprising that such a combination produces a rather harmonious and eye-pleasing mix. It evokes the sensation of 100% summer - with a turquoise sea, a warm sun and a fun holiday.
  • Pastel lilac. As a result of adding lilac shades, an unusual and incredibly feminine combination is obtained.
Interior Provence style room with mint colors

The mint pink combination is perfect for a room in the style of shabby chic or provence

Lilac textiles and a mint bedside table in the bedroom of a private house

The combination of mint and lilac colors is ideal for a bedroom in pastel colors.

Mint color and black

If you want to show all the beauty that this fresh and soft color carries, feel free to combine it with black. Firstly, such a duet looks elegant and exclusive, and secondly, black does not interfere with revealing all the nuances of its color partner. On the contrary, it emphasizes menthol freshness, weightlessness and sophistication of the original shade. In this case, the rule of attraction of two opposites works as well as possible. Two completely different characters - severity and tenderness form a contrasting and stylish union.

Mint modern living room interior

Mint living room with dark accents in the black finish of furniture and TV

Striped floor in the interior of the hall of a private house

The original addition of black to the mint interior

Mint color and gray

Gray is an attribute of a business, office atmosphere. But it can adequately complement the mint color. Just choose the necessary light shades of gray. In an alliance with menthol, light gray shades will create an airy, almost weightless picture. Such a combination of colors tells a lot - intelligence, moderation, ease, lightness. If you give preference to a more saturated palette - asphalt or anthracite halftones, then the experiment may be unsuccessful - it will be difficult to get rid of the impression of depression.

The combination of mint and gray in the nursery

The gray-mint combination harmoniously looks both in modern styles and traditional interiors

Cozy room interior in mint shades of gray

The combination of gray and mint has a lot of nobility and restraint

What else can menthol freshness be combined with?

Not only a light palette can become a successful ally of the menthol palette. More expressive shades cope well with this task. Being a representative of the pastel gamut, menthol provides a lot of opportunities for successful experiments. It looks best with green, orange, pink, yellow, coral.

Baby room design with mint and brown colors.

Mint green interior is suitable for the design of a children's room

Yellow mint wall in living room

Living room in mint yellow with mint textiles

But we should not forget that a combination of such colorful tones in clothes will be appropriate at a party or a walk. But in the office such a colorful outfit looks ridiculous. In the interior design, such color combinations need to be implemented very carefully, correctly placing bright accents on a pastel background.

What does the menthol color palette mean, and what are its special advantages?

Mint color is a symbol of youth, grace, lightness and enthusiasm. This is the best option for creating stylish summer and spring looks. The greenish-blue tones are refreshing, you could even say that they have an anti-aging, anti-aging effect. In the interior, he has a different action - he pacifies and tunes in a positive way. According to psychologists, lovers of this tone are intelligent, intelligent, calm and restrained people. They are distinguished by intelligence, well-read, broad-minded. They know how to behave properly in society, so they look decent in society.

Mint curtains in the living room of a private house

Mint tones look equally attractive both on the main and the auxiliary background

Window decoration for a modern room with mint curtains

Mint color as a dominant

Mint color in the interior

A color close to nature always has a positive effect on the human psyche. Choosing a mint color as the main one in the interior, designers strive to create a light, fresh and at the same time relaxing, soothing atmosphere. The property of mint to cool and switched to the color associated with this plant. This visual quality is used to eliminate nervous tension, create conditions for moral discharge and rest.

Black fireplace in the living room with mint walls

Classic mint interior

The combination of mint walls with brown floor in the living room

Like all green shades, mint color favorably affects the psyche and sets up relaxation

A combination of mint and beige

Gray accents make the living room interior more balanced.

Spring lightness and high compatibility allows you to apply this unobtrusive tone paired with many other representatives of the palette. But it is better to avoid supplementing the menthol walls with bright, eye-cutting details, otherwise a faded atmosphere will appear. Although this property of menthol can be advantageously beaten by creating an interior in the Provencal style.

Provence style living room interior with mint colors

Bright accessory in the form of a “mint” pouf

Serving wooden table on a mint color wall background

Any wooden decoration always looks profitable against a mint background

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Photo “mint” interiors

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